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Monday, July 13, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Extras: Chapter 15

Okay, so I have been DYING to post this particular extra!!! lol. Basically, I was surfing Youtube not too long ago, and this interesting little video caught my attention. From that moment on - I wasn't even writing Mirror of Dreams yet - I just KNEW that it would have to become part of a story, and it did :-D I hope you all have as much fun picturing my Queen and the former Queen performing this little dance in from of a bunch of slightly stuffy Lords and Ladies, lololol! Again, they didn't PLAN to do this in front of them specifically, it just happened to work out that way :-D
Also, they changed the routine so that they were facing each other almost the entire time :-)

And then, she has a request to sing a love song and chooses this one. Now I KNOW that this song is pretty much about jealousy, but I figure that if you imagine every single part of the song as referring to Lady Sophia, then it does pretty well as a lovey dovey love song :-D

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