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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Chapter 21


After promising Nathan that I would be back as soon as possible, I kissed my mirror, grabbed my phone, and called Ian. He answered sleepily, which probably meant that I had just woken him. This reminded me that it was still pretty early in the morning here.
Hello?” Ian mumbled. I'm willing to bet that he hadn't checked his caller ID before answering or else he probably would have asked what I wanted instead.
Ian, wake up! I need you!” I informed him with giddy urgency.
Why?” He groaned reluctantly. “What happened?”
Nathan and I are getting married!” I announced with an excited squeal.
Whoa! How long was I gone?” Ian asked incredulously.
Not that long,” I murmured. “The problem is that the wedding is set for four days and the longer I have to wait here for you, the less time I'm going to have!”
What the hell is with you?!” He roared angrily. I could tell that he had sat up in bed and was now glaring at his phone. “Can't you ever wait for anything?!”
Nope!” I cheered, not sorry in the slightest.
Argh!” He growled in aggravation. “Fine, I'll be right over!”
Thank you!” I purred just before he hung up.
It didn't take him long to arrive, and despite his earlier anger, he greeted me with a warm and friendly kiss on the cheek. “So... how did you finally decide to get married?” He asked.
Fritz asked me to marry him, and I had to go to talk to God – who I named Bruce, haha! – so I asked him to give me permission to marry Sir Barrett if Nathan still didn't want me. Bruce gave his permission, so I told everyone that he wanted me to marry Sir Barrett, and that upset Nathan enough to finally give him a reason to ask me!” I summed up the situation quickly.
About time!” Ian cheered, hugging me because he knew how much I wanted this. Holding his hand, I kissed my mirror and brought us both to my bedroom in Rolandia. Nathan was waiting for us.
That didn't take too long,” he murmured happily. “It's still today!”
I chuckled and threw my arms around him so that I could kiss him. “So... Your mother is taking care of the invitations, Lady Leeza is decorating the palace, and Lord Antony is in charge of making sure there's a feast... What do we have to do?”
Well, you have to have a dress made, but I somewhat gather that you've already been working on that with Lady Leeza,” Nathan replied.
That's true, we have something fabulous in mind,” I stated with a mysterious smile.
And I can wear my dress military uniform, or I can wear the colors of my Royal House,” he murmured, obviously thinking this through. “I suppose, other than that, we don't have to do anything.”
Not even write vows?” I wondered, finding this strange. “Or rehearse vows required by God?”
Nope, no vows. In a Rolandian wedding, we walk together and kneel before a Priestess who blesses us and gives us permission on behalf of our most beloved God to live together as a married couple. The blessings take up to an hour, but then we're officially married.”
Good to know,” I murmured. No wonder he couldn't figure out what the song “I do” might be referring to! “I guess you don't have bachelor parties either.”
By my tone of disappointment, Nathan could tell that I really wanted one. “What's that?” He asked curiously.
Ian and I both laughed. I let Ian do the explaining. He put an arm around Nathan's shoulders.
It's your last night of freedom, man! It's your theoretical last chance to drool over strippers and buy a prostitute, or even have a fling or an orgy!” Ian informed him with a grin.
It's the perfect time to flirt with everyone and get drunk and have a party!” I added enthusiastically.
Nathan shrugged. “Who would I invite to this party, and what's a stripper?”
Ian and I exchanged looks that said: he has a point... There really wasn't too many people to invite to a bachelor or a bachelorette party. We could combine parties and do something like the night when Ian and I did karaoke, but even then, it wouldn't really be the same.
Nathan read our look pretty accurately, and realized that we were just going to let the matter drop. “No seriously, what's a stripper?”
It's a person who artistically takes off their clothes for money,” I answered. “I had four male strippers and one female one at my bachelorette party... plus Ian,” I added with a smirk at my best friend.
Did you know that your friends actually slipped money into my underwear?” Ian asked with a chuckle. “I think you might have been too drunk to notice by that point!”
How much did you make?” I wondered since my friends were not known for their prudence with money.
Oh... like five or six hundred dollars,” he stated with a devilish grin and a shrug. “Almost enough to pay for all the entertainment!”
I laughed. “So... if we're not doing a bachelor party, maybe we can just hang out together,” I suggested. “And wait a minute! It sounds like there's no best man or maid of honor for the ceremony!”
Sure enough, Nathan asked. “What's that?”
I sighed and shook my head wryly. “They are the people you choose to stand by and witness as you make your vows... Ah, that makes sense then. There's no need to have witnesses if there are no vows.”
Well,” Nathan said, sounding a bit defensive. “Technically, everyone who attends the wedding is considered a witness as God approves our decision to spend the rest of our lives as husband and wife.”
Does uh... Does a Rolandian marriage have any rules or requirements for fidelity?” I wondered a bit nervously.
No,” Nathan stated calmly, even pulling me close and giving me a kiss. “We have a saying: all is fair in love and war. This means that basically, it is up to each couple to define what their marriage is.”
Good to know!” I sighed in relief.
Nathan smiled at me. “How would we hang out?”
Even though I think I had used the term before, I don't recall ever explaining it to him. “It would be sort of a mini party, just the three of us. We could drink and – I don't know, play cards?”
Eat ice cream and nachos with dip and drink alcohol and play poker!” Ian rambled on.
I suddenly grinned at him. He caught my look and grinned at me in return. In unison, we both blurted out: “Strip poker!”
I saw Nathan open his mouth to ask and prevented him with a kiss. “Poker is a card game that people bet money on. Strip poker is the same game, but instead of losing money, the person has to take off a piece of clothing.”
Nathan gave me a curious look. “Uh... would you be wearing anything to begin with?”
I laughed because he had a valid point.
Aww,” Ian groaned exaggeratedly in disappointment. He pretended to whisper in my ear, but it was totally loud enough for Nathan to hear. “You well know that we have the same taste in men...”
By this, I just knew that he was referring to the fact that he would love to see Nathan get naked as he lost at poker against two card sharks. Nathan tilted his head to the side as he quickly alternated between looking at me and Ian. I was busy grinning and nodding.
I get the feeling that no matter what we do, the two of you will try to get me naked...” Nathan murmured, proving once again that he was highly intuitive and intelligent.
Neither Ian nor I said anything, but we both grinned at him impishly.
Nathan chuckled and shook his head. “If that's the case, then why not just take a bath together? We can drink if you'd like and relax in the nice hot water. Maybe have some of the maids give us massages.”
Oh wow,” I drooled a little, feeling my toes curl and my lady parts tighten unexpectedly. “I think I just fell in love with you all over again!”
Me too,” Ian whispered softly.
What?” Nathan wondered in confusion. “It's just a bath...”
And massages,” I pointed out, purring as I rewarded him for his suggestion with a kiss. Then I frowned in disappointment. “But as for now, I have to go do responsible things, like work.”
What do you mean?” Nathan wondered.
I've got to go talk to Fritz,” I elaborated. “He's been pretty patient so far, but I should at least talk to him before I get swept up in the wedding.”
I understand,” Nathan murmured, kissing me. “But don't worry, King Francis has proven himself to be a peaceable man. I'm sure things will work out.”
I hope so,” I murmured. Then I kissed Nathan again before turning to squeeze Ian's hand. “You can try to teach Nathan how to play poker while I'm gone, just in case we decide to play it after all.”
Could be fun,” Ian admitted with a smirk.
Nathan made a noise of revelation. “You know, I just realized that you two are almost exactly alike. No wonder a relationship between you didn't work out, it would be like marrying yourself!"
Smart man!” I congratulated him with another kiss, and then I left the room.
Fritz was in the guest room assigned to him, which was nice and spacious and well decorated. He had his two bodyguards with him, and they seemed to go on alert when I was given permission to enter the room. I smiled at each of them kindly for a moment before focusing on the King of Nibal.
Let me cut to the chase,” I stated with a determined smile. “I want you to sign a peace treaty. A nice and simple one that states that your Kingdom will never attack mine again, and in return, my Kingdom will never attack yours either. What do I have to do to get you to agree?”
Can I be honest?” Fritz asked with a raised brow.
Of course,” I stated with an expression of duh!
I would normally have agreed without expecting anything, but the way you seem to expect me to want something from you makes me wonder what you have in mind,” he said, his expression calculating.
So long as it does not put my Kingdom in danger – or require marriage – name it. If I can do it, I will,” I informed him seriously.
He gave me a very long and appraising look. Finally, he nodded. “Two things. First thing, you'll owe me a favor that I can call in whenever I need it.”
Done!” I accepted without a second thought. “Again, if it's something I can do and doesn't jeopardize my Kingdom or anyone in it.”
He nodded in agreement. “And two... I want you to spend the rest of the day in my bed at my mercy.”
Done!” Once again, I didn't even hesitate. “But first, we're going to write and sign the peace treaty.” I'd brought paper with me – and pens from my world, expensive ones guaranteed not to have problems so long as there was ink in them. I handed half the small stack of paper to him along with a pen, and then set the other stack in front of me.
Holding the pen, I looked at him expectantly. “I really think it should be simple, like...” I wrote out: I Kaitlynn Hawthorn, Queen of Rolandia, hereby promise to never attack or allow anyone in my Kingdom to attack Nibal. “What do you think? Will this do?”
He read it over carefully, thinking quietly for a moment. “Perhaps you should add: and will also do my best to work with Nibal to maintain peace.” He smiled as if admiring my brilliance. “I take it you want me to write down the same thing from my point of view?”
Of course,” I stated as if there was no other option.
I can do that,” he murmured, already working on it. As he did so, he paused to look at the pen I had given him. Even though he'd watched me write with mine, he kept expecting to have to dip his in a bottle of ink. Shaking his pen, he got it really close to his eye to see if he could figure out how it worked.
I couldn't help but giggle softly at that. If this was an old cartoon, his eye would so be full of ink right now! Eventually, he came to a sort of acceptance that the pen was somehow magic, and finished writing his promise.
We exchanged documents to read and verify the other, and then took our originals back. Taking a deep breath, we signed the promises. After that, I gave my signed promise to him and accepted his when he gave it to me.
Wait just one moment,” I murmured, getting up and carrying the document to the door. A pair of guards were at their posts down the hall and came when I beckoned them. I handed the treaty to one and gestured for the other to take up position next to the door.
Bring this to Lord Nathan and tell him that I am entrusting him with its safekeeping,” I ordered. “As for me, I'm going to be in deep conference with King Francis for the rest of the day and do not wish to be disturbed by anyone for any reason!”
Yes Majesty!” Both guards exclaimed, eager to prove their loyalty to me.


Well after dinner must have been served, I emerged from Fritz's bedroom feeling almost drunk from the pleasure. He was certainly kinky and creative! Especially since he was also somewhat shy and reserved outside the bedroom. He and his two guards were currently utterly exhausted and I felt a bit wobbly kneed myself! My diaphragm had certainly gotten plenty of use, because until I confirmed my hoped for pregnancy, I didn't want to risk it with anyone else.
I entered my bedroom ready for bed, but knowing that I probably desperately needed a bath first. To my surprise, Ian was still hanging out playing cards with Nathan. Both looked at me in surprise.
What happened to you?” Nathan blurted out, his glorious green eyes wide with shock and concern.
Ian chuckled and shook his head. “Do you really need to ask?”
I'm so tired!” I exclaimed, my eyes fluttering in a struggle to stay open. My head was probably wobbling woozily. “But I need a bath! I refuse to go to bed covered in sweat and other guck...”
I rubbed my wrists and moaned slightly at how sore they were. I'd been bound for part of the day, and even though the bonds weren't so tight as to cut off circulation, struggling against them had left marks. I paid no real attention to them, but Nathan leapt to his feet and grabbed my hands so that he could examine them.
What the hell?!” Nathan demanded, obviously upset by the marks on my wrists. I rubbed them again, willing them to heal. The marks faded within seconds.
There,” I said with a smile. “Nothing wrong. I was simply fulfilling my end of the bargain.”
What bargain?” Nathan asked, still sounding a little upset, but obviously trying to control it for me.
I'll explain later,” I assured him as I walked toward my bathroom. “Can one of you please make sure that I don't fall asleep and drown? Also finish washing me if I fall asleep before I'm clean.”
Of course,” Nathan stated, slinging one of my arms over his shoulder so that he could walk me toward the bath. My dress was hanging off me since I hadn't wanted to take the time to put it back on properly, and my hair was all over the place. Nathan swept my hair aside and then helped me out of my dress.
Ian followed us in case he needed to help. He chuckled again. “You look like you were bound and thoroughly fu – uh...” He hesitated when he saw the expression on Nathan's face, which was a bit cold. “You look like you spent some time in Lady Leeza's lair.”
I feel like it too,” I giggled softly. “Only she's all ice and this was definitely full of passion!” I was so eager to get into the tub that I pulled free of Nathan's arms and fell right in. This would have been fine if I had floated right back to the surface, but I was so tired that I sank to the bottom and stayed there.
Nathan pulled me up abruptly, pounding on my back almost frantically. “Oh no! You are not going to die on me before we get married!”
I'll try my best!” I replied with a cheeky salute.
A soft smile twisted his lips as he shook his head and rolled his eyes. He quickly washed me up and then handed me over to Ian. “Dry her off and get her to bed. I'm going to need to get out of these wet clothes and dry off now.”
Ian grinned at him suggestively for a moment, but then did as asked by wrapping me in a towel and dragging me back to my room and to my bed. He briskly dried me off, making me shudder from the confusing sensation of lingering pleasure from earlier, and also a bit of pain from being overly sensitive at the moment. He rested his forehead on mine, holding me steady so that I wouldn't fall.
You look like you had more fun than you can handle,” he told me. “Kind of reminds me of the time that we bought those matching vibrators and spent all day seeing just how much we could get each other off!”
I giggled at that memory. “That was certainly an interesting day!” By the time we were done, we had both cum so many times that our bodies cried out for us to stop already. Kissing him lightly, I pushed away from him so that I could fall into bed. I was sprawled very unladylike, but I was too tired to care.
Ian crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head as if thinking: what am I going to do with you?
Nathan stood leaning against the door between our room and the bathroom. He wore a towel around his waist and a towel around his head. Ian made a soft sound of longing that I could just barely hear so Nathan probably didn't hear it.
What does matching vibrators mean?” Nathan wondered curiously.
Uh... they're a toy shaped like a penis that vibrate at various speeds to stimulate sexual pleasure. They come in an astonishing range of shapes and sizes. We each got the same one and so they matched,” Ian explained, deciding to be as to the point as possible.
Ah... wait, huh? I can see how she could play with a penis shaped toy, but how could you?” Nathan wondered, sounding confused by this concept.
Ian laughed. “It's the same thing as having a male lover.”
Nathan looked to the ceiling as he thought this over. “But... I always thought that when two men were lovers, they simply used their mouths and their hands on each other. How else could they do it?”
Ian cast me an almost incredulous look – definitely wondering how Nathan didn't know about anal yet – which I saw through mostly closed eyes. I felt like I was mostly asleep, but I also felt like I had to defend myself. “Hey, he never asked!” I mumbled.
What?” Nathan asked, clearly intrigued.
Ian walked over to him and placed one hand on the wall so that he could look Nathan closely in the eye. “I could show you.”
I sat up so abruptly that I almost fell out of bed. “Oh Gods! I'd pay to see that!”
Nathan looked over at me by tilting his head slightly, a strange look crossing his face at how eager I was. “Uh... not right now...” he replied slowly. “I'd need to think about it first.”
Well that's a shame!” Ian exclaimed with a pout. “I find you positively gorgeous!”
Nathan blushed and looked down. “Uh, thanks, I guess.” He suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable so close to Ian, so he stepped to the side and came over to the bed. Turning to face Ian again, he said: “Well, I think it's time for bed now, so you should go.”
Ian nodded with an expression like: I figured! Waving to us, he walked to the door. “See you in the morning!”


Just as Nathan suggested, we spent our tiny little bachelor party in the bathtub – Nathan, Ian, and me. We had the maids around to serve us drinks and give us massages. After a while, we were all very relaxed and just a bit tipsy. Nathan slipped into a robe, then tossed one to Ian and sort of dressed me in another. It was so soft and buttery that I purred in appreciation.
We dismissed the maids and sat around the table in my room to eat organic junk food from home and drink mixed drinks. Just as the first hand was dealt, Ian looked over at me and blurted out: “Those eyes!”
I know!” I exclaimed in agreement. “From the first moment I saw him, I was lost!”
Wait, what are you talking about?” Nathan asked in confusion. “He's talking about your eyes, but you're talking about me?”
No!” We both exclaimed with a laugh. I continued. “He's talking about your eyes. We both have a fondness for blonds, but I thought the thing for green eyes was just me.”
It is,” Ian stated with a shrug. “I normally like blue eyes, but his are like jewels. I just want to stare deeply into them as I kiss him.”
I know, right?!” I both stated and asked, grinning.
Nathan blushed adorably. “Why do you two always say such things? I feel like you're just playing jokes on me!”
We're not! I promise we're not,” I told him fervently.
You're just the hottest man we've ever seen,” Ian added honestly.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!” I exclaimed with a blissful sigh.
Nathan changed the topic, and we discussed other things for a while. I was delighted by how well they got along. Now that Nathan knew for certain that there was no reason to be jealous of Ian, he usually just smiled and shook his head as he watched us goof around. During our time traveling the Kingdom together, they had become good friends.
The clocked chimed softly in the background, and we all glanced at it out of sheer habit. Ian chuckled wryly. “At this point in your bachelorette party, you had a stripper eating – uh... performing special tricks, and I had at least three of your friends trying to get in my pants.”
I'm surprised that Brittany was so willing to share,” I remarked. “She's usually is pretty possessive.”
Ian shrugged. “She decided that she didn't want to go out with me and that I'd make a better toy. Why do you think I hooked up with your brother after your wedding?”
I held up a pointer finger like I was a teacher giving a lesson to my class. “Boys are for playing with and girls are for serious relationships. If she was going to pass you up, you weren't going to waste any more time with her.”
Exactly!” Ian stated, sounding like he felt vindicated that I understood.
Nathan frowned in confusion. “Hooked up is another way of saying had sex with, right?” He asked, reasoning it out based on the context of the conversation.
Yep!” We both confirmed with a cheery grin.
So...” Nathan murmured, thinking about what he was going to say to make sure he got it right. “The night before her wedding, you were playing with her girl friends, but the night after, you were hooking up with her brother... Does that mean that you like to have sex with both men and women?”
Yep,” Ian stated. “Why?”
I just thought that you preferred men,” Nathan explained, still sounding confused. “You mostly talk about having sex with men. Except for Kaitlynn, but I just figured that she was a special exception because she doesn't take no for an answer.”
I laughed and nodded my head at that because it was true at times. Ian shook his head. “No, it's like she said. I want a relationship with a woman. I want to get married someday, and I want to have children. In the meantime, I do like having sex with men and since men in our world typically like to have sex without strings attached – meaning no relationships – I find it easier and more fun to have the meaningless sex with them. As for her, well we were best friends long before we were old enough to be interested in sex. We were each other's first and we...” he shrugged, not really wanting to finish that sentence.
What?” Nathan asked, sounding curious more than anything, so I answered him.
We played around with each other all the time. If we heard about anything that sounded like it might be interesting, we'd come to each other and try it out. Like fisting!”
Which you definitely didn't like!” Ian added with a laugh.
Well can you blame me?!” I blurted out. “I will never understand how a woman could like having a fist shoved up her vagina! Ouch!”
I bet that's only because you were 16 at the time and we were still somewhat new to sex. I bet if I tried it on you again, you'd like it more,” Ian suggested with a smirk.
Try it and see how fast I kill you!” I threatened in a singsong voice and a overly wide grin.
Nathan laughed. “You two are hilarious to listen to!”
Are you're gorgeous!” Ian and I both blurted out, sighing a bit dreamily.
Nathan shook his head. “You're doing it again, trying to tease me!”
Ian got really close to Nathan, almost close enough to kiss him, and then said: “Who's teasing?”
I watched in excitement, holding my hands together almost prayerfully. Nathan looked over at me, and tilted his head to the side. I think he was both puzzled by and curious about the expression on my face.
You really want this, don't you?” He asked me, gesturing back and forth between him and Ian.
Yes,” I exhaled a dreamy sigh.
Nathan pursed his lips for a moment, and then downed his entire drink, which was a strong tequila sunrise. Prior to this, he had been sipping on the drinks we gave him slowly, so we were surprised by his sudden change. He then took a deep breath.
Alright fine, let's do it,” Nathan suggested, and then looked slightly afraid.
Ian gave me a look that stated: he's just saying that but he doesn't mean it.
I nodded in agreement.
With a smirk, Ian placed his hands on Nathan's neck and closed the maybe foot of space between them. I felt my heart start to pound and inhaled sharply in excitement. When Ian kissed Nathan, I couldn't hold back the soft squeal of giddiness.
To my surprise, Nathan didn't immediately pull free and stammer that he'd changed his mind. Instead, he slowly wrapped his arms around Ian and pulled him just a bit closer so he could deepen their kiss. I think I nearly came right then and there! By the sound of Ian's moan, it was a near thing for him too.
I watched in captivation as the two of them roughly kissed and groped each other until they eventually migrated to the bed. I followed them, giving them enough distance that they wouldn't feel crowded while still being close enough to get a super excellent view.
Ian went down on Nathan, and I knew from experience that Ian was very good with his mouth. Now that Nathan's lips were free, I climbed into bed so that I could kiss him. He moaned and pulled me closer, focusing on making love to my mouth while Ian did his best to make him shake with pleasure.
Oh! I'm – I'm – ” Nathan stammered a surprisingly short time later. Ian quickly let up so that Nathan could have a few moments to calm down.
This is so hot,” I whispered in Nathan's mouth. “I love you so much right now that I feel like I could die!”
He chuckled dryly. “Well that would be a waste!”
Ian put a condom on Nathan, which I knew was solely to keep him clean since both Ian and Nathan were disease free and couldn't get pregnant. With a damn sexy grin, he got into position to very carefully lower himself onto my soon-to-be husband. I smiled at Nathan and kissed his cheek. Nathan looked confused as he watched Ian, but then it was light a light bulb went off in his head. “Oh!”
I had almost as much fun watching them and playing with myself as they had! Once again, Ian stopped completely when Nathan cried out that he was about to cum. Then, taking advantage of the fact that Nathan wasn't protesting, Ian helped Nathan get into position on his hands and knees and put a condom on himself.
I settled myself so that I was under Nathan, stroking and licking his hard shaft after I removed the condom he had worn – which was unlubricated so there was no funky taste. Nathan had his head bent so that he could watch me, which allowed me to see the expressions cross his face as Ian entered him. First was shock, then contemplation, then curiosity, and finally pleasure.
That was when I decided to wiggle myself completely under Nathan and lift my hips into him. He slid into me a bit awkwardly at first, but when we all adjusted our positions slightly, it was like magic. Nathan groaned softly in my ear, letting me know that he was feeling something indescribably wonderful. I seized his lips possessively, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.
Our night lasted until dawn, at which point we all collapsed into a heaving pile of exhaustion. I thanked my lucky stars that my wedding wasn't supposed to start until four, because it meant that I'd have time to sleep in, and if anyone dared to wake me, I'd kill 'em!

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