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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waking up Lily

I would like to point out that I did not start out with the ending in mind. It just came out this way. I do not endorse the events that happen in this story, but I have often wondered what if something like this happened in real life. You are warned!

I am 18, and going off to college come fall, but before that happens, I have to finish high school, heh heh. I don’t have a girlfriend, well… not officially. My next door neighbor is a girl about my age, and she and I occasionally have a little fun in bed, but neither of us wanted to turn it into a relationship. I know I am not Lily’s only playmate, and that’s fine by me.
I am excited about going to college. I know that college is a time to learn new things, and I am sure there will be plenty of girls to learn them with. I think that I may even look for a girlfriend.
In the meantime, however, I go see my neighbor when I need relief. Speaking of which, I wish I had time to have a little fun with her this morning, but I have soccer practice in a little over half an hour. I am beginning to wish that I hadn’t volunteered to play soccer with my best friend. He didn’t tell me that we’d have to get up early on Saturdays, damn him!
I put on my practice uniform, and scratched my balls until the itch went away, and then I forced myself to stop before I wasted the next 10 minutes taking care of the new itch that replaced it. I had to go wake up Lily, since she had an appointment this morning, and she hasn’t had a chance to replace the alarm clock that died. I know that is just an excuse, since she could easily set the alarm on her cell phone, but she relies on her parents to wake her.
Guess what, her parents aren’t home today, but I don’t mind. Waking her up on Saturdays for her appointments has been pretty darn fun so far. Except today I have to leave her alone. I am going to have to kill my best friend George when I see him…
I went over to her house, and let myself in. She’d given me a key, and I knew I was the only one of her friends with benefits who had that honor. I climbed the stairs, and entered her room.
“…!” I opened my mouth to call her name, but I immediately realized that she was far too tempting this morning. She was still asleep, of course, and as she’d slept, her blanket had bunched up and exposed her from the hips down, and she was NOT wearing panties. Then again, she never did wear panties to bed.
I looked to her head, but it was covered by her blanket. I listened to her breathe, and heard her snore softly. She was definitely sound asleep, and I don’t know why, but this made me have to have her!
I discarded my shorts and underwear, and climbed onto the foot of the bed. Not only was she uncovered from the hips down, but she had one leg bent so that her foot almost touched her other leg, and this opened her up for exploration. I gently moved her leg, and leaned in to smell her.
She smelled musky but intoxicating, and this made me want to taste her. I grinned; this would not be the first time, and I know she loved to be eaten. I used my nose to spread open her lips, and located her bud with my tongue. Why she called it a bud was beyond me, but she was very insistent that I never use a vulgar term like clit. Whatever, she can’t hear my thoughts anyway!
I licked and nibbled, and did my best to suck on her, and I heard her breathing increase until she was panting. She moaned softly, and I knew that she was enjoying this little wake up surprise. I inserted my fingertip ever so slightly into her opening, and rubbed it up and down. I knew that drove her crazy!
Minutes passed, and I was so ready to be inside her. I gave her a bit more attention, and was rewarded with a sudden gasp, and the delightful shaking of her body. She had gotten what mattered to her the most; now it was my turn.
I glanced at the clock, and knew I was going to be late to practice, but I could not care less! I shifted, pulled her legs over my hips, and gently pushed my shaft into her about an inch. I pulled back, and eased my way in a bit farther. I repeated this until I was fully inside her, but I figured that first thing in the morning, she was not going to want me slamming into her, and banging her for all I was worth.
She was on the pill, so I didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant. This made the occasional booty call much easier on both of us. She may like to have a dick between her legs, but she was not stupid enough to risk having a baby.
I made a few small test thrusts, and then chose a pace that suited me. This morning, it was all about taking my time. I was late anyway!
After plenty of time had passed, I pumped her full, and looked at the clock. Oh crap! At this rate, I was going to miss the entire practice! I looked at her, and could tell that she was enjoying the after effects of her second orgasm, and smiled. She was awake. Mission accomplished! I quickly dressed, and left.


Lily was my best friend, even though I was a year younger than her. I loved her like a sister, and often spent the night at her house. Last night, we had spent far too many hours talking and laughing, and this morning I was reluctant to get out of bed.
She told me that she had to go to piano lessons this morning, and gave me permission to sleep as long as I wanted. I pulled the blanket over my head to block out the first rays of the sun peeking through the window, and rolled onto my back. I realized that the blankets were now riding high on my hips, but I didn’t care.
Lily went to take a bath, and I heard her mutter, “Aha, there’s my mp3 player!” as she left. I drifted back to sleep. I hope I didn’t snore. Lily teases me when I snore.
Later on, I began to have this wonderful dream. In my dream, I was being played with by a boy I like in school. I sighed happily, and wondered how far the dream would get.
This dream felt incredible! I had no idea a dream could feel so real. It really felt like I had a head between my legs!
I wonder if Lily was teasing me. Was she aware of my dream, and adding a bit of realism to it? She and I had never done anything but practice kissing. I was horrible at it, and nervous that any boys I kissed would decide not to kiss me again… not that I had ever kissed a boy before…
Oh. My. God! My whole body was on fire, and if Lily really was doing this, she knew what she was doing! I felt like something big was going to happen, and my muscles tensed up. I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming as I began to shake, and feel better than I could ever remember feeling.
The head in my dream moved, and was replaced by something. I froze in shock. That felt like… Oh my! Oh my! That was definitely a penis working its way into me. What’s more, I think this is real!
Should I stop him? I mean of course I should stop him! I was raised to be a good girl and save myself for marriage. I opened my mouth to say the words, but now that he was fully inside me, and wiggling about, it felt so good. I moaned.
No no no! I should not be moaning! I adjusted my legs, and found them locking around his hips. I clutched the blanket to my face, and contemplated taking a look at whoever was having sex with me.
I just can’t! What if it’s lily’s boyfriend, and he thinks I’m her? This would end very badly for everyone. Does Lily even have a boyfriend? I don’t recall her talking about anyone in particular.
I was still moaning, and what’s more, I felt wonderful! I debated back and forth. Wait for marriage? Find out what happens next? Why am I even debating?! I am a good girl, and this is my first time!
I opened my mouth to tell whoever this was to stop. I surprised myself by shoving both hands full of blanket into my mouth, and squealing. That incredible feeling from a few minutes ago was back, and I didn’t want it to stop now!
I heard a small grunt of satisfaction, and knew he was done too. Should I peek at him now? Should I keep my face covered? I was too embarrassed to show my face! No boys had ever even seen me naked before, and it was too embarrassing to think that this one was getting more than a good view.
I clutched the blankets to me, and wondered what to do. What should I say? Thank you? Can we do it again? No no no! I need to tell him that he just raped me! Wait… I had fun, is that still rape? I'm so confused!
I heard him leave, and felt… relieved. Now I didn’t have to say anything to him, and I couldn’t be tempted into being a shameless slut. It occurred to me that I already am a shameless slut because I knew better, but I didn’t stop him.
Oh god! I am going to hell for this! If my parents find out, they are going to kill me, and besides… how would I explain it to them?
I sat up, and covered my lower half.
Lily came in wearing nothing but a towel, which she discarded to examine herself in a large oval mirror. She saw me sitting up, and pulled the earbuds to her mp3 player out of her ears. “I totally forgot! I asked your brother to come wake me up this morning! He must have woken you up instead.”
I quickly flung myself back into her bed, covering every inch of me with a blanket, and curling into a ball. I purposely took slow breaths to stop myself from panicking. MY BROTHER!!!! I’m going to hell I’m going to hell I’m going to hell!!! There’s NO WAY I can ever tell anybody that! Not even him.
“Yeah, I feel you! It’s way too early to be awake,” she laughed. “Don’t worry; you can sleep as long as you want. No one is going to be home today.”
She took her time dressing, and I pretended to be asleep. I had no idea what – if anything – I should do. I waited for her to leave, and got out of bed.
I pulled up my nightgown, and looked at my legs. Lily had made me laugh so hard last night that I peed my panties, and that’s why I didn’t have any on. Would things have been different if I had?
I looked at the bed, and gasped. What had been clean sheets yesterday were now a complete mess, including a little blood. I was going to have to wash them.
As I waited for the dryer to finish its job about an hour later, I had a headache coming on, and felt inexplicably nauseous, and I knew… I just knew that I was going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. Oh my god oh my god oh my god! I buried my face in my hands and cried.
What am I supposed to do now?


  1. Love, Love, Love your stories and I never close down your site so I can just hit refresh to get the next chapter! Lily was amazing until the very end. It kinda grossed me out. A little too kinky, weird for me. Also can't wait to try out the cookie recipe!! Keep on writing! Your amazing!!!

  2. Thank you! I know this one had a weird twist, but when I was younger, I was told that my dad may or may not have had a boy a year or so before me, and that me me go, "WAIT a minute! What if we meet, and don't know we are related, and one thing leads to another???"

    The very end was meant to be one of those things that could actually happen but we all pray NEVER does! I think it does beg the question though; what if it did? Shudder in horror!


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