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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Extras: Chapter 7

Once again, I find myself describing a dress that I can't quite find a picture to show you what I'm talking about, lol! So here's a few pics to help stimulate your imagination. (All images taken from somewhere on the web.)

Okay, so the top of the dress hugs her from her neck to her hips, like this:

Then it flares out in a starburst pattern. This is the closest I could come to showing exactly what I was talking about when I say starburst:

However, the whole dress is bejeweled and so here are some other dresses that could kind of fit the description I gave :-)

I love the ruffles!

 Ironically, this is ↑ actually the only dress that flares out at the hips like I describe. The rest flare at mid thigh, lol!

I love the silk flowers!

This last bride look upset, lol!

AND THEN! I just squeal in excitement every time I think about THIS dress!!! You can see why my rich girl main character would want it, lol!

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