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Monday, April 4, 2011

Priestess of Purity - Erotic Short Story

The Priestess of Purity

I closed my eyes and tilted my head skywards as the attendant poured water on my head. I reveled in the feel of the water as it traveled down my body. To this day, water caressing my body still felt as sensual as a lover’s touch.
The water no longer covered my head, and I opened my eyes just enough to watch it glide down my mark; proof that I was a chosen Priestess of the Goddess of Purity. The mark appeared on the skin of a woman the goddess deemed worthy of the power to cleanse a person’s soul of darkness, purifying them.
A priestess is not born, she is chosen… I remember it well…

“Are you frightened?”
“Yes my Lord – my… husband.”
“It is only understandable; you are so young, and you don’t know what will happen. I promise to be gentle, and try not to hurt you.”
He kissed me; this man I had never met before our wedding today. He continued to kiss me as he removed the thin bridal silk night robe. I felt embarrassed, and I wanted him to stop, but I had been forbidden to resist him in any way by my father…
My new husband explored my body with his hands, and then kissed me wherever he wanted. I grew increasingly uncomfortable, and more embarrassed, but I was forbidden to resist.
His mouth suddenly was there, and I couldn’t hold back my protests any longer. “No!”
He chuckled. “Don’t be afraid; I’m only trying to insure that I do not hurt you more than necessary.”
“Why must it hurt?” I asked as he shifted to lie atop me.
“I don’t know… Maybe to discourage girls from giving this gift to anyone but their husband.”
I could feel something hard pressing where his mouth had been moments ago. It pushed into me, and I cried out in sudden pain. My husband tried to soothe me, and kissed me more. Eventually, the pain faded, and my whimpers stopped. I realized that I was lucky my husband treated me with kindness. I had seen girls older than me look numb with shock after their wedding nights.
He moved the hardness inside me slowly at first, and then increasingly faster until something happened, and I suddenly felt a hot wetness inside me…
I smiled at my husband as he entered the room. We had been married over a year now, and he still made love to me several times a day, despite his busy and demanding schedule. My body tightened in anticipation, and I eagerly accepted him inside me. My heart could not love him any more deeply if I tried, and I held him to me as tightly as I could. I wish he would stay in this chamber with me always.
He grunted in satisfaction as he spilled his seed inside me, and I kissed him. He brushed my hair out of my face with his hand, his hardness still inside me. “I have bad news.”
I tilted my head curiously. He almost never talked to me, except for sweet nothings. “What news?”
“It’s been over a year, and you haven’t conceived a child… I must divorce you and try with a new bride,” he announced sadly.
I felt as if I couldn’t breathe, and yet I did not feel angry or betrayed. I knew it was imperative for him to conceive heirs. “I… I understand… what will become of me?”
“You are only 14… I’m sure you will find happiness somehow.”
“You wish for me to be happy?”
“I do.”
I smiled, though my heart ached. “I wish for you to be happy too.” A golden light suddenly emanated from my body, and when it faded, I was marked.
A strange look crossed my husband’s face, and he began to thrust once more. “I had planned to send you to the Priestesshood of the Goddess of Chastity, but it appears that you have been chosen by a different goddess…” And then, he began to cry, continuing until he spilled inside me once more.

I stepped from the sacred pool, and allowed an attendant to dry me off; the roughness of the towel on my skin aroused me.
The Goddess of Purity chooses those she deems worthy, and we serve her in purifying darkness by removing it from a person’s soul. We do this by taking their darkness into our bodies, which are so holy and overflowing with the Goddess’ power that the darkness is instantly purified.
Most priestesses only serve the Goddess for a handful of years before finding their true mate and conceiving a child, which signals the end of the priestess’ service. I have been a priestess for 25 years now, and so, I am the highest priestess in the realm. I have never once been disappointed by my continued service, and have always felt joy at helping others.
I smiled at everyone I passed in the small town as I looked for a suitable place to stay. My mark assured that I would be well cared for. I felt a prickling along my spine, and turned to discover its cause. A man strode along in a determined rush; his aura completely shadowed by darkness. He needed me badly.
I watched him disappear into an inn, and followed at a more sedately pace. The man was making his way to a room upstairs as I approached the innkeeper.
“As I live and breathe! A Priestess of Purity!” The innkeeper rushed to serve me some utterly mouth-watering food and wine, babbling about how honored he was, and how he would take excellent care of me. His aura indicated he had little to no need of my services, and I absently stared at the ceiling where I could feel the darkness of the man who needed me. I also thanked the innkeeper, and smiled at him.
Moments into my meal, the man returned to the common room, and was directed by a suddenly depressed innkeeper to the only empty seat in the room; the one next to me.
I smiled brightly at him as he sat next to me, and was served a much less savory meal than mine.
He scrutinized me with cold grey eyes. “A Priestess of Purity, huh?”
I said nothing, as he hadn’t really been asking. I merely smiled and stared at him in fascination as I finished my meal. With as much darkness as there was in his soul, I wondered, for the first time ever, whether I would be able to purify him.
He must have read my thoughts on my face, because he replied with, “Priestess, I’m not worth purifying.”
“Only my Goddess can decide who is worth purifying and who is not. It is my duty to try to purify everyone I can,” I stated.
He thought this over a bit. “How do you purify someone? No one has ever told me.”
“Well, it is a sacred ritual, and so anyone who has experienced it is forbidden to speak of it.” This was only partially true. It wasn’t actually forbidden, but still, no one wanted to risk inviting the darkness back by speaking of it.
“Well, I don’t want purification, but,” he leaned closer to speak in a soft, clear voice, “I would be happy to fuck you so long and so hard that you will feel the need to be purified.”
Did he intend to shock me? “Sounds fun.”
He gave me a look of hastily hidden surprise. Clearly, he hadn’t expected me to say that.
“How old are you?” I wondered aloud.
“Twenty-three,” he answered honestly, also surprised that he did so. He changed his expression to one of calculation. “I’ve killed a hundredfold as many people; I may very well decide to kill you too.”
He was trying to shock me; trying to prove he was unworthy of purification. I allowed my ever-present smile to fade, and bowed my head to honor the dead.
“Tell me about them,” I said.
“What’s to tell? They all inconvenienced the wrong person at the wrong time; that’s just how life is.” He gestured as if he were sweeping the subject aside.
“Tell me about you,” I suggested.
“At age ten, I watched my father get murdered, and my mother get raped to death. I was taken captive by their killer, and had to obey his every command for ten years. Half of those commands were, ‘Hold still,’ as he entered me, and the other half were, ‘Fight him to the death,’ or simply, ‘Kill him.’”
He stared at me, aghast that he had actually told me all that, and I wondered how the water of a tear sliding down my face had the same feel as any other drop of water; like a lover’s caress.
He finished his meal, and I asked him to, “Tell me your name.”
“I don’t remember my name, I have been called Bastard for a long time now.”
“I see…” I leaned to whisper in his ear. “You said you would happily fuck me until I was no longer pure. Shall we go upstairs and start on that now?”
Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. The look on his face was a bit shocked, and a bit disappointed, as if he had confused the Priestesses of Purity with the Priestesses of Chastity. There was even a bit of disgust mixed in.
He stood, and indicated by tilting his head that I should follow him. All of the other patrons instinctively knew that this man needed a Priestess of Purity, and so no one questioned our departure, but several did pray that he wouldn’t kill me just to stay as he was.
I faced the small bed as he closed and locked the door, and gave a small gasp of delighted surprise as he pushed me forward. I reactively held my hands out to stop myself from falling, and just as they landed on the bed, I felt him push up my skirt, and enter me.
He felt so good inside me! In all of my years as a priestess, I could not remember anyone feeling this good inside me.
Time passed as he did his best to keep his word to fuck me hard and long. I received the Goddess’ divine pleasure twice before we mutually decided to shed our clothing, and properly lay on the bed.
During that incredibly long night, I received the Goddess’ divine pleasure so many times I lost count! We surely made enough noise to exasperate every person in the inn, and though we had started before the sun set, it had risen again already.
Was this truly going to be the first time I had failed to take a person’s darkness into my body in order to purify it?
He looked me in the eye. “Priestess, have I fucked you enough for you to feel impure yet?”
I laughed softly. “I’m sorry, but no.”
“Then, I must break my word to you.” He grunted as he filled me with nearly half the darkness clouding his aura. He remained planted firmly inside me as he carefully laid atop me, and fell asleep.
I love them all; each and every person I have ever purified like this, and I make sure to write about them in my diary so that I can remind myself if I ever forget about any of them. In 25 years, well, I could almost match this man’s kill count… Almost, but not quite.
I snuggled him, and caressed his hair lovingly as I watched the darkness I had taken from him gradually fade until it no longer shadowed my mark in the slightest.
It had been years since I had come across anyone who could not be purified in one session, and somehow, it made me love him all the more.

I felt a distinct sensation in my breast, and sure enough, I opened my eyes to discover him sucking on it. He shifted slightly. He had naturally become flaccid during sleep, and now entered me possessively, as if I belonged to him.
“I feel different,” he confessed. “I never realized that fucking could be such a good thing. I don’t do it very often since my master died, and usually not with women, mostly the men I am about to kill, if there’s time. It is how my master taught me,” he added almost apologetically.
This time, hunger prompted us both to finish quickly, and I noticed as he dressed that the amount of darkness I received this time was so small that it barely had time to discolor my mark before disappearing. Hmm…
We ate, and he explained that he was going to leave. He had to be somewhere in less time than he needed to get there.
I shrugged. It made no difference to me; I had never unpacked my small bag last night anyway. As a Priestess, I didn’t need to carry anything since I was given whatever I needed wherever I went.
I followed him as he left, and he turned to say goodbye after he had mounted his horse. I held out my hand, and he took it to kiss it. I then used his hand to help me mount his horse behind him.
“Priestess, you can’t come with me. I go to kill a man.”
“That does not matter. I must stay with you until I have finished my duty.”
“I already told you, I will not complete any rituals with you.”
“That does not matter either; I must stay with you,” I stated firmly.
He sighed in defeat, and kick-started his horse.
A month later, we were still together, and his darkness was nearly gone, but at the rate it was going, it could very well be two more weeks before I purified it all. He still did little things to add to his darkness, but I could tell his heart was no longer in it, and he was confused and adrift without clear purpose.
That day, a group of men approached us.
“Are you the man commonly called Bastard?” They asked, and I wondered who they wanted him to kill. They scrutinized me curiously, probably wondering what a Priestess of Purity was doing with him.
“Yes,” he admitted hesitantly, clearly also wondering who he was supposed to kill now.
“Many years ago, our Lord was overthrown, and his lands occupied by a tyrant. We received word a few years back that the tyrant had died, and we gathered the courage to oust his chosen commander. Since then, we have been searching for our Lord’s son, and we fear – ah er hope – he is you.”
“I don’t know, and I would have no way of proving or disproving my identity.”
“Surely you know the name of the tyrant who took you, and the name of your father!”
“I know the name of the tyrant, yes, but it’s been so long I don’t remember my father’s name.”
The leader of the group, a man not too much older than me, with graying hair, scoffed in frustration, “Well, how many 10 year old boys did the tyrant take after murdering their fathers?”
“As far as I know, only me, but who is to say that there weren’t others?” Bastard sighed. “I’m not worthy – I’m not the one you are looking for.”
“I disagree, you look just like our Lord,” the grey haired man insisted. “Please, come with us, we need you.”
Bastard turned his head away from them in thought, but not quite far enough to look at me. I simply rested my head – my cheek – against his shoulder.
I felt him slump slightly, as if the will to fight had just abandoned him. “Very well,” he agreed.
The five men abruptly placed their hands over their hearts. “We pledge to serve the son of our Lord, now our Lord Nightingale.”
I gasped as I was overcome by a wave of dizziness, and nausea.
“Priestess, what is wrong?” My lover demanded.
I clung to him as my mark began to glow. I groaned and silently begged, “Goddess no, not now! I haven’t finished purifying him yet!”
My Goddess replied in my mind, “Yes now. You have served me very well over the years, and you have done much to purify him. Trust me, the little bit of darkness left in him will only keep him interesting!” With a laugh, the Goddess’ voice was gone, along with my mark.
“Priestess!” I found myself being cradled in his arms, and wondered when we had dismounted. I still felt nauseous, and I groaned.
The grey haired man chuckled, and gently lay a hand on Bastard’s shoulder. “A Priestess’ mark disappears when she finds her true mate, and conceives his child. She will be fine, though she looks a bit old for you.”
I nearly glared at the grey haired man. “Nonsense! I was married at age 13 to a man 20 years my senior… Lord Nightingale in fact…”
“Lady Salea!” Grey hair gasped. “I thought you looked familiar! My Lord always kept scouts on the lookout for information on you. I think he would be pleased to know you have finally been released from service to the Goddess of Purity.”
“My Lord still loved me?” I asked, tears in my eyes.
“Yes, though he also loved his second wife, our new Lord’s mother. She had to try 10 times before she finally produced a live son, but he could not bear to cast aside a second wife when she was trying so hard.”
I looked from Grey hair to Bastard – Lord Nightingale – and sure enough, found resemblance to my one time husband. I smiled at him, knowing that he was confused as to how he should feel, but I was confident…
My Goddess had given me my true mate, the one man who had needed me more than anyone else, who would still need me, and who I needed in return.
I was sad my former husband had not lived happily until he died of old age, but I was happy to love his son so much my heart almost hurt from it.
My Love finally decided to cast away his confusion, realizing that the Goddess of Purity herself had found him worthy of me. “I love you, that’s all that matters,” he said, and then kissed me until I burned for him.
“Take me home, please,” I requested.

The End

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