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Friday, March 6, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 11

My Lord!” A maid gasped urgently, interrupting our lunch. My lovers had been working all morning in the dungeon while my wife and I worked on all the little things that needed doing now that winter was ending. It had been a welcome break for all of us to eat lunch, therefore having our family time interrupted was quite annoying.
Yes,” I murmured, hiding my frustration.
Her Royal Highness is here!” The maid announced. My lovers all jumped to their feet in excitement, despite the fact that two of them were very pregnant. My wife bit her lip in worry as she looked at me.
Your mother...” she murmured, clearly anxious that my mom would simply hate her.
My daughters were all too busy eating (and flinging) their food to care what was going on. Their nannies hastily tried to wipe them clean and get them to behave. Unfortunately, my daughters were unimpressed by the title of Highness, and refused to cooperate.
My mom barely had time to walk through the door, when my lovers all crowded her. “Sanguine!” They cried joyously.
Oh my beautiful girls,” mom exclaimed proudly as she hugged them all in return. “I've missed you so very much!”
I got to my feet and approached the messy group hug hesitantly. “Mom...” I was nervous that she might still be mad at me for getting married so rashly. “What are you doing here?”
She pulled free of her informally adopted daughters and pulled me into a hug too. “Oh Gavin!” She sounded emotional, but I couldn't tell if she was happy, sad, angry, or all three! She held me for a long time, much longer than I was strictly comfortable with. “I've just come from staying with your sister, Sandra, and she now has a beautiful son! It made me so happy that I couldn't stop crying for days!”
Uh...” I murmured, not knowing what to say. “Why?”
She gestured to her nannies – who were holding her four or five year old son (I forget which) and her approximately two year old daughter. “Sure I have these two bundles of joy, but I missed out on so much of your lives! Seeing her son made me wish I could go back and do it all over again!” She squeezed me extra tightly for a moment before letting me go.
Then she turned to face her wards again. “Plus, I was here for their first births and I will be here for these ones!
Glacèe rubbed Sang-Soif's belly and crowed in sadistic delight. “I really think that she might be carrying twins this time!”
Don't say that!” Sang-Soif exclaimed. “I may be the size of an obese cow, but I'm not that big!”
The copious shrieking from my daughters finally got loud enough to annoy everyone. My mother turned to smile at her nannies. “I am almost certain that the young Prince and Princess would love to romp outside with their nieces.”
Yes, Princess,” the nannies both murmured. My daughters heard the word outside and promptly jumped out of their chairs.
My Lord?” My nannies sought my permission.
Yes please!” I exclaimed, finding it hard to think with all the noise. The room soon fell quiet as the shrieks raced outside.
Your daughters are so happy,” mom praised me with a smile.
Thank you,” I murmured, and then – hearing a soft and anxious whimper – I swept my arm wide to indicate my wife. “Mom, may I present my wife? Lady Amaryllis of Clan Blood.”
Amaryllis gave a deep and beautiful curtsey, despite being heavily pregnant herself. “I'm honored to meet you, my Princess.”
I could see that my mother still couldn't decide whether to accept my wife. She stared at Amaryllis coldly for a moment before her expression softened. Holding out her hand, she beckoned for my wife to come closer.
Welcome to Clan Blood, my dear. I hope that you aren't finding our Clan to be too strange...”
No, my Princess,” Amaryllis assured her, daring to step closer as asked.
Mom gave my wife a quick hug. “Forgive me for not visiting sooner, but I was busy with Court matters.”
Of course!” Amaryllis exclaimed in understanding.
Ardent slipped a hand into Amaryllis's and kissed her on the cheek. “Sanguine knows everything there is to know about pain! Including how to ease it. You'll be thanking every God you have ever heard of that she's here when it comes time to deliver the baby!”
Amaryllis gave Ardent a mischievous smirk. “I thought you knew everything there was to know about pain!”
Eh...” Ardent murmured with a shrug. “I'm still learning.”
Amaryllis stroked Ardent's pregnant belly. “I pray that you deliver before me so that I can see what's going to happen and not be so afraid.”
Sang-Soif hummed in sympathy, coming up behind Amaryllis and wrapping her in an awkward embrace. “I hate to tell you this, but likely you will be the one to pop first. You almost certainly got pregnant before us.”
Amaryllis whimpered in fear.
That's why I had the good sense not to get pregnant,” Glacèe muttered almost silently, stroking her flat stomach proudly.
My mother must have decided that she liked my wife after all, because she smiled warmly and pulled Amaryllis into another hug. “Not to worry, I'll be there for you every step of the way.”
Thank you, my Princess,” Amaryllis murmured softly in awe.
Please, call me mom!” My mother insisted. “Or at the very least, Sanguine.”
Yes, my Prin – uh... Sanguine...” Amaryllis replied with an embarrassed blush.
Mama!” Lily called out as she entered the room. Our father was only a few feet behind her. He gave mom a brief kiss on the cheek, but otherwise behaved properly.
Lily and mom shared a long hug. The two of them had spent more time together than either Sandra or I had managed because Lily had traveled back and forth to the palace several times after Sandra had gotten married. When I saw them like this, I felt a tiny pang of jealousy, but then quickly pushed it aside.
You'll never guess!” Lily exclaimed, clearly excited. She didn't wait for my mom to make an attempt before blurting out her news. “I'm pregnant!”
What?” Mom and dad both asked in shock.
Yep,” Lily confirmed with a happy grin. Then she turned to me and pointed with a stern glare. “But don't you dare tell Harvey before I get a chance to. We're still arguing, and I'm not entirely sure he deserves to know!”
Lily...” I groaned. “You can't put me in the middle like this!”
I'm not! I'm asking you to keep your nose out of it! And if he doesn't apologize soon, I'm going to tell him that he's not the father, and don't you dare let on that that's a lie!”
My dad looked a bit green, and my mom looked like she was biting back what was on her mind. Unexpectedly, she smirked. “I think you're a bit too much like me for your father's peace of mind!”
Tell me about it,” dad muttered dryly.
What did Harvey do?” Ardent wondered curiously.
Oh get this!” Lily roared, launching into an explanation. “So he's been seeing this other woman, right? And I have no problem with that, but since he's busy with her so much, I made a joke that he had no idea what I've been doing. He got so mad at me! And I thought: Hey wait a minute! Why is it fine for him to have another woman, but I can't even make a joke hinting that I might be seeing another man?! How fair is that?!”
Glacèe sighed impatiently. “How many times must I remind you; he's a man! He wants to think that you exist only for him!”
Hey!” I protested hotly. “I'm a man and I don't do that!” There was absolutely no way that she could claim that I ever denied her the opportunity to take on another lover.
Glacèe purred and rubbed my chest as she kissed me. “You are an exception...”
Hmm...” I stated with a merely pacified frown.
So... pregnant,” my mom reiterated so that she could focus on the important part. I sensed that she was tempted to toss Harvey in the dungeon, but resisted this urge.
Yes!” Lily exclaimed throwing her arms around our mom again.
Wow! Our family just keeps on growing and growing!” Mom remarked with a grin, returning Lily's hug happily.
Well, most of that is Gavin's fault!” Lily blamed with a giggle.
True,” mom agreed with a smirk. Letting Lily go, she turned to look at me. “So, any more pregnant women I should know about?”
I rolled my eyes at that. “Maybe just two or three...”
Ardent snorted in amusement at that. “Yeah, he's given up sleep completely!”
That is the only way he'd find the time,” Sang-Soif agreed with a soft laugh.
Glacèe shook her head and put an arm around my mom so that she could mutter softly. “Don't worry, I keep him well tied to our bed at night so that he can't stray.”
Amaryllis giggled. “You're all incorrigible! The way you talk about poor Gavin, you'd think he went around seducing every woman he sees!”
My lovers all made a sound of surprise like huh! Sang-Soif was the first to say anything out loud. “You know, you're actually right about that. I'm the only one he had to seduce.”
Ardent laughed in agreement. “The rest of us didn't really give him a choice!”
I threw my hands out as if saying: See! I'm not such a bad guy! Or maybe I was saying: Thank you for finally admitting that!
Well I think you're quite honorable,” Amaryllis murmured adoringly, giving me a light kiss.
I smiled at her happily. “Thank you!”
Well, I guess you managed to please your wife too,” mom remarked with a tone of mild surprise. “I'm not sure why I imagined that there'd be a war between your lovers and your wife, but I'm glad to see that everyone is happy. Your, um,” her eyes swept down my body significantly. “Touch must be made of magic, Gavin! I must admit that I might be a tiny bit jealous...”
I blushed profusely, still embarrassed to be talking about sex with my mom despite the fact that I was a fully grown man with a well known as kinky sex life. “Thanks... I think...”
She smirked at me, and then linked arms with my father. “Speaking of magic! My husband has given me permission to stray while on this trip, if you so desire...”
My dad looked incredibly sad to hear that. “I'll have to think about that,” he murmured.
Don't think dad!” Lily insisted. “If you don't do it, you'll probably regret it!” She turned green quite abruptly, slapped a hand over her mouth, and then ran from the room.
I don't miss those days!” Both Ardent and Amaryllis exclaimed, and then bust up giggling. Ardent held out her hand to Amaryllis. “My prisoner is still recovering, I'm sure. How would you like to go take a nap with me while we still can!”
A nap sounds lovely!” Sang-Soif exclaimed before Amaryllis could say anything. “Unfortunately, my prisoner is doing well enough that I should really go encourage him some more.”
Amaryllis took Ardent's hand with a grin, wished Sang-Soif luck, and then cast me a smoldering look as she promised: “See you later!”
I need to go take care of a prisoner too,” Glacèe informed me, kissing my cheek and groping my butt as a way to tease me before leaving the room. I watched her link arms with Sang-Soif, and then sway her hips as they walked away. Being the only one not pregnant, she was usually in the mood even though all the others preferred me to massage them thoroughly and let them sleep.
A goofy grin settled on my face as I thought about what I might want to do to her tonight – after she had thoroughly had her way with me. She's been compromising lately by letting me do things to her for a change!
Son, try to pull your mind out of the gutter,” dad advised, gaining my attention and pointing to the doorway of the family dining room. Harvey was standing there nervously, looking like he fully expected me to punch him out.
Harvey!” I exclaimed in surprise. I didn't think he'd visit me until he'd worked things out with my sister.
Have you seen Lily? I need to talk to her about something,” Harvey explained, twisting his hat around in his hands.
I'm not sure she wants to see you,” I murmured, trying to be friendly. This was – after all – my best friend, and I shouldn't have to be cold to him just because my sister was currently mad at him.
My mother delighted in the opportunity to intimidate someone. She stalked closer to him with a strange – almost maniacal – grin. “Harvey... Take a walk with me, there's a place I need to show you...”
Harvey squeaked in apprehension. “M-m-my Lady? I mean Princess!”
Mom stretched an arm around his shoulder and started guiding him towards the door. “It seems that you need a few lessons in respect...”
Harvey looked bone white as he more than realized what she was referring to. He was among the few that knew what Clan Blood did for the Kingdom. He stuttered again: “T-t-t-t-tor-torture!”
Yes, Harvey,” my mom assured him, scratching him lightly on the face with her claws. Tiny red lines appeared, but only a few drops of blood beaded up.
Mom,” I stated firmly. “I've made it a rule that my best friend will not ever be allowed in the dungeon.”
Spoilsport!” She muttered in disappointment. Then she shrugged. “No matter! I can just as easily string him up somewhere else.”
Mom!” I exclaimed sharply.
Mom sighed in frustration, but then forced Harvey to look her in the eye. “My daughter may not officially be one, but I expect you to treat her like a Royal Princess!”
B-b-but – uh, yes ma'am,” Harvey agreed reluctantly.
My dad chuckled, probably liking it that Harvey was getting what he deserved. Even so, he decided to come to my friend's rescue. Taking one of mom's hands in his, he smiled at her.
Come love, if I remember correctly, we have something to talk about,” dad reminded her.
She looked so hopeful that it was almost painful for me to witness. “Yes, we do...”
They left the room, which meant that I was alone with Harvey. I shifted around nervously, trying to decide if it would be better to keep my sister's secret, or tell Harvey the news. Neither seemed like the best option.
Listen,” Harvey began, rubbing the back of his neck. “I stuck my foot in it with your sister. I know I have no right to be, but I just get so jealous when she talks about her other lovers!”
Why?” I wondered curiously. I'd never really felt jealousy when it came to any of my lovers wanting to bed someone else. The closest I had come was a possessive protectiveness – usually toward Sang-Soif, who liked it rough enough that I was worried someone else might seriously hurt or kill her. Fortunately for me, Sang-Soif herself had never seemed interested in anyone else – not counting my women.
I don't know!” Harvey roared, pulling on his hair. “I mean I have a regular lover and then a couple who I only see every once in a great while, and by this, I don't mean Ardent and Glacèe. I've stopped playing with them because it bothered Lily. So anyway, I shouldn't be jealous, but I am! Every time I think about another man touching Lily, I see red and want to beat him up!”
I smirked in amusement. It was times like this that an imp sat upon my shoulder and encouraged me to say the worst thing possible. “Maybe you should make a point to watch her with one of her other lovers. I am almost certain that the sight will make you forget why you are so damn jealous and you'll be ready to pounce on her!”
Ha!” Harvey snorted at that, knowing that I spoke from experience. I had watched him with my lovers on occasion in the past. Then his entire mood fell. “So she does have other lovers...”
I sighed and shook my head, half amused and half frustrated. I put an arm around him. “No, according to her quite shockingly honest confession, she's not seeing anyone but you.”
Hey!” Lily shouted angrily. “Don't tell him that, he might believe you!”
Lily!” Harvey squeaked in surprise. He looked both overjoyed and alarmed to see her.
You have some nerve coming to see me today!” She growled at him.
But I had to apologize!” Harvey insisted. “I'm an ass sometimes.”
Yes, you are,” Lily agreed firmly, crossing her arms over her chest.
As they glared at each other in silence, I felt an overwhelming urge to escape, but I decided to stick it out for a few minutes more. “Out of curiosity, are you jealous at the thought of your other lovers having other men?” I asked Harvey.
Well... no...” He murmured with a look of confusion.
Then why don't you just admit that you love my sister and be done with it?!” I questioned incredulously. To me, this seemed so obvious.
Harvey blushed and looked to the floor. “She knows I love her, that's not the problem...”
The problem,” Lily growled impatiently. “Is that he wants to have all the other lovers he wants, but he doesn't want me to have any!” She pointed at me emphatically. “At least you don't insist that your women have only you!”
Is that really the problem?” I asked with a confused squint to my eyes.
Yes!” Lily cried out. “If he would just stop getting mad at me, I would be utterly happy!”
Giving up, I rubbed my temples and sighed. “I'm going to my study to do my work; I suggest you two go somewhere else to continue this fight, and you know, Harvey? If you really came here to apologize, perhaps you should do that.”
I did!” Harvey roared angrily.
No you didn't!” Lily cried out emphatically.
No, you really didn't,” I informed him. “You said you were going to, and then called yourself an ass. You didn't apologize for that either, by the way.”
Huh!” Harvey exclaimed incredulously as he realized that we were right. He pulled Lily into his arms and murmured in her ear. “I'm sorry, I don't know why I am such an idiot at times.”
Slowly, I stepped to the side and then around them so that I could make my way to the door. This looked like it might get a bit more intimate than I really wanted to see. As if confirming my thought, Lily sighed dreamily.
Oh Harvey...” She kissed him, and then announced. “I'm pregnant!”
I cringed, really hoping to have escaped the room before that came up.
WHAT?!?!” Harvey roared. “Who is he?! I'll kill him!”
Lily burst out laughing. “That would be suicide!”
I don't care how tough your lover is! I'll murder him in his sleep if I have to!” Harvey vowed rashly. And he once called me dense! I turned back to smirk at him even as Lily stared at him as if he was the biggest idiot in the world.
Harvey grabbed her by the arms and shook her. “I'm serious, tell me his name!”
Harvey...” she stated, looking at him significantly.
What?” Harvey wondered, clearly still angry. “If you think that I'll cause too much trouble for you with your lover, then good! Because I plan to make it known that you're off limits to everyone from now on!”
Harvey,” I murmured, also giving him a look like he was an idiot.
What?!” Harvey roared, frustrated that we wouldn't answer his question.
Lily sighed and rolled her eyes. “Harvey, there's never been anyone between my legs but you...”
Wait, what?” Harvey blurted out, looking baffled by this information. He realized that we were both still looking at him like he was an idiot and blushed. “You mean to say...?”
Yes,” Lily confirmed with an amused smile. “You're going to be a father...”
Congratulations man,” I added, sort of commiserating because I knew what he was in for. Assuming that he was a decent enough man to at least be involved in his child's life.
I...” this news seemed to overwhelm him, because a moment later, he fainted.
Oh dear...” Lily murmured, staring at him as she wondered what to do.
Good luck!” I snorted. With a wave, I left the room.

That night, I went to Glacèe's room. Ever since three fourths of my women had gotten large enough with child to take up most of the bed, Glacèe and I had been sleeping in her room. This worked out well because it gave us the ability to play around without disturbing their rest. It also meant that Glacèe had felt free to be as rough and demanding with me as she wanted.
Thus, I once again found myself clamped to the wall – facing away from it. Glacèe paced back and forth in front of me trying to decide what to do to me. I watched her think with a soft smile. If she was this indecisive, that could only mean that she had gotten bored with simply whipping me.
Coming to a decision, Glacèe abruptly walked to the door. I'll admit that I pouted a bit when she left because it was never fun to be left clamped to the wall when nothing was happening. She was only gone for about two minutes, but when she came back, she was gloating.
I know what I'm going to do to you tonight,” she announced with a pleased grin.
Coming closer, she said nothing else as she lightly raked her nails down my body. Her nails weren't tipped with sharp claws like Sang-Soif's, but they were well manicured and could have made me bleed, if that's what she wanted. Instead, she activated the electrical device that she always wore on her wrists, and setting it on low – I assume – she sent a strange sizzling throughout my body.
This had the effect of making everything feel at least twice as intense. A mere stroke of her fingers had me shuddering. A firm bite to my right nipple had me trying to squirm free as I gasped out in surprise.
She let her hands hover ever so slightly over my skin as she traveled down my body. When she reached my shaft, I was astonished that I almost squirted right then and there! Only her quick removal of all stimulation prevented me from disobeying her command to not ejaculate.
Waiting until I had regained control, Glacèe then intensified her electricity until it stung lightly. I inhaled a sizzling breath, but found the sensation somewhat pleasant once I got used to it. Glacèe hummed and gave me a soft smile.
I'm impressed,” she purred. “This setting is usually too much for my prisoners to handle. I must have built up your tolerance to pain over the years.”
Must have,” I agreed softly. I can remember thinking that her whipping me was painful in the beginning, but after some time, I no longer recognized it as pain. She is probably right in that my tolerance increased so that even though it was still pain, it just didn't feel all that painful to me.
A knock on the door interrupted whatever she might have done next. Deactivating her device, she went to answer the door. Just before she opened it, she turned to smirk at me with an almost evil expression.
Your prisoner, as requested, Mistress,” a dungeon guard stated as he handed over a leash.
Thank you,” Glacèe murmured, dismissing the guard. She tugged on the leash and even I could see that her prisoner was still rebellious. He resisted her, but his hands were tied behind his back and his feet were secured in shackles that allowed him to walk, but only with small steps. Glacèe forced him to kneel before me, pushing him over slightly as if he was bowing to me.
This prisoner has presented me with something of an conundrum,” Glacèe informed me. “He was sent to us because an influential Lord caught my prisoner in bed with his Lady wife. I'm told that most of the Ladies in the palace have succumbed to his charms at one point or another, and the King decided to send him here and be done with the constant scandal.
That said, he is the youngest son of a different influential Lord who has requested that his son not be tortured unto death. He has committed no real crime other than offending the wrong person. You can imagine my dilemma! How do I punish a man that I cannot torture to death?!” Glacèe threw her arms wide in frustration.
Her prisoner dared to speak, which I must admit surprised me since I had never heard one say anything other than an obedient yes mistress.
What has this prisoner done, and why haven't I seen him in the dungeon?” He asked, looking up at me despite being forced to bow.
Glacèe backhanded him violently. “Quiet you! I may not be able to kill you, but I do have permission to torture in any other way I see fit! Just because I haven't done anything so far does not mean that I won't!”
Oh come on!” The prisoner protested. “It's only fair; you told him about my crime!”
Glacèe,” I murmured, basically ignoring him. “You know that I don't like to be involved with the punishment of the prisoners.”
Oh but Gavin...” she replied with a pout that quickly turned dangerous. “Whoever said that I was giving you a choice?”
Glacèe...” I growled darkly.
She purred and rubbed up against me. “I seem to recall at least one instance in which you had no objections...”
Remembering the event she was referring to, I grinned knowingly. “Oh! Well... If that's what you have in mind...”
Glacèe squealed happily before tangling her fingers in my hair and pressing a demanding kiss on my lips. Abruptly, her mood changed and she pushed against my body roughly. “Were you actually going to try to tell me no?”
Yes Mistress,” I replied cheekily. She responded by grabbing a whip and lashing out at me. I gasped in surprise at how much oomph she put into each stroke. The first two almost – but not quite – drew blood, and the third tore open a shallow gash.
Growling in frustration, she tossed the whip onto a nearby table. “Ardent is going to kill me tomorrow, but I don't care!” She then bent over so that she could lick the blood oozing from my would. “I am a member of Clan Blood, after all...”
I was inexplicably turned on by the sight of her licking my blood! “That's so hot!”
She smirked at me, and then snarled. “Don't you dare refuse me again tonight or I'll give you so many oozing wounds that you'll be afraid to die of blood loss!”
I decided not to say anything at all because I couldn't agree to that, and besides, deep down, she knew that I was not one of her obedient dogs and loved that about me. Proving me right, she also said nothing and turned her attention back to her prisoner.
Yanking him by the hair, she forced him to look her in the eye. “You think you are some sort of exception to the rule because you are the pampered and privileged son of a Lord, well, you're not! You've seen some of the terrible and cruel things we do down in the dungeon and only my sympathy to your plight has kept you from experiencing them yourself. I am warning you now, if you do not do exactly as I tell you to at all times, you will find yourself secured to a rack and left for the rats to feed on! Just see how many women will want you after your face is pocked with scars...”
He glared at her murderously but didn't say anything. She really didn't take kindly to disobedience and responded by shocking him with her electric device. He made sounds like he was being strangled even as his body shook. When she stopped, he had no choice but to fall flat on his face before sort of rolling to the side and laying curled up on the floor in the fetal position.
Glacèe generously gave him exactly one minute to recover before yanking on his hair again. She pulled him back to his knees and forced him to look at her once again. “In the future, whenever I say something to you, you will always and honestly reply: Yes mistress! If I doubt your sincerity for even a second, I will electrocute you again. You understand?”
Yes... Mistress...” the prisoner replied grudgingly.
Good!” Glacèe stated, deciding to be pacified with his answer for the time being. “Now, suck on him! I want to see you do your absolute best to get him off, and if I think that you are not doing your best, I will be right behind you to encourage you.” She proved her point by grabbing a whip and lashing out once across his back. It was a loud strike that left a mark, but didn't draw blood.
I could see the misery in his eyes. Clearly, he did not want to do as commanded, but also realized that she was serious. Being electrocuted must have driven the point home to him that he really was a prisoner with no choice but to do as she said.
I wondered if I should try to put a stop to this punishment. After all, I may be the Lord of Clan Blood, but I was not a professional torturer. My mother made sure of that! However, if I refused to have anything to do with this, Glacèe would have no choice but to bring him back down to the dungeon and do Gods know what to him. This honestly seemed like it might be the slightly more humane option! Biting back a sigh, I did my best to look at him with no emotion to betray the fact that I felt bad for him.
He had hesitated a moment too long, and Glacèe took offense. She punished him with another whipping. He cried out from the pain, and then crawled closer to me. Taking a deep breath, he bent slightly to do as commanded.
I felt very little at first. I mean I could feel him sucking on my already hard shaft, but the sensation did nothing for me. I could tell that he wasn't putting any effort into pleasing me. Seeing the lack of passion on my face, Glacèe shook her head in disappointment and stung him with another lash of the whip.
Suddenly, he was sucking on me as if his life depended on it! I groaned in pleasure and rolled my head back against the wall. Unconsciously, my knees bent just a little and I pushed my hips forward.
Better,” Glacèe remarked dryly. She delighted in forcing him to suck on my shaft until I gave a sign that I was about ready to shoot my load, and then she would have him stop and take a break for a minute or so, praising him on how well he was doing and encouraging him to keep up the good work. The moment I seemed under control again, she'd force him to resume orally pleasing me.
I must confess that he got rather good at it quite quickly. By the fourth time that he wrapped his lips around me, I groaned and nearly lost it right then and there! Not even Glacèe whipping me sternly across the chest could prevent me from going off a moment later. Undeterred, Glacèe forced him to continue, despite my wild thrashing and moaning. I think some part of him took a perverse pleasure in the mild panic I felt.
Please!” I begged Glacèe before I could stop myself. I knew that begging would just make her want him to continue all the more. Sure enough, she whipped him in warning.
Don't stop!” Glacèe commanded.
Taking a few deep breaths, I was able to endure the intense feeling until it subsided to a more bearable level. The moment I stopped thrashing about, Glacèe patted her prisoner on the head and praised him for doing such a good job. She pulled him to his feet and looked him in the eye.
Are you ready to feel him inside you?” She asked him abruptly. “Deep down, you know that he will feel good, and you want that. Don't you?”
You're crazy lady!” He blurted out.
Glacèe didn't take well to his tone of impertinence. She shocked him with her electrical device until she knew that he would fall again. It was almost fascinating to watch him slump to his knees and then fall over. He made sounds like he was trying very hard to hide the fact that he was crying.
Hauling him back to his knees, she tossed him over a footstool so that his back was a flat surface but his head hung. I'm willing to bet he had a pretty good view of his own penis from that angle. Selecting a single tailed whip, she cracked it loudly near his ear.
This? Here?” Glacèe murmured softly, which I knew meant that she had something deadly in mind. “Try your best to remember this the next time you feel an urge to fuck an influential Lord's wife!”
Cringing, I watched her whip him with no regard to how she sliced him open. This was hard for me to watch and truly drove home the point that this was her job and she was very good at it. Until now, I really did not have a clue how easy she was on me.
The worst part; the most condemning part was that I continued to remain hard the entire time. I watched him be be brutalized, and part of me wanted to be inside him while it was happening! I guess that living with my lovers for the past 6 years had given me enough exposure to torture to make me a true member of Clan Blood.
By the third lash, he was openly crying. I felt bad for him, realizing that he must have been pampered his entire life. This was probably the biggest shock he'd ever had – aside from being arrested and sent here in the first place.
By the fifth stroke, he was sobbing and begging the Gods for mercy. Before the sixth strike could even land, he called out: “You're right! I do want to know!”
Glacèe redirected the whip at the last moment, and then stared at him suspiciously. “I don't believe you.”
Crying but trying to stop, he craned his neck to look at her. “I've had a man inside me before. I loved every moment of it, but I thought that there must be something wrong with me! I am the youngest son of a man who considers real men to be quite popular with the ladies, so I talked my way between every set of female legs I could to prove to him – to prove to myself that I was a real man, but I'm not!”
Glacèe dropped her whip and knelt next to him. She pulled him into a comforting embrace, stroking his head as he still struggled not to cry. “There now, doesn't that feel better? I've been torturing men for a very long time – you know? And I've gotten to know men very well. Their deepest secrets always come out in the end, and you... You kept looking at the men on the wall with... interest...”
I know,” he whispered, sounding calmer now. More at peace. “I was secretly hoping that you would tie me up and force me to be raped by all of them!”
All!” I gasped out incredulously. “How many men are in the dungeon at the moment?”
Glacèe shrugged and gestured to her prisoner. “Including him, six.” She walked over to me and released me from my bondage. Then faced her prisoner again. “Why did you want them to rape you? Were you raped as a child and now only find pleasure in pain?”
No!” He murmured fervently, sitting on his feet so that he could look at us better. “My first lover was a very gentle man who showed me only pleasure! I just... I just couldn't...” he sighed, shaking his head. “I couldn't admit to what I wanted and let my father down! My only hope was that men would take an interest in me and force themselves on me so that I could say that I wasn't interested in them!”
Glacèe gently but firmly pushed on him so that he was laying over the stool once more. Looking at me, she gestured to a nearby table. “Bring that oil.”
I did as told, but it didn't occur to me until the bottle of oil was in my hand what it would be used for. To my amazement, I actually blushed! The last and only time I had been with a man – a prisoner who was older than me – he had accepted me inside him while I was still clamped to the wall. This time, I'd be the one actually having sex with this barely 18 year old prisoner!
With a wry half smile, I followed Glacèe's gestured directions. Rubbing him with oil first, I then oiled my shaft and tossed the bottle aside. He watched me with an interesting expression – half eager, half nervous – as I slowly pushed my way inside him.
Glacèe whispered to herself as she bounced in excitement. “They're all going to kill me tomorrow when I tell them about this! That's what they get for being pregnant...”
By this statement, I could only assume that my other lovers deeply wished to witness this for themselves. Chuckling, I worked my way fully inside him, pausing to moan happily when I felt my balls press against him. He also moaned, wiggling his bound hands as if wishing that they were free so that he could hold onto me. I well knew how he felt!
Thrusting in and out of him was much more fun than I expected it to be! He had a different feel than women. It was like he had a little bit more room to accommodate my length, and yet, was also just a bit tighter.
I had the stamina to thoroughly enjoy him. He moaned in pleasure until his moans turned to an interesting chant. It was like he was calling on every God he had ever heard of in a prayer to help him feel the best orgasm ever. At the same time, he started getting tighter and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I pumped him full.
That's enough!” Glacèe commanded in a tone of voice that neither of us dared to disobey. She pulled me out of him, and then quickly tied my hands behind my back. “Wait there!”
Despite being slightly disappointed that I'd been interrupted, I was intrigued by what she had in mind next. She untied his hands and pointed to a glass of water on a table. “Rest and drink that.”
After that, she made herself comfortable in a chair and spread her legs wide. Beckoning me with the curling of a single finger, she gave me a look that left no doubt as to what she wanted me to do. I got to my knees and worshiped her sweet womanhood exactly as she liked it. To this day, I always marvel at how such a hard woman could have such a soft and juicy opening.
Just as I was getting into a good rhythm, One of her hands moved from the top of my head. Barely two heartbeats later, I felt the prisoner caress my buttocks curiously. His touch got bold fairly quickly, and then I felt oil being rubbed onto me. I stiffened in alarm, not having thought about this possibility in the slightest.
Don't stop!” Glacèe ordered me when she felt my hesitation. Her hand on my head firmly pushed to remind me to keep on licking her. Taking a deep breath, I relaxed and surrendered my will to her.
To my eternal relief, the prisoner was every bit as gentle with me as I had tried to be with him. I felt mild pain, but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. To my amazement, the deeper inside me he went, the better it felt! When he was finally buried as deeply as possible, I rocked my hips slightly to evaluate what I was feeling. So far, it was neither good nor bad.
And then he moved and I nearly gasped! Glacèe thunked me on the head to remind me of my job, so I tried to focus on her, but so help me Gods! I loved the feeling of him slowly working his way in and out of me!
I got lost! After Glacèe squirted me with her orgasm and pushed my head slightly away from her, I rested my head on her leg and gasped and groaned in pleasure. I'd love to say that we shared this bliss all night, but unfortunately, I was more than ready to shoot my load. I buried my face in Glacèe's thigh and gently bit her as I roared. I could feel myself squirting even as I felt tight around his shaft.
He dug his fingers into my buttocks and ground into me as his breathless gasp announced his own climax. I was very interested to realize that I could feel him pulsing inside me. It somehow made what I was feeling all the better!
Glacèe giggled softly as she untied my hands. “Oh Gavin! That was so hot! I wish we could do it again this instant, but I can easily see that that's impossible!” She pulled me to my knees, then knelt in front of me. Her lips – like most of her body – were full and luscious. We kissed so passionately that I really wanted to rise to the occasion again, but I was done for the foreseeable future.
You always manage to surprise me,” I murmured, seizing her lips even as I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.
Gavin...” she whispered tenderly, then pulled free of my embrace. “Just give me a few minutes to have my prisoner sent back down to the dungeon, and then we'll go to bed.”
Nodding, I decided to take a few moments to wash up a bit and use the chamberpot. The poor prisoner whimpered when he realized that she hadn't simply said that and he actually was going to be brought back down to that place of horror.
No...” he whispered numbly.
Glacèe didn't say anything, instead opening the door and beckoning to the guard. “He deserves to rest and anything else he wants. Food. A bath. Even a blanket!”
Yes Mistress,” the guard replied obediently. He grabbed the prisoner and roughly forced him to start walking.
Wait!” I called out, coming to stand next to Glacèe at the door.
My Lord?” The guard questioned curiously.
One moment,” I ordered the guard – who tactfully ignored my nudity. Turning to the prisoner, I tilted my head. “What's your name?”
Matthew,” he murmured, seeming confused about why I asked.
Matthew,” I repeated with a smile. “I just thought I should know your name after that, as I am sure you know that mine's Gavin.” I returned my attention to the guard. “That's all.”
Yes, Lord Blood,” the guard murmured. “May you rest well and have wondrous dreams.”
Thank you,” I acknowledged with a nod, and then closed the door.
Glacèe grabbed me by the neck. “Gods! I'm still so horny! You're going to have to please me again before I can fall asleep.”
Ha!” I snorted. “You make it sound like you plan to fall asleep anytime soon. After that, I'd be surprised if we get any sleep at all tonight!”
Glacèe smirked at me, clearly pleased by my remark. “We'll see about that...”
Despite the fact that I was utterly naked, Glacèe pretended to pull me by a leash. I followed her into our bed, and then grinned at her as she spread her legs wide and beckoned me to lick her.
Yes Mistress...” I murmured with mild sarcasm before burying my face between her legs.

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