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Monday, March 2, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 8

I tossed the letter from Sandra aside with a smile. Along with wishing my daughters a happy third birthday, she wanted to let me know that she and her husband were finally expecting their first child. Other than that, life was normal for her. She was busy running the Clan Badger estate and loving every moment of it!
Copious blood curdling screaming falsely implied that someone was being murdered, but I knew better. “Girls!” I roared as if upset.
Daddy!” One of the twins – I was never truly certain which was which – came running into my study and hid behind me. She giggled so much that there's no way anyone could miss her there.
Ree!” The oldest of my four daughters, born of Ardent a week before the others, called out as she ran into the room. Aha, so they must be playing hide and seek!
Shrieks from the hallway announced that my second oldest daughter – born from Sang-Soif – and the other twin were chasing each other in circles. Four daughters! The thought still took my breath away!
Just like their mothers, the four of them always seemed to want my attention at the same time. “Daddy daddy daddy daddy!” They all chanted, surrounding me now and holding out their arms so that I'd hold them. I decided to get down on the floor with them and pretend to be a scary monster.
Roar!” I faked a growl. This had the desired reaction, prompting the girls to all scream and run giggling from the room.
A maid grinned at me as she entered the room. “Forgive me for interrupting, my Lord, but you have a visitor.”
This was not so rare since my grandparents or aunts or uncles like to show up at random for a visit. Occasionally, Harvey would show up to talk about his frustrations in running his farm now that his parents had turned it over to him. Even more rare was a surprise visit from one of the adopted sister Mistresses (and Master, including Frayeur) of my mother's.
I smiled as I wondered who my guest was. More than likely, it was my grandma Mareth, who loved to come dote on my daughters on behalf of my mom. Happy to see her, I waved towards the maid.
We'll take our tea in the dining room.”
I'm sorry, my Lord,” the maid murmured, shaking her head. “But you should probably meet with her in the Audience Room.”
I frowned, realizing that this couldn't be my grandmother. “I see... Are my Ladies still in the dungeon?”
Yes, my Lord,” the maid replied with a nod.
Then can you see to it that my daughters are taken outside to play?” I asked even though it was an order.
I'll let their nannies know right away,” she assured me, referring to the two women whose sole job was to look after our daughters when their mothers and I were too busy.
Curious, I made my way to the audience room, only stopping briefly to make sure that I appeared sufficiently Lordly. Aside from some slightly disheveled hair – a product of playing with my daughters – I looked surprisingly regal. Satisfied, I entered the large room reserved for meeting with any subject that wished to speak with me.
To my surprise, a richly dressed young woman stood waiting for me. She looked nervous, and unconsciously smoothed a lock of her hair as she watched me take a seat on the throne-like chair. She looked barely older than my sister Lily – who was almost 16 now and driving me crazy with talk of getting married soon. Each week, she suggested a different man as her groom! Only her frequent trips to the palace to visit our mother gave me any peace of mind!
I apologize for the unexpectedness of my arrival,” the frankly gorgeous Lady murmured. “But I have something I wish to discuss.”
I'm listening,” I replied, trying to sound calm even though I was intrigued. Normally, no matter what a Lady wanted to talk about, she usually sent word of her visit well beforehand and then arrived with a large entourage. A chaperone at the very least!
She twisted a ring around her left pointer finger nervously. “You see... my father is the Lord of Clan Garnet. We're your neighbors to the east, but my father has forbidden any of us to have anything to do with Clan Blood!”
I knew this wasn't the point she was trying to make, but I was curious enough to interrupt her. “Why?”
She shook her head dismissively. “He was friends with Lord Wolf...”
Oh...” I murmured, understanding that there might be bad blood between my Clan and any Clan that felt allied to Clan Wolf.
Anyway, I am the youngest sister. My brother is the heir and will one day take over the Clan, and all of my older sisters have gotten married and had children. Which leaves me...” She faltered, looking down at her hands.
Yes?” I prompted, a sinking suspicion filling me.
My father wants me to marry a powerful Lord. The son of a friend, but I... I've met him and...” She shrugged helplessly. “I can't explain it. He's always been courteous to me, but he has this aura around him. I just don't believe him to be a good man!”
I chuckled wryly. “So you want me to do what? Toss him in my dungeon?”
What?” She asked in confusion.
Obviously not,” I muttered. “Never mind... What is it you want me to do?”
Will you please marry me, my Lord?” The Lady blurted out rather suddenly.
What?!” I gasped, taken by surprise even though I had half expected that this was what she was getting to.
I know that you may not be ready for marriage yet, but Clan Blood is the closest Clan with an eligible bachelor!” She began desperately. “I would be a good wife to you and still near enough to visit with my sisters from time to time. I'm from the right lineage, and I'm certain that I could bear you many heirs! All of my sister have had at least one son each!”
I could see that she was growing more and more frantic as the seconds passed and held up a hand to stop her. “I'm sorry, but I cannot take you as my wife because I would not make a good husband.”
Why not?” She demanded, still desperate. “Whatever you want, I'll do it! I would even cook and clean like a maid if you required me to!”
I sighed heavily, rubbing my temples. “Listen...” I faltered when I realized that I didn't know her name. She blushed in embarrassment.
Amaryllis, youngest daughter of Clan Garnet,” she introduced with a much deeper curtsey than necessary considering that her Clan was older and more respected than mine.
Listen, Lady Amaryllis,” I started again. “The problem lies not with you, but with me. I am already involved and would make a terrible husband.”
She huffed like the true bred Lady that she was. “Your lover matters not! I know better than to expect your full devotion. I simply wish to provide you with heirs in exchange for the protection of your house!”
So...” I murmured, thinking this over. “You would prefer a marriage of convenience. Are you certain that you don't wish to go to the palace and seek out a love match?”
Love match?!” Amaryllis scoffed incredulously. “Only commoners are allowed to marry for love!”
I sighed but didn't say anything since I had no idea how to argue against years of dogma. She sighed in frustration. Looking to the ceiling, I am almost certain that she was praying for guidance.
Look, if there is anything I can do to convince you, please just tell me!” She finally stated, clearly impatient to have the matter settled in her favor.
Marriage in our Kingdom is absolute,” I reminded her. “If we did this, we wouldn't be able to undo it without some dire circumstances.”
I know that!” She exclaimed as if insulted. I could see her tremble slightly and realized that she was only being defensive because she didn't know what else to do.
With a soft snort, I realized that I didn't have to decline her request. All I really had to do was prove to her that I was already in a strange relationship, and she'd run screaming in horror. Smiling politely, I got to my feet.
Follow me,” I invited with formal bow. “There's something that I want to show you.”
Back on familiar territory, Amaryllis sighed in relief and slipped her hand into the crook of my arm. “Yes, my Lord.”
The first thing I did was lead her to a balcony overlooking the castle grounds. Loud shrieks echoed far and wide as my daughters chased each other around. Their nannies looked positively worn out trying to keep up with them.
Having fun girls?” I called out.
They saw me and started jumping up and down in excitement. “Daddy daddy daddy daddy!”
I gestured for one of the nannies to throw me a ball. She tossed me a palm-sized ball carved out of soft wood. It was light enough not to hurt if they threw it at each other, but heavy enough to toss accurately. I threw it across the lawn.”
Get it, get it, get it, get it!” Their excited cries changed, proving that they had forgotten about me already. I found it ironic that they all repeated everything four times. Slipping away while I had a chance, I led Lady Amaryllis to my Chamber.
She looked around apprehensively. “If your plan is to take advantage of me because we are alone, it won't work!”
Not at all,” I assured her. “I simply wanted to show you so that you would believe me. I have four daughters of the same age because I have three lovers who share a bed with me each night. My bed would be hard pressed to accommodate anyone else, and I refuse to give up any of them.”
I let her look around my chamber, which bore evidence of women – dresses and the like – along with an assortment of implements that made me blush as I thought about what they were used for. She noticed these with a puzzled frown. After trying to figure out what they were, she finally gave up and returned her gaze to me.
So you see,” I informed her. “I wasn't lying when I said I would make a bad husband.”
She was silent for a moment, and then shrugged. “So? That simply means that I would have my own bedchamber and you would visit me on the rare occasion that you wanted to try to conceive an heir.”
I laughed, taken with her determination. “Don't be so hasty, I haven't even begun to tell you about Clan Blood...”
I don't care!” She cried out emphatically. “Clan Blood can be made up of despots and pirates for all I care, so long as I am close to my family and don't have to marry that man!
I tilted my head to the side as I looked at her. “That's not exactly an incentive for me.”
Please?” She begged, actual tears rolling down her face. “I'll do anything you ask! If you want me to prove my sincerity with my body right here and now, I will, just please... please don't turn me away...”
I sighed in defeat, unable to deny a beautiful woman any request, it seems. Tugging on the bell pull, I waited for a maid to arrive. She looked at me curiously since it was still somewhat rare for me to use the bell pull.
Yes, my Lord?”
It seems I am getting married. Could you have the cook prepare a feast and send for a Priest of the Goddess of Marriage. Oh! And send someone to inform my grandparents!” I ordered, knowing that the four of them would spread the word pretty quickly.
My Lord???” The maid spluttered in astonishment.
You heard me,” I murmured with a smile.
Yeeesss, my Lord...” she replied slowly, looking at me as if I had grown two heads. “Right away...”
Amaryllis had gasped happily at my announcement, but now sat staring at nothing with an expression of horror. “Married now,” she murmured.
There's still time to change your mind,” I reminded her, certain that she would.
No...” she replied, shaking her head. “It's exactly what I wanted, just a bit sudden is all.”
I understand that today is a big day for you. Is there anyone you want me to send for?” I asked courteously.
No,” she whispered, shaking her head. “I don't dare risk letting word of this reach my father before it's official. And besides, none of my sisters could get here before tomorrow at the soonest.”
Speaking of fathers...” I began with a grimace. “Mine is currently helping his parents and sister around the orchard. The moment word reaches him, he's going to come rushing back here to yell at me for being so rash!”
I can't say that I blame him!” Amaryllis exclaimed, giggling.
We should probably wait for them in the dining room,” I suggested. And then another thought occurred to me. “And let's pray that my family shows up before my lovers find out...”
Why?” Amaryllis asked as she took my arm so that I could lead her out of my chamber.
They might not kill me in front of so many witnesses!” I exclaimed with a laugh. Pausing, I opened the door to the room I used to stay in before moving into the Lord's chamber. This one was reserved for the Heir, and was decently spacious. “Will this suit your needs?”
She nodded with a polite smile. “It's bigger than the room I have at home. I used to share it with my sister, so this is plenty spacious compared to what I am used to.”
Good,” I stated, running out of things to talk about.
A couple of minutes later, we entered the small family dining room. If I was right, the entire staff was in currently in an uproar. Even so, tea and pastries were waiting for us as I expected.
Just as I indicated a chair for Amaryllis to sit in, I heard a roar of outrage.
Uh-oh,” I murmured in dread.
Gavin!” Ardent yelled as she entered the room. She was followed by Sang-Soif and Glacèe, all of them were copiously splattered in blood. “Do you have any idea what the servants are saying?!”
Ladies,” I began, scratching the back of my neck.
Glacèe grabbed my collar and shook me fiercely. “How dare you keep such a huge secret from us?!”
Ardent pushed her to the side so that she could take a turn shaking me. “And what's the big idea letting the servants tell us something so important?!”
Sang-Soif moaned lusciously, walking circles around Amaryllis. “This must be the intended bride...” She brushed some blood off her cheek with the back of her hand, and then licked it, still scrutinizing Amaryllis as if deciding on her next meal. Amaryllis looked white with shock and probably fear.
Sang-Soif!” Glacèe barked sharply. “Stop standing there like a lump and eviscerate this pathetic excuse for a man!”
Sang-Soif purred in delight at the suggestion, stepping closer to me to flex her claws in front of my face. “Where would you like me to tear open your flesh, my Lord?”
I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Sang-Soif, take Ardent and Glacèe to our room and make sure you all get a bath. I'm getting married in just a few short hours, and I'd like you all looking your best.”
Sang-Soif grinned at me, scratching my face so lightly that her extremely sharp nails didn't even leave a mark. “As you wish.”
I knew she'd do anything I told her to, but the problem was the other two. Glacèe growled angrily. “What do you mean as you wish?! He's clearly in the wrong and deserves to be punished!”
Ardent cried out emphatically in agreement. “Yeah! I should beat him within an inch of his life!”
Sang-Soif decided that Glacèe was the bigger threat, and grabbed her face to bestow a racy kiss. “What's the matter? We all knew this day would come eventually.”
Glacèe harrumphed grumpily, but didn't say anything. Instead, she pouted at Sang-Soif. Ardent stamped her foot.
I know he has to get married eventually, but so soon?!” Ardent asked with a whine. She turned to glare as she walked a circle around Amaryllis. “And it's worse than I ever imagined! She's not only a fancy Lady, but she's gorgeous too!”
And young,” Glacèe added with a tone of betrayal.
Blonde!” Ardent wailed, sounding close to tears. I pulled her into my arms and forced her to look me in the eye.
You're a gorgeous redhead,” I reminded her. “You don't need to feel threatened by my Lady.”
But Gavin!” Ardent whined. “She's prettier than me!”
I kissed her, hoping to reassure her that I still found her highly attractive. She was pacified, but still looked close to tears. Sang-Soif chuckled sensually.
You see?” She asked as she stroked Ardent's chest across her neckline. “Gavin still loves us.” She tucked Ardent's hand in her arm. “Let's go make ourselves look gorgeous.” She looked up at me with a pout, clearly begging for a kiss.
I granted her request, kissing her with a moan because I always moaned in longing when I kissed her.
Glacèe sighed in frustration and wrapped her arms around me as she cuddled up to my back. “Don't you realize how much it hurts to have this dropped on us so suddenly? We thought we'd have months to get used to the idea once you decided to take a bride.”
I grabbed her hands and tugged on her so that she was in front of me. “I didn't intend to hurt you,” I murmured, kissing her.
And I don't intend to let you get away with this unpunished,” Glacèe warned me. “But I suppose it's not too much to ask me to behave, for now...” She pulled free from my embrace and linked her arm with Sang-Soif's free one.
I exhaled in relief as they left the room. “That could have gone so much worse!” I muttered, stroking my neck as I wondered what Glacèe would do to me.
You're bleeding!” Amaryllis gasped, still looking ashen from terror.
I looked down to find that I actually did have some blood on me, but it wasn't mine. I shrugged. “We're called Clan Blood for a reason.”
I see...” Amaryllis murmured even though she clearly didn't see.
Don't worry,” I assured her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You won't have to see or think about the blood if you don't want to.”
Amaryllis whimpered, trembling. I didn't want to get blood on her expensive dress too, otherwise I would have hugged her. Instead, I stroked her silky golden hair.
It's not to late to run screaming...”
This seemed to snap her out of her numb shock. “I never run!”
Chuckling, I walked over to the basin and poured some water so that I could attempt to spot clean my shirt. I didn't dare go change it, knowing that putting myself in the hands of my lovers at this exact moment would likely delay my impending wedding for many hours.
As I was using a damp cloth to wipe away as much blood as possible, Lily ran into the room. She bent in half to gasp as she tried to catch her breath. As soon as she took a drink of water, she felt ready to try talking.
Is, it, true?” She panted, holding a hand to her heart.
Am I really getting married?” I asked in clarification, and at her nod, responded. “Yes.”
Oh my Gods! Gavin! Are you insane?!” Lily demanded, obviously able to speak now. “Dad is going to kill you!”
Why?” Amaryllis asked timidly, relieved to meet someone her own age. “Surely everyone expected a Lord such as him to get married sooner or later.”
Lily looked at Amaryllis in surprise. I don't think she actually believed me until that moment. With a polite smile, Lily made an effort to be nice.
Well, yes, but...”
Are you out of your mind?!” My dad roared as he entered the room. Apparently, he had not actually run like Lily had.
Dad,” I stated, trying to interrupt what I am sure was bound to be an emphatic lecture. I gestured to my bride-to-be. “I'd like you to meet Lady Amaryllis of Clan Garnet.”
!” Dad cut himself off so that he didn't look like an idiot in front of a stranger. “Gavin, may I please talk to you? In private!”
No you may not!” Nana Mareth denied, entering the room. She was arm in arm with Grandma Shelly, and had my Aunt Christine following close behind them. “I want to hear this explanation too!”
I held up my hands, trying to stave off the impending flood of reprimands. “I can explain.”
Please do!” Everyone insisted.
As often happen when the situation called for me to be utterly serious, an imp settled on my shoulder and made me say something likely to get me brought out back and beaten to death. “I got her pregnant and have to do the right thing!”
WHAT?!?!” Everyone roared in unison. “GAVIN!”
Can't you ever keep it in your pants?!” Lily asked, making me blush that she apparently knew the euphemisms now.
Don't you have enough women?!” My grandmothers both demanded.
When did you have the time to do this?!” My father asked, incredulous that I'd been able to escape my lovers long enough to do such a thing and keep it a secret from everyone.
I bust up laughing so hard that I had to hold my sides. “Wouldn't you like to know!” This was impertinent enough to provoke everyone to gape at me. Satisfied that I had a good thirty seconds of silence, I gestured to my unarguably sudden betrothed. She was also gaping at me in shock, probably scandalized by my absurd claim.
My Lady, may I present to you my family. I hope that they come to terms with the situation as soon as possible and make you feel welcome.”
She swallowed a couple of times, and then curtseyed. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Amaryllis of Clan Garnet. I'm so sorry to thrust myself on you all so suddenly, but...” She looked away evasively, probably realizing that simply wanting to avoid one marriage likely wasn't a good enough excuse to pacify my family.
Gavin...” my father groaned. “Did I honestly not teach you how to treat the fairer sex? You're supposed to court a Lady and ask for her hand, and then get married before you work on your heirs...”
I know,” I murmured contritely.
You didn't,” my aunt Christine muttered very softly.
Hey!” Dad protested. “That wasn't my idea!”
Just saying...” Christine replied with a shrug.
My dad sighed, knowing but unwilling to admit that she was right. Trying to talk reason, he began again. “Fine, I understand that you are just trying to do the right thing, but there are other options. Why not get to know each other for a few days before jumping into marriage?”
Amaryllis played the affronted gently bred Lady that she was raised to be. “Excuse me?!”
Well,” my father had the grace to look apologetic. “Surely you can't want to be forced into marriage with a man you barely know.”
Who said anything about force?” Amaryllis asked, offended. “It was my decision to come here. I didn't have to, you know! I want to marry Lord Blood.” She huffed regally. “And for what it's worth, I think you raised an honorable man!”
No one knew what to say to that. I asked everyone to wait for us in the audience room, which was more than big enough to accommodate an impromptu wedding. They all agreed surprisingly easily, though I could hear them loudly discussing the situation as each new member of my family arrived.
The Priest of Marriage was quite elderly, and arrived after everyone else. It seemed that everyone was ready but me! I paced the family dining room nervously, Amaryllis watching me silently.
I'm sorry,” she whispered. “I didn't think about how much I would be disrupting your life. You have no idea how much this means to me. I promise that I will not be a burden on you. I'll be a good wife. I'll do anything you ask of me.”
So...” I murmured in acceptance. “You're really not going to change your mind.”
No,” she stated firmly, shaking her head to emphasize her point. “I'm only 16 and as much as I do want to get married, I don't want to be married to a 40 year old man that more than likely killed his last two wives. You at least seem kind... patient...” She covered a beautiful smile with her hand. “You'd have to be with the way your lovers behave!”
I laughed, nodding in agreement. “You have no idea!” Then it hit me what she had said. “Why would your father marry you to such a man?”
She shrugged and shook her head. “Why else? Money...”
Is Clan Garnet poor then?” I wondered.
No,” she denied, her eyes wide. “That's the thing! We have more money than we know what to do with!”
I see,” I mumbled, probably never going to be able to understand how anyone could be so obsessed with money that they would subject their daughter to such a terrible situation. Offering her my arm, I felt ready at last.
The wedding proceeded as rapidly as the engagement had! I barely had time to look around at all my guests before the Priest was asking us for our vows. To my surprise, someone had even remembered to invite Harvey! I sent him a tiny wave just before I promised to honor and cherish my new wife for all of eternity.
Amaryllis sounded so fragile and lovely as she repeated her vows. Her hand trembled as she slipped it into mine. Her smile was timid and unsure as she literally placed her life in my care. I was once again overcome with nerves as I realized how important this event was and how rash I had been to agree to it. I started shaking too!
You may now seal your marriage with a kiss!” The Priest granted us permission.
I can say with all certainty that I knew how to kiss a woman, but I was so nervous in that moment that I completely forgot everything! Taking a deep breath, I placed a hand on her soft face and leaned forward.
In the background, I heard all my lovers react. One was growling, one was crying, and one was sighing. This distracted me just enough for me to smile and chuckle. Suddenly, I remembered what I needed to know and kissed my bride tenderly. She sighed softly, tangling her fingers in my shirt and clinging to me.
The Priest interrupted us a moment later. “Well done, and now you may feast!”
Servants brought in platters of food and everyone put on a boisterous show of support. I knew that part of this was due to the fact that the majority of my family was made up of simple farmers, and that feasts such as this were rare and an event to celebrate all on their own.
Time passed with us talking very awkwardly until night fell. More time passed, and I noticed my new wife glancing at me frequently. She looked much more nervous now than she had during our wedding! Suddenly, my lovers appeared by my side. They took Amaryllis' hands and pulled her to her feet.
Just what are you thinking?” I asked suspiciously.
Nothing except that it's time for your new bride to prepare for her wedding night,” Glacèe replied, trying to appear innocent.
Glacèe...” I growled in disapproval.
I promise,” Sang-Soif said, smiling at me softly. “We won't hurt her in any way. We'll simply show her everything she needs to know.”
I raised an eyebrow at Sang-Soif. Show her everything? She shrugged and waved her hands. “I only meant that we will be nice to her. I didn't mean to imply anything... improper...”
Hmm...” I murmured, deciding to believe her.
As they led Amaryllis away, my father asked to speak with me in private. We went to my study. I looked at him warily, hoping that he wasn't about to start yelling at me again. He began with a sigh.
Son... I feel bad for how I reacted earlier, but...” He paced the room. “You can't do this again. If you should happen to get a Lady in trouble in the future, she will have no choice but to deal with the consequences all on her own. I pray that you'll keep that in mind...”
Dad...” I stated, staring at him significantly. “Do you really believe I got her pregnant?”
Wait, what?” My dad asked, shocked. “You mean you didn't?”
I have three lovers!” I burst out with a laugh. “When would I have had an opportunity to sneak away and meet Lady Amaryllis, much less get her pregnant?”
Then why did you say you did?” Dad demanded. I think he was still too surprised to be angry. Yet...
Because I didn't have a better excuse!” I exclaimed. “She begged me to marry her and I agreed because I thought: Why not? I have to get married eventually anyway.”
I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. “I didn't understand until I was actually doing it how big a step it is!”
Oh Gavin...” dad murmured sadly. “I wish I'd known that, I'd have tried to stop you.”
I shrugged. “And that's why I claimed I got her pregnant.”
Dad held up his hands and took a step back. “I can't...” He turned and left the room.
I felt my heart sink. Feeling inexplicably lonely, I decided that it was time to reassure my bride that I wouldn't touch her if she didn't want me to.

This is what you meant by nothing improper?!” I roared incredulously when – unable to find my bride in the room I'd given her – I discovered her in my bed being used by my lovers. She gasped, probably embarrassed to be caught in such a lewd situation.
Glacèe and Ardent both giggled. “Relax, Gavin,” Ardent admonished. Glacèe added: “We're only doing as she asked.”
I raised a brow at them in disbelief. Amaryllis was naked on the edge of the bed with Sang-Soif's head between her legs. Ardent and Glacèe were sitting on either side of her, each holding one of her hands and supporting her legs. Amaryllis gasped again, but this time, her voice was definitely colored by passion.
Sang-Soif paused, stroking Amaryllis's breasts soothingly as she craned her neck to look at me. “It's true. We're were trying to explain what was going to happen during consummation, and...”
She was so embarrassed by the thought of you putting anything between her legs,” Glacèe continued.
That we asked her if she wanted us to show her that there was nothing to be afraid of,” Ardent finished, petting Amaryllis on the head.
I agreed,” Amaryllis added breathlessly.
I see,” I murmured, amused by the thought of what might have happened had I not showed up right away.
Amaryllis blushed in embarrassment and looked away from me. “I suppose I am as ready as I will ever be.”
I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “You don't have to do this. I wouldn't force you.”
Amaryllis pushed Sang-Soif away so that she could close her legs and sit up straight. “But I do have to! It's required!”
I chuckled dryly. “I already have my family convinced that I impregnated you. No one has to know if we don't do this.”
My adorable wife blushed a lovely shade of pink. “Tomorrow, I am going to have to tell my father that I am married, and he is going to have to believe me. He cannot for one second believe that there is the slightest chance that I am not fully and utterly married! All it will take is one look at me and the expression on my face will tell him if I did this or not! I have to do this!”
I shook my head. “Not with me you don't, because I am not –”
She leapt to her feet, crossed the distance between us, and then dropped to her knees to beg me. “Please, Gavin? Please! I need this! I want this! I don't even mind those three watching us!”
My expression told her that I still didn't believe her. No matter what my family might think of me at the moment, I was not the type of man to take advantage of a woman unless she clearly wanted me to. As far as I was concerned, all she wanted from me was to protect her by giving her my name; I didn't need to take her virginity in order to do that.
Gavin...” Ardent murmured softly. “Listen to her. She's nervous enough about her first time, she doesn't need you rejecting her.”
I took hold of Amaryllis's hand and helped her to her feet. “I'm serious. I am not going to have sex with you just because you think it's necessary to validate our marriage. When we tell your father what has happened, I'll convince him that I've had you in every way imaginable, so don't make yourself do anything you don't want to.”
Gods! Aren't you listening to me?!” Amaryllis roared in frustration. “I've watched all of my sisters grow up and get married, dreaming and praying that it would be my turn. Now that it is, I am ready to be a wife! I want you to take me to bed and make me a woman!”
Are you sure?” I asked a bit coldly.
YES!” She shouted emphatically.
I smirked at her dryly. “That's all I needed to hear.”
Cupping her face in my hands, I bent my head to kiss her. She exhaled a soft oh, opening her mouth for my exploration. She tasted different than I expected. I don't know why I was expecting a honey sweetness, but she was more savory. I suppose that was probably to be expected after our celebratory feast. Our kiss lingered for a long time.
Scooping her into my arms, I carried her back to my bed and deposited her in the waiting arms of my lovers. “Take care of her a moment,” I commanded them. Their matching grins told me that they were delighted to comply. I watched them all stroke her body and press kisses to her shoulders and back.
Grinning wider than I remember doing in a while, I removed my clothes. It took me a long time because I kept getting distracted. Amaryllis looked up at me and caught me staring. She smiled at me shyly, her eyes drawn to the fact that my body was half naked. All I had left to take off was the plain white, drawstring pants that all men wore under their clothes.
Untying the string, I let the pants fall to the floor. Amaryllis gasped, her eyes widening at the sight of my rigid shaft. I am nearly certain that she had never seen one before, because when I'd seen others, they were bigger than mine, so she couldn't be surprised at its size.
See,” Ardent murmured. “I told you that he was on the bigger side.”
Huh?” I was confused by this.
It's true,” Glacèe confirmed. “We see prisoners naked every day, so we know that most are smaller than you. That said, we've seen bigger ones too.” She smirked at me as if trying to insult me.
The point is,” Sang-Soif explained. “That you can be a lot to take the first time. That's why we wanted to make sure she was properly prepared.
Huh!” I murmured in surprise. I'd never known that. Crawling onto my bed, I resumed kissing my bride.
She started trembling again, pushing me away after a few minutes. “Gavin, please... I'm so nervous! Can you please just get it over with?”
Don't be in such a hurry,” I warned her. Rather than do as she asked, I shifted until I was able to inhale the scent of her obviously aroused and dripping wet womanhood. I delighted in tasting her until she was crying out in a clear signal that she was close to orgasm. Raising my eyes from time to time, I saw my lovers taking turns kissing her and sucking on her nipples.
Amaryllis grasped Ardent's hand and squeezed it as hard as she could as her orgasm shook her whole body and made her squeal. I eased off on the intensity a bit but continued the strokes of my tongue, watching her shudder several more times until she begged me to stop. Gasping, she buried her face in Ardent's shoulder.
Oh, I'm so embarrassed!” Amaryllis cried out.
Why?” I asked with a softly amused laugh.
Did you hear the unladylike noise that came out of me!” She wailed, still not able to look at me.
I assure you, that's perfectly normal,” Sang-Soif informed her.
In fact,” Glacèe added with a soft smile. “If you don't make such a noise at least once, then your lover is simply not doing it right!”
Ladies,” I murmured as respectfully as possible. “Would you mind giving us a little bit of room.”
They all mumbled of course as they shifted to the edge of the bed. It was a comfortably cozy fit for the four of us, but if my new wife wanted to sleep in here too with any sort of regularity, I might need to have a bigger bed made! Grinning, I kissed a path up her belly, paying special attention to her breasts, along her neck, and back to her mouth.
Now,” I whispered in her ear, guiding my shaft to her opening. “Are you still sure you want me to do this?”
Yes!” She gasped of very softly, sounding almost like a begging whimper.
Kissing her so that she didn't dwell on the pain I'm told all virgins feel, I slowly worked my way inside her. She stiffened slightly, but then grasped my shoulders with her nails and clung to me. Very strangely, I missed the sensation of Sang-Soif's nails poking through my skin!
Once inside her, I gave her a moment to adjust, and then began thrusting with a slow pace. She moaned and kissed me to prove that she liked what was happening. Pleased by her reaction, I sped up a bit, choosing a steady pace that I could maintain for a long time. Even better, lots of practice had taught me that if I ground into her in a certain way, I would stimulate another orgasm from her eventually.
Her gasps got louder and louder until she started chanting: Oh Gods! This actually amazed me because – despite having three demanding lovers to teach me – I had never actually been with a different woman before. I had no idea if I was a truly good lover or if I was simply trained to please my specific women.
I felt no hurry to finish, only pausing for a moment when she wrapped her arms around me and held on tight as she squealed in my ear. The moment she relaxed a little, I resumed my pace, prompting her to gasp in astonishment. She was extremely sensitive and worked up now, and already shook with yet another impending climax.
Oh Gods, please!” She begged repeatedly. I'm not sure what exactly she was begging for, but realized that she was probably at the point where she needed to take a break. I considered stopping completely, but she somehow sensed this.
Wrapping her arms around my neck once more, she held me tight. “Please,” she whispered in my ear. I groaned, inexplicably turned on by her pretty begging. Grasping her hips, I ground into her as fast and hard as I could, feeling an extra thrill that she might carry my heir after this. I pumped her full with a breathless moan, and then lay atop her, snuggling into her cuddly softness.
My lovers let me rest for a full minute before pulling me off her. “Well done,” Sang-Soif congratulated me with a kiss.
Ardent snuggled up to Amaryllis, giggling. “Now the real fun begins!”
What do you mean?” Amaryllis wondered in curious confusion.
Gavin was unbelievably naughty today,” Ardent informed her.
So naturally, he must be punished!” Glacèe stated, is if this was the only conclusion anyone could draw.
I chuckled. “I wondered if I would be forgiven so easily.”
Sang-Soif led me to the wall as Glacèe selected the right whip for the occasion. When I had first moved into this chamber, I'd been tempted to remove the shackles and clamps from the wall – disturbed by the thought of my mother using them – but I ended up keeping them because they were used so often. Over the years, my lovers had modified things to their liking...
Before restraining me in any way, Glacèe ordered me to face the wall. “You know better than to fight me on this, so hold still and take it like a man!”
I didn't say anything – probably the only man ever who was allowed to get away with not saying: Yes Mistress. Instead, I braced myself against the wall and waited for the whipping to start. Glacèe had selected a whip that would give me medium hard strokes. They would mostly sting, but could draw blood if she got carried away. She tickled my back with the whip for a moment to build up the suspense and let me know what I had coming.
Amaryllis gasped in dismay the moment before the whip struck. I inhaled a sizzling breath, but otherwise made no sound. Glacèe got into a fine rhythm, exhaling loudly with each strike.
How many, do you think?” She asked the others.
None!” Amaryllis cried out. I sensed that Ardent must be holding her back.
20,” Ardent called out.
As many as it takes for him to fly,” Sang-Soif murmured huskily, standing very close to me.
Glacèe scoffed at Sang-Soif's suggestion. “This is a punishment, remember?”
Her whipping got slightly harder, making me moan. I rested my head against the wall, relishing how the pain brought a strange sense of pleasure with it. Whether Glacèe wanted me to or not, I was close to that spinning feeling that Sang-Soif referred to as flying. I beckoned it closer with another moan.
Glacèe was madder than she cared to admit, and I could tell when she struck me so rapid and fiercely that she drew blood. She roared out in frustration and tossed the whip across the room. True to her long ago promise, she tried very hard not to draw blood, and when she did, she always stopped right away. I groaned in disappointment as my anticipated feeling evaporated.
Sang-Soif purred in sympathy, forcing me to turn and press my back to the wall. She knew that the coolness of the stone would eventually soothe the stinging. In the meantime, she clamped my hands to the wall, and then secured the shackles.
Moaning in longing, I loved the way Sang-Soif pressed her body into mine, facing me. Every part of her was touching part of me as she waited for Glacèe to use the modifications they had made. Now the clamps were designed so that her hands were secured to mine, and the shackles were also made for two. Soon, we were bound so closely together that not even air could easily separate us!
Before starting, Glacèe reached between our legs and adjusted my shaft so that when I inevitably got hard again, it was not trapped. I still had a fairly long recovery time after cumming, but very rarely did I not rise to the occasion again. It actually added to the fun to see just what exactly they could do to me to provoke another erection!
Sang-Soif took advantage of the momentary lull to kiss me. “I love you,” I whispered into her mouth. I love you too she mouthed silently against my lips. Those words – never actually spoken out loud – made my heart soar!
With a new whip in hand – a multi-tailed flogger that Sang-Soif just loved, and I rather liked myself – Glacèe began the whipping all over again. Obviously, with Sang-Soif in front of me like this, she absorbed the majority of the blows. I felt the occasional sting on my sides, but the point of this beating wasn't to abuse me it was to be part of something that I could never truly give my beloved. I had a soft touch that could evoke pain from her, but I was always too afraid of truly hurting her.
Lucky for Sang-Soif, Glacèe utterly loved inflicting pain! It always made her so horny that her orgasms after a whipping were mind-blowing, or so she constantly told me. She was certainly sopping wet after she finished whipping us!
Glacèe took her time to give Sang-Soif exactly what she wanted. Each lash made her wiggle her body against mine, her thighs stimulating my shaft. She moaned into my mouth and I respond by groaning softly into hers.
In the background, I could hear Ardent and Amaryllis softly discussing what was going on. Ardent was probably explaining how much Sang-Soif adored this, and how I rather like it myself. Amaryllis's continual gasps of shock told me that she was having a hard time believing that anyone could actually like being beaten!
Hearing how Sang-Soif's cries changed the closer she got to sheer bliss made me want to be inside her and feel every moment with her. My shaft was slowly getting hard again, and we both rocked our hips in a way that would hopefully lead to me sliding into her, but unfortunately, we were simply too close together. Normally, Ardent would obligingly lend a hand, but she was too busy teasing my wife, from what I could hear.
Ah Ah Ah!” Sang-Soif cried out rapidly, getting louder with each repetition. She threw her head back and sang out a long and beautiful note as her body trembled against me. I longed to gather her in my arms and hold her tight, but settled for tangling my fingers in hers and squeezing.
Glacèe continued to whip her lightly until Sang-Soif slumped against me the best she could. Her soft gasps sounded like she was still half in heaven. Glacèe took the time to release Sang-Soif slowly, starting with her feet, so that she wouldn't collapse into a puddle on the floor and hurt herself. Slinging an arm over her shoulder, Glacèe helped Sang-Soif over to the bed, and then tucked her in with a smirk at Ardent and Amaryllis – who were utterly occupied with each other.
Returning for me, Glacèe released the clamps and unlocked the shackles, then tied my hands behind my back. Dragging me to the small but sturdy rectangular table, she forced me to my knees, and then sat on the edge of the table. Pulling my head between her legs, she rested a foot on each of my shoulders.
Do a very good job!” She warned with a growl.
Always,” I promised in a husky whisper before worshiping her in the way I know she just loved. She liked me to be rough, sucking on and even biting her. Unfortunately for me, she was already much too excited and shook with orgasm before I could thoroughly enjoy my meal. Breathing heavily in bliss, she sighed dreamily.
You did well enough,” she praised gruffly, ruffling my hair for a second before melting onto the table. “Ardent, he's all yours, if you want him.”
Untie him and send him over here,” Ardent responded. “I want to do that thing I love, only I'm on top this time!”
I watched with a delighted grin as Ardent continued to kiss Amaryllis while she waited for Glacèe to gather up the motivation to free my hands. It took her a few moments, but then she sighed reluctantly and sat up once more. Noticing my hard shaft, she smirked.
On second thought...” Glacèe murmured, pushing me into the nearest chair. Practice helped me land without hurting the hands tied behind my back. She turned away from me as she sat on my lap, sliding my shaft inside her with an appreciative groan. Watching the copious kissing on the bed, she fingered herself until she experienced another – lighter – orgasm.
I was ready to pump her full, but held back because she usually commanded me not to go off inside her. It gave her a perverse pleasure to deny me, and an even more perverse pleasure if I was forced to go off inside her anyway so that she could punish me again. Tonight, I had already had my fill of whipping.
With a pleased smile, she pulled me to my feet and freed my hands. Smacking my left butt cheek with her hand, she commanded: “Go on!” As she pointed to the bed.
Finally!” Ardent called out happily as I climbed into bed. She was already laying on top of Amaryllis and had been for quite some time. Apparently, she liked kissing the Lady! Now that I was back in bed with them, Ardent adjusted her position so that she was pressing her groin into Amaryllis's. “You'll like this, I promise.”
Patting her rear enticingly, Ardent invited me to slip inside her. I knew that she loved this position, but was usually on bottom. I think it tickled her fancy that my Lady wife was under her. More than willing to comply, I pushed my shaft into her slippery opening. My movement ground her into Amaryllis, who gasped in surprise.
I'd like to claim that I suddenly found the stamina to last all night, but to my shame, the moment Ardent started squeezing my shaft – which indicated that she was close – it took everything I had to hold out until she orgasmed. Both she and Amaryllis cried out softly, which I took as a good sign. With a roar of triumph, I pumped her full, grinding into her as deeply as possible.
Ardent was ready to go to sleep as soon as possible, but waited for me to finish before pulling away and flopping onto the bed. This allowed me to get comfortable on top of my new wife. I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. “So... do you feel like a woman now?”
She giggled, snuggling into me. “Yes! You may not be able to honestly claim that you know me in every way possible, but it sure feels like I've gotten to know you extremely well tonight!”
Did you have fun with Ardent?” I asked, wishing that I had been able to pay more attention to them.
Yes...” Amaryllis replied with a blush. “That thing just now? Magical!”
I know what you mean,” I chuckled, kissed her again, and then fell asleep.
Magical...” Amaryllis repeated sleepily as she drifted off.

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