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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Chapter 6


That night, I tossed and turned worse than ever! I only slept maybe two hours before waking back up. This time, I woke Nathan up to demand more sex. He was hard to wake up, but otherwise pleasantly surprised and obligingly wore me out.
I dozed off for an hour or so, and then woke back up again. I felt terrible for considering waking Nathan again – especially after he groaned in clear denial – so I simply got out of bed and did some yoga. After that, I went for another late night naked jog. After doing that for a good hour, I sighed in frustration and decided to slip into Sir Barrett's bed.
I made my way to his patio door, slipped inside his room, and then tip-toed to his bed. My eyes had yet to adjust to the dark, but I could make out his outline. I tugged the cover away from him and slid into bed.
He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me close for a kiss. I nearly squeaked in surprise since I thought he was sleeping, but instead, I moaned and leaned into the kiss. He devoured my mouth hungrily, rolling me under him.
To my delight, he slid right into me and started pounding away. I grabbed onto his shoulders and then tangled my fingers in his hair. His long hair...
That was when I realized that I had snuck into the wrong room! Sir Barrett had short brown hair, and this man had long hair. This meant that it could be either Lord Gregory or Lord Antony. Hmm... I wonder which one I'd prefer? Both were handsome, but Lord Gregory was so stern that I couldn't quite picture him being this passionate.
Digging my nails into his back, I thought about how to figure out who this was. I would feel really stupid simply asking! Um.. excuse me, but which one of my handsome Lords did I accidentally slip into bed with?
With a sigh of pleasure, I decided that this was probably Antony.
I dug my nails into his back a little deeper as I felt an orgasm coming. This surprised me since he was being rather rough with me and I normally didn't go for that. His banging got harder and harder until suddenly, I was squealing. He grunted as his hips jerked a few times, and then he rolled off me.
I snuggled up to him, laying my head on his shoulder and purring happily. He slowly put his arm around my back, resting his hand on my hip.
Are you actually planning to stay tonight?” He asked me, sounding surprised. “Usually you leave the moment we're done.”
Oh my! Not only was this definitely Lord Gregory, but he thought I was someone else. Lady Leeza probably since others had hinted that they were together. I didn't know what to say, so I simply rolled away from him and got out of bed.
I didn't say you had to leave,” he protested mildly.
I wasn't sure what to do! Deciding that it would be slightly less awkward, I continued to walk away. He sat up in bed rather abruptly.
You're not Leeza, are you?”
I stopped in my tracks, wondering how he had figured it out.
I just realized that she would never walk outside completely naked...”
I'm sorry,” I confessed, sitting on the edge of his bed. “I hadn't planned this.”
You came in here for a reason though,” he pointed out.
I thought this was a different room,” I explained with a shrug.
He huffed a short laugh. “That's too bad. If I had known, I might have done things differently.”
That would have been a shame since you did so well,” I complimented him sincerely.
He pulled me back into bed with him, and then had me lay down with my head on his shoulder again. “As long as I have your undivided attention, I wanted to let you know that I think you're doing a pretty good job as Queen so far. Considering that you knew nothing of this world when you came here, you put quite a bit of effort into doing what we ask of you.”
Thank you,” I murmured, not quite believing my ears. “As long as I have your undivided attention, can you explain the war to me? I don't mean for you to give me every detail since the beginning of time, but could you at least tell my why the war started?”
Hmm...” he hummed in thought. “I guess you could say that it originally started when our neighboring Kingdom of Nibal decided to conquer us almost a millennium ago. We are not a Kingdom to go down lightly, so we fought tooth and nail. We'd gain peace for a few years, and then they'd attack again. After a few centuries, both Kingdoms sort of fell into a pattern. After a few years of peace, one of us would decide to attack the other. This last time we fought, we started it, but the time before that, Nibal did. We almost conquered them too!”
I didn't quite know what to say to that, so I decided to think for a moment. “Well... why didn't you?” I finally asked.
He sighed heavily. “Just at the crucial time when victory might be decided one way or another, the losing King panics and begs for a truce. It's become something of an unspoken rule that when a truce is asked for, the other King is obligated to grant it.”
I was shocked! “So... What you're saying is that both Kingdoms waste an enormous amount of time, money, and lives fighting a war that neither will win?!”
I thought back to the report I'd promised to read. It was basically a request to commission a stockpile of weapons. It claimed to be for defense, but now I wonder...
Lord Gregory sounded astonished. “Huh! I never thought of it that way before!”
Well how did you think of it?” I demanded angrily.
We all grow up being told that it's important to win the war because we simply cannot allow Nibal to conquer us,” Gregory explained. “It's a matter of national pride that we defend our Kingdom from the enemy. I would like to remind you that they do try to conquer us every few years. It's not like we started it!”
I could tell that he was flustered and defensive. “Okay... so you – I mean our Kingdom – has reached a point in which we are fighting just to fight. It's what has always been done. I can understand that, but I don't agree with it. So long as I am Queen, I won't allow it to happen anymore.”
What if they attack us again?” He asked with clear challenge in his voice.
If they do, then we can defend our Kingdom as long as it takes for me to negotiate peace!” I exclaimed passionately. Then I sighed morosely. “It seems to me that my first priority as Queen is figuring out how to convince them to end the war for good...”
No,” he denied softly. “Your first priority is to keep doing what you're doing; helping the Kingdom run smoothly while you learn everything you can.”
Smiling at his words, I realized that he wasn't quite as gruff as I'd thought. I shifted so that I could kiss him. He stroked my cheek, deepening our kiss.
Kisses continued to be passed back and forth for quite some time before his hand dared to caress my breast. I moaned and pushed into him. This time, our sex was more like a first time between new lovers should be. When we were done, he held me close and relaxed completely so that he could go to sleep, but I had to pull free from his arms.
I need to go back to bed,” I told him. He sighed softly in disappointment, but then let me go. I kissed him goodbye before leaving.


Two whole weeks passed in a similar pattern. I'd wake up well before dawn, go for a run, take a bath, eat breakfast, work, exercise, run some more, eat dinner, and then have copious amounts of sex in an effort to get some sleep. It was frustrating and maddening! Not to mention fun. Even so, I just couldn't take it a moment longer!
Throwing the blanket to the side – while making sure that Nathan remained covered – I slipped out of bed and tried to figure out what time it was. As I thought, my phone informed me that it had been barely two hours since I fell asleep. With a sigh, I walked over to the mirror and kissed it.
The moment I was home, I felt like a bucket was dumped over me and the majority of the sizzling disappeared. It didn't leave completely, but enough that I could handle it. Yawning, I crawled into bed, plugged my phone into its charger, and snuggled up to my pillow.
In the morning, my mother came in to wake me. “Would you like yogurt or eggs for breakfast?”
Eggs,” I murmured, stretching happily. I felt rested for the first time in a while!
The day passed surprisingly slowly. I didn't have anything I needed to do, so I practiced my yoga, watched a movie, and then baked a cake for after lunch. As I worked, I set my laptop to play a list of songs I loved to sing. The more I sang, the more I realized that I missed singing!
Grandma came in at one point and spun me in a lively dance. She had been a relatively famous dancer in her day, and still loved to cut a rug when given the slightest excuse. I hugged her tightly, resisting the urge to tell her that I had missed her a ton while I was away.
Ian showed up shortly after my cake was pulled out of the oven. I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to my room. He laughed and resisted just enough to slow me down.
What's the hurry?”
I have to tell you about my dream!” I insisted, tugging on him all the harder.
In my room, we lay down on my bed and got comfortable. “So, tell me about this dream.”
I started at the beginning and told him how it all started, but then I only gave him the highlights. It took almost an hour before he begged me to stop.
That sounds more like a continuing daydream than a dream dream,” he chuckled, pushing on the end of my nose with a finger.
I know, but you want to know something scary?”
What?” He asked curiously.
I'm starting to think it might be real!”
He laughed so hard that he had to hold his sides. “Oh sure! You get made Queen of an alternate world full of handsome men to screw when you can't sleep. Right!”
I blushed as I admitted that it did sound unbelievable. Grabbing my phone because it was poking me, I frowned. As I had spent time in the other world, it had registered the days having passed as if I was here, but I knew that the phone was supposed to correct itself whenever it connected to the network. I checked it curiously to find that it was displaying the correct day and time.
Wait a minute!” I exclaimed before tapping on my photo album. “You see?!”
Ian grabbed my hand so that he could get a better look at my phone.
That's Nathan,” I gushed happily. “Isn't he just gorgeous?”
Yes...” Ian replied slowly, wondering if I was trying to play a joke on him.
And that's Sir Barrett... Lady Sophia... Nathan again. I just love taking his picture! Oh! Here's a picture of the portrait of me in my coronation dress. It's now hanging in a hall full of Royal portraits. Here's the one of my father on his coronation day.”
When did you have time to hire a bunch of people to take pictures with so that you could play a prank on me?” Ian asked, giving me a wry look.
I didn't!” I exclaimed in protest.
He laughed and nudged me playfully. “Riiiight....”
I growled softly in frustration. I knew that my story was unbelievable, but it would be nice if he at least pretended to give me the benefit of the doubt. Huffing indignantly, I got out of bed.
I'll show you!” I cried out desperately as I strode over to my mirror and kissed it.
To me, another whole week passed before I came back. Nathan was not happy about me leaving in the middle of the night like that, and made me promise to at least leave a note if I did it again. I waited until I was thoroughly exhausted once more, and then announced that I was returning home. Before I left, I had the maids dress me up in a flirty Leeza creation and do my hair in a multitude of braids that they wrapped intricately around my head. I even insisted on wearing my tiara!
After I kissed my mirror, I turned to face Ian. He looked absolutely astonished. This made me feel a lot better myself so I smirked at him smugly.
You, you... Disappeared! Literally, you vanished!” He rubbed his eyes and looked at me again. “I thought I was just seeing things, but then you reappeared wearing that!”
I've never seen such an interesting dress,” he remarked with a smile. “And your hair is certainly different than you usually prefer.”
Notice the tiara,” I murmured, tapping it with a finger.
Noted,” he stated dryly. “I am pretty sure your mom would kill you if she saw you wearing that!” He exclaimed with a laugh. “It's red...”
You should have seen her reaction when I came home wearing my coronation dress. That was even more scandalous than this one!” I confessed with a giggle.
Maybe we should leave and go over to my place before your mom comes home,” Ian suggested prudently. “With a dress like that, I feel like dancing with my cyr wheel.”
I brought mine into my dream world,” I informed him, holding out my hand to help him out of bed.
We went to his place – which was always empty since his parents were never home and he didn't have any siblings. With no one to disturb, we were able to spin and dance with his cyr wheel for hours. We even took some time to try some new moves, but to my disappointment, I could already tell that I wouldn't be able to do impossible things like I could in the other world.
So, just like in a professional act in which the performers flirt with each other for the audience's gratification, we flirted heavily as we spun and danced. After a while, lust was running quite rampant between us. He stopped the wheel at one point and grabbed me by my arms.
Oh God! That dress!” He blurted out, and then seized my lips in a possessive kiss. I was so ready to have sex by that point that I simply hopped up and wrapped my legs around his waist.
We tried various positions all around his house, using many condoms before we finally decided to just get comfortable in his bed. Considering that we had always asked each other any time we came across new things to try, our sex was fun and playful. We weren't afraid to suggest wacky positions or kinky role play. If I had not already been exhausted, I probably would have played with him for the rest of the day, but as it was, I started falling asleep while he was thrusting into me.
He realized this and finished as quickly as possible. Snuggling with me afterwards, he nibbled on my ear. “Hey, are you okay?”
Mmmhmm,” I murmured sleepily. “It's just that I can never seem to sleep over there...”
Oh...” he murmured and then let me fall asleep while he got up, showered, and then ate a sandwich while he played a video game.
I slept the entire night and woke up feeling refreshed. Ian was still asleep, so I slipped out of bed and took a shower. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to use his stuff, which smelled a bit more manly than I wanted to smell. It wasn't too bad though.
Freshly clean, I decided that it was a good time to go back to my Kingdom. Checking my reflection in the mirror, I smirked at how cute Ian looked as he snuggled with his pillow. Turning around to look directly at him, I saw him open his eyes just enough to confirm that I was watching him. I kissed his mirror, and then frowned.
It didn't work...” I murmured in confusion, looking around Ian's room again.
Maybe the dream finally ended?” Ian suggested, yawning and shifting slightly so that he could go back to sleep.
I bit my lip, very worried. “Hey, I'm going to borrow some of your clothes,” I warned him and then rummaged through his closet. I chose a pair of sexy black sweat pants and a blue muscle shirt that strained across my breasts. Upon reflection, I decided to add a blue hoodie, zipping it up halfway.
Later,” I bid Ian as I kissed him on the cheek.
Later,” he mumbled as I left.
When I got home, I ran up to my room as if my life depended on it.
What's that matter?” My mother called after me in concern.
Nothing!” I assured her, trying to sound cheerful.
To my intense relief, a kiss to my mirror had me in my Royal bedroom. I sighed, holding a hand over my heart. If it hadn't worked, I don't know what I would have done!
Now you look ready to go for a jog!” Sir Barrett joked with a cheeky grin. “Although, I suppose everyone would be shocked out of a year of life if they saw you running with clothes on!”
Sir Barrett!” I exclaimed joyously and flung my arms around his neck. Our lips joined in an enthusiastic greeting. He chuckled and pulled away.
You missed breakfast, but you're just in time to work on reports...” he informed me.
No thank you!” I fervently exclaimed.
Lord Nathan is currently training his unit if you want to go look for him...”
Oh shut up!” I exclaimed almost petulantly as I led him toward my bed. My diaphragm was waiting patiently on a table next to the bed. It had sure gotten a lot of use recently!
I stripped abruptly and prepared to insert my diaphragm. Sir Barrett watched me curiously. He pointed to my hand and asked: “What is that? I've seen you pull it out and wash it in the morning, but I never thought to ask before...”
A barrier to prevent babies,” I explained as I inserted it. Then I busied myself removing his clothes.
Once again, he proved that he knew how to please the ladies! The ever present sizzling in my blood turned to singing as he made my toes curl and my head spin. “Oh God!” I chanted repeatedly for a few minutes before I started squealing.
I didn't hear Lord Antony knock and ask if anything was wrong, but I did hear him gasp: “I'm sorry!” and slam the door shut. I giggled, sighing happily as Sir Barrett shifted positions. He entered me with a smooth thrust and then pounded into me quite vigorously.
When we were done, we only rested for a moment before getting up. Sir Barrett got dressed as I wiped the fluid from between my legs and then rummaged through my wardrobe. Rather than offer to help me – which he knew annoyed me – he simply sat at the table and waited.
Don't tell me to wait!” Nathan shouted angrily as he flung the door open. “The Queen is my fiancée and I live here too!”
Something wrong?” I asked Nathan, puzzled as to why he would be shouting.
Lord Antony was trying to tell me that you had specifically asked everyone to wait until you were ready to be welcomed home,” Nathan explained, sending a glare towards the poor Lord.
That's true enough,” I said, defending my loyal assistant. It never occurred to me that Lord Antony had anything in mind other than allowing me to finish my sex in peace.
But surely that doesn't apply to me,” Nathan insisted fervently.
Calm down,” Sir Barrett advised smoothly. “I'm sure Lord Antony thought he was only doing as Her Majesty wanted.”
Yes!” Lord Antony exclaimed, his face several shades of red.
Don't worry about it,” I murmured as I kissed him on the cheek. He looked even more flustered for a moment, but then bowed his head to me.
Yes, my Queen,” he replied. “My apologies, Lord Nathan.” He nodded to him, and then returned his attention to me. “I'll go inform Lord Gregory that you're back and should be ready to go over reports soon.”
I suppressed a sigh and smiled instead. “Very well, thank you.”
Nathan came up behind me and surprised me with a tight hug. “I missed you!”
Aww,” I purred happily. “I missed you too!” I turned around in his arms so that I could kiss him. We rocked together in an imitation of a slow dance.
Eventually, Lord Antony returned and informed me that Lord Gregory was getting impatient. I laughed: “Let him!” but then slipped on a pair of yoga pants and dutifully followed him to the dining hall.
At first, I sat still and ate as they read the reports to me, since I hadn't had breakfast yet and everyone else had eaten. Lord Antony and Lord Gregory both sounded a lot more relaxed than I would have thought they'd be since I'd been gone for a few days and the reports had piled up. Thankfully, it looked like there wasn't any more than ten or so. I knew that them reading the reports to me actually served to help them too since it would take a lot of unnecessary time to have each of us read them separately.
When I was finished eating, I gestured for them to continue as I got up and stretched. Spinning with my cyr wheel was as fun as ever. I had a blast even as I listened to and weighed in on the reports. When they were done, Nathan approached me.
I tried to use that thing while you were gone,” he admitted with a blush.
Let me guess, you'd thought it would be easy but you fell on your butt!” I said with a laugh.
Yes,” he confessed softly, hoping no one else would hear him.
Here, let me show you the basics,” I offered, holding the wheel in front of me. After I had shown him the best way to start spinning a couple of times, I handed the wheel over to let him practice.
He wobbled quite a bit, but didn't fall. As he practiced, I felt like dancing, so I basically twirled around in circles even without my wheel. About 20 minutes later, Nathan gave up and handed the wheel back to me.
I'll try again later,” he promised, kissing me.
Hold it steady please,” I asked/ordered.
He complied, allowing me to swing up onto the top. I sat for a moment to make sure that he could hold it still with my added weight, and then pushed myself until I was standing on top of the giant hoop. Looking down at my fiancé, I smirked.
I'm probably about to fall, but don't worry about catching me,” I advised him. The sizzling in my blood abruptly quieted, as if waiting to see what I planned to do next. “Now please let go.”
Very slowly, Nathan complied and stepped back. To my surprise, I managed to balance easily. I raised and lowered myself on my toes and purposely wobbled a few times to see how well I could move before I fell. Amazingly, I never even felt like I was about to fall!
I moved my feet as if I was walking backwards so that the wheel would go forward. In this way, I walked all around the room. Okay! There had to be something wrong with the laws of gravity here! The only other explanation was that gravity just didn't work the same because I was dreaming.
When I was ready to jump down, I aimed at the ever grumpy Lord Gregory. He was the only one still at the table, having just finished his work. He stood up and stretched lightly, finishing just in time to catch me. He gave me an odd look, like he was thinking: Figures!
Not tonight please,” he whispered in my ear. “I have other plans.”
I nodded in understanding. “Thank you for catching me,” I said as I walked away.
During the few times that I had snuck into his bed at night, Lord Gregory had hinted that his relationship with Lady Leeza was mostly nonexistent. She would visit him in his room at night when the urge struck her, or drag him to her secret lair to torture him, but other than that, they weren't together. On a very rare occasion, he managed to convince her to spend the night with him. Tonight must be one of those nights.
That night, Nathan proved to me that he was getting very good in bed. Good enough that I even started squealing, which surprised him. When we were done, I got comfortable so that I could watch him sleep. Just the sight of him always managed to make my heart skip a beat or two!
I managed to sleep for a while, but inevitably woke up. Judging by the intensity of sizzling, I could probably get back to sleep from just a quickie. I ruffled Nathan's hair and kissed him. He groaned in protest and rolled over.
Part of me was super jealous! He had an almost magical ability to fall into a deep sleep and stay that way all night. Growling, I realized that he wouldn't wake up for more sex. To be fair, he had lasted a long time and probably couldn't do it again yet anyway.
Rolling out of bed, I opted not to stretch or go for a run because I just wanted a quickie. Throwing open the main door to my room, I wondered if Lord Gregory was occupied already, wishing him luck with his Lady. A sudden movement made me gasp.
Is anything wrong, Your Majesty?” A guard asked.
He was one of two that were stationed outside my door. I had never really noticed or thought about the guards in the palace before, but now that I was, I realized that there was always a pair stationed by my door. I wondered why since I had never seemed to need guarding. Was this simply a way to provide much needed jobs?
No,” I replied. “I just need a quickie.”
Your Majesty?” He asked, sounding surprised and slightly nervous. His partner gaped at me too but didn't say anything.
Would either of you mind?” I asked with a grin, though it was dark enough that I don't think they could see it.
Uh...” both hesitated.
I'm married,” the guard on the left said apologetically. “Sorry.”
I'm not,” the one on the right stated with a shrug. “What did you have in mind?”
I leaned against the wall next to him, stroking his chest. “I know you're not supposed to leave your post, so how about right here?”
M-M-Majesty?” He stammered. I'd swear he was blushing!
I brushed his groin with my hand. “Do you mind?” I asked with a purr.
N-n-not r-r-really,” he said, glancing over towards his partner.
I see nothing, I hear nothing,” his partner mumbled, pretending not to watch us.
Opening his pants just enough to free his shaft, I knelt and took it into my mouth just long enough to provoke a desired response. When he was fully hard – which didn't take long with his hand stroking my hair and his head rolled back as he groaned softly – I stood up and pressed my back against the wall.
Lifting me up so that I could straddle his hips, the guard obligingly slid into me and rammed me into the wall. I gasped in delight, wrapping my arms around his neck and holding him tight. He had a good amount of stamina.
Amazingly, I shuddered from a light orgasm twice before he pumped me full. I really hadn't expected that! Grateful, I smooched him softly, and then pushed him away. He held me steady until I was on my feet, and then stepped away.
Thank you,” I purred as I walked back into my room.
My pleasure!” He assured me with a grin.
I crawled back in bed and managed to sleep for about an hour.
Eff!” I cried out almost silently in frustration. Getting back out of bed, I decided to try taking a bath.
Oh! Queen Kaitlynn!” Lady Sophia exclaimed in delight. She was already relaxing in the bath, looking utterly luscious!
I walked over and settled myself next to her. “Good... Morning?” Technically, it was still the middle of the night. Some might even call it early still.
I can't sleep,” she confessed. “What about you?”
Not a bit!” I growled.
Here, let me give you a massage,” she offered. “It might help you relax.”
Mmm,” I purred. She had me turn so that she could work on my back as I washed up a certain body part, but after a while, she pulled me out of the tub.
Did you know that these tables are here just for massages?” She asked, helping me onto a table that was covered in a soft cotton material. It was a bit fluffy, like the towels.
No, I hadn't really thought about it,” I murmured.
After she had thoroughly rubbed my back from my neck down to my toes, she helped me turn over so that she could massage my front. I moaned in longing as she made that sizzling in my blood hotter than ever.
She started at my feet, worked her way up my legs, paid special attention to my shoulders and arms, and then focused on my breasts. I felt like I was melting into a puddle! Just when I was going to have to grab her and have my way with her if she didn't stop soon, she moved back to the foot of the table.
I groaned in disappointment, but she ignored me. Instead, she slid her arms under my legs, grabbed my hips, and pulled me down the table. Raising myself onto my elbows, I watched eagerly to see if she planned to do what I thought she did.
To my delight, she did! Spreading my “lips” wide, she probed me with her tongue. It soon became abundantly clear that she had had a lot of practice at this at some point. My toes curled until they cramped and my fingers clutched her hair as I squealed. It was a soft squeal that went on and on. I think she had me in ecstasy for a good two hours before I couldn't handle any more!
Stop!” I begged with a dry mouth.
She complied, shifting to kiss me. “Come to bed with me for a while?”
Sure,” I agreed with an eager smile.
In her bed, I explored her body almost lazily. She had done a good job getting rid of that sizzling for the moment, and I was ready to sleep again, but I wasn't about to pass up this opportunity. After sucking on her beasts and licking every inch of her stomach, I moved lower.
Not having as much practice at this as she did, I was grateful that she encouraged me and suggested things to try. By the time she experienced an orgasm, I felt like I was getting a good grasp of what she liked. It made me happy to make her happy.
Mmm,” she purred as she pulled me close for a kiss. “You're pretty good at that.”
Thank you,” I murmured. “I think I can sleep now, so I should go back to bed.”
Aww,” she groaned softly in disappointment. “If you must...”
I must,” I stated gently but firmly, kissed her one last time, and then left.
Happily, I managed to sleep most of the rest of the night, only waking about an hour before someone was likely to come wake me up. Getting out of bed, I stretched and did some yoga before going for a jog.

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