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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Diamond Elf - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Gabriel stumbled. His whole body ached, and walking was sheer torture. He felt faint from lack of food or water, and the little sweat his body was able to produce stung his wounds. His arms still burned from being tied above his head all night.
He watched his master drink half of a full waterskin, and fought the urge to swallow hopefully. Even so, his master noticed his unspoken desire for water.
“Let’s stop here for a few minutes,” the master suggested to his cohort. The man signaled a short break to his 10 men.
“Wish we still had the woman,” one man muttered.
“Yeah, too bad she had to die on us,” another agreed.
Gabriel wished he had some tears left to cry for her. He had seen her badly used body that morning, her eyes forever horrorstruck. No one bothered to close her eyes or cover her body, and his master certainly wasn’t going to let him. It pleased his master to know that he would have nightmares about her rotting there for a long time to come.
His master grabbed him by the hair and pushed him to his knees. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you eyeing my waterskin. I am not about to waste precious water on a miserable slave like you, but I would be willing to let you drink the water I no longer need. It would just be wasted on the ground anyway. What do you say?”
Gabriel wanted to cry again, but couldn’t. He was now dehydrated enough that his body had stopped sweating. He tried to talk, but found he couldn’t do more than whisper. “Yes master,” he grimaced as he closed his eyes and opened his mouth.
“Don’t you dare waste a drop or I won’t be so generous again,” the master warned. He inserted his half erect manhood into Gabriel’s mouth and began to quench the slave’s thirst. Gabriel gagged but drank it all knowing that he really wouldn’t get another drop to drink for days if he didn’t.
“Is that enough? I am sure someone will give you more if you want it,” the master smirked.
“That’s enough… thank you master,” Gabriel knew better than to forget his manners. With this master especially, a slave risked death if he forgot to express his gratitude.
It was then that Gabriel wondered why exactly he still wanted to live. This pain and humiliation was surely enough to provoke a desire for death, but no, he wished to live. He realized that he wanted to live because he was certain that Chelindra would come for him. She would rescue him, and every man here would die.
Gabriel smiled a genuine smile, and watched an expression of fearful curiosity cross his master’s face. Oh yes, he will die, Gabriel vowed.


Chelindra knew that no one was likely to be in her tent at this time of day, and was relieved when she was proven correct. She waited for the magical wind to stop blowing, and then put on her concealing powder as she listened to camp gossip. It seems that Colonel Randy was in sight, and most of the soldiers were rushing to help him if needed. A few stayed behind to continue their assigned tasks.
“I still can’t believe that Gabriel and Candace ran away together!” A male soldier on cooking duty stated.
“I know!” A female soldier agreed. “He had such a good thing going with the General. I wonder how they got past the perimeter guards.”
“I have no idea, but they must have planned it out carefully. I mean no one in camp saw them leave. I wonder if they will be executed for deserting the army.”
“They don’t actually execute deserters, do they?” The female asked.
Chelindra slowly recovered from her shock. Oh hell yes! Gabriel will be executed for deserting me! She paced back and forth, grateful that her concealing powder was in place; she would have forgotten it completely if she had heard that news first.
Randy entered her tent. “You’re here! I uh… I called a meeting to take place here in 10 minutes.”
“Good… excellent…” Chelindra felt her Elven mask of non-emotion cover her face. Gabriel was free to make his own choices now, and he had chosen to leave her. She didn’t have time to go after him.
“Is something wrong?” Randy asked.
“No… nothing,” Chelindra stated.
Randy’s brow furrowed, “I see…”
The senior officers began filing into the tent, and an attendant arrived with a platter of food. Judging by the look on his face when he saw Chelindra, he was likely the one she had heard gossiping about Gabriel.
Chelindra spread out a map, and marked out enemy locations. “According to my reconnaissance, the enemy is headed to this field, and here is what we are going to do.” She explained her strategy, and answered the inevitable questions her officers asked.
At the end of the meeting, her Third in Command cleared his throat. “Uh General? About Gabriel…”
“Don’t worry about him,” Chelindra smiled, her tone that of a person who is not concerned in the slightest.
This made the other senior officers nod their heads and utter, “Aaaah,” as if Chelindra had just told them that she had sent her lover off on purpose. This made sense to them, and they let the matter drop.
 “Dismissed.” Chelindra gestured for Randy to stay while the rest of the officers left.
“Something wrong with Gabriel?” Randy asked.
“No. I need to tell you the rest,” Chelindra explained, avoiding the subject. “What I did not tell everyone else is that there is a second wave of the enemy also headed for this field, and they’re more than twice as numerous as this troop. If we let them get to this field intact, there will be too many of them to defend against. Our only hope is to send a couple of small groups of men to harass and delay them.”
“Are you assigning this mission to me?” Randy asked, grinning. He loved missions where he got to make a nuisance of himself.
“Of course,” Chelindra grinned. In truth, she wanted to command the mission herself, but she was needed to keep the main portion of her army together and alive.
Randy nodded, and left to pick a few soldiers to accompany him.


Gabriel was so tired that he wanted nothing more than to be allowed to drop to the ground and pass out. His master had called for them to make camp for the night, and was now giving Gabriel another drink. Gabriel couldn’t even muster the energy to care that his master had not bathed in who knows how long, and smelled horrible.
It seems that the master is exhausted too, he mused. The master didn’t bother to do anything more than sodomize him for about a quarter hour, and actually let Gabriel pass out in the fluffy pile of bedding with him.
The next morning, Gabriel awoke with a yelp as the master entered him forcefully once more.
“You do nothing but fuck that slave.”
“You’re just jealous, aren’t you Ando” the master replied as his cohort held out a tray of food for him.
“Are you going to feed him?” Ando asked, ignoring the barb.
“Perhaps,” the master considered.
“If we have the slave ride on the back of a horse today, we can ride hard and reach the city tonight,” Ando suggested.
“Yes,” the master agreed, and Gabriel could feel him getting close to climax. The master dug his nails into Gabriel’s healing, but still sensitive, wounds. Gabriel whimpered, but did not cry.
“Tell me Gabriel, do you think wild animals have torn apart the whore we left behind? Was she your lover? Did you care about her?” The master asked. Gabriel gave a cry of horrified anguish as images of animals eating Candace filled his mind.
“There’s that sweet voice.” The tone of the master’s voice left no doubt that he was very close now. He pulled out and yanked Gabriel around by his hair. Gabriel knew what was expected, and opened his mouth. The master gushed and Gabriel swallowed, not surprised that the master gave him his morning ration of “water” after he was done.
“There Ando, now he has eaten and drank his fill. Would you care to add to his meal?”
“You are a bastard, John, you know that right?” Ando said, unconsciously rubbing his balls with his free hand. John took his food, and looked around for a place to sit as he ate. Ando slipped Gabriel a small hunk of cheese, which Gabriel nearly swallowed whole.
“Riding hard to reach the city tonight sounds like a good plan,” John the sadist remarked. “I am thoroughly sick of smelling like a chamber pot.”
“More like an entire cesspit,” Ando muttered.
“The Imperial Palace is only two more days away from the city. We may even cross the troops marching towards Arminta,” Ando remarked.
“Shame it takes them more than twice as long to march than it takes us to ride,” John said as he stroked his chin. “If they could arrive in less time, the Emperor might have won this war by now.”
Ando merely nodded in agreement. He would be wholeheartedly grateful when he could dump this man on the Emperor’s lap and collect his reward.

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