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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shahi - Extra Story Arc - Part 2

Part 2

So...” I began as I thoroughly enjoyed the massage Shayla was giving me. “Now that you've completed your training, you have a choice. Do you wish to participate in the ceremony to give your virginity to the Gods, or do you wish to quit now while you still have it and go home so that you can get married and be a good little Caladonian wife?”
Shayla hummed in thought as she stroked my body and made me hot. The thing about being a Princess on Hedonia is that I got a lot of sex, and the thing about sex is that the more one gets, the more they want. Even just her fairly innocent touch was lighting my body on fire!
Good thing I am participating in tonight's ritual! There was a particularly large group of initiates this time around. Not only that, but the genders were fairly unbalanced in numbers. Normally, the genders were more or less even, but occasionally there were a lot more of one gender than the other. This time around, there are six girls and 13 boys!
That meant that the Queen and the three of us Princesses would each initiate three of the boys. Without me, they'd each be initiating four! I considered myself lucky to be of service, and wondered who was going to initiate the extra member. Probably the Queen, but who knows, maybe she would grow tired and have one of us Princesses to do it for her. I wouldn't mind it being me!
I've given this a lot of thought,” Shayla finally replied. “If I were to go home now, all of this would have been for nothing since I haven't learned what I need to yet. I wasn't sure at all how this would end up with me closer to the Gods until we watched a ritual in class... Well, it was more like a practice ritual, but it was performed by the Prince and a Princess, and they called the Gods into their bodies.”
She clasped her hands together and sighed, much like an Earth girl would when thinking about love and romance. “I could see lights surround them as the Gods possessed them! I was so excited that I literally jumped up and shouted: AHA! It finally made sense!”
She resumed massaging me, pinching my nipples playfully. “No wonder you can be possessed by our Gods! You learned how to be possessed by these Gods! That really is the special training!”
I chuckled, guiding her fingers down between my legs. “Ah, but you forget... I was possessed by our Gods long before I came here. I wasn't really taught how, it's just that my mother has a strong bond with a lot of different Gods, and her affinity was passed on to me. I was born a gold level Mystic except that no one told me that until the Gods themselves decided that they were tired of waiting for me to grow into my powers and took matters into their own hands.”
Huh! I didn't know that!” Shayla stated, sounding surprised. “Anyway, yes... I've come to the decision that this is worth it. I will join this society and stay here as long as it takes to learn everything I can until I can host the Gods in my body... or at least serve them better.”
She had me shuddering in pleasure, her hand just as skillful as I would expect it to be after weeks of intensive training in how to give and receive pleasure. Her teachers had given me detailed reports on her when I asked them to, and apparently, she made it a point of pride to learn each new skill to perfection. She far preferred to be in control of giving others pleasure than to be at the mercy of her practice partners. It had taken her practically no time at all to learn to perform the many skills, but it had taken her most of the training session to relax enough to be comfortable letting the rest of the class practice on her.
Even though it means letting one of the Kings or the Prince take your virginity tonight in front of everyone?” I probed.
Yes...” she murmured, focusing on her task. Apparently she didn't like it that I could think and hold a conversation while she was doing her best to give me an orgasm.
Even though it means that after you become a member, your training will begin for real?”
This confused her enough that she stopped rubbing my clitoris. “What?”
I groaned in disappointment because – despite appearances – I had been really close to shuddering in delightful pleasure. “Well, you said it yourself. You need to learn how to host the Gods in your body, or at least how to see, hear, and feel them. That takes a lot of practice, which means that you are going to have to take on a lot of lovers. Each lover will teach you a little bit more until you truly know what it means to serve the Hedonian Gods...”
Hmm...” Shayla moaned in thought. “I guess I hadn't thought of it in quite that way. But yes... to fully learn how to serve the Gods, I will make love to every person on this planet if I have to!” She attempted to prove her point by resuming her task, using a couple of fingers inside me while her mouth stimulated my clitoris.
Oh! By the Gods! They weren't kidding when they said you learned your lessons exceptionally well!” I cried out in appreciation of her skill. “Yes! Don't you dare stop now!”
I was so close! My back arched, pushing my womanhood into her mouth. “Oh!” I chanted, my blood vessels feeling like they were filled with molten lava.
Well now, what do we have here?” A man I hadn't met yet remarked with a grin on his face. “I haven't been to the palace in years, but I decided to come cheer on my nephew during his initiation. I figured that I would treat myself to a massage while I am at it, and what do I find? An utterly gorgeous Princess about to squeal from the touch of a trainee!”
He was so right! A low keening moan came from me, gaining in pitch until it was a proper squeal. I thanked the Gods that Shayla hadn't let the newcomer distract her, because now I was spinning from a glorious orgasm!
The newcomer was obviously aroused by the sight of me; a moment later, he presented his long and beautiful shaft so that I could stroke it with my hands. Gasping, I signaled to Shayla that I'd had enough for now. I couldn't take much more!
Shayla sat back and regarded me with a slight frown. “I forgot that you're a Princess here. I wonder what would happen if our people found out about this...”
Think about that later!” I chided her with a laugh. “You have another body to massage.”
I pointed to an empty table. “Go on, enjoy your massage. I just need a few minutes to rest.”
He chuckled in a low and sensual voice. “I can imagine!”
I watched him lay face down on the table, and nearly fell asleep as Shayla worked on him. He moaned and groaned happily, which made me wonder how long it had been since his last massage. He wore the symbol of a regular citizen, which meant that he probably had a farm or other demanding job.
In this aspect, Hedonia was like most other worlds; the average citizens were mostly farmers. On Earth, for most of history, this meant that they were literally under the control of the higher ranks. On Caladon, everyone worked to honor the Gods, which meant that even the higher ranked people did manual labor, but as the Highest Mystic, I can attest that we didn't have to do the same kind of manual labor. My labor was mostly reserved for helping people. Even the King and Queen of our planet did manual labor... one or two days a year...
Here on Hedonia, each citizen owned their property, and the population was generally closely controlled so that the population would never overrun the planet. Any person who wanted to obtain a rank could take a test, and if they passed, they'd spend the rest of their life caring for the average citizens. Personally, I liked the way this planet was governed. It was a nice balance of the hard work of Caladon and the freedom of Earth. Plus sex! Lots and lots of sex...
I purred just thinking about it. Speaking of, mystery man was just now turning onto his back so that Shayla could work on his front. I sat up and slid off the table, gesturing for her to concentrate on his lower half while I worked on his upper half.
He moaned in pleasure. “I was wondering if you would honor me, Princess.”
Well...” Shayla wondered with a frown. “If you wanted her, why didn't you ask? She is a Princess here, after all, and apparently must have sex with everyone who asks her.” She turned to me and tilted her head to the side. “Or does being married and from Caladon count as a good reason to decline?”
I chuckled as I shook my head. “No! I made my sacred vows as a Princess before I got married, and if you had attended my wedding, you'd realize that the Gods took over so that they could make different vows... ones that don't contradict my vows here.”
Wait! So you mean to say that you didn't vow to be faithful to only your husband for as long as you both shall live?” Shayla asked incredulously. I shook my head.
Who would agree to that?!?!” Our handsome recipient asked. Such a thing was unheard of here on Hedonia because even if two people dedicated themselves to just each other, they still considered the Gods as part of that pact. Much more often, two people dedicated themselves to each other with the freedom to invite others to bed on occasion.
Everyone on Caladon,” Shayla mumbled her reply.
We're not from here,” I explained. “We both come from a planet called Caladon.”
Wait!” He stated, his eyes locked on mine. “How can that be? Our planet is strict in never allowing others to visit. The only time an exception was made was for Queen Elly... but I am pretty sure that she was from Earth.”
She is,” I confirmed with a smile. “She's my mother. My father is from Caladon. They met when he was one of her bodyguards during her mission here.”
He sat up to gape at me in astonishment. “Wait!! I remember now! He was the one that declined all offers! He never once took a lover or even got undressed. He respectfully explained that it was because he was from Caladon... I was a regular at the palace back then... When did he relax enough to conceive you???”
I laughed. “My father and mother went to a planet so very far away that it is hard to imagine the distance. She was needed to help them deal with a race of people that killed people in order to survive. And I mean this literally; they eat life-force. While there, he finally admitted that he loved her, and they had me. I was named in honor of that race, the Shahi. After that, my mother returned to her husband and family on Earth and my father brought me to Caladon.”
By this point, Shayla had reached his rigidly erect shaft, which she took into her mouth without warning him. He purred happily and lay back down. I noticed that she was looking up at me in surprise as she sucked on him.
I suppressed a laugh because I had forgotten that she didn't yet know that my mother was a married woman. It was generally kept a secret on Caladon. Even during my wedding when she had shown up with my entire family – more or less – it wasn't really explained who was who, and so I think people just assumed that they were her family as in her brother and his wife and kids. Even when one of my brothers called me his beautiful little sister, I don't think anyone really understood that he was being literal rather than figurative.
Moving on rather than dwelling on the subject, I kissed our massagee. “I regret that I can't just hop on and ride you until neither of us can walk, but I am going to be participating in the initiation ceremony tonight and I don't really have time to take another bath before then.”
I understand,” he murmured, kissing me in return. “I look forward to visiting you in your room later on.”
What's your name?” I wondered as I massaged his pectoral muscles.
Connor,” he stated with a grin.
Good name,” I purred. “I also look forward to seeing you later, but for now, I have to go. Busy busy!”
Connor placed a hand on the back of my neck and pulled me close for another kiss. “Until later...”
Shayla seemed relieved that I was leaving, because with me gone, Connor could devote his entire attention to her and what she was doing. I smirked at her as I walked toward the exit. “Can't wait to see your initiation!”
She made a sound like harrumph but didn't stop sucking on Connor. Connor chuckled. I'm sure he found it just as ironic as I did that a good girl from Caladon was really going to go through with the public ritual to give her virginity to the Hedonian Gods. I thought for sure that she would have backed down by now and asked to be returned to our planet.
I returned to my room – one of the chambers dedicated to the princesses – smiling once again at how rich and luxurious it was. There was a trio of attendants waiting for me, but they were playing with Tab'sh'kr to pass the time.
Have I ever mentioned that I love vacationing on Hedonia?” Tab'sh'kr asked me with a grin.
I laughed, which sounded a bit devious for some reason. “Have I ever mentioned that I should really come here at least once every three months or so?”
There was no rule for when or how long a member of the Royal assembly had to stay in the palace, but they had official planning meetings every three months, and for as long as my mother was a Queen here, she made it a point to attend them all. So far, I've only made it to Hedonia twice in the two plus years since I took the test to be a Princess.
Really?” Tab'sh'kr asked curiously. One of his hands stroked the hair of the attendant sucking on him. “You can do that? I would have thought that your duties as the Highest Mystic wouldn't give you the time to come here more than once a year.”
I shrugged, turning to face the attendant who had jumped up to help me. “I have to go to Haven once a year too, so I guess that the people will just have to do without me from time to time. Besides, I could be like the other gold level Mystics, hiding out on Mystic Island my entire life. Isn't having me most of the time better than not having me at all?”
Good point,” Tab'sh'kr agreed breathlessly, apparently close to rewarding the attendant for her efforts in pleasuring him.
For the next hour, the attendants dusted me in a shimmering, lightly silver powder, and then painted swirls and patterns on my body with a boldly silver paint. When I was done, I looked a tiny bit like a fairy. It may seem strange to most people – especially Caladonians! – but because everyone in attendance of tonight's ceremony was going to be naked, the royal assembly like to set themselves apart with body decorations. It was a bit like how the royals on most planets wore crowns or elaborate jewelry to emphasize their status.
When I was ready, I went to the Royal lounge – the room dedicated to the Royals for times when they wanted privacy. This lounge was the only room with a door that locked in the entire palace! To get in, I had to enter a code into a keypad on the wall, but once inside, no one could bother me – except for other royals.
As it turns out, I was one of the last to arrive, even though there was still more than half an hour before the ritual began. King Frederick gave me a big old squeezy hug and a kiss before setting me back on my feet. He'd been mostly away from the palace ever since his baby was born about a year ago, only returning for rituals, and so he hadn't had a chance to talk to me since my arrival. We chatted for a while, until the very last Princess finally made it to the lounge and less than 10 minutes remained before the ritual.
The Queen called for everyone's attention. “Now that we're all here, we've decided to do it this way: First, since no one has a special person that they want to initiate this time around, and second, since there are more than twice as many boys as there are girls to be initiated, we're just going to go in order.”
She took a sip of sparkling wine before continuing. “By this, I mean that while the initiates have played a game to determine the order in which they will participate in the ritual, we're just going to draw numbers. Then we will participate according to the number we've drawn.”
Each time was different. More often than not, the royals each had a favorite that they wanted to initiate, and so decided who they wanted specifically before the ritual began. Sometimes – though it was rare – but sometimes only one royal of each gender could make it to a ritual and so had to initiate them all!
Lastly,” the Queen stated, looking around to make sure that we were all still paying attention. “I've decided that I don't quite feel well tonight, so I will initiate the first boy and leave the rest up to you.”
Aside from feeling genuinely concerned about our Queen, a ripple of excitement spread through the three of us Princesses. This meant that we'd each get to initiate four boys tonight! I giggled as it occurred to me that if I hadn't come for a visit right now, the two Princesses would have gotten six a piece, but even so, four was plenty to be excited about.
We all drew our numbers, and then it was time for the ritual to begin. Taking a seat in the thrones on the dais, we eagerly watched as the initiates slowly walked down the long aisle to their spot in the front row where they would wait their turn. Their nervousness was almost palpable! I giggled softly as I remembered my initiation, and then my eyes found Tab'sh'kr in the second row as I remembered his. I grinned at him for a moment before returning my full attention to the initiates.
I'm almost as nervous as I was on my initiation!” One of the Princes muttered in my ear.
I turned so that I could whisper in his. “Why?”
I only recently became a Prince, and so this is the first time I've done this!” He confessed.
Don't worry, you'll be fine,” I assured him.
At least I picked the last number for us guys!” He stated with obvious relief. “That means that even if I do make a mistake, it won't mess up the very first initiate of the ritual!”
I shook my head with a smile that plainly stated that I thought he was being silly.
As luck would have it, the Queen started the ritual. Considering that these were all virgins who hadn't been able to practice their stamina at all, no one was expecting any of them to last very long. In fact, with as many initiates as there were tonight, a time limit could be imposed if any one took too long. The only requirement was to lose one's virginity – which didn't necessarily call for a climax – but the audience and the participants generally found it much more fun if each couple continued until they shouted with orgasm.
This meant that we could easily be here all night!
Sure enough, the first initiate took quite some time before he gutturally groaned out his ejaculation. Based on the breathy gasps of the Queen, she was feeling just as good as he was. They rested for a moment as servants in the background stealthily stood ready to exchange the portable bed with a clean one.
The moment the Queen and initiate cleared the area, the used bed was pulled to the background and replaced with a clean one. Servants worked quickly to change the sheets and sanitize the bed so that it would be ready to go as soon as possible.
The other Prince – the one who wasn't nervous – stood up with a grin on his face as a plump and utterly gorgeous girl made her way to the bed. The two of them looked really good together, and if I was right, would probably become an official couple in the next few days.
The ritual continued on for hours, and still Shayla hadn't had her turn. I watched her as I stood off to the side of the dais washing the cum from between my legs. She had started the ritual looking nervous, but had quickly replaced that with a smooth and calm expression. Now she looked impatient to just get this over with. I suppressed a laugh since I was a bit eager to get done as well.
An attendant helped me finish cleaning up, patting me dry just as it was my turn to initiate the last of the boys. I guess this meant that Shayla was going to be the very last one initiated. I felt a tiny bit bad for her because the entire audience was feeling rampant lust by this time and were almost chomping at the bit to conclude the ritual and pair up.
The initiate I was with grinned at me as I took his hand. “I was hoping it would be you,” he murmured just before he kissed me. I placed my arms around his neck and let him take the lead.
Now don't get me wrong; I may have made the whole ritual sound almost cold and to the point, but it's really not! Each initiate was different, and so even though simple basic mating was literally required to keep this as short as possible, they were all different. One of mine had been so nervous that he lost his load with the first thrust – which happened fairly often and held no shame to it – but this one...
This one had had all night to get over his nervousness and was now so eager to finally have his turn that he rammed into me like a wild animal. I gasped and sighed happily, loving every moment of his raging lust. The King of the Hedonian Gods chuckled in my ear.
This boy is going to be one of mine!” The King informed me. “He's strong and forceful and dominant.
I was puzzled because the King of the Gods was describing the darker of the sexual antics Hedonians practiced, but he wasn't actually known for being into the dark stuff.
I'm not,” he assured me. “That's not what I meant. I simply meant that he has it in him to be a King someday. One with the ability to host me!”
I purred in understanding, holding my hand out to the King. He took it, sending a zing all the way down to my toes. I couldn't help it, I started squealing in orgasm! The initiate gasped in surprise, his eyes darting to my hand and then up to the eyes of the God.
With a nervous gulp, the initiate closed his eyes and relaxed his body just enough so that the zing he felt pulsing against his skin from my body could enter his. He sounded almost strangled a moment later as the minor overload sent him over the edge into an intense orgasm. It was rare to hear a guy squeal, but he did, which made me giggle and hold him tight until we were both panting in the aftermath of some seriously incredible sex.
When we were ready, we slipped off the bed and wobbled towards our seats. I chuckled as I watched him almost fall a couple of times, but I couldn't blame him in the slightest. The energy from the God made us both feel like overcooked noodles, and even I was having a hard time walking. Unable to stand without swaying erratically, I opted to simply grab a towel from an attendant and lay it across my seat so that I didn't get bodily fluids all over my ornately decorated silver throne.
Then – just as I melted into my chair – it was Shayla's turn. She was paired with the new Prince, but thankfully, he seemed much more confident than he had been to begin with. He gave her a sexy grin as he held out his hand to her.
She hesitated for a moment, sending a look of indecision to me. I smiled at her to let her know that I would support her no matter what she decided. With a deep breath, she placed her hand in the Prince's and let him lead her to the bed. I could almost hear her muttering something like: Please be gentle with me!
In actuality, she probably didn't say anything. She was far too proud to let him know just how scared she was at the moment, but I could feel it. I knew that – despite her earlier vow to have sex with everyone on this planet if she had to in order to achieve her goal – she was once again overcome with doubt that this was the right thing to do. Squaring her shoulders, she took the lead, kissing the Prince and pushing him onto the bed so that she could climb on top of him.
I bit my lip and ever so slightly shook my head. The action was so typically Shayla that I was tempted to laugh out loud, but I held it in so that I didn't profane such a sacred ritual. Unfortunately, that didn't stop the King of the Gods.
That's her problem right there!” He exclaimed with amusement. “That's the reason why she is going to have to work so much harder than necessary! I could easily slip right into her and take her on a wild ride if she would just relax and surrender control, but...”
He left the rest unspoken.
Shayla used one hand to guide the Prince's long and rigidly erect shaft into her opening. She took a deep breath to brace herself, and then plunged down onto him. She was facing away from the majority of the audience, but we royals could see the grimace on her face from the pain of losing her virginity. She held still for a moment, and then slowly resumed her task.
I could see relief wash over her as the pain faded away and was replaced by pleasure. At least I hope she was feeling pleasure. Judging by the aura surrounding her, she might simply be feeling impatience to get him off so that she could congratulate herself on a job well done.
Oh Shayla...” I murmured, suddenly sad that I had agreed to bring her here. Despite her determination, this was almost heartbreaking for me to watch. She had almost no joy in what she was doing! I should have forced her to go home to Caladon today after all...
The Prince seemed to be aware of her lack of joy, because he got a slightly devious look on his face for a moment before he grabbed her thighs and held her steady as he sat up and then continued rolling forward until she was on her back. Her hair was pinned under her back, forcing her to look upside down at the audience rather than the Prince, but she made no move to pull it free.
The Prince took advantage of the fact that her body was arched up into him now by sucking on her nipples. Her hands were clenched into claws digging into his back for a few moments, but then they suddenly melted. I could see her relax even as her breath caught and she gasped in surprised and pleasure.
She moaned, deliberately pushing her breasts up even further.
See?” The King of the Gods asked me. “The moment she gives up even a little control, she enjoys herself far more than she does while in complete control. I know you are leaving here soon, but before you go, you should suggest to her that she explore bondage when she's ready.”
I nodded in agreement. Impressed that the Prince had sensed this as well. He shifted so that he could hold both her hands firmly in one of his. With his other hand, he stimulated her clitoris, making her gasp again. I was utterly happy that her first time was far more enjoyable than she planned it to be.
A few minutes passed as the entire room got thicker with lust, and then, Shayla gasped a few times before a sound escaped her like a scream that she refused to let free. The Prince thrust extra powerfully a couple of times before roaring to signal that he was pumping her full.
The Queen graciously allowed them time to recuperate as she closed the ritual and dismissed the audience. People practically ran to find a place to hop into bed, and I knew that if I cared to, I could wander around and watch fabulous orgies in just about every room. I stood and stretched, grateful that I was mostly recovered from my earlier experience.
Tab'sh'kr ran up to me and whispered. “She still needs to learn a lot, doesn't she? I say we start on her lessons tonight!”
That sounds like an excellent idea!” I agreed excitedly, practically jumping up and down at the prospect.
My husband ran over to Shayla and helped her off the bed. She was still panting from the aftermath of a good orgasm, but followed his lead because she assumed that he had her best interests in mind. I chuckled a bit evilly as he swept her into his arms and carried her towards me. We so did not have her best interests in mind! Well, not specifically...
I gestured for him to follow me as I used the exit reserved for the royals. It was far less crowded than the main entrance, and even better, it led directly to the hallway dedicated to the royal bedrooms. Mine was at the end of the long hall, but soon enough, we were in my room. I got out the rarely used do not disturb sign, hung it on the outside of my door, and then shut it tight. It couldn't lock, but I knew that everyone would respect the sign.
Tab'sh'kr and I took turns kissing and stroking Shayla's body. We worshiped just about every part of her, leaving only one alone, for now. Our hands swept across her body in long, sensual strokes, making her shudder and shiver from the pleasure.
Please,” she protested. “I should be pleasuring you!”
None of that now,” I chided, grinning at her like a wolf who had caught a sheep in his paws. “Or else I'll have to punish you!” I intended this as a joke, but when the King of the Gods roared in wholehearted agreement, I smirked in a way that made her gulp.
I was probably the one person in the entire universe that Shayla would never say no to. She wanted to be in control of the situation at all times, and had she been here with just Tab'sh'kr, she probably would have rolled on top of him by now, but with me... I wasn't just a Princess of a society she'd just pledged to serve, I was the Highest Mystic that she had been raised to revere above all others. If I told her to submit to my will, she would.
Which was why I decided to sit back and stop touching her a moment later. “Tab'sh'kr, my love... I think that I would prefer to watch you have fun.”
Aww,” he pouted. “But it's more fun if you play too!”
I tilted my head in the direction of the God standing next to us. “Let him play instead.”
Tab'sh'kr shivered in a combination of anticipation and a little fear. Channeling a God was still difficult for him. He could do it, but only a little bit. This meant that the God could send some power flowing through him, but not much. If the God wasn't careful, he could literally burn Tab'sh'kr out! I wasn't worried though, because I knew I would be here to stop things from going that far.
I Tab'sh'kr hereby invite the King of the Gods to use me as his vessel and give thanks that he chooses to honor me,” my husband intoned formally.
Shayla gasped in surprise, and then grinned in excitement. “The King of the Gods?!” I could see her mentally pump her hands in triumph and think finally! She really felt like she was making progress. Little did she know that she still had such a long way to go.
The King spoke through Tab'sh'kr so that Shayla could hear him. “My beautiful child, you have far too much pride. I would be delighted to strip it from you, but it is a large part of your charm. I wonder if you will ever find a way to...” he looked at me, winking mischievously. “Control your pride and the incessant need to be in control of others...”
Shayla frowned, puzzled by his words. She gasped as Tab'sh'kr ran his fingers from her collarbone to her mound, literally quaking at the powerful sensations caused by the God's power. Tab'sh'kr held out his other hand expectantly in my direction.
Rope,” the King demanded. I rushed to grab some from a cupboard packed with such necessities.
Together, Tab'sh'kr and I bound Shayla to the bed until she was completely unable to move. She whimpered as she wiggled her fingers and toes and realized that she was at our mercy. We could do anything we wanted to her, and there was nothing she could do about it.
Her legs were tied to the bed in a way that made it impossible to shut them or even squeeze them together. Tab'sh'kr took advantage of this by exploring her opening with his hand, rubbing her clitoris with a thumb. Meanwhile, I ran back to the cupboard and gathered up a selection of toys to play with.
The best part of Hedonian sex toys was that the ones that were meant to move, had a never ending crystal to power them, so they couldn't die just as a climax was near. I'm going to have to remember to bring one of these babies home with me! Not that I really needed it...
Tab'sh'kr selected a relatively small, egg-shaped vibrating toy to slide inside her. He set it to wiggle around a bit like a worm before inserting it in her, and then contemplated which toy to choose next as she squirmed, squealing in protest.
What is that?!”
We ignored her with a soft shh...
Next, Tab'sh'kr chose a long and thin shaft. This one didn't vibrate, which was perfect for a girl's first time. I could tell that the King of the Gods was having fun because he was cackling in glee as Tab'sh'kr gestured for me to offer it to Shayla. Nodding in understanding, I held it to her lips.
Kiss this,” I commanded.
She looked at it warily, a frown creasing her brows.
I promise that all toys are properly cleaned and cared for before being placed in the cupboard. You have nothing to worry about,” I explained, knowing that she probably thought that I had used this on myself at some point. I hadn't, but that was beside the point.
She gave me a strange look, clearly thinking that I was crazy, but tilted her head forward so that she could kiss the toy.
Make love to it with your mouth!” Tab'sh'kr ordered sharply.
Shayla complied until I took it away from her and handed it back to my husband. He drizzled oil on it, and then rubbed it against her tightly puckered anus. I watched with a grin as he teased her for several long moments, threatening to insert it inside her, and asking her if she would like that.
She whimpered, unable to decide what the correct response was in this situation. Slowly – with a thumb stimulating her clitoris – Tab'sh'kr worked the long and thin toy inside her. Her hips started rocking in time with his movements once he had it pretty deep in her anal cavity. She kept whimpering and shuddering, crying out with pleasure and wiggling as if afraid of what we might do to her next. Her whole body got tighter as time passed, and her struggles to get away made me hope that she didn't hurt herself on the rope.
Oh Gods!” She chanted over and over. Her voice started to sound raspy as she kept choking back squeals. It was obvious that she was hovering right on the edge of a glorious orgasm that simply refused to come pay her a visit.
She's fighting it,” the King informed me, shaking his head with wry amusement.
Hmm...” I murmured speculatively, and then leaned over so that I could bite one of her nipples as I pinched the other.
Oh Gods!” She screamed just before she squealed, tossing her head side to side as she shook almost violently. Fluid came gushing out of her in a startling flood. We continued our torturous assault on her for several heart-stopping moments before we finally relented. Tab'sh'kr quickly removed the toys from her and positioned himself between her legs.
I took a tiny sip of water to wet my mouth, and then kissed her, repeating my action a few times to help her wet her mouth as she heaved great big breaths. I could tell that she was grateful for my gesture even as she struggled to be free of her bondage. I could feel her desire to free her hands so that she could cling to my husband and dig her nails in as he rode her.
Possessed by the God's energy – as much as he could be – Tab'sh'kr was almost frantic with the need to pound into her. He shook the bed with his thrusts, thoroughly exciting me as I watched him. I fingered myself... until I realized that it would be better to take advantage of Shayla.
Gesturing, I directed him to reposition himself and her – as best he could with her tied to the bed – so that I could straddle her face. I was so utterly wet that I think she was grateful for the opportunity to lick me. She set her tongue to work without me saying a word, making me send up a prayer of thanks that I had a sturdy bar on the headboard to hold onto.
The God's energy flowed into me as well, sizzling as her tongue sent delicious shockwaves throughout my entire body I trembled, hanging on to the handle bar for dear life. The three of us probably would have attracted quite an audience if I hadn't shut my door and put up a sign. The bed was banging into the wall and I was making enough noise to wake the dead!
Probably an hour passed like this before I was far too sensitive to continue, so I collapsed on the bed next to them and simply curled up to watch as Tab'sh'kr continued to pound into her like a jack-hammer. He had been blessed with incredible stamina by the King of the Gods, and he was taking full advantage of it.
Shayla continually made strange noises as squeals tried to escape her but were cut short. She looked so unspeakably beautiful with her entire body flushed with passion. I wanted nothing more than to possess her myself! Maybe one day I could, but right now, it would be like trying to force myself into a rock – far more effort than it's worth! Not to mention that it would be damaging to her...
Eventually, she started to beg. I couldn't blame her since it was nearing dawn, but her pleas were so cute that I wanted to torture her some more just to keep hearing them. Fortunately for her, the three of us decided to give her what she wanted. The God prepared to send a burst of energy through Tab'sh'kr that would set him off so hard that he would nearly pass out. Tab'sh'kr knew this was coming and braced himself for it.
Meanwhile, I decided to pinch and twist Shayla's nipples in a way that I just knew would set her off, especially since she would also receive some of that extra burst of energy – which would wash over her with the intensity of lava flowing down the side of a volcano.
For once, Shayla screamed and didn't even try to stop herself! She was shaking with such force that the whole bed felt like it was experiencing an earthquake. Not wanting to be left out, I rubbed myself, one hand on the God so that I could steal some of his climatic power for my pleasure.
To be honest, a teeny tiny part of me was jealous that Tab'sh'kr was pumping her full to overflowing. I simply adored the feel of a man cumming inside me, and it was even better when a God was involved. Tab'sh'kr gushed out far more than he could on his own, his eyes rolling back into his head as the pleasure overwhelmed him. A sound came from him that was reminiscent of a zombie from an Earth movie.
Eventually, we all collapsed into an exhausted and thoroughly sated pile. Poor Shayla would have continued to be tied up underneath us if the King of the Gods hadn't had the sense to untie her. He did so by sending his power though me, which made the rope untie itself and fly back to the cupboard.
Oh wow...” Shayla sighed reverently, kissing and cuddling up to me before passing out.
In the morning – afternoon, whatever – we all attacked a mountain of food before Tab'sh'kr and I said our goodbyes. I held Shayla tight for a long moment, feeling strangely conflicted about leaving her here on her own. However, I had to go fulfill an obligation or two and couldn't stay here even a moment longer.
I'm going to miss you! But I promise I'll be back as soon as I can,” I assured her. Since I had a couple of planets I had to visit before returning to Caladon and then coming back here, it may well be a long time before I saw her again.
Don't worry,” she murmured with a smile. “I'll be fine!”
Just remember,” I stated, kissing her on the cheek and whispering in her ear. “The King of the Gods said that you should try devoting yourself to bondage while I'm gone.”
She nodded slowly. “I'll keep that in mind.”
Good! Just don't jump into it before you're ready!” I exclaimed with a relieved laugh. Tab'sh'kr pulled her from my arms so that he could give her a kiss to remember him by, and then we waved as we walked away, hand in hand. Mere minutes later, we had left Hedonia behind, both smiling as we made plans to return.

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