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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Wills

I apologize for the crappy formatting. As I have said, for some reason, when I copy and paste from Microsoft Word to my blog, it often loses formatting or glitches, and I just don't feel like taking the time to manually add an indent at the beginning of each paragraph tonight.

I crossed my arms as I stood contemplating what to do. I knew from previous experience that my best friend could sleep through anything. Drop a bomb next to his house, and he would sleep through it.
It was not really important to wake him up, and I am sure that he was up late last night playing video games, but I was utterly bored. Maybe I should play a prank on him. I could dip his hand in warm water, or tickle his nose with a feather.
I grinned at the thought of doing something zany, such as taking out a permanent marker and writing “idiot” across his forehead. I wonder how long it would take him to notice? Knowing his parents, they certainly would not tell him, though they would laugh their asses off behind his back.
I dug through my purse to find a sharpie, and found a green one. That seemed even more appropriate somehow. I held the marker at the ready, and examined his face for the best spot.
His face was surprisingly angelic, though I knew he could be such an imp. I was suddenly reminded that if I marked his face, he would have no problem returning the favor as soon as possible. Not good!
I stashed the sharpie back in my bag and frowned. Maybe I should just jump on his bed. I might accidently jump on him, and I am pretty sure that even he could not sleep through that. First, I needed to get comfortable.
I tossed my purse aside, and took off my hoodie. Underneath it I was wearing a form fitting baby tee – which highlighted my smallish breasts – and a pleated skirt that did not even reach my knees. I had not planned to jump on any beds when I dressed this morning, but it didn’t really matter, he had seen my panties before.
I took another look at his innocent sleeping face, and realized that he had a light beard. He normally shaved every morning – afternoon, whatever – and so I was not used to him looking scruffy. I wondered what his beard would feel like; would it be scratchy? Would it be soft?
I sat on his bed, and ran a finger across the hair on his face. It had an odd texture, and it fascinated me. I had the strangest urge to rub it with my cheek!
I lay on the bed as I got my face as close to his as possible – staring at him for just a moment. Next I rubbed my cheek on his much like a cat would, and decided that I liked the feel of his whiskers scratching me. I think I repeated the action for at least two minutes before I stopped to look at him once more.
He was still soundly asleep, and I considered writing on his forehead after all. If I only knew what he might write on mine in the future! If he was going to write something not quite as embarrassing, then it could totally be worth pranking him right now.
Suddenly, I realized that his lips looked incredibly soft. I had never thought about his lips at all before, but this close to them... they looked full and almost pouty. I traced his bottom lip with my finger, and discovered that I was right.
I should put some totally girly pink lipstick on him! That would be perfect, and bonus, if he did the same thing to me, it would not be embarrassing at all. I laughed, and kissed him lightly.
Why the hell did I do that?! I was not attracted to him like that. Or at least I never was before... Now that I had done it once, I wanted to do it again.
I am so glad that he is a sound sleeper because if I did this while he was awake, he would totally misunderstand. I pressed my mouth to his again, and gently sucked on his lower lip. I shifted my weight slightly to gain better access, and accidently brushed his leg with my hand.
Oh my, that is not his leg! If he were to wake up now, he would have the completely wrong idea. I need to stop kissing him before he wakes up!
I pulled my head back, and suppressed a soft, disappointed groan. The next thing I knew, I was underneath him, and he was kissing me! I tried not to panic, and realized that he might still be asleep. His eyes were closed, and he might just be acting out a wet dream.
I tried to push him off me, and found myself being rolled completely on top of him. His hands were now on my hips, and he was grinding his groin into mine. We were separated by his blanket, my panties, and probably his boxers, but still I could feel it plain as day. The good news was now I would be able to get out of his bed and leave.
I inhaled a surprised gasp as I realized that his determined rubbing of our genetalia was creating a heat I had never felt before. It felt so good! I needed to break free from his grasp now, but I did not want to...
“Will, stop!” I begged. If I could not make myself leave him alone, maybe I could appeal to him. William was a decent and responsible guy, and I knew that he would never touch me like this if I had not tempted him while he was asleep.
“Willow?” He muttered, recognizing my voice.
“Yes,” I answered. “Wake up, you have to stop this.”
He opened his eyes to look at me. “What are you doing?!”
I blushed. “I was only trying to wake you up when you snatched me, and...” Okay, so I was half lying, but I could not admit that I had been kissing him in his sleep.
I felt his fingers dig into my hips for a moment before relaxing. He moved his hands away, and I was strangely disappointed. I hesitated for a moment before sliding off his lap.
I sat on the edge of the bed – facing away from him – and held my hands to my cheeks. I was so embarrassed right now that I would gladly die if someone offered to kill me. My breathing was abnormally fast, and my heart was pounding.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed him stroke his own cheek, as if he remembered me rubbing his whiskers with my face. He sat up, and I think he was frowning. I silently prayed that he did not remember what I had done!
“Hey Will?”He asked. It was a long standing joke between us that both our nicknames were Will.
“Yeah?” I replied, turning to face him. He pulled me to him, and kissed me. I placed both my hands on his chest to push him away, and found them utterly unwilling to obey. My heart beat even faster if that was possible.
With him now awake, his kisses were surprisingly good. They were soft and tender and thoroughly wonderful. I could not resist licking his bottom lip to encourage him to open his mouth.
He snatched me again, settling me on his lap, and I shifted to straddle him. With his arms around me, I was free to place my hands on his cheeks. I explored his mouth with my tongue, and my fingers got tangled in the hair at the back of his neck.
“Nevermind, I can come back later,” his dad announced, and shut his door again. Oh my god! Not only am I kissing my best friend, but his dad just implied that we had permission to continue! Most importantly, it completely hit me that I was kissing my best friend!
I froze, no longer kissing him, but staring at him in shock. “I... uh... I...” I stammered.
His arms still held me tight, and I realized that he was shocked too. We had never even joked about having sex before. Up until recently, he had a girlfriend, and I was not interested in boys or girls.
I know that 17 is a bit old for a girl like me to be uninterested in sex, but seriously, I had never given it much thought. I was always too busy doing homework or hanging out with William. I knew William had had sex with his ex-girlfriend, but again, that had never upset me or made me jealous. So, what was I doing now?
It had to have been at least a minute since his dad had interrupted us, and we were still frozen in exactly the same position – me straddling his lap with his arms around me and my hands on his face. The only difference was that we were no longer kissing, but were staring at each other in shock and amazement. I finally stopped trying to think of something clever to say, and wondered what to do next.
Suddenly, there was a light jingling noise, and he slowly moved one arm off my back. I dropped my hands, but did not move otherwise. He grabbed his cellphone from under his pillow, and checked the text he had just received.
I watched him blush, and wondered what it could possibly say. He quickly stashed his phone back under the pillow, and then looked at me again. He let his other arm move, and used both his arms to support himself as he leaned on the bed.
“What did it say?” I wondered, dying of curiosity.
“My dad texted to tell me that he and mom are leaving for a few hours, and that I should have fun,” he explained.
“Oh...” I was blushing myself now. “Um...”I still could not decide what to say. More importantly, I could not decide if I wanted to continue on as we had been, or stop now and act like nothing had happened.
I could not look at him anymore, and stared at my hands in my lap – which was technically in his lap too. I was nervous now, and embarrassed. What was he thinking? Did he think I was a slut now?
“What is wrong?” He asked.
“I am in a weird situation, and I really wish I could ask my best friend for advice,” I confessed.
“Ok, ask away,” he answered with a grin.
I laughed a little, but did not look at him. “Without giving it any thought or planning, I have found myself alone and fairly intimate with a boy I had never thought of in that way before. I have no idea what to do!”
“Never before huh? That implies that you do now, so what do you want to do?”He spoke as if he were impersonating a psychologist.
“I have no idea. I am embarrassed and want to run away, but I can feel him poking into me, and that confuses me because I don’t want it to stop.”
In a way, we were acting like we always did. We had always talked about everything, and how we felt. I was the first person he had told when he contemplated losing his virginity, and the conversation then had been surprisingly similar to this one.
“Then... do you want to continue?” He questioned.
I am pretty sure that he did since he was still hard, and had not asked me to get off of him, but he was leaving the decision up to me. This made me really happy, and confused all at the same time. No matter what we do, our relationship would probably never be the same.
“I am having a hard time figuring that out. I liked what was happening, but now I am so self-conscious.”
“Can I talk to my best friend now?” He inquired.
I nodded, laughing softly.
“So, I find myself with this girl on me. She is not someone I had ever pictured myself having sex with, but at the moment it seems like a great idea. Even so, I am afraid of what will happen afterwards. If we have sex, can we still be friends?”
He had just easily stated everything I was feeling, and I felt better knowing that he felt the same way I did. I smiled. It was so much easier to give advice to others than to figure out what to do for myself.
“I think that you should kiss her again and see what happens. If she likes you-”
He had his arms around me again, and was kissing me like I was the only source of water in a desert. My arms were trapped inside his, and so my hands could not reach his face. Instead, I wrapped my arms around his waist, and held him tightly.
We kissed until I was so hot that I just could not stand having my shirt on anymore. I felt like it had to be at least a hundred degrees in here, and my shirt was damp and sticky now anyway. I pulled it off, and tossed it somewhere behind me.
He responded by unhooking my bra, and that action made my body even hotter. I tossed that aside too, and pressed my chest into his. He groaned, and I knew that he liked having our bodies mashed together as much as I did.
“I am not sure I can wait any more!” He informed me.
I rolled off him so that I could remove my skirt and panties, and he took a moment to throw aside his blanket and reach for something in the drawer next to his bed. I realized that he had been completely naked under his blanket this entire time, and blushed.
I watched him open a small package, and put a condom on. Seeing that nearly freaked me out again. I am about to have sex with my best friend! Is it too late to stop now?
Once the condom was on, he kissed me again, and my insecurities melted away. I willingly spread my legs as he positioned himself between them. He stopped kissing me long enough to watch himself get ready to slide inside me, and I squeezed my eyes shut.
Please do not let this hurt! I know it is supposed to hurt, but everything had been so wonderful until now that I forgot how serious this was. I felt him enter me just a little bit, and held my breath so that I would not gasp or cry if it was excruciating.
He noticed my apprehension. “Hey... it will be okay. Or do you not want me to do this after all?”
“I... do, but...”
He kissed me again, and gently pushed a bit farther. “It will be okay,” he reiterated.
I nodded, trusting him. He pulled out almost all the way, and then buried himself deeply inside me. He stopped and waited for me to adjust.
I cried out and clung to him. Ironically, it had not hurt as much as I thought it would, and my cry was more from the expected pain than the actual pain. I started to laugh a little from relief.
His thrusts were much more enjoyable after that, and I realized that I was glad he was the one taking my virginity. Even if we never did this again, I could think of no one better for my first time. At this point, I sincerely hoped that we would do it again, and as often as possible!
Eventually, we were both dripping sweat and panting. I had my arms around his neck so that I could kiss him every time I had the urge. His movements got faster and faster until he stopped completely, and it took me a moment to realize that he had just cum.
He seemed to melt onto me, and I sighed happily. I was strangely lethargic, and held him as I drifted off to sleep. I am pretty sure he was already asleep as well.
“Hey Willow!” I heard an urgent whisper some time later. “Your mom is on the phone!”
I opened my eyes to realize that I was completely naked, and that William was still laying face down on top of me. He was asleep and using my chest as a pillow. I smiled and ran my hand through his hair.
I shifted my attention to his mom who was standing in the doorway. If I had not known her for almost as long as I had known my own parents, I think I would have been embarrassed to death right now, but she was cool, and not the type to get upset over something like this. She did not have the phone in her hand, so I assumed that she was trying to maintain my privacy.
“As I said, your mom is on the phone, and she wants to know if you plan on coming home for dinner or if you plan to have dinner with us.”
Decisions, decisions!
William moaned, and mumbled, “Don’t go...”
“I guess I will stay. Tell her that I want to spend the night, and that I will call her to discuss it later.” I had spent the night here before, and nothing had happened yet, so I knew that my mom would not immediately suspect anything. It was summer vacation, and William and I had often played video games all night.
His mom frowned. “I may not be a puritan when it comes to sex, but even I think that asking to spend the night at this point is a bit much.”
“Why?” We both asked at the same time, and then chuckled.
“Because I know how easy it can be to forget protection in the heat of the moment, and I do not want the two of you getting into that kind of trouble. Maybe I will change my mind later if you get on birth control – Willow – but for now... I would rather you two be fully awake and capable of thinking about condoms if you plan to have sex.
I nodded in acceptance. She made a lot of sense, especially considering that I had not thought about it at all. If William had not had a condom in his drawer, I would have let him have sex with me anyway.
His mom left, and I ruffled his hair. I wondered if he would be willing to have sex with me again. The thought made me grin.
He looked at me, and grinned in return. “As much as I would love to start over, I really have to go to the bathroom, and I am starving a bit.”
“I understand,” I replied honestly with only a hint of disappointment. Truth be told, I was hungry too, and a trip to the bathroom would not be uncalled for.
He kissed me, and then cocked his head to the side to give me a funny look. “So... are we still just friends, or are we going out now?”
“Does it really matter?” I wondered. “It seems that either way, we are definitely lovers.”
“It matters to me,” he whispered. “I want you to be my girlfriend.”
That made me really happy, and I am sure my smile was extra bright now. “Okay then.”
He kissed me again, and we both forgot about needing to go to the bathroom for a few minutes. Finally, he groaned in frustration, and sat up. I completely sympathized since my own bladder was starting to protest as well.
“Hang on a minute,” I said, and fumbled to grab something out of my purse. I uncapped the green sharpie, and held it ready to draw on his forehead.
“Not on your life, Will,” he chuckled.
“Aww,” I pouted. He held out his hand, and I wrote on the back of it property of Willow.
“You know, I think I could handle having that written on my forehead.” He laughed.
I looked at my hand, and then decided that it needed a matching statement. I wrote property of Willow on my hand and then showed it to him. He burst out laughing, grabbed my sharpie, and changed it so that said property of Will. W.
I grinned. Nothing had really changed between us, and that was exactly how I wanted it.


  1. amazing story! Actually i felt awkward reading this cuz i immediately thought of my best friend..awkward. But, amazing story, it's so cute!

  2. I must say that of all the blogs and sites I have visited, your erotica stories are the only ones written with taste and class. Kudos and keep up the good work! I wish to read more from you soon.

  3. This is probably your first post that I read. And I super love it! I giggled reading how sweet and how cute their friendship is.

    1. Aww, thank you! I love making people laugh :-)


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