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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Extras: Chapter 19

I've mentioned the Tesla car in a couple of stories, so here's a link to tell you what I'm talking about :-)

Tesla Car

And a pic:

And yet another dress, lol!

 She says that the top covers her nipples and areolas, although it IS a Lady Leeza creation, and so probably looks a bit like this pic above.

 However, the bottom is completely sheer like this. It also bells out from the hips on down. The only thing I can't show visually is that it's supposed to bell out so much that it forms ripples and waves that do actually give the illusion of cover, but whatever, lol!

Here's another example of what it might have looked like :-)

Except that this one is much longer than it's supposed to be. We can just say that this is a very similar dress that's in her closet, lol!

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