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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Extras: Chapter 16

The slinky dress looks something like this in my mind :-) 
But perhaps a tad more see through, lol!

 And then they do a tango :-D 
I have a couple of possibilities for what they could have done:

 This is the more likely dance because if you discard the music in the video, the dance itself is somewhat simple, and thus could have been danced to music played by amateurs.

That said, they weren't really copying a routine here, so they could have been dancing any or all of the steps in these examples too, lol!

Ahhh... So sexy... :-D

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  1. I love these videos. I read this story a while ago but the cry wheel routines and all the lacy dresses flooded my brain followed by the tangos and I went on a hunt through this story to find them because I didn't see the story's extras in the extras tab. I love these, thanks :). Hope your day is going as great as mine is now!


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