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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 12

Mom stayed with us through the births of my children. Sang-Soif went first, giving birth to a tiny and precious girl that seemed to share her mother's black hair, blue eyes, and pale white complexion. Holding my new daughter, I stared at her in awe and chuckled as Sang-Soif's first daughter counted all her fingers and toes.
She's so tiny!” Metta exclaimed. “Can I hold her?”
Pulling her into my lap, I carefully helped her hold her baby sister.
A week after that, first Ardent then Amaryllis went into labor. Both gave me sons! I don't know why, but holding my sons in my arms made me feel extraordinarily proud! I strutted around the castle like a peacock, showing them off to everyone who cared to see them.
Matthew was eventually pronounced reformed by Glacèe and was allowed out of the dungeon. He had become a very good friend, which I'm sure helped him endure his continued banishment from the palace. The two of us had been lovers a few times (which my wife and lovers – who had still been pregnant at the time – had insisted on watching), but now that I was a father of newborns again, I simply had no time to make love to anyone! Not even Glacèe, who was notoriously grumpy because of this.
Matthew held one of my sons while I held the other. “He's already so handsome...”
I puffed up at that. “Yes he is!”
The first four weeks passes in a hazy blur. Despite having nannies – we'd hired two more! – I'd felt the need to be on hand whenever my babies might need me. Thus, I was up several times each night rocking or walking a baby back to sleep.
One morning, my mother shook me awake after finding me passed out in my breakfast! “Gavin!” She hissed urgently. “You look terrible!”
Just barely able to lift my head, I tried as hard as I could to open my eyes. Finally, she wobbled and swayed before me long enough to realize that this actually was my mother, and not some figment of my imagination.
Mom... do you need something?” I mumbled, brushing off some bacon that had been stuck to my cheek.
Yes!” She replied with a laugh. “You! I've just received a summons from the King to return to the Palace, and he requests that I bring you with me. He even gave me permission to decide whether or not poor Matthew deserved a reprieve...”
I yawned, realizing that there was bits of scrambled egg on my other cheek. “Huh? The King wants to see me?” I asked in confusion.
Yes,” mom confirmed. “I'm going to have some maids pack your things, but you'd better finish eating so that we can leave as soon as everything is ready. You'll be able to sleep in the carriage, I'm sure.”
If you say so...” I murmured, watching her rush out of the room. Looking at my bacon until my eyes focused and I was sure that it actually was bacon, I then shoved it in my mouth and chewed. Just barely remembering to swallow, I fell back asleep.
That can't be comfortable!” Amaryllis giggled as she and the rest of my lovers came into the small family dining room to say goodbye to me.
Glacèe obligingly yanked on my hair to remove my face from my plate once more. “Gavin!”
I snorted at the abrupt awakening. “Huh?! I'm awake!”
Sure you are,” Glacèe muttered dryly.
Sang-Soif wiped the bits of food from my face, and then kissed me so tenderly that my toes curled and my groin sprang to life. Well... at least part of me is awake! Too bad I didn't have time to do anything about it.
I'm going to miss you so much!” Sang-Soif murmured, bestowing one last brief kiss on my lips.
I'm going to miss you too, my love,” I promised, feeling just a bit more awake now.
Mom and Lily entered the room just as Ardent sat in my lap. “I'm going to stay in the palace too,” Lily announced.
I though you and Harvey were getting along,” I murmured in confusion.
We were,” Lily stated with a shrug, “Until he got utterly drunk at the tavern and brought home a half dozen people with the intent to have an orgy. Had he asked me first, I probably would have agreed, but he just showed up with them while I was asleep!”
Tactfully, I kept my mouth shut and focused on Ardent. “Get plenty of rest, and don't try working in the dungeon before you're ready.”
I promise,” Ardent said before kissing me. She wiggled her bottom on purpose to tease me, making me groan softly. “Love you,” she whispered softly.
My turn!” Amaryllis announced, pulling Ardent out of my lap. She straddled me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “I'm going to miss you so much!” I chuckled as I accepted and returned her enthusiastic kisses.
I'll miss you too,” I assured her.
Also, just so you know, I will probably bring our son to go visit my sisters while you're gone,” Amaryllis informed me.
I frowned in concern. “Isn't it a bit soon to be bringing our son anywhere?”
I'll bring a nanny and a guard if you think it necessary,” Amaryllis suggested.
Better...” I murmured, still unhappy at the prospect. It's not that I thought her family would hurt her, but that I feared that some accidental tragedy would strike. I knew I was being irrational, but I didn't care.
I'll go with her,” Glacèe offered helpfully. “We're not accepting new prisoners at the moment anyway, and Matthew is about to go home.”
Thanks!” I replied, grinning at her gratefully. Setting my wife on her feet, I stood up to say goodbye to Glacèe. Pulling her into my arms, I kissed her in a way that she very rarely let me get away with... Me in charge and sweeping her off her feet!
Put me down!” She insisted with a giggle. Complying, I gave her one last kiss. “I might miss you...”
I might miss you too,” I replied with a cheeky grin.
You two are always so funny!” Amaryllis exclaimed with a laugh. “Pretending that you barely like one another when we all know that you'd go crazy without each other!”
Maybe,” Glacèe stated with a shrug. “I guess we might just find out...”
Matthew laughed at that, alerting us to the fact that he had entered the room too. “I'm glad I won't be here to see that! I can't imagine the disaster she could wreak if she got any crazier!”
Quiet you!” Glacèe growled menacingly. “Before I decide that you aren't ready to leave my dungeon after all!”
Yes Mistress!” Matthew replied reflexively before realizing what he'd done. He blushed when it hit him, and then looked away.
Glacèe harrumphed, smirking happily. Meanwhile, Lily and our mom had been taking turns saying goodbye to everyone. Now that hugs had been passed out and tears had started flowing, my mom put an arm around my shoulders.
Ready to go?”
I nodded, wondering what could possibly be so important that the King felt the need to tear me from the arms of my beloved family. Squaring my shoulders, I decided that there was only one way to find out. “Let's go...”

Mom was right about me being able to sleep in the carriage. She and my sister – and even Matthew – took advantage of my inability to pay attention by discussing their respective sex lives. I was only aware of this vaguely as I drifted off, and was grateful that I missed that particular conversation.
When we arrived at the palace, I felt fresh and wide awake. Better than I had felt in days! It amused me to think that I suddenly had the energy to challenge 10 men to a sparring match!
Unfortunately, I was more or less confined to my mother's apartment until the King was ready to meet with me. This gave me an opportunity to chat with Prince Collin for about five minutes. The Prince was completely distracted by Matthew, who – as it turns out – was a previous lover of his.
Matthew eventually gave up trying to resist the Prince's subtle innuendo and simply threw his arms around him to bestow a passionate kiss. Prince Collin looked like his deepest wish had just come true! My mother sighed in resignation, and then chuckled.
Yes, go have fun,” she permitted. “I have something I need to do anyway.”
Thank you, my dear!” Collin cheered, took Matthew by the hand, and quickly disappeared into his bedroom.
Lily, why don't you go get reacquainted with your friends here at court?” Mom suggested with a warm smile. “I should probably discuss some things with Gavin before he meets with the King.”
If you say so,” Lily agreed with a smirk. “I wonder if Auric is here?”
Mom sighed in frustration and tolerance. “Fine, if you must... Have fun...”
I'll certainly try my best!” Lily exclaimed with another smirk. She kissed mom on the cheek, kissed me on the cheek, and then left the apartment.
I must remember to meet this Auric fellow,” I murmured, remembering how my sister Sandra had once confessed to having magical sex with him. Part of me wanted to challenge him to a duel and warn him not to touch my baby sister, but another part of me was curious to see what he would be like in bed.
Mom handed me a glass of wine, holding onto a second glass for herself. “Sit and get comfortable. The King likes to take his time before summoning anyone. You probably won't be called upon until tomorrow or the next day.”
I sighed in acceptance, sat in a plush chair, and then took a sip of my wine. It was delicious! A better vintage than I recall drinking before. I downed the rest, and then started to feel giddy, giggling as I looked up at my mom.
You're swimming!” I exclaimed with a slur just before the world started spinning, and then went dark. My last sight was of my mother casting me a strangely satisfied smirk.

I am not sure how long I was unconscious for, but I came to very slowly. The first thing I was aware of was my mother's voice. A chill swept through me as I realized that I was probably in the palace dungeon for committing an unknown offense!
My son has been well trained, I'm told,” Mom stated, sounding purposely emotionless. “He should be able to do what you need him to without causing trouble.”
I see,” a woman replied softly. “And he won't object to the blindfold or having his hands tied?”
My mother laughed. “As far as I can tell, he considers both to be exceedingly fun!”
Good,” the woman murmured, sounding relieved and pleased to hear this. “What do you think, my husband?”
He looks similar enough to me in my youth that no one should question it,” a man remarked. He sounded almost elderly, his voice gentle and wise.
Excellent!” My mother exclaimed. “I'm glad I could help you! Now, I should probably take my leave. The drug should be wearing off shortly.”
Wait,” the unknown woman insisted. “Does he know?”
I have not told him anything,” my mother assured her. “You may tell him whatever you think he needs to know.”
Good!” the man and woman both stated, and then I heard my mother leave.
What's going on here?!
Is there anything I should do?” The woman asked.
Not especially,” her husband murmured. “Simply undress and get into bed with him. Once he wakes up, you can command him to please you – if you like – or you can simply use him.”
I wouldn't know what to do...” she murmured nervously.
Really?” The man asked in surprise. “After all this time, you've never taken on a lover?”
I was raised a Princess!” She exclaimed indignantly. “My body is supposed to be only for you, my legally wed husband!”
Then I am sorry that I must ask this of you,” he murmured sadly. “But if I die without an heir, my Kingdom will be torn apart...”
I know!” She exclaimed, sounding frustrated. “I know...” She repeated, calmer this time. “Will you... Can you stay and watch, to make sure that he doesn't try to hurt me? Or would that be too painful for you to see?”
He chuckled a bit dryly. “Oh, I think I can manage that!”
Good,” she sighed in relief. “If he gets violent with me in any way, I expect you to call the guards immediately!”
I hate to tell you this, my dear, but especially since this is your first time, there is a certain amount of pain – and therefore violence – involved that is unavoidable,” her husband informed her gently. “If he is as well trained as the Princess Regent says he is, then he should be able to please you – even if you don't know what that means.”
I see,” she murmured slowly, and then sighed. “I guess I had better get this over with!”
The drug was still in my system enough that I probably seemed passed out, even though I could hear them. I strained to hear what would happen next, but all I could detect was a soft rustling sound. It took me far longer than it probably should have to realize that the Lady was removing her clothing. She slipped into bed with me, and then hesitantly felt my head.
He's still sleeping. What should I do now?”
Sounding like he was sitting in a chair next to the bed, her husband chuckled softly. “You could try kissing him, and if that doesn't work, explore his body with your hands. You must be curious to know what a young and virile man feels like...”
Hmm...” she murmured, sounding like she knew better than to answer that honestly. Taking his advice, she pressed several soft kisses to my lips. I tried to return them, but I felt like my body literally could not comply. The best I could manage was a slight puckering of my lips.
With a soft sigh, she stroked my body with her hands. With a curiosity that I think only a virgin could truly have, she inspected and felt every inch of my chest and abdomen. Her touch tickled, making me squirm.
She hesitated, and I imagine that she was looking to her husband. Perhaps he gestured to her, but he didn't say anything. With a slight movement that I assume must be her nodding her head, she took a deep breath and touched my shaft.
I inhaled in surprise. Her innocent touch was provoking quite a reaction in my shaft – which had been untouched for some time because I'd been too busy with my babies and too tired to truly be in the mood. My breathing increased and I wondered if her husband would encourage her to hop on and ride me. It seemed a shame that her first time would be a painful and rushed event, but she apparently didn't want me to know who she was or what was going on.
Moaning, I tried wiggling my hands. As I suspected, they were expertly tied so that I couldn't get free, but also wouldn't be hurt. Moaning again, I decided to play along.
Glacèe?” I asked. “If you want me to pleasure you, it's actually easier with my hands free, but I know how much you love having me tied up and helpless...”
Rolling around, I managed to sit up. I still felt slightly woozy from the drug, but not too bad. “Glacèe? You're unusually silent tonight. You're usually ordering me to do all sorts of things to you! Fine, it seems you want me to guess what you want me to do... Um... Would you like to spread your legs before me and have me worship you?”
I heard an inhaled gasp followed by what must be a silent argument, and then a sigh. Slowly, I felt the mystery woman position herself in front of me. One of her legs rested next to me, but the other carefully stroked my face – as if signaling me to proceed. Kissing a path along her leg, I gave her plenty of time to accept the fact that I was about to be the first man who had ever touched her between her legs.
Her continual gasps told me that she was shocked by what I was doing, but also curious. Muffled moans told me that she had probably shoved her hands into her mouth. Taking my time so that I didn't startle or scare her, I parted her lips with my nose, and then quickly located her tiny pleasure center. Unlike Sang-Soif, Ardent, and Amaryllis – who each had approximately pea sized bumps – this woman had an appendage almost as long as a hardened nipple. In this, she was much like Glacèe.
I found it supremely unfair that as delightful and sensitive as she was, she didn't have a regular lover to make her squeal with pleasure. Starting slowly, I increased the intensity of my tongue, probing her curiously. As I suspected, she moaned and sighed happily, surrendering more fully to me.
Never having an orgasm before – I presume since this was her first time – she didn't know what to do. Her head thrashed about wildly as she nearly sobbed from the pleasure. I could sense after a while that she was hovering right on the edge but fighting it. Pushing my face deeper between her legs, I latched on and sucked for a few seconds.
This was all she needed! Throwing her hands to her sides, she clutched the bed and pushed her hips into me as she cried out. Her squeal was long and drawn out and her knees nearly crushed my head.
Oh dear Gods!” She shouted in a whisper. I chuckled, happy to have pleased her.
Are you ready for me to enter you, or do you want more licking?” I asked. “Or do you want to clamp me to the wall and whip me?” I threw that one in just for fun. Besides, if I really thought that this was Glacèe, then it would be highly unusual if whipping wasn't brought up at least once.
Mmm...” she moaned in thought, probably wondering how to answer me without speaking and giving away the fact that she wasn't who I seemingly thought she was.
Well!” I exclaimed excitedly. “You're certainly in a rare mood! Are you actually allowing me to do whatever I want?!” I playfully bit her thigh, and then I sighed in disappointment. “I bet you're testing me, aren't you, Glacèe? You want me to prove that I know exactly what you want even if you say nothing at all. Hmm... I guess I can do that...”
Humming in thought, I tossed out a few suggestions. “Well, my hands are tied, so you don't want me to bathe you or massage you... You haven't pulled out a whip, so you don't want to punish me... That really only leaves one option!”
Still in the perfect position, I softy explored her with my tongue. Even though I made sure to slide my tongue inside her and avoid the overly sensitive spot – for now – she gasped in dismay. I pretended that her gasp was of pleasure and hummed a laugh.
Oh dear Gods!” She whispered again. Tangling her hands in the bedding, she seemed to be holding on for dear life. This time, I took even longer to build up her pleasure. I was having so much fun that I didn't want it to end any time soon!
Ah! Ah! Ah!” She chanted, her voice utterly infused with pleasure. When I thought that she might actually start crying in confusion – probably wondering how anything could feel so damn good! – I decided that the time was right to concentrate on giving her another orgasm.
All of her nails dug into my head as she squealed this time. Her body bucked almost uncontrollably, and she seemed conflicted on whether she should hold me still or push me away. When the hurricane passed, she melted back into the bed.
Now that's my girl!” I congratulated her proudly. “The only question is whether you want another?”
No!” She shouted emphatically, still whispering in order to disguise her voice. Deciding that she had to be forceful with me, she pulled on my hair as a clear signal to move my head out from between her legs.
Settling myself on top of her, I nuzzled her neck and murmured in her ear. “You want me inside of you already?” I asked because Glacèe was demanding and usually wanted me to wait most of the night before I sought my pleasure.
Yes!” She gasped softly. “Please!”
Yes Mistress,” I replied obediently, which is something I have never done for Glacèe. If those words ever passed my lips to her, I was either being impertinent, or sarcastic!
Pushing into her ever so slightly, I decided to pretend that I didn't notice her virginal barrier. “You're so very tight tonight, Glacèe...” I nuzzled her neck again, biting her lightly. “I'll have to be extra careful...”
Working my way into her slowly, I deflowered her as painlessly as possible. Which is actually fairly difficult with my hands still tied behind my back! Good thing I had plenty of practice having sex like this...
It was at that moment that it occurred to me to realize that I had been naked this entire time! Which meant that either my mom had stripped me for this unknown women, or had stood in the room discussing me as someone else stripped me! Neither thought made me that happy, but I pushed the possibilities to the back of my mind so that I could focus on the task at hand.
Unfortunately for the Lady, I had stamina to spare! I think that the drug might be working against their plans, because I could not seem to go off. I tried speeding up a bit, but to no avail. Time passed until even I was starting to feel a bit frustrated – as was she, judging by her lack of moaning. Getting creative, I smiled.
It seems that I have lost you, Glacèe, which means that I am failing your test!” Abruptly, I pulled out of her and shifted position until I had my head between her legs again.
I have no idea how much time passed as I alternated between orally worshiping her and burying myself inside her, but it was long enough for me to figure out just exactly how she liked it. She preferred a moderate speed with a hard thump. In this too, it seems that she was very like Glacèe. If she was only a bit more demanding and knew exactly what she wanted, I may have actually thought I was with my lover. Well, aside from the physical proof of virginity.
Many hours later, she was approaching utter exhaustion. Lucky for her, I was finally ready to pump her full. Getting a bit rougher than I had been, I ground into her as I roared. Not so lucky for her, I was now exhausted too and promptly collapsed on top of her.
She had been alternating between moaning in enjoyment and panting breathlessly. Now, she sighed in contentment and relief. Her fingers caressed my hair for a moment before traveling down my back all the way to my butt. Squeezing me tight, she wrapped her legs around me once more.
Stay right there,” she whispered softly, kissing my neck. “And please Gods, let there be a baby...”
I drifted off, snoring softly. Even so, I heard when my mother returned – presumably very early the next morning. She held a whispered discussion with the husband who had silently watched me have a copious amount of sex with his wife.
Well? How'd he do?” My mother asked.
Exceedingly well,” he muttered, not sounding as happy as I thought he should be, considering that this was partly his idea. “He would have put me to shame even if I were still his age! I am frankly jealous at his stamina and skill when it comes to pleasing women!”
My mother laughed softly. “Did you expect me to choose a man who would treat your poor wife like an oaf?”
No,” he murmured, sounding a bit less miffed now. “I'm simply afraid that my wife will dream of this night for the rest of her life until she goes mad from the need she didn't realize she had until now. He didn't just please her; he pleased her so many times that I lost count!”
Wonderful!” Mom exclaimed softly. “Then – provided that she followed my instructions on how to figure out the right day of her cycle to conceive, and which herbs to take to encourage it – she should be carrying your heir. If not, I am sure I could deliver him to you again next month.”
I wanted to be offended that my mother apparently thought it was fine to offer me up for stud service, but I was so intrigued by what was going on that I didn't particularly care.
We are grateful for your help and will continue to be so if we need it in the future,” he murmured.
Do you think he is likely to wake up?” Mom wondered.
After all of that?!” He snorted in amusement. “I'd be surprised if he woke up before this time tomorrow!”
I heard soft giggling before the elderly husband wondered what was so funny. “I once told him that his prick must be made of magic, and it seems that I was right! I don't think you'll have to worry about your wife conceiving tonight. If she's able, she's more than likely with child.”
I'm sure she'd have to be after a night like that!” He agreed with a wry chuckle.
Mom quietly went to the door and ordered one of her personal guards – I found out later on, only someone so loyal could be trusted to even know I was here – to come in and gather me up like a small child. He pulled me off my clandestine lover, rolled me in a blanket he'd brought with him, and then carried me to my mother's apartment and tucked me into bed.
Mom stood in the doorway to the bedroom I was currently in. “And please untie him. I'd hate for him to lose an arm for this...”
Yes Princess,” the guard replied obediently, slicing the rope with a knife because it was easier than untying it. They quickly left my room.
I stretched out on the bed with a happy sigh. Removing the blindfold, I looked around to find any sort of indication as to the time. A tiny sliver of light coming through the huge glass door that led to a balcony – I assumed and then verified later – told me that it was just barely dawn.
Nodding because that's what I thought it must be, I snuggled into the bedding and drifted back to sleep. My last conscious thought was a profound sadness that none of my lovers were around to cuddle with. I simply wasn't used to sleeping alone anymore...

So...” I drawled after sitting down to lunch later on. “Does the King even want me here?”
What do you mean?” Lily asked curiously, having no idea why I would ask.
My mom tried to look innocent for a moment, and then gave up the pretense. “Yes... after a fashion. He has told me on several occasions that he finds it exceedingly strange that you don't come visit him in the palace like all his other Lords do. But you're right, he did not actually summon you here.”
He didn't?” Lily gasped in astonishment. “Then why is Gavin here?”
That, my love, is a secret,” mom stated, smiling at my sister firmly.
Oh how intriguing!” Prince Collin exclaimed.
Here in the apartment of the Heir to the throne, Collin always treated us like we were his close family. As far as I could tell, he made an excellent father to his own children, but he was clearly more suited to making conversation with adults. Had my mother been forced to marry him when we were small children, I have no doubt that he would have raised us well... aside from the fact that he apparently still wanted to bed me.
Where's Matthew?” I asked with a puzzled frown.
He went to visit his father,” Collin informed me.
That's good,” I replied, hoping that the visit went well. Matthew had rather implied that his father would take the news hard.
We all ate in silence for a minute before a thought occurred to me. “Wait, does this mean that I can go home now?”
Already?! But you just got here!” Lily protest in dismay.
Mom shook her head. “I'm sorry, but it would be too suspicious and scandalous if you left now before paying their Majesties your respect.”
I half glared – one brow raised – at mom for a second. “What would have happened had I refused to play along?”
I would have died of shock!” Mom exclaimed dryly.
Just what exactly do you think of me?!” I wondered, offended... and yet not.
I think that you were the perfect man for the job that needed to be done,” she answered, sounding supremely confident. It was hard to stay mad at her when she put it like that.
Pursing my lips, I sort of half shrugged. “Fine, I'll give you that one, but in the future, if you must send me on such a job, please don't feel the need to drug me first! And if at all possible, don't bind my hands. It's seriously easier to accomplish the mission if I'm not hindered like that.”
Not from what Glacèe tells me!” Mom responded with a hearty laugh.
Mom!” I blurted out in embarrassment. “You're not supposed to talk about that with my lovers!”
Oh? You never told me not to,” Mom rebutted with a smirk.
I shouldn't have had to!” I roared incredulously.
Wait,” Lily remarked slyly. “Are we talking about sex again?”
Apparently,” Collin answered, his own grin suggesting recent fond memories.
Interesting!” Lily exclaimed, smiling hugely. “Planning on sending me on any such missions, mom?”
Uh... I supposed if it ever came up... But I seriously don't think that it will...” mom replied diplomatically. Tossing her napkin aside with a sigh, she got to her feet. “It's time to go mingle with the court.”
Since that was a command from our Princess and not a suggestion from our mother, we found no choice but to obey. With a sigh of defeat, I stood and prepared to go.

Lord Blood!” The King exclaimed happily. “What a surprise to finally see you again!”
My King,” I greeted with a gallant bow.
You have excellent timing, my boy! I was just considering summoning you to the palace to give me a progress report,” King William informed me. “But we'll have plenty of time for that later. Allow me to introduce my eldest daughter, Jannah, and her husband James. They rule our neighbors to the south, I'm sure you know.”
My Queen,” I murmured respectfully, kissing her hand as expected. I thought nothing out of the ordinary until I looked up and saw her staring at me with a mixture of horror and embarrassment. Turning my attention to her husband, I bowed. “My King.” As I suspected, he was fairly elderly, with white hair and a wispy beard. With a smooth but politely interested face, I did not let on that I had any idea who they were.
King William – on the other hand – was confused as to why his daughter was gaping at me. “Is something wrong, my dear?”
Hastily recovering her composure, she shook her head. “N-n-no! I simply find it remarkable how much this man looks like someone I know.”
Have you met before?” King William asked me, perhaps wondering if I had ever traveled south.
Not to my knowledge,” I stated with a shrug. “I'm never out of Castle Blood, so I rather doubt it.”
Of course not,” King William murmured. Shrugging, he changed the subject. “Are you planning to stay long? I have several amusements planned for the next few days.” He beckoned me closer so that he could whisper in my ear. “And there's a certain bet that I'd like to win!”
Majesty?” I asked curiously.
Looking around to make sure that no one was actually close enough to overhear a whispered conversation, the King slung an arm around my shoulder and covered his mouth as he whispered in my ear. “Someone has bet that there's not a man alive who can out last young Auric, but from everything I hear about you, I'd be willing to bet that you can give him a run for my money!”
My King!” I blurted out in astonishment! My eyes crossed as I thought about the possibilities. From what I'd heard about Auric, winning such a bet might require enduring a marathon session of sex of epic proportions!
Well, can I count on you?” King William wondered, scrutinizing me sternly.
Yes, my King!” I agreed before I truly had a chance to think about what I was getting myself into. What am I getting myself into?!
Good!” He stated in satisfaction as he patted me on the back. “I'll let you know the details as soon as possible." And with that, I was dismissed.

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