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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shahi - Extra Story Arc

When this extra tidbit occurred to me the other night while I was watching couples dancing on youtube, I originally thought that it would be perfect for a short - one shot - story. Much like A Night with Jasmine. However, as I got to the end of the bit that I am posting today, I realized that I wasn't even halfway through what I planned to write. SO... I broke it down into two parts :-) ENJOY!
Here's a Link to the original story if you want to read that :-D

Shahi Extra Story

Is anyone in there?” I whispered to my husband, too busy looking behind us making sure no one was coming our way. Tab'sh'kr silently looked into the oration room, taking his time to make sure it was completely empty.
It's empty,” he stated with a grin as he opened the door all the way.
I thought it might be,” I replied with a matching grin. We entered the room and then shut the door behind us. “Almost no one comes here at this time of night. Everyone is getting ready to go to bed. Only those with a specific reason come to talk to the Gods now...”
Except us!” Tab'sh'kr added with a laugh.
I giggled too because it was true that we weren't here to talk to the Gods. We didn't need to come here if we wanted to talk to them because at least one of the Gods was with me at all times. Now that we had been married almost a whole year, even Tab'sh'kr was used to listening in or speaking up during my divine chats. Though, he was still amazed that the Gods had such a sense of humor! He'd been raised to believed that they were proper and serious at all times.
Tab'sh'kr held out his hand as he bowed slightly. “Would my beautiful wife care to dance with me?”
That is why I'm wearing this dress!” I reminded him, though I knew he hadn't really forgotten. We'd mutually decided to sneak into the oration room so that we'd have the space to practice some of the Earth dances I'd taught him. Our room served us well enough for light practice, but to really let loose and dance like we wanted to, we needed to push back a couple of benches and use the free area between the podium where the His Holiness gave his orations, and the benches where the devout sat to listen to him.
We each hooked a small blue Earth device over our ears and then activated them so that when I pushed the play button on the accompanying MP3 player, we'd be able to hear the music playing, but no one else would. I scrolled through the playlist until I found the perfect song, and then set the player to play random songs when this one was over.
A Tango?” Tab'sh'kr asked, wondering if he had interpreted the song correctly. I nodded with a smile, unconsciously smoothing out the full-length white dress my mother had given me to wear after my wedding. It looked a lot like my standard Mystic dress, but was lighter and sleeveless. I wasn't technically allowed to wear it in the Temple – I was supposed to wear the sacred symbol of my status at all times – but I figured that if I can't wear what I want when I am sneaking around at night, then when can I?
My husband took me into his arms and twirled me around the floor gracefully. Despite the fact that as a married couple we were expected to remain in seclusion and try to conceive a child for the first year after our marriage, I melted into him with a passion that falsely implied it had been a while since we last shared a bed. I doubt it had even been an hour.
I love you,” I murmured honestly.
I love you too,” Tab'sh'kr replied before he kissed me. Our dancing changed just a bit to resemble the act of making love. I jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist and he responded by twirling me as I leaned backwards.
I should have known!” My father grumbled. “Need I remind you that you two are perilously close to desecrating the oration room?”
I squeaked in surprise at the unexpected interruption, and then curled back into my husband so that he could set me on my feet. I quickly turned off the music. That was when I turned to face my father and realized that he had my grandmother and a stranger with him.
Sorry sir,” Tab'sh'kr apologized out of long ingrained habit. He was not only misbehaving with the man's daughter, but he was also highly respectful of the Hero of Caladon. I rolled my eyes but otherwise ignored him, though I did feel it was time he started acting like my father was his father too because we're married now.
Why are you here?” I wondered. Had he or even my grandma wanted to talk to me, they would have come to me in my apartment during the day, and if there was a reason the Gods wanted me to speak to the unknown woman, they would have told me so. Therefore, I had no idea what was going on.
Shahi, my love! It feels like I never see you these days!” My grandmother lamented as she held her arms out and walked forward to hug me.
I love you too, grams,” I purred, delighted to get a hug for no reason at all.
The year is almost up!” My grandmother stated as if this was a cause to celebrate. I personally didn't think it was because then I would be expected to go out and travel the world with my husband or maybe hold audiences to bless people here in the temple almost every day.
And still no indication that a child has been created?” My father half asked, half stated grumpily.
I growled softly. “No... the Gods still feel that the time just isn't right for me to have babies.” Which was a lie. They didn't care either way, it was the two of us who had decided to wait another year or so before we had children.
Uh-huh,” Father stated as if he suspected that I was lying to him. “Anyway, we came looking for you because of your cousin.” He gestured to the young woman that I don't recall ever seeing before.
Shayla wants to ask for your help,” Grams informed me with a smile.
Shayla...” I murmured, trying to remember her. I do think I have a cousin by that name, but I haven't heard anything about her in years.
Shayla responded by opening her traveling cloak to reveal a copper level Mystic dress. “Yes,” she confirmed. “I pray that you can help me!”
I can try,” I stated with a shrug. The Gods hadn't said a word, so I didn't know if they wanted me to help her, but judging by their silence, probably not.
Shayla took a deep breath and held it for a moment before sighing. “You see, I've been living on Mystic Island for the last 12 years. I left here when I had just turned 7 because I was declared a copper mystic and it was agreed that I should go commune with the Gods on Mystic Island where there were plenty of other Mystics to help guide me and teach me to see and hear the Gods better...”
She fell silent for a moment as she looked to the floor. I think she was ashamed, but I had no idea why. Until I realized that she still wore the copper dress, which meant that she hadn't made much progress in the last 12 years.
And... what is it you think I can do?” I asked hesitantly.
Considering that the pecking order among Mystics was pretty strict – especially on the Island – I was surprised that she dared to look me in the eye, but she did. I could see the determination in her as if it was written on her face. For a moment, I thought she was going to call me an idiot or something, but she didn't.
Word reached us a while ago that you were able to take someone away with you and train him to be a gold level Mystic. I want you to do that for me,” she stated in all seriousness.
No,” I denied her flatly, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
Why not?!” She demanded angrily. “I have done everything I can to connect with the Gods and it hasn't helped! My only hope lies with you!”
I shook my head. “No, I can't.”
Why not?” She asked again, almost daring to grab me by my arms.
Because my father – the Hero of Caladon – would probably kill me, for one, and for two, if I agreed to do this for you, it would only be a matter of time before all the Mystics asked me to do it for them, and then I know my father would kill me! Besides, you have no idea what you are asking for. My answer is no, and that's final.” I tried not to smile as I noticed my father nod his head in agreement out of the corner of my eye.
That doesn't explain anything!” Shayla protested. “And what about the Gods? Don't they want me to be a better Mystic?!”
I turned to look at the three Gods that were currently watching this drama unfold. I noticed that Tab'sh'kr was looking at them too. Neither of us was wearing what we were supposed to be, or else Shayla would have noticed right away that he was the newly trained gold level Mystic she was just talking about. Meanwhile, Shayla was squinting in their general direction as if she was aware they were there, but couldn't really see them.
As a copper level Mystic, she saw them as balls of light and couldn't hear them at all, so it made sense to me that she couldn't quite be sure if they were really there or not.
Meh, send her away!” The Goddess of Love stated like a snob.
She can't let go of her pride long enough to properly serve us,” the God of Poetry added, also a bit snidely, as if he found her tedious to tolerate.
I focused on the God of the Sky, who was more or less the King of the Gods – in a sort of unofficial but well respected manner. “I think that if she is truly serious about her intentions, then you should explain to her exactly what she'll have to do, and then test her resolve and determination.”
You're joking!” Tab'sh'kr blurted out incredulously. I'll admit my mouth was hanging open in shock as well.
What? What did they say?!” Shayla demanded impatiently. I held up a finger in a gesture asking her to wait until the Sky God was finished.
However, do not get your hopes up. This young woman has spent her whole life working to control the gifts we gave her, and frankly, that's the problem. She has too much control! She cannot let go and open up to us the way we hoped she would. You could try training her, but the best she can probably hope for is silver status... weak silver status at that.”
I sighed in defeat and turned to face Shayla. “The Gods say that they don't particularly care if I train you or not. They leave the decision up to you, however... They want me to thoroughly explain the situation to you and test your resolve before you decide.”
My father half sighed, half growled at that. He still hated the idea that I might allow my mixed heritage to corrupt the purity of our people. “I advise against this! Shayla, the only training that she can offer you... You don't understand! It's far more likely to corrupt your soul than it is to connect you with the Gods!”
Shayla cast him a look of utter confusion. I laughed a deep and throaty laugh that sounded just a tiny bit evil. Even my husband chuckled at my father's statement.
Yes...” I purred impishly. “It's a well kept secret that I am not just the Highest Mystic, but also the most depraved person on the planet!”
Shayla gasped in disbelief, certain that I was simply trying to play a trick on her. “Never! I will never believe that there is any darkness in our Highest Mystic! If there was, the Gods would deem you unworthy of their favor!”
Wanna bet?” Sky God muttered after snorting a laugh.
And it does not matter!” Shayla insisted. “There is nothing you can say or do that will make me change my mind! I want you to train me to serve the Gods the way you trained that other one!”
Seriously? Did the rumor not mention that the one I trained was now my husband??? I looked to Tab'sh'kr, then to my grandma – who was watching us with a sparkle in her eye that let me know she knew exactly how funny the situation was – and then finally, my gaze landed on my father. He was scowling at me in a way that let me know that he knew that Shayla was most likely about to visit Hedonia with me. He was clearly not happy about it, but he had made his peace with my differences and so made an effort to be supportive. A small smile stretched his lips as if he was mentally telling me to have fun and not be too shocking to my fellow Mystic.
I smiled at him in return.
Oh, just test her already and be done with it!” The God of Poetry snapped impatiently. I understood that he – and all the rest of them – were disappointed by her lack of ability to use the gifts they had given her.
With a small chuckle, I braced myself to be ruthless. If she was going to do this, she was going to have a thorough understanding of what she was asking for. Stepping closer to her, I probed her eyes with mine, looking for even the slightest hesitation. I found nothing but steely determination and an iron will. I could see why the Gods said she had too much control.
Abruptly, I grabbed her face and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She was so utterly shocked that she opened her mouth to gasp in surprised, which simply gave me better access. Sounds of protest emerged from her throat for a moment before she gathered her wits and pushed me away.
What are you doing?!” She shouted in outrage. “I came to you for help and you dare to mock me! The Gods abhor such lewd behavior!”
Who said?” Both Tab'sh'kr and I asked curiously.
Everyone!” Shayla insisted emphatically.
The Gods are right,” Tab'sh'kr muttered unappreciatively. “She really isn't worth the effort.”
She has too much pride,” the Goddess of Love stated, tossing her hair over her shoulder to emphasize her point.
And stubbornness,” the God of the Sky added, biting his lip in concern. He obviously hoped that she could learn to be useful one day.
Shh!” I commanded the Gods emphatically. “Shame on you! She is only trying to serve you, and you're talking about her as if she was a pest!”
Tab'sh'kr pointed to the Goddess. “Love is right, no amount of training can overcome her faults.”
But Sky said that she has the potential to become a silver Mystic,” I argued, pointing to the God in reference.
He also said that she would probably not be able to overcome her faults long enough to be a silver! It's far too much effort to put into someone who is not likely to improve,” Tab'sh'kr pointed out. “I think you were right to begin with. Tell her no and send her back to Mystic Island.”
Tab'sh'kr!” Grams chided in disappointment. “You should know better! If someone wishes to better themselves, all effort is worth it, no matter how small the achievement.”
Tab'sh'kr looked like a puppy that someone had smacked for no reason. “But Sky is practically the King of the Gods, and if he doesn't think it's worth it, who am I to argue?”
The unofficial Queen of the Gods – who wasn't married to the Sky God – spoke up just then, alerting us to the fact that she had joined us. “Your grandmother is right. Just because Sky says something, that doesn't mean you should listen to him. He is an idiot who doesn't know what he is talking about half the time!”
Hey!” Sky God protested. “I resent that! I think I do a pretty good job at that wisdom thing.”
She rolled her eyes but otherwise ignored him. “However, I will admit that he was right when he said to explain things to young Shayla and then test her resolve. The only one who can make this decision is her.”
Alright!” I growled in frustration. “I understand; so can you all just shut up and leave us alone so I can do this already?!”
The Goddess laughed. “No problem. I just thought I should let you know that a first time mother has just gone into labor and because it's happening so suddenly, she has no one with her.”
Is she in danger?” I asked the Queen of the Gods with a frown. Usually the Goddess of Healing came to get me if I was needed to help with a birth or an injury.
No, not as far as I can tell. She's just frightened and alone.”
Where?” I inquired. Once she'd given me directions, I turned to my grandmother. “There's a pregnant woman who needs someone to help her not be scared. She's all alone and just gone into labor.” I gave her directions to the poor woman.
No problem. I'll just grab some helpers and we'll go make sure her labor is as easy as can be,” Grams promised.
I smiled at her gratefully for understanding that this was one of those times where I wasn't needed and had other things to occupy my attention. I glanced at Shayla, who was goggling at me incredulously, probably astonished that I dared to talk to the Gods the way I did. My father gave her a look of deep contemplation, and then pulled me into a hug so that he could kiss my cheek.
I should go too. I've got to be up early to serve on the fishing boats,” he informed me.
Love you!” I told him before I kissed his cheek.
Grams pulled me into another hug. “Just in case you decide to leave the planet, this is His Holiness' – my brother's – granddaughter. He and her parents trust your judgment and have give their permission for her to go wherever you deem necessary.”
I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. By her own words, she was at least 19 and didn't need permission to do anything, but this was Caladon after all. Until she got married and had a husband to protect her, she was under the protection of her father. I nodded in understanding and then watched my father and grandmother leave the room.
Shayla looked a little bit nervous and wary of my actions now that she was alone with just my husband and me.
Uh... So... what did the Gods decide?” She wondered, her expression carefully smooth to hide how hurt she must feel at hearing the Gods think that she wasn't worth the effort of training.
I fiddled with my MP3 player to turn it back on but then turned the volume down so that it was just a whisper in the back of our heads. I held my arms out to Tab'sh'kr in an invitation to dance, smiling that a sultry salsa song started to play – not that Shayla could hear it.
They want me to explain to you in great detail just how depraved my special training is,” I informed her without even looking at her. Tab'sh'kr pulled me close and I put my leg around his in a way that pushed my long skirt up to expose my skin. We ground our hips together suggestively for a moment before he spun me away. After that, our feet moved pretty quickly as we danced, my hips shaking and wiggling seductively.
Shayla made a sound that clearly told us she was shocked and scandalized by our behavior. “Ah! Then stop doing that... naughty thing your doing and explain things to me!” She insisted.
I am,” I stated mysteriously. “This is all part of my training. There will be an abundance of kisses and long sensual touches...”
Tab'sh'kr caught me and lifted me onto his hips so that I could bend over backwards as I ground my genitals into his.
There will be nudity and licentiousness,” I added as I tugged Tab'sh'kr's shirt over his head. He jostled me a bit to accommodate my removal of his Earth-style tee shirt.
My husband set me back on my feet so that he could run his hands up inside my skirt to caress my bare buttocks. I hadn't thought I'd need anything under my dress, hee hee! He pressed a kiss to the spot between my collarbone and cleavage.
Lewdness and depravity,” he added, his voice husky from the lust running between us.
I already used depraved,” I reminded him.
Shayla had her arms crossed as she watched us, her face thoroughly red from embarrassment even though her expression was impatient. “You're just trying to scare me! There's no way the Gods would tolerate the type of training you're talking about!”
For someone who can't hear the Gods speak, you sure seem to know a lot about what they think!” I muttered darkly, a bit annoyed. I shut the music off and walked to her, nearly stomping my bare feet. “You came to me to ask for my help and I'm telling you what you have to do, so stop thinking you know everything and listen!
Shayla made a sound of protest, but otherwise held her tongue. I stroked her cheek with my hand, and then brushed my cheek along hers. She inhaled in shock, but didn't try to stop me or push me away.
I'm not trying to scare you,” I purred in her ear. “I'm trying to do what you asked me to. The reason my husband is now able to see and hear the Gods when he never could before is because I brought him to a different world.”
My lips pressed tiny kisses to her cheek and neck as I spoke.
Here on Caladon, the Gods believe in letting the people worship them in any way they choose. They mostly keep to themselves and let the people have the freedom to do whatever they want. As a result, the people have built up an elaborate set of rules we must all obey to “prove” our devotion to the Gods. Everything you think you know about the Gods... It's nothing more than dogma created by our ancestors. It serves it's purpose and keeps us wholesome and pure...”
Walking around behind her, I pulled her back into my body, stroking her breasts and abdomen. She gasped in dismay, her breath catching in her throat and making it hard for her to breathe. I smirked at the way her body trembled from her apprehension.
The training you are asking for will take place on a completely different planet. There on Hedonia, the Gods take a different approach to their relationship with the people. They make a pact with them. In exchange for the people's devout worship of the Gods, the Gods favor and protect them; generally making life pleasant all around. That pact is symbolized by sex...”
My hands stroked her femininity through her thick skirt. I licked the back of her neck before finishing my explanation. “That's the training you are asking for...”
She gulped several times in an attempt to control what must be panic rising to overwhelm her. “No... I I I I c-c-c-couldn't. I Couldn't! My body is a gift meant only for my future husband!”
As a Mystic who lived on Mystic Island, she was allowed to remain unmarried her whole life if she wanted. A lot of times, the higher Mystics on the Island would suggest marriages between the Mystics on the Island in order to increase the chances of having babies blessed by the Gods. I'm surprised that she hadn't agreed to a marriage as soon as she turned 18.
See?” Tab'sh'kr asked pointedly. “She doesn't have what it takes.”
I most certainly do not!” Shayla stated, clearly offended by his statement. “I don't know why you two are tormenting me when all I asked for is help in communicating with the Gods! Is that really so much to ask?! Why must you be so cruel to me?!?!”
I'm not being cruel,” I whispered as I turned her around to face me. “I'm telling you honestly what you'd have to do.” Her expression as she valiantly gained control of her emotions was adorable to me, which made her irresistible. I kissed her – probably the second kiss she'd ever had in her life – but unlike the first time, this kiss was soft and tender.
She moaned and seemed to relax for just one moment before her self control reasserted itself and she pushed me away. “How can I trust anything you say when all you have done so far is kiss me and touch me inappropriately and try to knock me off the righteous path of the Gods?”
Holding her face so that we were nearly nose to nose and eye to eye, I maintained a steady and intense gaze until I could see that she understood how serious I was. “You are asking me to help you connect with the Gods because I am their chosen representation and you know in your heart that I can help you. Why would I lie about something like this? What purpose would it serve?”
You said it yourself, the Gods want you to test my resolve. I'm certain that you are trying to shake my faith to see if I will succumb to weakness so easily. It doesn't matter, because I will prove to you that my faith is strong. You can keep testing me like this all night, but I won't waver!” Shayla stated emphatically.
Shayla,” I said, dropping all the frills and speaking to her as plainly as possible. “The training you are asking for involves sex. I am not lying about that or using it as a way to test your resolve... not yet anyway. Think about it; the moment you said you wanted training, my father recommended against it because he thinks you will be corrupted by it. He knows what I'm talking about and he doesn't like the thought of any Caladonians receiving this sort of training. It goes against everything we believe in and he's afraid that if more people have this training, we will no longer be good.”
But... if you're serious...” Shayla faltered.
Finally! I seemed to be getting through to her! “As I said, the Gods are leaving the decision up to you. If you are determined enough to do exactly as I tell you to, they think that you will learn how to hear them, but even then... Well, ask your grandfather. He's a silver level Mystic and only sees and hears them on occasion. Do you really want to put yourself through all this trouble just to be able to hear them from time to time?”
Tab'sh'kr decided that it was time to add his two cents. “Take the time to think this over carefully. Sure, I am now considered a Gold level Mystic with the power to see and hear the Gods, but they can just barely channel their power through me. I cannot do any of the things that Shahi can, and as a result, they often ignore me. Why would you literally turn your back on centuries of tradition for the slim chance that you might be able to hear them?”
Shayla looked at the floor for a moment as she thought this over, but then she looked up at Tab'sh'kr, her eyes on fire with determination once more. “The only thing I have ever wanted to do with my life is serve the Gods! It is my dream that I can be a Mystic like my grandfather; in charge of a temple that helps the people. I want to be able to hear the Gods so that I may know their wisdom as I deliver sermons encouraging people to be devout and always help those in need. When people need the advice of the Gods, I want to be able to give it to them!”
She took a step closer to my husband, almost angry at him now. “So if what you say is true and I have even the smallest chance at being able to hear them, then I will take it! I will walk through fire and do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams! If that means that I will have to serve the Highest Mystic in a carnal capacity, then so be it.”
You misunderstand,” I informed her gently. “You will not be serving me... at least not most of the time. You'll be serving as many people as it takes to accomplish the goal you have set.”
Shayla paled until I thought she might faint. “But... but... I thought... but... my future husband! I'm supposed to save myself for him! How can this be what the Gods want from me?”
Devoting yourself to the Goddess of Love and serving in one of her houses is every bit as sacred as leading a temple is. Why do people have a hard time understanding this?” I wondered with a frown. There is no shame in going to a house of love, and there is no shame is serving in one either, but whenever I mention serving the Gods by having sex, it never fails that people are shocked and horrified by the idea. I seriously have to wonder why, because our people are taught from a young age that sex is sacred, so what's wrong with the idea of serving the Gods in that manner?
It must have something to do with our belief that a person should be faithful to their spouse forever. Even after one spouse dies, the other one is supposed to honor them and never take another lover. Maybe it's not the idea of sex that horrifies them, maybe it's the idea of giving that precious gift to someone other than the mate chosen for them. This made a little sense, but was still confusing to me in the fact that if a person was asked to serve the Gods and they truly wanted to, why would they hesitate just because the method of servitude was sex? Serving the Gods is serving the Gods, right?
This was one aspect in which I thought Hedonia had a better system. They all worship their Gods by having sex. It's the way they're taught to commune with their Gods, and it's so very beautiful and sacred and divine. Maybe if Caladon had schools to offer training to young adults so that they knew to embrace sex rather than fear it, maybe then people would stop shuddering when I suggest that sex can be the way they serve the Gods.
I shook my head and shrugged. “No matter... It's time to decide. Are you going to leave now and let my husband and I finish our dancing, or are you going to come with me so that I can test your resolve?”
W-w-wait... I thought this was the test of my resolve!” Shayla protested in confusion. I simply and slowly shook my head back and forth.
She took several deep breaths before saying anything. “Well... What is the test?”
I pulled her close and started stoking her cheek again. “I've already told you.” One of my hands held her steady while I claimed her lips in a greedy kiss, and my other hand fondled her breast for a moment before trailing down her dress to stroke the small valley between her legs.
She whimpered, her breathing ragged. I could feel her body quake with fear, but it wasn't fear of what I was doing – she seemed almost curious about that. No... it was fear of the unknown, and a little bit of uncertainty that this was the right course of action.
Eventually, she pushed me away. “Will you swear to me that this is not some huge joke or an attempt to lead me astray?”
I swear,” I responded sincerely.
Th... Then I'll do it. I do whatever it takes! Go ahead and test me as much as you want, because I won't give up,” Shayla vowed. The problem is that this is exactly the problem! She's so very determined to do whatever it takes to be in control at all times that she simply cannot relax and let go. No wonder the Gods thought she was too difficult to be worth the effort.
Fine, then come with us,” I ordered, beckoning to Tab'sh'kr over my shoulder. “It's time we returned to our apartment.”
She inhaled in surprise for a moment, but then nodded. As an unmarried woman, she really wasn't allowed to go anywhere but the oration room and the women's side of the temple. If she dared to step on foot into the men's side, she could be punished for the possible temptation of the men who resided there. If she wandered into the area reserved for married couples without a man to protect her, she could be branded a bad girl. After all, if she wanted to meet with someone, that's what the normally well supervised oration room was for. There was no need to seek out privacy unless there was something naughty going on!
Lucky for her that I – as the Highest Mystic – could bring an entire team of males into my apartment if I wanted and simply say that it was the Gods' will. No one would question me, and so, as long as she was with me, she could go wherever I wanted her to.
We were all silent as we walked. Tab'sh'kr held my hand, frequently bringing it to his lips for a light kiss. I smiled at him and he grinned at me, both of us giggled so softly that it was barely a whisper floating in the air. I knew that my husband was looking forward to watching me test Shayla... all night long if I had to!
The moment I stopped to open our apartment door, I felt Shayla freeze up. She tensed every muscle in her body, forming tight fists with her hands. I heard her mutter: “She swore to me; I have to believe her...”
With a deeply fortifying breath, she stepped into my apartment. Tab'sh'kr and I followed her, closing the door behind us. Tab'sh'kr tossed his shirt that he hadn't bothered to put back on onto the nearest chair, and then abruptly stripped until he was naked.
Shayla's eyes bulged as she watched him. I let her and then used a hand to firmly return her attention to me. “Don't pay any attention to him. Forget he is even here. Tonight... I am going to give you your very first lesson, and if – after I am done – you still want to do this, then tomorrow, we'll all leave Caladon so that your training can truly begin.”
She took a few breaths to calm herself, and then slowly nodded. “Wh-what do I have to do?”
The only thing you need to do is relax – if you can,” I informed her with a smirk. She trembled but nodded in understanding.
Slowly, I tugged the long draping portion of her dress off her shoulder. It dangled to the floor as I lifted her fully covering white and copper shirt over her head. Women on Caladon didn't wear bras or anything to confine the breasts – unless they needed a basic cloth wrap for support – so without her shirt, Shayla had nothing to hide her breasts from my greedy eyes. I massaged them for a few moments, circling my hands round and round.
Holding her steady, I traced paths along her collar bone and breasts with kisses. She whimpered a couple of times, but held her hands firmly at her sides so that she wouldn't push me away. Looking up into her eyes, I circled one of her nipples with my tongue a couple of times before slowly wrapping my mouth around it. She gasped in astonishment, her eyes both astonished and curious to know what I planned to do next.
Alternating between sucking on her nipples, I massaged her shoulders, abdomen, and arms. Then I turned her around and massaged her back with both my hands and my tongue. She squirmed ever so delightfully when I kissed and nipped at her neck. A couple of soft moans let me know that she was definitely enjoying my touch now!
That was my cue to finish unwrapping her skirt. The portion that rested over her shoulder and the skirt together was one long piece of white cloth embroidered with sacred patterns and edged in copper. It was wrapped around her several times to preserve her modesty and form an ultra feminine rippling drape to the sides of the skirt. I personally loved to dance in mine just so I could watch it twirl and sway!
She inhaled a gasp when she realized that I had stripped her utterly naked in front of my husband, who was grinning at her like a wolf. An aroused wolf... He stroked his long shaft slowly as he sat in a chair watching us.
Still standing behind her, I dropped to my knees so that I could massage her buttocks and the back of her legs. In doing so, I forced her to step her legs apart so that I could slide my hands up and down her legs as needed. It was also fun to lick or bite her anywhere I so desired, each time making her gasp softly. Her arms waved around a bit as if she couldn't quite decide whether to cover her breasts, her womanhood, or simply leave them at her sides.
When my hands arrived at her feet, I shifted around to her front, kissed them each once, and then massaged my way back up her legs, forcing her to spread her legs just a bit wider. My tongue licked the inside of her thighs several times, making her wobble and then clutch my head and shoulder to steady herself.
Rather than just diving right into her divine femininity, I decided to give her a small break so that she had a moment to process everything that had happened so far. I knew there was nothing that could ever prepare her for what would happen next, but at least she would be as comfortable as possible. Holding her hand, I led her to my bed, and then gently pushed her until she sat on the edge. Next, I spread her legs wide and inhaled her all natural aroma.
Oh Tab'sh'kr!” I exclaimed in wonder, beckoning my husband to come closer. “Now I think I understand why the teachers take so much pride in their jobs! Just look at that! Isn't it beautiful?!”
Shayla whimpered once more as Tab'Sh'kr knelt next to me so that he could get a good look at the beauty of an untouched virgin. She was only a year younger than me, but already, it was hard to imagine a time when I did not know the joy of sex. All those years of yearning for something but not really knowing what...
Maybe is was the part of me that comes from my mother that needed sex long before I ever knew what that meant, but maybe it wasn't. Considering that this girl had prepared herself to live a long and celibate life dedicated to the Gods, but was now thoroughly aroused and fairly curious about what I planned to do next, I'm almost willing to bet that it is something universal to all life. If that's so, then I might just want to explore this concept more thoroughly.
Shayla wore a wary expression as she regarded Tab'sh'kr. The fact that he made no attempt to touch her seemed to set her mind at ease, but she looked like she was certain that he – being a male and therefore the gender she'd been taught her whole life not to tempt – was just waiting for the right moment to pounce on her. I smirked at the thought of telling him to take her virginity and love her so thoroughly that she couldn't walk tomorrow, but that's not what I intended for this test.
But that didn't mean that he couldn't help!
Hey honey? Could you sit behind her and massage her for me?” I asked, my voice husky with desire.
Tab'sh'kr nodded and climbed onto the bed. I watched him settle behind her, and then pull her into him. This forced her to recline a bit and gave me better access to her. She gasped at his touch, then nearly choked as she inhaled so hard that I thought she might pass out. Tab'sh'kr's hands did exactly what I wanted them to, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.
While she was preoccupied trying to decide how to deal with that – a man she wasn't married to touching her so intimately – I was slowly tracing the outline of her womanly lips with a finger. My other hand pushed her legs open a bit wider so that I could spread her lips with my fingers and slide my tongue inside her.
Ack!” She gasped in astonishment and alarm. “The Gods seriously want you to do this to me?!?!”
I heard the Sky God chuckle. “Oh how I wish I could do that to her directly!”
The Goddess of Love giggled at his statement. “Me too! These humans have all the fun!”
I couldn't help giggling a bit myself. “You have no idea!”
Tab'sh'kr nibbled on her neck as he murmured in her ear. “Both Sky and Love are here wishing that they could do this to you themselves. But they can only possess Shahi, and doing so now would be way more than you could handle!”
I had been slowly licking her while my husband spoke, but I paused to look up at her. “It's not that the Gods want me to do this to you, it's that this is the test I must give you because this is the training you asked for. If you can't handle it, you can ask us to stop at any time and we will. Then you can go back to Mystic Island and life will return to normal for you.”
Shayla stared at me in indecision for a moment. Her eyes watered as she carefully thought over each possibility. Tab'sh'kr continued to stroke her breasts, and I stuck my tongue inside her once more. As my tongue wiggled around her sensitive opening, I lightly rubbed her clitoris with the pad of my thumb.
I don't know what I want anymore!” Shayla cried in frustration. “I want to be loyal to the Gods and do whatever they ask of me, but... but... This feels so good! You keep saying that this is my test, but I think I'm supposed to stand firm to my beliefs. I think I am supposed to resist you, but I don't want to! I don't know how this can help me get closer to the Gods, but you promised that it will...” She heaved a great sigh, exhaling all the air from her body, and then took a deep breath.
If this is what I must do to prove that I have what it takes to serve the Gods, then so be it!” She exclaimed, and then closed her eyes and relaxed against my husband's body. Well, as much as she could considering that relaxation was hard for her.
Good... finally a little progress. I mentally smiled as I focused on my task. I worshiped her divinity with my finger and my tongue for half the night, taking the time to build up her first orgasm slowly. I didn't want to overwhelm her! Between the two of us sensually stimulating her erogenous zones, we eventually had her screaming.
Thank the Gods that the temple was built with thick walls! We knew from plenty of previous experience that our neighbors couldn't hear us... Unless they simply and purposely didn't mention it, because we make enough noise to wake the dead on nearly a nightly basis!
A gesture had Tab'sh'kr shift her onto her back as I tossed my dress to the floor. Once I was completely naked, I climbed on top of her. Pressing my groin to her groin and my breasts to hers, I kissed her lips. She licked my lips curiously, understanding that she was tasting herself on me.
That was technically only half of the first lesson. You are supposed to prove that you were paying attention, but I think this is enough for now. Tell me, what did you think of the lesson?” I wondered, pressing kisses to her chin and neck as I waited for her to answer.
Mmm...” She hummed as she thought. “I... I think that was the most unexpectedly wonderful thing that has ever happened to me! But it was terrifying at the same time. I thought my heart was going to explode and send me straight to the Gods!”
I hummed a laugh as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. My hands stroked her sides, and my hips ground into hers. “So... Now that you have passed the test, you have a choice to make. Will you come with us and submit your body to the frequent touch of others? Will you dedicate yourself to learning how to give such pleasure?”
Even now that I know what this special training is, I haven't changed my mind,” Shayla stated firmly, her body quivering lightly in response to my touch. “I'll do whatever I have to in order to be closer to the Gods.
I smiled and purred in appreciation. “Hmm... Well, if you are so determined, then who am I to deny you an opportunity. We leave in the morning!”
But first, my husband and I were far too worked up to just quit now, so we ended up giving her more of an eyeful than she had dreamed possible, I'm sure. After the two of us collapsed into an exhausted pile, she exhaled reverently.
Is that what all married couples do?” Shayla wondered.
Both Tab'sh'kr and I laughed. “Probably not!”
Because on Caladon, we are taught that sex is sacred and our duty to perform so that we may have children. We are told what it is and how it happens, but we definitely aren't taught all the finer points of eroticism and foreplay. More than likely, most sex on Caladon is done quickly and straight to the point. I really don't think they would know how to do it any other way unless an older adult with far more practice gave them a bit of advice, but even then, I'm sure it's nothing like we are taught to do on Hedonia!
I can see – just a tiny bit – why you insist that learning this will help me connect to the Gods,” Shayla murmured sleepily, almost as tired as we were. “That looked very close to divine ecstasy to me...”
Yes...” I agreed, yawning. A moment later, I was out cold.

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