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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mirror of Dream - Chapter 25


I led my posse to the dining hall. Lady Sophia was waiting for us just inside the door. She was wearing a very sheer dress that showed off the bedazzled bra and panties that I'd given her.
Oh Queen Kaitlynn! I was hoping that you'd dance with me after dinner,” she informed me before kissing me quite passionately.
Mother....” Nathan gave a long suffering growl. Kyle looked astonished that his mother was so gorgeous. “Could you please stop kissing my wife like that?!”
Aww, but Natey, I love kissing her!” Lady Sophia pouted.
I stroked her cheek with a happy grin. “I have plans for after dinner, but I promise that if I can't sleep tonight, I'll come to you.”
She squealed in delight and threw her arms around me.
Kaitlynn...” Nathan murmured softly, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.
Hey now!” Lady Leeza protested, pointing at me from where she stood next to the table. “It's been ages since I've strung you up in my lair!”
That is true,” I admitted.
Treason!” Lord Gregory called out, echoed by everyone else, who then laughed.
Lady Leeza sighed in frustration. I escorted my brother to an empty seat, which just so happened to be on the other side of Lady Leeza – between her and Sir Barrett. I gestured for him to sit, and then stroked Leeza's face.
I'm going home in the morning for a few days – which means I'll be gone here for at least two weeks, but then I promise that I'll spend an entire day – or night – in your lair.”
You mean it?!” She asked with clear hope in her voice.
I promise,” I reaffirmed, and then sealed it with a kiss.
Hooray!” She cheered, throwing her arms around me.
Wait a minute, Kaitlynn,” Nathan interrupted our giddiness. “If I am not mistaken, you had us both drink a super fertility tea before bedtime about three weeks ago. Wouldn't spending any time at all in Lady Leeza's lair be a bad thing?”
Oh no!” Lady Leeza assured him with an impish grin, she was holding onto and stroking me. “I can whip her all I want and the baby won't be affected.”
Wait, baby?!” Kyle demanded incredulously.
Yep,” I confirmed with a grin as I sat down in my chair. “You're probably going to be an uncle! … Unfortunately, you won't get to see your niece or nephew unless you come here to visit again.”
Wait, how am I even visiting this time? You said there was no me here to switch with,” he reminded me, proving that he had been listening.
As it turns out, there is! He's currently standing in my bedroom back home, probably praying that our mother doesn't find him there and insist on scolding him for not being in school!” I explained with a laugh.
Are you sure that I'm not just dreaming all of this?” Kyle wondered, looking around as if he found the whole situation quite strange.
I laughed pretty hard at that. “That's what I thought for the first several months I was here! But ponder this a moment... If this was your dream, then why would I be the one considered Royalty? Wouldn't you dream that you were the King?”
Maybe...” Kyle drawled as he thought this over.
Ian grabbed his hand by reaching across the table. “If this was your dream, wouldn't it be about winning an important football game and being recruited by professional scouts?”
Actually, yeah...” Kyle admitted, looking like he had just had an epiphany. “Do they have football here?”
Probably not!” Ian and I blurted out in unison.
What's football?” Nathan wondered.
Ian and I both sighed, but then Ian decided to patiently explain as our dinner was served. He had taken his hand back from my brother simply because it was in the way. By the time he was done, Kyle was frowning.
That's what you think of football???” Kyle demanded. “That would be like saying that baseball was a game played by hitting a ball with a stick.”
Well it is!” Ian and I both insisted.
Kyle alternated between looking at me and Ian. “Wait, is this how you explain everything to your people here?”
No...” I murmured softly. I might possibly be lying...
That would be like saying that college is a school for adults, or like saying that cars are horseless carriages. These descriptions may technically true, but they don't really explain anything!” Kyle exclaimed.
Well... How else would you explain them?” I wondered curiously.
He rolled his eyes and gave me a look that asked: how stupid are you? “Kaity... What kind of car do you drive?”
I drive a Tesla, you know that! I only insisted on buying it like the moment I could drive because I love how it runs on electricity instead of gasoline and so saves the environment. Not to mention that it looks good and is pretty fast and is a bright shiny green – which is my favorite color... Why are you looking at me like that?”
Kyle was currently giving me a look like he was thinking: See?! “When it's something you care about, you can get so much more descriptive than: A car is a horseless carriage that usually runs on gasoline...”
Okay fine, I concede your point,” I grumbled, and then stuck my tongue out at him.
Uh...” Lord Gregory murmured, taking the fact that my real brother was here in stride. “So, what exactly is a car?”
I laughed. “Oh boy, well I guess that it really is like a carriage, but instead of being pulled along by horses, it has an engine inside – a machine that burns fuel to turn gears, which then drive the car. Thus, a person simply gets into it, turns it on, and then drives where they want to go.”
That sounds... interesting...” Lord Gregory admitted, actually sounding impressed, though he tried to hide it.
I once invented a similar device powered by magic, but not too many people had sufficient power to use it,” Lady Leeza mentioned to no one in particular.
Really?” I asked in fascination. “I'd love to see it!”
She grinned at me. “I'd love to show it to you!”
That's probably not a good idea,” Lord Gregory said with a frown.
Ah my Lord Fussy Pants! Why am I not surprised to hear you say that?” I muttered.
Because you understand that she tested her magic device out on me and I can tell you with certainty that it's dangerous,” he explained, not caring that I called him a rather unflattering nickname. He had never let himself be baited by it.
Dangerous how?” I wondered curiously.
He shrugged. “Even though it worked, by the time I got to a destination, I was so low on magic that I needed to rest for a few days before I could do anything productive.”
That doesn't really sound all that dangerous,” I replied, thinking this over. “Especially if where you were going was several days away. You could get there really quickly and then rest for a couple of days, and then still be ahead of schedule!”
He twisted his lips in a way that let me know that he hadn't thought of that.
I turned my attention to Lady Leeza and grinned. “But you know what would be better for my magic?” I asked her mischievously.
What?” She asked with genuine curiosity.
A glider...” I murmured tantalizingly.
A glider?” She asked with a puzzled frown.
It's like a pair of wings, but they don't flap... like a kite...” I tried to explain, not really sure if I could be more descriptive.
Oh...” she hummed in thought. “I understand. I bet I could invent something like that for you, my Queen.” She looked very happy by the prospect.
Magic?!” Kyle asked with an expression of disbelief.
I gave him a look that asked how dense he was. “Kyle, I used a mirror to spy on your dorm room, and then brought you into this world for a visit... Does it make more sense that I had Jules Verne invent me a alternate dimension machine, or does it make more sense that I used my magic?”
He twisted his lips like he was thinking: You may have a point, but you don't have to be mean about it.
Ian laughed. “You should see her when she gets angry!” Everyone else laughed at that – even Lord Gregory, but he kept it to a very quiet chuckle.
Dinner progressed rather quietly for a few minutes as everyone simply enjoyed the delicious food. Then Lady Leeza cast me a curious glance.
Your Majesty, how does your power feel right now?” She asked.
Hmm...” I hummed as I thought this over. “Well, the sizzling isn't driving me crazy yet, but it's definitely there. I'd say that in a couple more days, I'll be at full strength again.”
So...” she murmured, thinking aloud. “You slept for three days and then are taking about a week and a half to return to normal. How long would you say you used your ultimate power for?”
I have no idea!” I exclaimed, shaking my head slowly. “Long enough to sing 'Roar' by Katy Perry.”
Ian waved at Kyle and then gave him a wink. “When your sister puts on a concert here, she really holds her audience captive!”
I giggled at that.
That's not funny!” Nathan protested.
No, it's funny!” I assured him, still laughing.
But you could have been seriously hurt!” Nathan argued.
But I wasn't!” I sang out.
Hurt how?” Kyle asked darkly.
Oh,” I responded with a breezy tone of voice and a flap of my hand. “I was simply floating high up in the air when my magic ran out and I fell to the ground.”
And not like,” Ian made a soft floaty wave with his hand. “But like,” he imitated the sound of a bomb falling and then exploding as he smacked his left hand down onto his right.
Really?” Kyle asked, looking over at me with a frown.
How could you understand any of that?” Nathan wondered, looking between Ian and Kyle.
They don't have bombs in this world,” Ian muttered softly in explanation to Kyle.
Thank the Gods!” I added passionately.
What's a bomb?” Several people asked.
Don't ask!” Ian, Kyle, and I all insisted.
Lady Leeza took the conversation back. “How long is the song you mentioned?”
I don't know, about three and a half minutes?” I suggested.
I think it's more like three and three quarters,” Kyle murmured.
And then you floated in the air for another minute or so,” Ian added mildly, though I could hear the slight hint that he was still bothered by the sight of me falling afterwards.
So... you used your ultimate power for five or six minutes...” Lady Leeza reasoned. “Impressive! Do you think you could use it now if you had to?”
Uh...” I closed my eyes and thought about this. I could feel it there and called to it. When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by blue fire.
Kyle leapt to his feet and jumped back. “What the hell?!”
I giggled and let my power fade. “Yes, I think I could use it if necessary, but it feels like I don't have much more than half a tank...”
What about you other powers? The not ultimate ones?” Lady Leeza wondered, and I could see that in her mind, she was taking notes. I wonder if she keeps a journal about me?
Well...” I looked around and spotted my cyr wheel. Waving my hand at it, I made it fly around the room. Then I set it to spin slowly and aimed a fireball at it. To my surprise, my fireball was only the size of a baseball. “Whoa...”
All you can say is whoa!” Kyle demanded incredulously. “That's some freaky shit!”
I nodded, a worried frown on my face.
Ian tapped the table a couple of times to get Kyle's attention. “You don't understand, her magic is usually much more impressive. Her fireball when she's trying to make it small is usually the size of a basketball!”
You say that like this is something that happens everyday,” Kyle grumbled unappreciatively.
It kind of is,” I informed him.
Kyle slumped into his chair rather involuntarily and stared at nothing. “Oh...”
With a grin, I pushed my plate away. “I'm more or less finished eating now. How about that tour?”
Sure...” Kyle murmured softly, still looking at nothing in particular.
He looks like he could use a stiff drink,” Ian remarked with a chuckle.
I nodded in agreement. Kyle shook his head. “Nah, I don't like to drink on school nights. It's hard enough for me to wake up!”
Aww! That's very responsible of you!” I purred in approval. I held my hand out and Kyle took it.
I plan to finish eating,” Ian announced abruptly. “But I'll come looking for you when I'm finished.”
I decided to subtly tease them. “I suppose I should have Lord Antony here assign you a bedroom for the night,” I said as I gestured to the Lord in question.
Both Ian and Kyle shook their heads. “Nah...”
With a grin, I kissed Kyle on the cheek. “I thought so.” Then I looked over at Ian. “Do you want to use my private bath before bedtime?”
That would be up to your brother as I'm fine bathing in the communal palace bath,” Ian stated with a shrug.
I guess I'd want to see the choices before I decide,” Kyle replied.
Lucky we're planning to go on a tour then!” I stated with a laugh. With my hand in the crook of his arm, we walked out of the dining hall.

Nathan tilted his head and cast a curious glance at Ian after Kaitlynn and her brother had left the room. “So... are you and her brother Kyle together?”
Why do you ask that?” Ian wondered with puzzled frown.
Nathan shrugged. “Just the way that the two of you both assumed that you'd be spending the night together, and Kaitlynn more or less assumed it too.”
Ian smirked. “Well, I suppose you have a point, but no. We're not together. As we mentioned that night...” Ian cast Nathan a suggestive look. “I want a relationship with the right woman – who I haven't met yet. In the meantime, I like to play with men because men generally don't mind having sex without relationships.”
Not here in Rolandia,” Nathan informed him. “At least not to my knowledge. Here, men and women both make the army their top priority, and then when they want to settle down a bit, they get together and have a baby.”
Nods from around the table confirmed that this was pretty much true. Ian looked at them all in turn, confused.
Really, so there's no such thing as hooking up temporarily or one night stands?” Ian wondered, not quite able to believe it.
No one seemed willing to say anything. Lady Sophia finally took it upon herself to answer. She smiled at Ian gorgeously.
Of course there are!” She exclaimed with a happy purr. “We're not sexually repressed or anything, our people simply feel that our duty to Rolandia is more important than anything. I guess you could say that there's a general lack of interest in sex rather than any sort of morality against it.”
Stress, I bet,” Ian muttered, nodding in understanding.
Lady Sophia shrugged. “Probably.”
Nathan asked his next question. “Well, what about your world? It seems to me that your people do nothing but have sex and it doesn't seem to matter who with.”
Ian gave him a wry smile as he slowly shook his head. “I guess it might seem like that because that's how it is with Kaitlynn and me – and most of our friends... However, most people in the United States of America are weird when it comes to sex. There's this sort of double standard. Men should go out and have sex as much as they can with as many women as they can to be seen as manly, meanwhile women should keep their legs together until marriage unless they want to be called sluts and whores.”
That's a terrible standard!” Ladies Sophia and Leeza cried out in outrage.
I agree,” Ian stated with a nod. “Slowly, women are fighting to change this, but it's hard. Even though they won the right to vote and have fought to be seen as equal to men, for some reason, the men in our country keep trying to take their rights away again. Most recently, the leaders of our country – the majority of which are men – are trying to take away a woman's right to birth control. One woman even suggested that maybe women shouldn't be allowed to vote after all!”
If women are treated so badly in your world, then why does Kaitlynn seem so happy to be there?” Nathan asked, not sure he understood.
Are you kidding?!” Ian asked with a laugh. “She's a rich white girl! Her family could buy an election if they wanted – well... maybe not quite that rich. I think my family is richer than hers, but I have to dress up and act like a white person to be taken seriously.”
There's no such thing here...” Nathan murmured.
There's only white people???” Ian asked incredulously. “I was sure I'd seen other races...”
No,” Nathan clarified with a shake of his head. “I mean that there's no distinction between the races. Or gender. At least not like you're describing. Over the past thousand years, we've put aside our differences and worked together for the good of Rolandia.”
Shh!” Ian hushed him urgently. “Don't let the politicians hear you say that! It would be all they would need to strip away everyone's rights in the name of patriotism, and then they'd declare war on more countries!”
Nathan frowned at him. “What are you talking about?”
Ian simply shook his head. “There's no way I can explain how messed up our country is in just a few minutes. Our world is not perfect – far from it, but it does have just enough of the good things in it that make life worth living. Even better, the people can eventually change the things they don't like. It just takes a long time...”
Hmm...” Nathan remarked since he still didn't understand but didn't want to make an issue of it.
Ian changed the subject. “So, Kaitlynn had told me that she might be pregnant, but Sir Barrett... Were you joking when you claimed to have impregnated all four of her maids?”
Everyone stopped eating to look at him. The look they gave him of: you didn't know, pretty much confirmed that it was true. Ian raised an eyebrow, not sure if he was impressed or overcome by disbelief.
Oh right, you weren't here for that...” Sir Barrett murmured. They all took turns telling him what had happened until Ian's mouth hung open from shock.
Whoa! Wait... so...” Ian stammered, pointing to Lady Leeza. “Even you are pregnant?”
Yes,” she replied softly, a very small smile tugging at her lips. “About four months along. I should start showing anytime now...”
Ian pressed a hand to his forehead. “That girl!” He abruptly stood up from his chair and marched out of the room. “Kaitlynn! We need to have a talk about what is an acceptable way to treat the people who love you!”

Kaitlynn!” Ian called out, gaining my attention as I walked with Kyle along the dirt path that I had wore permanently into the palace lawn as I ran circles around it.
Hey Ian,” I greeted him with a smile.
Care to explain how you thought it was in any way acceptable to slip everyone in your court a fertility drug?” Ian demanded, obviously upset on their behalf.
I shrugged indifferently. “As the Queen, I need to ensure that there's a next generation.”
Kaitlynn...” Ian sighed as he rubbed his temples.
Kyle chuckled, not having a clue what we were talking about. “Hey, uh... Why don't you bring me to the bath?”
Ian smiled at him. “Sounds good to me,” he murmured, taking my brother by the hand and leading him away.
Have fun!” I called after them. They waved at me as if thinking: yeah yeah, of course!
Now alone, I wandered along, enjoying the fact that I could still handle the level of sizzling in my blood. It was a soft and pleasant fizz at the moment, rather than a nerve wracking hard boil. After a while, Nathan found me, pulling me into a warm embrace before walking aimlessly with me. We eventually decided to take a bath together – and discovered that Ian and my brother had decided against using my private bathroom.
Hey, uh... Can we do something different tonight?” I wondered after we finished our bath and dried off. We had naturally made out quite a bit, so I'm sure that Nathan was eager to relocate to our bed. Instead of showing any impatience, he simply towel dried his hair and gave me a curious look.
Like what?” He inquired.
Like a surprise?” I asked with a mischievous grin.
Uh... sure...” He replied slowly, wondering what exactly I had in mind.
Awesome!” I exclaimed, kissing him hard for a moment before tossing a robe at him. After slipping into a robe myself, I just barely gave him time to finish tying the sash before dragging him out of our room.
He looked around curiously as we walked. “I've never been in this part of the palace before...” An expression of fear crossed his face. “We're not headed to her lair, are we?”
Nope!” I assured him with a knowing smirk.
His wary expression told me that he didn't quite believe me. A few minutes later, I knocked on a brightly painted door with various decorated motifs. Nathan gave me another curious look, but trusted that Lady Leeza's lair wouldn't be so girly looking.
Your Majesty!” One of my maids gasped in delight when she answered the door, and then she noticed Nathan and frowned. “My Lord...”
I stroked her cheek and whispered in her ear. She immediately perked up and stood back to invite us in. I gave her a kiss as I pulled Nathan along behind me.
Girls, we have guests!” She announced. The other three maids were looking at us with huge grins. One of them tossed me a thin coil of rope.
You know what to do with that!” She stated expectantly.
With a nod, I turned to push Nathan in a waiting chair. It was a basic wooden chair with a back but no sides. I then gave him a quick and reassuring kiss before pulling his hands behind his back and tying them together and to the chair. Two of the maids each took another coil of rope and tied his legs to the chair. At this point, Nathan was definitely apprehensive.
Kaitlynn...” he questioned nervously.
Shh...” I hushed him softly, taking a wooden ball – that had been sanded utterly smooth and polished by magic to prevent splinters – from one of the maids and gently shoving it in his mouth.
It was big enough that he couldn't swallow or choke on it, but small enough that he could just barely close his mouth around it. This would prevent him from getting an unbearably dry mouth even as he couldn't speak. Strangely, the magic that made the ball smooth and splinter free also made it able to squish just a little bit to aid getting it in and out of a mouth. We then covered his mouth with a light silk scarf so that he couldn't eventually push it out with his tongue.
Nathan had a strange expression in his eyes. On the one hand, he looked intrigued by what I was doing, but on the other, he looked uncomfortable. I am willing to bet that he had never been at someone's mercy before in his life! (Sexual or not.)
We then promptly pretended like he wasn't even in the room. On my knees, I obediently let the maids disrobe me and stroke my body as they wished. They circled me, expecting me to keep my eyes straight ahead rather than on them. I stared somewhat vaguely in Nathan's direction. All four of them had dressed up in their naughty costumes, and had I a penis, I would be rigidly hard just looking at them!
Suddenly, one of the maids behind me lashed out with a soft, multi-tailed whip. I moaned and shuddered in pleasure. Another yanked my hair and shoved my head into a third's womanhood. I eagerly complied with the unspoken command.
As the three of them took turns using and abusing me, the fourth wandered over to Nathan and turned his chair just enough that he could easily see me off to the side. Then she straddled his lap and took him inside her with little to no warning.
I could hear him inhale through his nose a gasp of surprise and feel his eyes look over at me, but I was too busy to look up at him. Eventually, he made a groaning noise that caught my attention. I looked up despite an extra hard whipping my disobedience earned me to see what was going on.
Oh my! Looks like someone made a mess!” The maid riding him purred in a slightly evil tone of voice. “Somebody's going to have to clean this up!” She walked over to me and reclined expectantly, pointing to her vagina.
I buried my face as one of the other maids kissed her lips and massaged her breasts. The maid that had been whipping me decided to take a turn with Nathan, who was moaning erotically as if this was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Until he watched the last maid put on a leather harness that allowed her to wear a long, smooth, somewhat wide replica of a penis – in my world, this would be called a double-ended dildo – and after making sure that it was comfortably inside her, got into position to have sex with me. I was on my hands and knees and felt her push into me just as Nathan made an almost strangled noise. I looked up to find him watching me with wide and eager eyes as the maid capably made him rise to the occasion.
We played with the maids for many hours. By the time we were done, we were all so exhausted that Nathan and I had no strength to crawl out of their beds, much less walk back to our room! We simply snuggled up to our respective maids and zonked.

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