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Thursday, March 5, 2015

K's Fantasy - A Guest Post

Hi all! Tonight, rather than post the next part of my story, I have a friend who gave me a fantasy HE wrote and also permission to post it on my blog. My very first guest post! I am so excited :-D Warning, this short story is a bit darker/more violent than I normally write...

My Fantasy
By K.T.
When I came home from work Friday night, I thought: “Not bad, it is only 6!” I wanted to cook a good meal for my girlfriend Heather as I know she has to work tonight. She likes stirfry, so that's what I decided to make.
After we ate, I headed to my home office to work on homework so she could sleep a couple hours before she had to work. As she was getting ready for work, we went through the same exciting ritual we do every time she works overnights. I moaned softly just thinking about it!
A unique little love cage is placed on my cock. With a lingering kiss, she reminds me that: “This way, that rigid cock is only reserved for me, everyone else has to make do with the other things you have for use.” A suggestive pat on my ass makes her meaning clear. I laughed in amusement because her suggestion has yet to come true.
After she left for work, I went downstairs to the basement that doubles as our huge bedroom. Feeling just a little lonely, I got undressed and crawled into bed wearing nothing but my cage. This is just like every other night, but tonight, I half wished for something a bit more exciting to happen.
I am such a heavy sleeper that not even my loud snores can wake me. A 20 piece jazz band could suddenly decide to practice in my room, and I wouldn't even notice! So it is no real surprise that I did not hear anything at all that night – suspicious or otherwise.
I also guess that Heather's 17 year old son was busy playing video games or something in his room. Maybe he was busy watching videos on YouTube – kids these days! In any case, he didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary happening.
The next thing I knew, I was jostled awake but could not move. My arms and legs were already bound securely and there was a blindfold on my eyes. As I was being carried up the stairs, I felt a gag being forcefully shoved into my mouth. I could not even be sure how many hands were on me at all!
Still too stunned to understand what was going on, I was forced into a fetal position as I was laid down. For the first time, I thought maybe I should struggle, but a test of my bonds proved that struggling would be pointless. My heart was racing in panic as the situation started to fully sink in.
Next, I could feel someone place something on my ears, and then my ears were flooded with music. I knew that I was not on a car seat as this was not soft. It was cold and hard and metallic...
I shook uncontrollably as it fully sank into my head: I was naked, bound, gagged and blindfolded! I also felt movement – the unmistakeable movement of a vehicle traveling somewhere. I was being abducted and brought somewhere other than the safety of my home!!!
Laying on my side, it was impossible to tell what direction we were going. The rocking of the vehicle combined with the pitch black of the blindfold lulled me back to sleep. I have no idea how long my abductors had been driving...
Suddenly the vehicle stopped. It was silent for maybe one second before the unknown number of people in the vehicle opened their doors. There was the soft rustling of movement, and then I felt myself lifted up and carried inside someplace. Someplace that felt full of other unknown people who were watching me. I could almost feel their eyes on me...
Then the music was gone – the headphones not so gently yanked away from me. I heard voices in the background. What were they saying? I couldn't help but feel apprehensive about what they planned to do to me.
Next, I heard a female voice (do I know this voice?) say: “It is rather nice that she locked his worthless cock up for us. We don’t have to worry about that now.” There were mumbles of agreement, and then: “I want you to get him on his hands and knees, and tied up so he can’t move! We have a lot of work to do to get him ready...”
Suddenly, the ball gag was replaced by a gag that forced my mouth to stay open. At the same time, I could feel my ass getting lubed up. Part of me was ever so slightly excited by this even as my heart started thundering in my chest from panic.
Okay boys, let’s get that throat and ass broken in! They will be here soon...”
Suddenly, there was a cock pumping my mouth as I tried to keep from gagging on it. I had never before had a cock in my mouth, though I was not entirely against the idea. The problem was that I could not close my mouth or move my head if the unknown man thrust too deep. I whimpered from the longing to beg him to go slower and much more gently.
A large – or at least it felt that way to me since I couldn't see it – cock entered my ass and started working itself deep inside me. I felt my ass resist for a moment before I forced myself to relax. My ass slowly stretched and opened, allowing him into me as I tried to surrender so that this experience wouldn't damage me. After he sank fully into me, he started pumping without mercy.
My natural instinct was to cry. I didn't know these men, I hadn't ever truly imagined that this would happen to me, and I was frankly afraid of what they planned to do to me after they were finished. Even so, I felt like I had to be stoic; like I was less of a man if I let them make me cry.
I tried really hard to keep from crying as they brutally raped my ass and mouth, but the tears fell anyway. Helpless to do anything else, I surrendered to them. I exhaled all of the tension out of my body and just went limp. A strange thing happened... I started to feel... good... Really good!
My cock was hard as a rock and I was sexually excited like I couldn't believe! My body rocked ever so slightly of its own accord, as if encouraging the man in my ass to go deeper. I was even surprised at how badly I wished my hands were free so that I could stroke the cock in my mouth and encourage it to pump its creamy load all down my throat. I moaned in anticipation.
After a while, I felt both my holes being filled with their cum… It was like some dam had burst and all our sexual energy gushed forth. I sighed in disappointment as my own pending climax disappeared abruptly, though dripping from my cock testified that I was close to squirting as well. I still couldn’t see anything or even move, but I felt lethargic, just like I always did after good sex.
Suddenly, both of the cocks withdrew from my well-used holes. I felt strangely empty without them... A moment later, I was untied and pulled up to a standing position. The next thing I felt was my arms being stretched out and tied again, then my legs. I was tied spread eagle, standing up! My legs shook from the change of position, and my whole body sagged against my bonds. I felt like an overcooked noodle, unable to support myself like I normally do.
I could hear people moving all around me, whispering to each other... Planning out what to do to me next? It was unnerving even as I felt hot and almost excited by the prospect of being used even more.
The blindfold was finally removed and my eyes burned from the sudden exposure to such bright light. After my eyes adjusted, I saw the woman whose voice I thought I knew. I do know her! … or at least I thought I did...
Still gagged, I could only try to speak... but – frustratingly – I couldn’t be heard or understood. I begged her with my eyes to take pity on me. I wanted her to remove my gag and let me have a drink of water! I wanted to tell her that they didn't have to keep me tied up, I would cooperate if they just gave me a chance...
She finally approached me. A cold set of steely blue eyes gazed into my own, making me gulp dry air nervously. Her eyes softened ever so slightly as she stroked my cheek.
You once confessed to me that you wanted to be used,” she reminded me in an icy voice. “Well, I have needs too, and I think you will help with those quite nicely.” She patted my cheek firmly three times before forcing me to look away from her.
With a soft harrumph of satisfaction, she continued talking to me. “Now, things will not go well for you for a while. Don’t worry, I left Heather a note that I borrowed you for a few days, and that you were in good hands. She won’t be worried at all. Do you understand?”
I nodded, not daring to look at her since she was still lightly forcing me to look away. With a soft purr of pleasure, she tangled her fingers in my hair and yanked on my head until I was looking her in the eye once more. “And do you also understand that I am your Mistress? You will submit to me or you will suffer terrible punishment!”
I nodded again, whimpering to sound submissive and pathetic. To tell the truth, my blood was racing through my veins from excitement. I thought I was literally on fire with need!
My mistress smirked knowingly. “And now the fun begins! I didn’t think I had your cooperation yet, but maybe I do. So, to test how good a slave you are, you have 2 choices right now. You do what I say and everything will be painful – but fun – or you can try to resist... But I must warn you, if you resist in the slightest, or if I even THINK that you are resisting, things will take a dramatic turn in MY favor!”
Just then, a group of men walked into the room, but I could only see 2 of them before I was blindfolded again. My arms were untied and I was pushed forward so that my legs were spread wide but still secured to the floor. I wiggled my hands in relief, resting on my arms and knees.
Then the fucking began again, but this time, I felt more than just 2 cocks. One slid in and out of my mouth, which was still wet and sticky from the residue of the cum I had swallowed earlier. Another man moaned in pleasure as he worked his way into my ass. He felt even bigger than the first man, and I was both excited and afraid of him pounding into me. Would he hurt me? Would it feel even better? Yet more cocks touched my arms and my back, and by this, I gathered that there were several men waiting for their turn.
One of the men – I think the one in my ass, growled in frustration. “Boys, we need to flip his sorry ass over!”
I was flipped onto my back and my wrists were tied to my ankles. A moment later, I had his hard cock in my ass again. My tongue flexed curiously as the one reentered my mouth, and then smooth and velvety cocks were placed in each hand. The men all groaned and encouraged each other to hurry, but this seemed to make them all last even longer.
And then the first man came all over my back. I almost giggled as I felt it tickling me. Strangely, I liked the way it felt as it slithered across my back. The man in my mouth pumped me full of cum, which tasted delicious to my now dry mouth. I really wished that they would remove the gag so that I could suck every last drop of cum out of him.
All too soon, another man took his place. My mouth felt bruised and raw, but at least this cock didn't hit my throat and trigger my gag reflex. I moaned in disappointment as I tried to stroke his cock with my tongue, but couldn't because of the contraption in my mouth.
For what seemed like hours, they kept changing places until now... Now I have cum all over me! It felt like an eternity passed as I got fucked over and over, but I never once ejaculated. It was almost as if they knew when I was close and knew how to stop it from happening. I heard them laughing at me; laughing about the cage, and laughing about how worthless I am. I was strangely pleased by their taunts because I knew they weren't completely true, after all, if I was truly worthless, I wouldn't be able to get them off, now would I?
Finally, after what seemed like hours, it stopped. I was panting in exhaustion and repeated denial of climax when I heard my glorious Mistress once again. “Well, you did pretty well, but apparently you are not quite good enough. I'll give you one last chance to please me...”
Still lying on my back and tied up but no longer blindfolded, I watched my iron-willed Mistress decide to sit on my face, making me lick her. Sometimes I worshiped her wet pussy, and other times I worshiped her luscious ass. I eagerly worked hard to bring my mistress to orgasm. She eventually rewarded me with her melodious squeals of orgasm. If I could have, I swear I would have cum myself right then and there!
Panting to catch her breath, she shifted so that she could look me in the eye. A wry half smile, half frown twisted her lips. “Well, I suppose you do okay at that, but I have bad news for you... You are fun and exciting, but I need the money more than I need another worthless slut. I have sold your services for the rest of the weekend. Don’t worry, I will be here for a while just watching…..”
I barely had time to process this information when she pushed my face to the side. Just then, a rather large black man walked into the room…. Oh shit! His cock is huge!!!!
For the next 2 days, I was forced to suck his cock on command. He even removed the gag from my mouth so that I could stroke him with my tongue and close my mouth around his rigidly thick shaft. Disappointingly, he did not cum in my mouth very often. Instead, he insisted that I allow him to fuck my ass whenever he wanted. As fun as it was, I longed for my Mistress to come over and dominate me some more, but she didn't
Periodically, I would see her, but it was only to watch her with another man, and then she'd come to me and have his cum drip from her pussy into my mouth. That was the closest I got to pussy until she told me that it was time to go.
This time, she carefully wrapped me in a blanket and took me out to her car and drove me home. Right before she sent me inside, I heard what I have been dreading….
I have pictures and video of this weekend. Heather knows what you have done; she loves you but now she knows that whenever I want you or feel the need, you will be picked up. Or she will drop you off wherever I tell her to. You will not drive, and you will not have your phone. You are now my little bitch, and I will sell you, abuse you, loan you out, or do anything else I want to do to you. You get your tattoo signifying my ownership next week.”
Gulping in both apprehension and excitement, I tried to sound bland and obedient. “Yes Mistress.”
Good,” she replied with a smirk and then left before I could even think about anything. Smiling just a tiny bit, I couldn't wait to see what my mistress hand in mind for me next...


  1. A couple of points that don't quite add up:

    "I was flipped onto my back and my wrists were tied to my ankles. ... And then the first man came all over my back. I almost giggled as I felt it tickling me. Strangely, I liked the way it felt as it slithered across my back."

    How could the first man cum all over his back if he was laying on it?

    "I moaned in disappointment as I tried to stroke his cock with my tongue, but couldn't because of the contraption in my mouth... Still lying on my back and tied up but no longer blindfolded, I watched my iron-willed Mistress decide to sit on my face, making me lick her. Sometimes I worshiped her wet pussy, and other times I worshiped her luscious ass. I eagerly worked hard to bring my mistress to orgasm."

    If the contraption in his mouth stopped him from stroking the cock with his tongue, how did he lick his mistress?

    1. Good points! I completely missed that when I was editing this before posting it. Thanks for pointing it out :-)


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