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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Conspirator's Punishment

     The Lord nervously welcomed his King. He had a sinking suspicion but no real idea why King David had decided to visit, though he was certain that it had to be a bad sign. The King never visited any of the Lords unless he felt they needed to be kept in check.
     “Why do you think you can fuck me?” The King demanded, thrusting a packet of papers into the Lord’s hands.
     The Lord paled as he read through them. He stammered, not sure he could come up with anything convincing. He had been right to fear a visit from the King!
     “This is proof of your treason, and I would be well within my rights to have you and your entire family executed!” King David announced.
     “Please, Sire, I beg you!” The Lord fell to his knees, and the King gestured for two of his trusted guards to remain by the Lord’s side at all times.
     “We shall continue this conversation after dinner. For now, I have had a long trip, and I wish to rest. You there,” he pointed to a waiting servant. “Give me a tour of this dismal place!”
     “Yes Majesty,” the servant immediately obeyed.
     That evening, the Lord, his wife, and their two older daughters suffered through an excruciatingly awkward supper. The King made no effort to talk to them or set their minds at ease, and they all rather feared that this would be their last meal. Finally, the King wiped his mouth, and pushed his empty plate away.
     “Lord Robert, you are guilty of conspiring against me. Since your one single act of treason can be considered fucking me personally, fucking my throne, and fucking my Kingdom, I shall dole out your punishment thusly…” The King paused for maximum dramatic effect. “You shall be forced to watch as I fuck your wife, your oldest daughter, and your second oldest daughter. Perhaps the next time you are contacted by conspirators, you shall remember this and act with a bit more wisdom.”
     Lord Robert had tears in his eyes as he looked at his wife. She was putting on a stoically brave face, as was his 18 year old daughter, but his 16 year old daughter was about two seconds away from crying.  King David could tell by their reactions that the wife and oldest daughter had known about his treachery, and accepted their fates whereas the younger daughter had only learned of this today, and was having a hard time dealing with the outcome.
     Everyone kept quiet about the youngest daughter. She was only 13, and while a girl her age could legally be married off, it was usually expected to wait until she was 16. The King smirked but did not inform them that he had already visited her this afternoon. He had said that the Lord’s punishment was to watch as he fucked three of the women, he did not say that he would leave the youngest daughter alone.
     Certain that the news had sunk in properly, he continued. “I plan to start tonight with Lady Eleanor, but never fear, my guards will see to it that your daughters do not disappear before I can get to them tomorrow.”
     The King made the Lord and Lady show him to their bedroom, and then surprised her by giving her pleasure like she hadn’t felt in years. King David knew that it would hurt the Lord more to see that his wife was enjoying his touch. It would leave a much better impact on the Lord’s mind to have images of his wife crying out in passion rather than pain.
     By the time the King was satisfied, Lord Robert was ready to kill him. He suppressed the urge mainly because of the guards holding him captive, but there was murder in his eyes as he stared at the King. The absolute worst part was that the King never once spilled his seed inside Lady Eleanor which meant that she would never conceive a child that could be used against him in the future.
     The next morning, after breakfast, King David ordered everyone except Lord Robert and his two older daughters – plus a few guards – out of the breakfast nook. He contemplated the girls carefully, and realized that for the punishment to sting the most, he had to treat them both differently than he had Lady Eleanor. He addressed the oldest.
     “What’s your name again?”
     “Mary,” she informed him. She was determined not to react to him in any way, and that was fine by him. In fact, in might make her father cry to see her grim determination to bear this punishment with dignity.
     “Mary,” the King reiterated as he stroked her hair. He exposed his erect shaft, and commanded, “On your knees!”
     He forced Mary to please him with her mouth until he was close to climaxing, then he ordered her to lift her skirts and lean over the table. He did not take any particular care to be gentle, but he also did not purposely try to hurt her. She endured his thrusts silently for a good half an hour before he grew bored, and decided to move onto the next girl.
     She was already crying, and he leered at her. She was going to be the one he hurt as much as possible. Her screams would make her father try to shake off his guards, and they would use that as an excuse to beat him up.
     The King mentally smiled as things turned out exactly as he planned. He was so pleased that he almost filled her up, but he had made it his policy to never risk impregnating any of the many women he bedded. Instead, he quickly yanked on Mary’s hair to force her to her knees in front of him, and then shoved himself inside her mouth once more. She gagged as he spewed, but did not fight him.
     He turned to Lord Robert – who was face down on the floor with a guard’s foot firmly planted on his back. The Lord’s face was bleeding, and his arms were tied behind his back. The King smirked. “I think I shall repeat all of this everyday for… at least a month. Maybe then the message not to fuck with me will have finally sunk in.
     The King went to wash up, and then slipped into the youngest daughter’s room. Even though she was still young, she was already more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen, and he felt inexplicably happy when she smiled at him. He hugged her to him gently.
     “You came back!” She exclaimed.
     “Of course! Didn’t I tell you that you are precious to me?” He had told other women this before without meaning it, but from the first moment he saw her yesterday, he knew that this time it was true.
     She did not hesitate but simply removed her clothes. He watched her, and was entirely grateful that he had been kind to her. She knew he was there to punish her family, but he had given her no reason to fear him, and that pretty much confirmed that she was somehow special.
     “Aya, I am going to give you a unique gift,” the King informed her.
     “What kind of gift?” She wondered.
     “The seed of life, and if it grows within you, I shall make you my wife, but remember, you must not tell anyone about this unless I tell you to.”
     “I understand,” she smiled, and the King carried her to bed. He made love to her, and ended by filling her with his seed. He had never done so before, and was surprised at how good it felt.

     Two months later, the entire family was trying their best have a pleasant conversation around the dinner table. The King still lingered in their home, and as much as they hated him, things were going well enough that they even managed to joke around and play cards with him. The only member of the family that could not put on a nice face was Laina – the middle daughter – but that was because he made it a point to hurt her every single time. She knew that Mary did not suffer as she did, and frequently glared at Aya – who they all assumed was untouched.
     Aya pushed her food around, but did not have an appetite. She was queasy, and had thrown up three mornings in a row. This pleased the King, and he rewarded her by leaving the rest of her family alone today.
     “Lord Robert, I must congratulate you,” the King informed him. “I have received wonderful news, and so your punishment has come to an end.”
     Lord Robert gave the King an incredulous look. He had begun to fear that King David planned to abuse them forever. He looked to his wife, and found her mildly disappointed, but his daughters were both excited.
     “If you give me your solemn vow that you will never commit treason again, I will tell you of my wonderful news,” the King stated.
     “Of course, Majesty! I swear!”
     The King did not actually believe him, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. “I have finally chosen a bride… Your daughter.”
     “What?!” Lord Robert gasped. He looked to his oldest daughter, and found her incredibly sad. She also assumed that she was to be the intended victim. Then he looked to his middle daughter and realized that she was terrified. He felt his heart sink as he realized that her marriage to the King would be sheer torture, and that’s why she was probably his chosen bride.
     “Aya, my love, come give your future husband a kiss,” the King bade. Aya smiled joyfully, and rushed to him.
     “Truly? I am to be your bride?” She exclaimed as she flung her arms around his neck.
     “I promised that you would, did I not?” The King asked.
     “I cannot allow this!” Lord Robert insisted vehemently.
     “You are in enough trouble without defying me, but would you really insist that your daughter bear her child out of wedlock?”
     Lady Eleanor walked up and slapped the King as hard as she could. “How dare you! You have shoved yourself between the legs of almost every woman in this kingdom, and never once have you allowed a child to be conceived. Why then have you preyed on my innocent daughter?!”
     The King shrugged. He had nothing he could say to explain his behavior. He stroked Aya’s hair, and felt his heart pound as she clung to him.
     “We shall be leaving today, and the wedding will be held in two weeks. I sincerely suggest that you all behave yourselves as I will not be so lenient in the future,” the King informed them.

     Three days later, King David escorted his bride-to-be into his palace. He immediately issued about a hundred orders  arranging  for his wedding, utterly shocking his court. He then surprised everyone by romantically carrying Aya to his bed chamber. The King never publicly showed tenderness to any woman!
     “Welcome back!” A man greeted David joyfully. “What’s this?”
     David grinned. “Well, John, this is Aya. I plan to marry her in the near future.”
     John was King David’s secret lover. It was true that the King had sex with almost every woman that crossed his path, but John was the one who had been by his side for years. Their relationship was successful because they both had the same perverted sexual appetite, and understood each other like no one else could.
     “Marry?!” John questioned in disbelief. He – like the rest of the kingdom – had rather assumed that the King would never get married. Most of the population thought it was good that this King would not have any offspring to continue on in his carnal footsteps.
     “Yes…” David confirmed. “She even carries my child.”
     John cast a startled look at Aya, and then quickly regained his composure. “I can see why you chose her, she’s gorgeous.”
     David pulled John with one arm until he was close enough to kiss him, but did not. Instead he held John’s chin firmly, and looked him in the eye, “So, you had better be gentle with her as you train her. I do not want her to lose the baby.”
     “Of course,” John grinned. David kissed him as a reward.
     “Aya, as I explained, John is precious to me too, and he will make love to you just as I will. Understand?” David asked.
     “I understand,” Aya smiled. Their bed talk had included things that John would do to her, and Aya was almost eager by this point.
     “Good. Now, I have things I must attend to, so I will leave you in John’s capable hands. Have fun,” David instructed, kissing John again, and then kissing Aya before leaving them alone.
     John contemplated Aya seriously for a few moments. “You probably haven’t heard this phrase before, but David is hung like a horse. In comparison, I am about average for a man. That he wants me to train you means that he has been pretty gentle with you so far. Even so, he may have inadvertently hurt you. I can be fairly rough on you, and it should not hurt.”
     Aya laughed. “Yes, David said almost the same thing.”
     “You are taking this surprisingly well,” John remarked.
     Aya shrugged. “David has been completely honest with me from the very beginning, and rather than be punished like the rest of my family, I have been loved. I feel bad for my family, but I am grateful that I have been lucky. I would do anything for him.”
     John searched Aya’s eyes for a few moments, and then grinned. “I see, he may not even realize it, but that’s why he chose you. You are already just as perverted as we are. Was he even your first?”
     “Yes,” Aya admitted, “but only because my family made it very hard to be alone with anyone that may have been willing to spread my legs.”
     “I knew it,” John smirked. “We shall begin with the basics.” He unfastened his pants, and exposed his shaft. It was already hard just from thinking about all of the things he could and would do to her. He gestured for her to come closer.
     Aya knelt before him, and examined his shaft curiously before placing her hands on it. She measured it, stroked it, and looked at it from every angle. Her innocent curiosity excited him.
     “Suck on it,” John commanded.
     Aya complied, experimenting until she had it as far in her mouth as it would go. Very quickly, John longed to fill her mouth, but the point of this training was to improve her stamina and skill – not for him to shoot his load…yet. He tapped on her head.
     “You are doing very well, but I am willing to bet that your jaw is beginning to ache. You need to vary techniques so that you can do this for as long as possible,” John instructed. Aya nodded in understanding.
     Twenty minutes later, John knew that Aya was having a hard time continuing, and decided that she had done well for her first time. He signaled for her to stop, and then indulged in his own fantasies for a bit as he undressed her. He rubbed and licked every inch of her body, marveling over how soft and silky smooth she was.
     “Aya, our King has a variety of sexual appetites, and I am about to show you one of his favorites. Take it from me, it can be very painful, or it can be incredibly wonderful. The key to making it wonderful is to rub yourself here,” John explained, wiggling a finger over her pleasure center.
     Aya shuddered and moaned in response.  She shifted to allow him better access, and held his hand in place when it seemed like he might move it. He obeyed her silent command, and chuckled.
     “I was right about you,” John muttered with a grin.
     He stopped before she actually climaxed, and pushed on her to signal that she should roll over.  He helped her into the right position, and rubbed some oil on her anus. He generously lubricated himself as well, and got ready to enter her.
     “You have to remain relaxed. Understand that it will hurt to begin with, and as long as you relax and rub yourself, it will get better,” John coached.
     Aya nodded. “I’m ready.”
     John worked himself in slowly, taking care to be as gentle as possible. She was incredibly tight, and it was intensely pleasurable just pushing into her. He was finally buried deeply inside her, and waited for her to adjust to him.
     “You’re right!” Aya exclaimed. “It feels so good!”
     John felt that was his cue to thrust, and withdrew just far enough to do so. He started with a leisurely pace, knowing that she would enjoy this far more if he wasn’t pounding into her right away. He had plenty of practice controlling his stamina, and prepared himself to be at this all night.
     Later on, David returned carrying a tray of food a servant had just delivered. He set the tray on the ornate glass table, and sat to watch them. Aya was sobbing in pleasure, and shaking as her finger furiously rubbed her bud. John was pounding into her, and his own guttural shouts left no doubt that he was close now too.
     David waited until they were panting in the aftermath, and then clapped. “Well done.”
     “You’re back!” Aya exclaimed happily, rushing to hug him.
     “You’re doing well from what I can see,” David praised her. The sight of his lovers enjoying each other had ignited his lust, and he couldn’t wait to join them in bed – not that they had been using the bed.
     “I like her, she’s willing and eager,” John informed his lover with a grin.
     David nodded, and kissed John before inviting him to sit and eat something.
     Aya took a moment to wash herself using water from the basin, and then arranged a towel over her seat before sitting. She had no idea if the King and his lover ever bothered to protect the furniture, but she had been raised to take care of her possessions, and it seemed almost sacrilegious to let bodily fluids stain the chair. She filled her plate from the tray, and then blushed as she realized that both men were watching her.
     “What?” She asked defensively.
     John laughed. “I had almost forgotten that you were raised a lady.”
     “A well trained one at that,” David agreed. “Good, you shall have no problems acting like a proper Queen.”
     After they finished eating, David gave serious thought to which lover he wanted first. “Aya, love? Since it has been sometime since I have seen John, I am going to devote most of tonight to him. I want you to watch closely; you may learn something to practice later.”
     Aya nodded, and realized that things felt a bit surreal. Never once had she thought she would one day be in a relationship in which it would be considered normal to watch two men have sex. Yet David had explained things to her, so she had walked through the door earlier today knowing that it would happen at some point. She wondered what – if anything – she was supposed to do as she watched.
     Hours passed as Aya watched them take turns pleasuring each other, and honestly, she was feeling a bit left out by this point. Her body had grown so hot just seeing them that she wished she had a cloth fan to cool down with. She finally had to rub herself until she found some relief.
     Hearing her cry out in self-induced pleasure made the men remember that she was there, and they beckoned for her to join them. She didn’t need to be asked twice, and nearly jumped on the bed in her eagerness. She wrapped her arms around David’s neck, and kissed him hungrily.
     David shifted onto his back, and helped her to sit on him. He let her chose the pace and depth , and chuckled in amusement as he watched John lick her back, causing her to gasp and squeal. John thought it was great fun to fondle, kiss, and lick her while she tried to concentrate on riding her future husband.
     Aya forgot to cover her mouth as she screamed out her next orgasm.  Had she been observing rather than participating, she would have thought that she was in great pain based on the scream. Not everyone in the Palace heard her, but those few that did crossed themselves, and prayed for the poor girl fated to marry the King.
     Utterly spent, Aya collapsed onto David, and he cradled her as he rolled onto his side. John kissed David once more, and snuggled up behind Aya. He swept her long flowing hair out of his way, and placed one arm over her possessively. She was not the first woman (or girl) that they had brought to bed with them, but for the same reason David had fallen for her, she was the first one that he wanted to keep there.
     In the morning, Aya woke first. She had a dire need to use the chamber pot, but found that she was trapped between her lovers. She tried to wiggle out of their grasp, but found that they both clutched her in a way that made escape impossible.
     Her wiggling woke John – who was officially the King’s personal servant. As such, he was expected to be in the King’s apartment at all times in order to keep it clean, and to be on hand when needed. This meant that he was used to waking before his lover most mornings in order to complete a few chores before other servants arrived to attend to him.
     This morning, he was in a playful mood, and nipped Aya’s ear as he wormed one hand between her legs. Aya’s heart started to race, and she held her breath to prevent a startled gasp. She moaned in pleasure, and then groaned in frustration.
     “Please stop, I have to…” She blushed. A lady never mentioned such a vulgar thing to a man.
     “I see,” John nodded. He shifted to give her room to move, and then helped free her from David’s arms.
     Aya was surprised to discover that she was sore all over, and was grateful that the chamber pot was located inside a small closet so that she would have some privacy. She completed her business, and rubbed her aching muscles. It may have felt wonderful at the time, but at the moment, her butt was protesting.
     Several minutes later, she emerged from the closet to search for breakfast, and squealed in surprise as John snatched her up and carried her back to bed.
     “Lesson number two, always be prepared for another round of sex. David is quite used to doing it several times a day, and if you aren’t ready, he’ll just go somewhere else.”
     “Won’t he go somewhere else as the mood strikes anyway?” Aya wondered.
     “Well, yes,” John admitted honestly, “but if he knows you are willing and ready, I’m sure he’ll come to you first.”
     Since they were short on time, John kept the lesson brief and simple. He thrust into her fairly quickly, and she found it nice that he was able to do so without going too deep. They had told her it would be like this, but she hadn’t fully realized it until just now.
     She panted softly, trying not to wake David. He surprised her by chuckling and stroking her hair. He moved until his mouth was next to her ear.
     “This is the perfect way to wake up; hearing your cries of pleasure. I look forward to causing you more of them in just a few moments,” he informed her, and then kissed her mouth.
     Aya was suddenly very grateful that these two men were lovers as well, otherwise she just knew that one or the other of them would always be between her legs without any kind of break. It was not an unpleasant thought, but surely even the most popular courtesan was allowed some time without a man sliding into her! Especially first thing in the morning when she was hoping to eat some breakfast.
     As soon as John was finished, David took his turn. Aya felt her skin tingle, and knew that he had the power to make her ready for more with the merest of touches. He also kept things quick, and was soon filling her up. She was actually disappointed that neither one had seen to her pleasure. She wrinkled her nose at David to express her feelings, and he laughed.
     “Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty more throughout the day… enough to satisfy even the greediest of lovers.”
     “Oh my!” Aya exclaimed somewhat nervously as she tried to picture exactly how much sex he could be referring to.
     Meanwhile, John had washed up in the basin, dressed, and tidied up the room. He looked at the bed as a small clock softly chimed the hour, and nodded. There was a knock on the outer door to the sprawling apartment, and John rushed to answer it.
     A moment later, he reappeared in the bedroom with a tray full of food. He set it on the table, and chuckled as Aya attacked it. She was ravenous!
     “Once we are finished eating,” David addressed Aya, “we will have a bath, and then you shall have a fitting for a new wardrobe. I ordered the royal seamstress to work on a specific dress for you – using your old dresses as a guide for your size – and I trust that it will be ready by now.”
     Aya tried to imagine the dress he had ordered for her, and he could tell by the look on her face that she had the entirely wrong idea. He murmured a soft laugh. She looked at him curiously.
     “You think that my Queen shall wear dresses so costly that no one in the Kingdom could compare, but that is simply not true. I need my bride to be a moral compass – someone who can balance out my so-called depravity. To that end, even if you should wish to wear all of the latest fashions, you shall not. You shall be on your absolute best behavior in front of the court, and give them no cause to suspect that you are anything less than a saint,” David explained.
     “That’s an incredibly demanding expectation!” John exclaimed sympathetically. He couldn’t imagine being in Aya’s shoes.
     “True, but Aya can handle it,” David affirmed confidently.
     “A saint huh? I can do that,” Aya nodded as she contemplated the role she must play. “Ugh…” she groaned and pushed away her plate. “I was hoping that this would be over by now.”
     “It’s said that morning sickness only lasts a month,” John consoled her. He gave her a reassuring squeeze, and she smiled at him in return for a moment before her expression turned sour.
     “I’ll be back!” She promised and then rushed to the closet containing the chamber pot.
     “Pamper her a bit and train her until lunchtime, and then if she is feeling better, she will attend me in the throne room for an hour or so,” David instructed.
     “As you wish,” John smiled. He finished his own breakfast and collected their dirty dishes. He would hand them to a maid in a few minutes, but first, he took the opportunity to kiss his lover. “I’m a bit excited; we’re going to have a child!”
     David laughed in amusement. “Yes, it certainly shall be interesting.”
     A half an hour later, the King shooed everyone out of the bath chamber. This was something the King did on days when he wanted to bathe with his lover since no one would suspect anything strange if he claimed to be in a bad mood. His bad moods tended to rain trouble down upon anyone who crossed his path, and most everyone wondered how his personal servant could stand to be around him on those days. Honestly, the rest of his servants were exceedingly grateful to stay out of his way even when he was in a good mood!
     After their very touchy feely bath – Aya laughed as quietly as she could while they took turns tickling her – David escorted her to his huge closet. This was more than a mere closet as it contained a sofa and a small tea table in it so that the King could relax as his servants chose his outfit for the day, and also had several large mirrors and a platform for him to stand on as they dressed him. He looked around his closet in indecision.
     “I may just need to remodel to add space for your things, my dear.”
     Aya laughed. “As the future Queen, may I suggest that you have someone go through your older clothes and get rid of anything you will not wear again. That way, you will make a bit of room for me. I’m sure my clothes won’t take up too much space.”
     The royal seamstress nodded in agreement. She had long had the desire to take apart some of his old clothes, and make them into current fashions. It would be a shame to completely discard any of the luxuriously rich fabric!
     David sighed. “If I must, but I do not trust anyone to go through it but me.” He made himself comfortable as a maid poured him a cup of tea. “You there, start on that side, and show me everything one piece at a time.” He sorted everything into three categories: keep, store, and give to the seamstress. Strangely, once he got into the spirit of things, it was the third pile that grew the biggest.
     Meanwhile, Aya watched as the seamstress and her assistants helped her into an odd dress. It had a close fitting hood that covered her entire head except for an oval to show her face. The hood traveled down her neck in the front to fully cover her breasts should her dress come out of place, while the dress itself had a high neckline, covered her entire body modestly, and had many underskirts to hide her legs. This dress was covered by a roomier overdress that would hide the shape of her body even more. The only redeeming quality it had – in Aya’s opinion – was that it was made out of a beautifully dyed silk that felt wonderful.
     “I look like a Priestess of Chastity!” Aya exclaimed in dismay.
     “Exactly,” David concurred. “That dress can be made in any color or combination of colors – so long as they are tasteful – but always in that style.”
     “As you wish,” Aya sighed in disappointment, but she had agreed to be as a saint in front of his court.
     “Bah! I’ll finish this later!” David growled, referring to his wardrobe. “For now, I think I’ll wear that.” He was dressed, and then left to attend some duties.
     John bowed to Aya. “My Lady, his majesty commanded me to see to your comfort while he is gone. If you are done here, would you like to rest a bit?”
     Aya immediately knew that this was code for more training, and smiled. “Yes, I think that would be lovely. Everyone else may leave.” She waited for the room to clear, and then followed John to the King’s bedroom.
     “Are you still nauseous?” John asked.
     “A little, but I am much better than I was,” Aya replied.
     “Good, then you will practice sucking on me some more,” John stated.
     Aya nodded, and unfastened his pants. She used the techniques she had learned yesterday to prevent her mouth from getting sore, and managed work on him for a whole hour before getting bored. John knew that her mind had wandered by the way she grew almost lazy, and decided to end the lesson for now.
     “On the chair,” he ordered.
     Aya obeyed curiously, wondering what he had in mind. He pushed her cumbersome skirt out of the way, removed her protective undergarment, and spread her legs wide. She inhaled in anticipation as he bent to examine her.
     “I noticed that you haven’t had the opportunity to scream yet,” John said. “So, I am going to lick you until you beg for mercy!”
     “Mmm,” Aya moaned eagerly.
     She didn’t know how other girls acted, but she had been filled with lustful thoughts for well over a year. Having only ever seen animals mate, she couldn’t accurately picture what happened between lovers, but she had been truthful when she confessed that the only reason the King had taken her virginity was that she hadn’t found an opportunity to lose it previously. It was like a dream come true to be able to have this much sex, and it was a bonus in her opinion that she now had two lovers rather than just one.
     The King returned an hour later, just in time to hear her squealing as if she longed to climb the walls. “That is rapidly becoming my favorite sound.”
     “You’re back early,” John remarked, wiping his mouth with a linen napkin.
     David grinned. “I found that I couldn’t think of anything but what you two were doing, and decided to take a short break. May I?”
     John gestured for him to help himself, and Aya soon found herself carried to bed. This time, rather than laying on her back, she was told to stand by the side of the bed, and rest her chest on it. David tossed her skirt up out of the way, and entered her – not using her rear until she’d had a bit more training with John.
     Aya loved the way he felt inside her. She didn’t even need to rub herself to climb to heaven.  She clutched the sheets, and gasped into the bed.
     David was in no mood to wait, and finished as soon as he was able. Afterwards, he tickled her back, and chuckled. “There may actually be one or two women jealous of you right now, my love.”
     “Really? Why’s that?” Aya wondered.
     “I’ve normally dallied with two or three women by this time of the day. Nothing serious mind you, just a quick thrust or two in the first secluded place I can find, but today I haven’t. I thought all the women would be relieved, but a couple of them seem petulant,” David explained.
     “Perhaps they had some small hope that you would one day choose one of them as a bride,” Aya conjectured.
     “You might be right about that! I hadn’t given it any thought,” David mused as he rubbed his chin.
     John handed him a wash cloth to use after he pulled out, and then cleaned Aya. He took care to fiddle with her, and she was ready for more surprisingly quickly. David laughed.
     “None of that now, I plan to set my bride to be on her new throne for a while,” he informed them. “Which should give you just enough time to make a quick trip to our favorite shop and buy a few things for our little Aya.”
     John grinned, and gave his lover a lingering kiss. “I love the way you think!”
     David turned his attention back to Aya. “Are you hungry, my love?”
     “A little, I think,” Aya stood up, and placed her hands on her abdomen. It had given her no problems while she was distracted, but turned mildly queasy at the mere mention of food.
     They ate a little of the food delivered by a servant, and then David smoothed the wrinkles out of Aya’s dress. Next, he took her hand, and escorted her to the throne room. Aya felt more nervous than she ever had before in her life!
     “If you can’t think of anything to say, feel free to remain silent. Remember, my courtiers will likely try to make you embarrass yourself, and your best defense is to spout pious nonsense. This will surprise them and cause them to retreat,” the King advised his future Queen just before they reached their destination.
     Aya nodded. The herald announced them, and they walked along the velvet carpet reserved solely for their use. They sat, and the King waved a signal to resume court business.
     It was the day when the King listened to complaints. There was never a long line because only the truly desperate sought a solution from the monarch that most considered to be biased and unjust. His code of ethics seemed to be vastly flexible, and usually revolved around what was best for his own self.
     “… And so, all I ask is that he pay me for the damages to my land,” the supplicant finished stating his case a few minutes later.
     The King looked bored to tears, and could think of no way to turn the situation so that it benefitted him. He turned to Aya. “Do you have anything to say, my love?”
     Aya put a finger to her lip and gave the matter some serious thought. “Our Gods teach that we should always care for the land above all else. Caring for the land is caring for ourselves in that only by nurturing the land does it grow the food we consume. Also, since the King receives a portion of all food grown as a tax, the defendant has actually stolen from the King and dishonored the gods.”
     King David really wished his lover was here to brag to, and was sorely tempted to lavish praise upon her. Instead, he smiled, and turned his attention to the man asking for compensation. “Did you hear that? My bride-to-be has argued in your favor, and she’s right. I hereby decree that your neighbor either repays you with actual money, or with hard work to rebuild your damaged land. If he does not, then the amount of taxes you should owe – minus he amount of tax on what you manage to grow – shall be his responsibility, and trust me when I say that failing to obey my decree with have severe punishments.”
     An hour – and three supplicants – later, the King was glad to see the last supplicant step forward. Aya had proven herself useful if for no other reason than she entertained him, and kept him from growing bored or losing his temper.  She found the whole process fascinating, and loved that he had ordered her to be pious. She got to be the good guy!
     “My King, I beg you! Though he is not here today to defend himself, I must tell you that the owner of my local tavern has murdered my only son! My overlord favors the tavernkeep, and will not grant me justice, please, I beg you…” The supplicant – a man in his 50’s – broke down and wept.
     “Where is your proof?” The King asked, not moved in the slightest.
     “I saw it with my own eyes! But other than a few witnesses back home, I have no proof,” the man slumped in disappointment.
     David growled softly, this was why he hated listening to people’s problems. They all brought him sob stories, and expected him to favor them just because they asked. He turned to Aya, and she was ready.
     “The Gods teach that it is a sin to kill a man unless in defense of self, family, or property. However, until we know the reason behind the death, we have no idea if any of those conditions apply. I feel that the Gods would want us to send someone to investigate the matter before reaching a verdict.” Aya paused to shift her attention to the supplicant. “But know this, the Gods keep watch, and if your son truly was murdered for no just cause, then they will send their own punishment, even if we do not.”
     King David shivered slightly at that statement. “I… agree… I shall send out a pair of men to investigate this matter, and will give my verdict when I receive their report.” He dismissed the supplicant, and stood. “Come Aya, I wish to adjourn for the evening.”
     “Yes, My King,” Aya replied obediently. She placed her hand in his, and together they left the room. Both noticed that the courtiers were watching her with slightly amazed looks, as if they couldn’t believe a voice of reason had finally appeared.
Once alone in his private hallway, David lifted her into his arms for a tightly squeezing hug. “You did beautifully! Though even I was growing annoyed by all that pious talk.”
     “Then do you wish me to be less saintly after all?” Aya wondered.
     “No, it is exactly what the kingdom needs, but for now, let’s go be naughty!”
     Aya laughed, and nodded in agreement. They rushed back to John, and found him removing his cloak and boots. David rubbed his hands together in anticipation.
     “Did you get it?” He asked.
     “Of course! But it’s lucky that Aya is tall for her age,” John said as he handed David a brown leather satchel.
     David handed it right back. “I’m going to go make use of the closet, and I want you to prepare her while I do.”
     John nodded and grinned.
     Aya found it easiest to just let him strip her since her dress was not made for easy removal. Once she was naked, she watched with deep interest as John revealed the contents of the satchel. She stared at it, and furrowed her eyebrows in disappointment.
     “It looks like a harness,” she muttered.
     “In a way, I suppose,” John agreed, and then help her put it on.
     After it was in place, and he had tightened it to the point that it almost dug into her skin, Aya looked at herself in a mirror. The outfit – and Aya used the term liberally here – was not much more than a series of black leather straps to decorate her body. It certainly didn’t cover any part of her body that was normally covered. Except her feet, which still had her shoes on them.
     “It comes with modesty pieces to cover you here, here,” John tapped her once on each breast, “and here,” he ended by wiggling a finger between her second set of lips. Aya responded by spreading her legs a bit to give him better access.
     “Always so eager, my love!” David exclaimed, returning from the closet. “I like it!”
     John laughed, and licked his finger to clean it. He reached into the satchel once more, and pulled out a whip. David cackled as if he were a child who had just received exactly what he wanted for his birthday.
     “Look Aya, it’s your very own whip!” David informed her as she accepted it from John.
     “Whatever for?” Aya wondered. Both men grinned at her.
     “You’ll see,” John replied cryptically.
     “Come,” David commanded.
     Aya placed a hand in each of theirs, and let them bring her into a dark and scary secret passageway. They led her through a long and twisted series of cave-like corridors, and into a dimly lit room. John quickly lit a few new thick candles to enhance the atmosphere. Aya gasped.
     “This is my dungeon,” David explained. “Here is where I keep the criminals I wish to deal with personally. As you can see, there is only one, and he is a new arrival. He is the man that led your father astray.”
     “I see,” Aya murmured, unsure as to why they had brought her here.
     “This evening’s training is how to use your whip properly,” John informed her.
     “Oh my!” Aya held her hands to her cheeks, not caring that the whip was in the way.
     “Do not worry, if you learn well, you won’t actually hurt him,” David assured her.
     “And if I don’t?” Aya questioned.
     “He’ll only receive a taste of what’s to come,” David stated.
     “Are you ready?” John asked, picking up a whip from a rack full of strange objects.
     Aya hesitated for only a moment before nodding.
     “Good,” David held her in front of him, and helped her position her feet. “Watch John as he demonstrates.”
     John took up a firm stance, and delivered the first strike. “You see, you’re goal is not to make him bleed, but rather to make him inhale sharply from the sting.  If you hit him too hard, you will break his skin, and if you do not hit him hard enough it will have no effect.” John shifted and shook out his shoulders, then hopped a bit. Finally, he delivered another blow and another – over and over – until Aya felt she could see his technique.
     She waited for David’s hands to stop roaming her body so that she could concentrate, and then flicked her whip at the prisoner. It took her a few minutes to find the right intensity, but soon she was making her victim gasp and groan. She made sure to vary where she hit him so that she wouldn’t be abusing the same place repeatedly.
     “A natural!” John praised.\
     “You see? He likes it,” David pointed out. The victim really did look like he was enjoying himself.
     “I think you are right!” Aya gasped in sudden realization.
     “Feel free to whip him harder,” David murmured in her ear as he nibbled on it.
     “As you wish,” Aya acknowledged. She shifted her stance just a bit to add extra power to her strikes, and then let loose. She continued until she created one welt that bled.
     “Very good!” David commended. He walked up to the victim – who was desperately trying to be free from his shackles by now – and traced the wound with his finger. He showed Aya the little bit he scooped up, and then licked his finger clean. “Remember, anytime you spill blood for the Gods, you should always share in the offering.” He gathered a bit more for her, and she reluctantly opened her mouth.
     “Hmm, that’s actually not bad,” she remarked as John took his own sample. She used her tongue to lick up a bit more from the wound, and then licked her lips. “Makes me crave a slab of roast that’s still on the rare side.”
     David kissed her, and then lifted her so that she was straddling his waist. “Come, my love, let us return to our bed.”

     Aya’s days fell into a pattern of sex, training, and the occasional visit to the throne room, and soon, it was her wedding day. The King had consented just this once to allow Aya to wear the type of elaborate and expensive dress she felt a Queen should wear. It was white, and dripping with diamonds. It still covered her neck and body primly, but at least her hair was free to be decorated. By the time she was ready to walk down the aisle, she figured she must be wearing enough diamonds to buy a small country!
     Her parents arrived at the palace the day before, but were not allowed to see her until the very moment the doors to the throne room opened to reveal the blushing Queen-to-be. By this time, most of the courtiers had fallen in love with her, and almost everyone agreed that she was the best thing that had happened to the Kingdom since the previous King’s reign. Her parents quite expected her to be subdued at the very least, and downright miserable at the worst. They were shocked to see her glow radiantly with happiness and pride.
     The courtiers all inhaled a breath and dared not exhale lest the King change his mind at the last minute. They needn’t have worried though for the King was beside himself with excitement. He did a good job of hiding this from everyone, but if they looked closely, they could see the sparkle in his eyes.
     Aya cast a brilliant smile at John as she made her way towards her groom, but since she had made it a point to smile at several random people, no one thought anything of it. Normally a father walked his daughter down the aisle, but Lord Robert had not been given the privilege. David still did not trust him, and frankly thought that the Lord might try to make a scene if given an opportunity.
     After the ceremony, Aya was near tears as David placed sparkling gold and diamond tiara on her head. She looked over the crowd until she located her family, and then smiled, hoping that they were happy for her. Her father gave a grim smile, and leaned to whisper in the ear of the Lord sitting next to him.
     “It’s done, and he has already told me that she carries his child. Now is an excellent time to have him murdered. You and I will then be able to control Aya and the child until he or she is of age to take the throne.”
     The conspirator nodded in agreement, and whispered, “It’s definitely certain that the King must never have any influence over the child!” The two quietly plotted the King’s demise, and discussed who to hire to carry out the deed.

     Two and a half months passed, and Aya was astonished that word of her wisdom had spread until she had at least six supplicants come to beg an audience every day. David granted her three hours to hear them five days a week, and used the time to devote his attention to John. Aya was so used to phrasing everything she said – when not alone with her husband and lover – as though she advocated the Gods that it had become second nature. To her surprise, she actually liked researching the Gods, and using their wisdom to aid the people.
     She ended the current hearing, and excused herself for the day. Her three hours were up, and she had no wish to be parted from her husband any longer. She slipped into their bedroom, and quietly got comfortable in the chair at the foot of the bed.
     David was slowly thrusting into John, and by John’s moans, they had just started… this session. Aya was certain they had already had at least one before this. She gathered her skirts out of the way, and quickly located the spot that felt so good when she rubbed it. Her moans eventually alerted them to her presence, and they motioned for her to join them.
     They had to be fairly gentle with her at this point because she was now five months pregnant, and her belly was rounded nicely in proof – not that anyone could tell when she was dressed. The three of them took turns pleasing each other until they were all satisfied … for the moment. David held her on top of him – more or less on her side – as they recovered, and John stroked her back.
     “Did I tell you?” David asked his wife. “Your parents and sisters are here.”
     Aya sighed in disappointment. After an assassin had failed to kill the King, the would-be killer gave them the name of the Lord who had hired him, and that Lord had sobbingly confessed that it was at Lord Robert’s request. She knew that her family was here to be punished, and that there was nothing she could do to stop it. To be honest, she was deeply hurt that her father wanted her beloved dead.
     John helped Aya put on her leather outfit – complete with modesty covers – and then helped her put her dress back on over it. Next, he helped the King into a lush robe, and moved an overstuffed armchair to the exact spot David wanted it – in a study-like room next to the bedroom. Finally, he slipped into a pair of pants, and a shirt so that he looked normal before the guards.
     David led Aya to the armchair, and stroked her hair. “I am sorry that your father cannot give up his treacherous ways. I did give him a chance.”
     “I know,” Aya smiled sadly.
     David signaled for John to let them in, and he responded by opening the outer door to the King’s apartment. A dozen guards waited patiently in the hall for the King to pass judgment on the prisoners. John motioned for the guards to pretty much toss them inside.
     “The King wishes to deal with them in private,” John announced.
     The guards nodded, and pushed the captives through the door. It was then shut and locked. Lord Robert and Lady Eleanor stood proudly defiant, but Mary and her sister looked afraid.
     “This way,” John stated, and led them to the room that would serve as their temporary prison. He escorted them to the right spot, and then secured Lord Robert’s shackles to waiting hooks in the wall and floor.
     The Lord faced the wall, but could look over his right shoulder to see the King and Queen. He tried to twist his head around to see the rest of his family, but they were standing in a spot that was hard for him to see clearly. He decided to focus on the King.
     “Robert, Robert, Robert,” the King tsked. “First you fuck me, my throne, and my kingdom, and I was lenient. Now, you tried to have me killed. I warned you that I would not be so lenient again. And yet…” He turned to stroke Aya’s face. “My beautiful wife has just celebrated her birthday. I asked myself what to give the Queen who pretty much has everything, and realized that it would make her happy to spare you. So, instead of killing you, your wife, and two older daughters, I have decided to punish you again.”
     “Truly?” Aya asked happily. “You plan to spare them?”
     “Yes, my love,” David grinned at her, and then nearly devoured her lips. “However, their punishment must be severe.”
     “I understand,” Aya stated morosely.
     David gestured a command to John, and he responded by stripping Lady Eleanor. She would receive no pleasure this time – well… not unless she liked to be tortured. David stroked his chin in thought.
     “Start with ten lashes,” he decided.
     John nodded, picked up his whip, and paused to warn the Lady. “Plant your hands on that desk. It is solid and will support you. If you move or try to avoid any of the ten lashes you were sentenced to, another two will be added.”
     Lady Eleanor whimpered, but complied. John did his best to make sure that his strokes were all evenly painful without breaking her skin. By the end, she was crying, but not sobbing, and so he knew he had done his job well.
     He turned to Mary. “Your turn.”
     Both girls had tears running down their cheeks from watching their mother suffer, and trembled with barely suppressed terror. Mary squared her shoulders, and silently vowed to endure as her mother had. John took this as a challenge to make her scream. He left her with welts, but she did not bleed. She also managed to suppress most of her screams.
     Aya’s middle sister was next, and she was begging and pleading before John even touched her.
     “Five strokes?” John asked out of sympathy.
     “Fifteen,” David stated firmly.
     “As you wish,” John replied with a slight bow. He dealt out her punishment, and while she was determined not to move and earn more lashes, her body shook so badly that he ended up striking her harder than he planned to. She ended up with three bleeding welts just above her buttocks.
     David noticed tears falling from Aya’s eyes, and stroked her hair once more. “Bring that one here.”
John half dragged half carried the girl over to his King and Queen.
     “Poor Laina,” Aya pouted, and hugged her sobbing sister for a moment. “Turn around please. I need to examine your wounds.”
     Laina calmed somewhat, and did as asked. Aya held her hips firmly, and licked the blood from her back. She smiled when she was finished.
     “There, the bleeding has stopped now.”
     “Wife, seeing you like that has inflamed my lust! I demand you hand her over!” David insisted.
     Aya nodded, her smile gone now, and released Laina from her grasp. David dragged her to the desk, and Laina struggled every step of the way. She begged for Aya to save her.
     “No! Please! Aya please make him stop!”
     “I can’t. Father sent an assassin after my husband, and he is punishing father by punishing you,” Aya explained.
     “But I did nothing wrong!” Laina protested.
     “I know, and that is why this punishment will deeply hurt father,” Aya stated.
     David pushed her face down over the desk, and positioned himself to enter her. He decided at the very last second not to take her anally, since doing so with his nearly horse-sized piece could actually damage her irreparably. Laina screamed when she felt him ram into her, and Aya looked away. She had to keep reminding herself why this was happening in order to stop herself from protesting.
     The moment Laina’s cries calmed, David grew bored, and tossed her to the floor. She lay sprawled where her father could see her if he looked. He contemplated Mary and Eleanor for a few moments, and then decided on Eleanor.
     “On your knees!” The King commanded. The second Eleanor complied, he forced her mouth open, and made her suck on him. “John, that one is yours.” He pointed at Mary.
     John nodded, stripped, and made her brace against the desk. He had no qualms about using her back door, and only used enough oil to make sure he didn’t hurt himself as he entered her. Nothing Mary had ever known could have prepared her for this, and she could not hold back her own sobs. She calmed down relatively quickly, and was allowed to sit on the floor next to Laina.
     David was still enjoying Eleanor’s mouth, and she was trying her best to suck him off as quickly as possible in the hope that he would then let her go comfort her daughters. “Take her too.”
     John did as told, and David watched the woman try not to cry as she concentrated on her task of sucking on the King. “It seems this punishment might have a bit more impact.”
     “I sincerely hope so!” Aya exclaimed vehemently. “I do not want my mother and sisters to suffer any more due to my father’s ill-conceived actions!”
     “Aya love, is it too much for you to bear?” David asked in concern.
     “Almost, but I can tell you are nearly done now. I can endure it a bit longer,” Aya answered.
     “You make my heart soar!” David announced proudly. “Such a brave little soldier you are, ready for anything.”
     Aya placed her hands on her cheeks. “Oh David, stop! You’re making me blush.”
     “As you wish,” David replied, and signaled John to withdraw. “Go sit next to your daughters, and think about what you will do the next time you husband plots treason. Which is not to say that your punishment is over quite yet.”
     David pointed to Lord Robert – who was unashamedly crying over his wife and daughter’s fate by this time – and ordered John to, “Prepare him.”
     John nodded, removed the man’s clothes as best he could, and positioned himself in front of Lord Robert. He took Robert’s shaft in one hand, and used the other to rub oil on his anus. This was so unexpected, that Robert forgot he was about to be punished. John held Robert’s cheeks apart, and David grasped his hips firmly.
     Robert knew better than to beg for mercy. John sucked on him as David sodomized him, and Robert was thoroughly confused. The King stopped when he felt Robert relax and accept him. This was purely a technique to escape pain, and David knew that the Lord thought his punishment bad but not unendurable.
     “It’s time John.”
     John nodded, and stood. David gave one last powerful thrust, and then withdrew. He went to the basin to wash up as John unhooked Robert’s shackles.
     By the time John had pushed Robert in front of the desk, David was standing by Aya’s chair once more. The King stared at his prisoner, and Robert wondered if he was about to be sentenced to death after all. David smirked.
     “I know you think that I have fully punished you, but I haven’t. I want you to look at young Aya here and ask yourself why you try to kill her husband. Can you even explain it to her?” David demanded.
     “You are a horrible excuse for a King, and you deserve to die!” Robert shouted.
     “Did you hear that Aya?” David asked, stroking her hair once more.
     “Yes, and I am sad beyond belief,” Aya wiped a tear from her eye.
     “Are you ready?” David inquired.
     “Yes,” Aya confirmed, and stood.
     David unzipped the long zipper running along her spine, and helped her shed her dress to reveal her leather outfit. The moment Aya’s constricting hood was off, she picked up her whip from a small table next to her chair. She twirled it lightly as she shook her muscles awake.
     David pointed at Lord Robert. “Twice now you have conspired against me. There will not be a third time! I am going to give both your older daughters to men fiercely loyal to me, and your wife might just find herself indentured to a brothel. Think on that as your youngest daughter whips you. After this, you will be tossed in the dungeons to rot until I can be certain of your loyalty. If I so much as hear an ill-wish towards me come out of your mouth, you shall be executed! Now, Aya.”
     Aya nodded, and stepped closer to her father, gesturing for John to turn him around. “Ten lashes, my love?” She asked.
     “I think twenty should do it,” David mused.
     “As you wish,” Aya stated grimly, and began her task. The room – filled with quiet sobbing until this point – fell silent. The only sounds were of the whip, and Lord Robert’s corresponding inhaled gasps.
     “Excellent, my love,” David praised. “Only five more.”
     Aya nodded.
     “Make the last one bleed,” David suggested.
     Aya sighed. “Yes, my love.” When she was done, she smeared her finger across the tiny wound, and gathered a small amount of blood.
     “That one’s mine,” David insisted, and sucked on her finger for a moment. “John, allow the prisoners to rest for a while, eat a bit, and use the chamber pot. Then, tell the guards to throw Lord Robert into a cell somewhere, and have the women locked up in a room for now.”
     “Yes, my King,” John bowed respectfully.
     “Aya, love, have I told you yet how much I adore you wearing that?” David asked as he scooped up his wife.
     “I don’t remember,” Aya giggled as he carried her through the door to their bedroom.
     “You were powerful just now, and it gave me shivers to watch you,” David confessed.
     “Is that so?” Aya grinned, knowing what he had planned for her. He set her on their bed, removed a modesty piece, and buried his face between her legs. This was the first time in a while that John wasn’t part of their lovemaking, and Aya enjoyed every minute of it. Her cries of pleasure echoed through the room, causing John – who was watching through the door – to grin in anticipation of later.
     Afterwards, Aya rested with her hands on her belly. She felt a fluttering movement, and gasped. “David! John! I can feel the baby!”
     “That baby’s going to be a monster just like its parents!” Robert muttered.
     “It may seem that way now, but I can guarantee that Aya will be a good mother. She’s been good for the Kingdom, and good for the King,” John explained. “You may not know this yet, but he has almost stopped poking other women. She has calmed him, and so will the baby.”
     Robert shook in head in disbelief, and John shrugged. He went to the main door, and gestured for the guards to come get Lord Robert. “I hope you’ll be around long enough to see that I’m right.”
     Lady Eleanor stood, ready to be taken away also. “I can see it, and I pray that you speak true. Take care of my daughter. She’s the only hope any of us have for a better future.”
     John nodded. “I will.”

     Almost five months later, Aya gave birth to a daughter, and true to John’s prediction, David saw the world through her eyes, and he wanted to make it a better place. His borderline tyranny faded, and his dedication to his people increased. His subjects all heaved a sigh of relief, and praised Aya for performing such a miracle.
     They called her a saint, and she found that she was no longer making up all of the pious advice she gave. She would never consider herself a saint – she had too much fun in bed for that! – but she did truly love the Gods and her people. She turned to David one day a few years later, and smirked.
     “And just think, none of this would have been possible if my father hadn’t conspired against you!”
     David rolled his eyes, and John laughed. “Trust you to see the good in everything!”
     They cuddled up closer together and fell asleep, secure in the knowledge that people no longer wanted to assassinate the King.


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  2. I very much enjoyed reading this steamy slightly bDSm story. I would have liked a longer version where other things happened but for a short story it was fun to read.


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