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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rohana - Part 3

So I know that most of you probably don't remember this story at all, lol! That's okay, you don't really need to. Just know that Rohana has found herself quite abruptly married to a man who is NOT the one she planned to marry. This is her wedding night :-D You can actually read the first part here if you'd like, and then follow the links back here :-)

Part 3

The celebration dinner was nerve-wracking in that it seemed like every time Rohana felt her stomach settle down enough to take a bite of food, someone would demand that her husband kiss her. Each time he did so, her stomach seemed to do flips and her heart raced. At one point, a young and pretty Lady approached her with a becoming blush.
I'm the court painter,” she said in introduction. “Would you please honor me – my Queen – by slowly leaning in to kiss your new husband so that I may sear it into my mind for a painting to celebrate the occasion?”
Rohana took a deep breath, and then gave her a faint smile. She turned to look at her husband and nodded very slowly. It took her another deep breath to brace herself for what she was about to do, but then she leaned over slowly and pressed her lips to his.
He moaned in longing, placing his hand on the back of her neck and deepening their kiss. Not entirely sure what to do, Rohana placed her hand on his heart. Half of her was tempted to push him away while the other half was tempted to pull him closer.
When the kiss finally ended, Rohana looked into her husband's dark brown eyes in astonishment. The Lady Painter grinned at them, curtsying as she murmured: “Many thanks... I am certain this painting will be an utterly romantic depiction of tonight.”
Rohana hummed vaguely in agreement, her eyes still on Felix and his on her. He smiled at her, seeming genuinely pleased by her kiss. She was very tempted to do it again!
My King...” a Priest interrupted them softly. “It's time for the Ritual of Blessing...”
Felix blushed, and then leaned over to whisper in her ear. “I hope someone thought to warn you about this.”
Warn me about what?” She wondered, having no idea what he was talking about.
Oh boy,” he muttered nervously, getting to his feet. He helped her to her feet as well, and then turned to address their wedding guests. “I pray you all have a festive evening. As for us, it's time to receive the traditional marriage blessing.”
Rather unexpectedly, in Rohana's opinion, almost the entire assembly clapped in genuine happiness. As one, they intoned: “May you be blessed with many children!”
After that, King Felix led his new wife to an exit that led to his private hallway. The hallway led to his room – as she would soon discover. In the hallway, there were two other Priests and three Priestesses. All wore thick white religious robes that looked positively smothering. However, the robes did highlight their various shades of chocolate skin to make them look wise and ethereal.
I'm sorry no one thought to explain this to you,” Felix informed her. “But we have a ritual here in Uridian that is performed for every newly wedded couple on their wedding night. It's a sort of prayer to our Gods to bless us with our first child.”
Oh boy...” Rohana murmured softly, mirroring his sentiment from a few minutes before.
I would like to remind your most serene Majesty that you did vow to honor our Gods as well,” the Priest in charge of the group stated gently as he looked at her.
Yes...” Rohana whispered. “I intend to keep my vow.”
They all walked in silence until they reached King Felix's large chamber. Once inside, the Priestesses smiled at her kindly. They were all young and pretty, which didn't really make sense to Rohana. She was used to priestesses being older and matronly.
I have asked Lord Arturos about Valley Kingdom's customs, and they are different from ours,” one of the Priestesses began. “I feel that it is my duty to try to explain... Well, our ritual of blessing is... a bit... hands on. The three of us,” she gestured to her two sisters, “shall bestow blessings on His Majesty as the three Priests bless you. As they bless you, they are going to try to guarantee that your body is in optimal condition to conceive a child.”
Rohana bit her lip as she frowned in thought. “Uh... how?”
The Priestess smiled kindly, stepping closer so that she could take hold of Rohana's hand. “There's a spot on a woman's body that the Gods have gifted her with. Our Gods promise that if that spot is stimulated according to their instructions, they will almost certainly bless a newly married couple with a child. But before that can begin, I need to examine you to ensure that you are not already with child.”
In our Kingdom, it is very important that the Royal line be genuine,” the lead Priest explained.
Rohana blushed at least ten shades of red. “I-i-it is true that I was s-s-supposed to marry someone else, but I swear to you that no man has ever touched me l-l-like th-th-that!”
Ah...” King Felix murmured in enlightenment. “So that's why that guard looked at you like he did.”
Yes,” Rohana whispered, looking to the floor in shame because she still prayed that there might be a way to get out of this and go home with Chyllen.
I do believe you,” the kind Priestess said with a soft smile on her warm brown face. “However...”
She led Rohana to the bed – which was in a separate room. This gave them privacy for a moment as the other two Priestesses joined them, shut the door, and then stood guard. Slowly, Rohana was undressed.
I understand that you are a reluctant bride and may never understand our customs. If you actually had turned out to be pregnant with your first fiancĂ©'s child, we could have petitioned to have this marriage dissolved.” She shrugged helplessly, knowing that the Valley Kingdom felt that it was bad luck to become lovers before getting married. Thus Rohana was almost certainly telling the truth.
Once Rohana was naked, she was asked to lay on the bed as the Priestess felt her breasts and abdomen. Nodding in satisfaction, the Priestess firmly insisted that she be allowed to check between Rohana's legs. Rohana took a deep breath and tried to relax as the Priestess very gently inserted a finger inside Rohana – who blushed another 10 shades of red!
She is a virgin and does not carry a child,” the Priestess confirmed to her sisters. Then held up a finger asking them to wait a moment. “Our Priests will be touching you here,” she explained to Rohana, demonstrating with a finger. “They will use their hands and their mouths, but they will not take your virginity – which belongs to your husband. So please – even though you will be embarrassed and reluctant to comply – please trust our Priests to do their job, bless you on behalf of the Gods, and not to do anything they're not supposed to. Please try to relax...”
Rohana had to take a few deep breaths to quell the rising panic, but finally, she nodded. “I'll... try...”
Good,” the Priestesses all stated with a relieved smile.
Now, the Priests should be finished advising the King on how the Gods expect him to treat his wife. It's time for the blessing to begin.”
With that, the two guarding the door opened it. Rohana was tempted to cover herself with a blanket, but understood that if the Priests – and presumably her husband at some point – were going to be between her legs, then the covers would just be removed anyway. She took more deep breaths and did her best to ignore the feeling that she was somehow betraying her Gods.
The three Priestesses sensually undressed Felix – slowly revealing his gorgeous bronze skin – informing him that his bride was indeed untouched and ready to bear his child. Felix kept looking over at his wife, who had one arm across her chest and her other hand covering her womanhood. He smirked when he realized that he was staring at her like a pervert, and then looked to the floor in an attempt to make her feel better.
Meanwhile, the Priests removed their robes to reveal the fact that they were all muscular and pleasing to the eye in their various shades of chocolate. They wore shockingly little, just tiny garments that covered their manhoods, and not much else. Rohana gasped in alarm, not sure if she was supposed to look at them, her husband, or the ceiling since it was not in a state of nudity.
After the Priestesses finished undressing Felix, they removed their own robes. Rohana was interested to see that they also wore the tiny garment that covered their womanhoods, but nothing else. This left their breasts uncovered, all of which where different shades of creamy mocha with dusky rose nipples. A quick glance assured Rohana that her breasts looked similar enough to theirs size wise that she had nothing to be ashamed of. This was actually a relief since she had always felt on the small side.
Felix was led to bed, laying down beside her. She couldn't help but look at him as she wondered what exactly would happen next. He looked over at her just then, saw the expression on her face, and smiled softly.
I'm nervous too,” he assured her. “I've never been married before, so I've never received this blessing.”
Even so, you at least knew what to expect...” Rohana murmured, glancing at the three Priests who stood next to the bed.
Three is a sacred number to us,” Felix explained. “That is why we will each be blessed three times.”
I see,” Rohana said, and then nodded. “Three is one of our sacred numbers too.”
Let us begin,” the Head Priest murmured. He gestured for one of the other Priests and one of the Priestesses to climb into bed. Rohana whimpered apprehensively, but to her surprise, the Priest simple sat cross-legged near the end of the bed and pulled one of her feet into his lap.
He massaged her foot even as the Priestess massaged Felix's. Rohana sighed in relief, and then moaned in unexpected pleasure. With a skilled hand, he massaged her feet and calves thoroughly for at least 20 minutes before moving onto her thighs. When she thought to look over at her husband, she saw that he was receiving the same massage.
Just when Rohana had relaxed completely, the second Priest started massaging her arms, shoulders, and breasts. When he started, she didn't object, but the moment her touched one of her breasts, she gasped and had to bite her tongue to prevent herself from protesting. She had promised to try and relax, but he was making it difficult on her!
Even as she was thinking this, the first Priest reached the top of her thighs and gently pressed the pad of his thumb to a spot in her womanhood that nearly made her jump out of bed. She squeaked in protest even as the second Priest held her down. He wasn't being forceful so much as he was trying to keep her calm. He continued to massage her breasts, and she had too much to think about, dividing her attention in half.
Felix slipped a hand into hers and squeezed. “I understand that you are nervous, but please try to relax or you may not be able to receive the Gods' Blessing.”
Are you sure this is how the ritual goes?” She asked, nearly whispering so that she didn't offend anyone.
Yes,” he stated, squeezing her hand again.
With a deep breath, Rohana mentally vowed to surrender her will to his Gods. Their marriage prevented his Kingdom from a civil war, after all. Therefore, offending his Gods could bring disaster on Uridian! Exhaling, she relaxed as much as she could.
The next moment, she gasped in surprise. The Priest between her legs seemed to be lighting her body on fire! She looked down to see if there were actual flames consuming her, but couldn't see anything. Moaning, she squeezed her blue eyes shut as tightly as possible.
Satisfied that she wasn't about to run screaming from the room, the Priest replaced his thumb with his tongue, stimulating her pleasure center until she was literally sobbing.
What's wrong with me?!” She wailed in confusion. “I have no idea what's happening!”
The head Priestess laughed softly. “There's nothing wrong, I assure you. It sounds as if you are well on your way to receiving your first blessing.”
Oh!” Rohana gasped in both enlightenment and pleasure. “Oh! Oh my!” She choked on another gasp as a keening wail escaped from her. She was so embarrassed by the sound she had no control over that she grabbed a pillow and tried to shove it in her mouth.
A groan of disappointment came from Felix, which made one of the Priestesses giggle. The moment Rohana felt calm enough – despite panting and gasping for air – she tossed the pillow aside so that she could find out what had happened. She looked over to Felix, thankful that the Priest between her legs was moving away.
Felix was still holding her hand, so she squeezed it hesitantly. He returned her squeeze, chuckling as he looked at her. She noticed that the Priestess that had been massaging him was also moving out from between his legs.
Unlike you, I must be denied,” he informed her.
What do you mean?” She wondered, having no idea what he was referring to.
Well you just received your first blessing, which was a pleasure so powerful that it made your whole body shake, correct?” He asked.
She blushed and looked away from him as she softly admitted: “Yes...”
He nodded and brought her hand to his lips to kiss it. “I cannot feel that just yet. Instead, it is the Priestesses' job to bring me as close as possible to feeling that, and then deny me.”
But why?” Rohana asked, baffled and just a bit horrified.
The Priests and Priestesses all chuckled softly. One of the Priestesses decided to explain it to her. “In this way, he is being primed by the Gods.”
Think of it like ensuring that one's arrow is perfectly ready to shoot before aiming at a target,” the Head Priest added. As he said this, the Priest that had been massaging her breasts shifted to between her legs, but then simply stroked her arms and belly soothingly for several long moments.
Oh,” Rohana murmured, still not fully understanding this concept, but at least willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. She watched as the second Priestess lightly stroked Felix's body before pressing kisses to his abdomen, thighs, and then... Rohana didn't know what to call it, so she forced herself to ask.
What, uh... Er... What... is that... called?”
The Head Priestess smiled. “Do not be ashamed to ask such questions. Are you referring to the penis or the scrotum?” As she asked, she very clearly pointed to the parts in question.
Both, thank you,” Rohana muttered, looking away in embarrassment. Then, staring at the ceiling, she asked her next question. “Why would anyone kiss such a thing?”
Because it feels very good,” the head Priest answered with a suggestive grin. “The Priestesses can return at a later time to teach you, if you'd like.”
Uh... Perhaps...” Rohana whispered hesitantly. “I think I might like to know what I am doing...”
Felix gasped at her words and the Priestess attending to him stopped what she was doing very abruptly. “That was close!” She announced, and then grinned. “My my! Your Majesty certainly likes that idea. Rest assured, we will come help her until she feels confident that she knows what she is doing.”
In the meantime,” the Head Priestess commanded firmly. “Roll over!”
Felix complied, presenting her with his back. She proceeded – now that it was her turn – to massage him from shoulders to calves. As she did so, the second Priest got busy trying to give Rohana her second blessing.
Rohana moaned and gasped in pleasure, reaching for Felix's hand again. He had pulled free from her grasp as he turned over, but now gladly held her hand once more. She gripped it tightly as she whimpered and then cried out passionately.
Oh dear Gods!” She gasped after she stopped shaking and felt she could speak again. “I'm not sure I can survive another blessing like that!”
Everyone chuckled and assured her that she would. The Head Priest helped her roll onto her stomach so that he could massage her back as well. She now understood that – not only did it feel wonderful – but it gave her time to relax again and recover from her second blessing.
In fact, it felt so wonderful that she almost certainly fell asleep, but then woke back up when the head Priest rolled her over once more. He smiled at her, winking to let her know that he had noticed her fall asleep, and that it was just fine. He carefully got into position to pleasure her, allowing her plenty of time to grow accustomed to the idea of receiving her third blessing.
Rohana felt lucky to be half asleep when he began because this Priest had a noticeably greater amount of skill! His practiced touch seemed to know exactly what spots set her on fire the most. It really didn't take him long at all to make her squeal and shake and clutch the bed as she arched her back. A fluid gushed from her that felt like sheer bliss.
As she sighed and melted into the bed, all six attendants clapped to congratulate her. Not only had she received all three blessings, but the Gods had been extra kind to her – which was rare. They considered it a sign that she was certain to become pregnant.
Even as they said this, she became aware that her husband was grinning at her. He had apparently been so happy watching her that the Head Priestess barely had to touch him before it was evident that he was about to lose his stamina. He patiently waited for her to stop gasping.
The only problem was that she felt incredibly sleepy. Her eyelids fluttered shut a few times as she forced herself to open them again and look at him. He brushed her beautifully messy hair out of her face, smiling at her as if he found her adorable.
I know that you probably wish that you could go to sleep and continue this in the morning, but if you did, we'd have to start all over again. Therefore, I promise that I'll try to make this quick, if you want.”
That would be a shame,” the Head Priestess whispered, trying not to be heard.
You're not going to try to make me wet myself again?” Rohana asked, embarrassed that she had done so, but trying to put on a brave face for him.
Probably not,” Felix replied with a wry chuckle. “I don't actually know how to do that yet.”
Good,” Rohana stated in relief. She looked away from him to hide a dreamy expression. “Although it felt strangely...”
Glorious?” One of the Priestesses supplied with a knowing grin.
Yes...” Rohana admitted, blushing yet again.
Felix shifted until he was laying on top of her. Rohana looked around, feeling mildly alarmed when she realized that none of the Priests or Priestesses were leaving. She looked at the door, as if willing them to go.
Felix noticed this and kissed her. “They have to witness this,” he informed her. “They have to be able to verify that they performed the ritual and that we consummated our marriage. Not to mention the fact that you were not already with child...”
Oh!” Rohana exclaimed in understanding. “I see... This is all to be able to reassure everyone that – should I conceive a child – you are undeniably the father! That makes sense, especially since I was engaged to be married. I can see how some people might question... this...”
Exactly,” Felix stated, sincerely glad that she understood. He kissed her, gently at first, but then ever deeper until she moaned in longing.
Rohana intuitively knew that he would not do anything more until she gave him some sign that she was fully ready. She felt it would be too embarrassing to beg him, so she wondered what to do. Inspiration struck slightly when she realized that her legs needed to be farther apart for him to do what needed to be done, so she slowly wrapped them around his waist.
He groaned, perilously close to finishing before he even started. The only problem he had with the ritual to prime him and make him abundantly ready to conceive a child was that he was now so sensitive that he was afraid he'd waste his seed! Taking a few breaths to calm himself, he used a hand to guide himself inside her.
She was so wet and ready that he slid into her rather abruptly. This shocked both of them! Rohana held still a moment to adjust and allow the small pain to fade, and Felix held still to give him time for the urge to fill her up to pass.
When ready, he began to thrust. He really wanted to last as long as possible since he had an audience, but maybe two minutes later, he lost all control and pumped her full. He groaned in both pleasure and disappointment.
Before he could do anything, their audience intoned respectfully: “It is done.” They bowed, and then left the room. As the head Priest was leaving – the last to do so – he paused and smiled at them. “Just so you know, by the time they receive the third blessing – all husbands find it impossible to hold back longer than a minute or two.”
Feeling relieved by this news, Felix nodded his thanks, and then settled himself on his wife so that they could go to sleep.

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