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Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh eff! I should have used a cart, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could carry all four heavy bags of groceries to my car without help. Now, I'll have only myself to blame if I end up dropping something!
Grr! Why did I park all the way at the ass end of the lot? I'm not going to make it without dropping something. How stupid am I going to look going back inside for a cart?
Suddenly, my toe caught on a rock or something and I felt my blood run cold with horror as I realized that I was going to fall and drop everything I had just bought. Please oh please don't break! I took a deep breath and tried to brace myself for impact.
To my surprise, something caught me and I did not fall.
Looks like you could use a bit of help there, Ma'am.”
I gaped at my rescuer in astonishment. Not only was he taller than me – probably at least 6 feet compared to my 5 foot 10 – but he was also blond and gorgeous! I forced myself to close my mouth, but couldn't stop from gulping before I managed to speak to him.
Th-th-th-thank y-y-y-you!” Okay, so I couldn't talk very well at the moment, but can you blame me? Not only was this man so hot that my head was spinning, but his southern accent was so sexy that I felt more moisture between my legs than had been there for a long time.
My pleasure, Ma'am,” he drawled and tipped his hat to me. This made me realize that he still had one arm around me to make sure that I didn't fall after all. With absolutely no effort at all, he took all 4 bags from me, and then continued talking as if he hadn't just added about 100 pounds to the 4 bags that he already carried.
I'm a firefighter, so saving people is just what I do. Which way to your car?”
Um...” I whispered breathlessly. “Um... Car?” My eyes roamed his body now that he had stepped away from me. I felt blood rush to my cheeks and my heart start pounding. “Car?” I murmured again, my brain finally deciphering the word. “Oh! Car! Um... It's, um...”
I was so embarrassed now, but I couldn't – literally could not – remember where I had parked! Oh God! Please just strike me dead here on the spot! Just when I thought that I might cry if I didn't die soon, I remembered the crucial information.
Th-th-that way!” I pointed toward the very back of the lot.
Great, I'm parked thataway too,” he informed me with a grin.
I know I whimpered in longing for a moment as I watched him walk away from me. I tapped on my chest to beat my heart into submission, but it was still pounding as loudly as ever.
Dear God, if it's not too much to ask, can I please have just one night in his arms?
Tucking a strand of my straight brown hair behind my ear, I reminded myself that I was plain no matter how much I tried to pretty myself up. There's no way that a man like him would ever even consider having a night of passion with someone like me. With a sigh, I forced myself to rush after him before he escaped with all my groceries.
One of my medium high heels caught in a small dent of somesort, nearly causing me to trip again, but I managed to save myself this time, and continued rushing after him in silence. My eyes were glued to his sexy ass. If he happens to have a calendar out, I swear I will buy a good hundred copies of it, tear his picture out, and plaster it all over my bedroom wall. It's not like there was anyone to object to me acting like a lust struck teenager.
Oh crap! Now I had another problem. In about 5 seconds, he was going to see my rustbucket. Yet another reason to die of embarrassment!
Um... I can handle things from here,” I stated, relieve to find that I didn't stutter again.
Don't worry, I'm fine,” he assured me. “My car's just right there.”
I looked where he pointed and my jaw dropped. No way!!! How in the hell did we manage to park next to each other?! He laughed.
You're thinking that it's highly unusual for a tall man like me to be driving such a small car, right?”
Well... yeah,” I admitted once it occurred to me that he looked much too big to fit in the sensible and economical Prius.
He laughed again. “I understand, but after graduating my training, I realized that it didn't make sense to want to save people and not the environment.”
I see...” I murmured, impressed. Good looking and concerned about the planet? Did he have any bad qualities?
I thoroughly admired his body again as he settled his groceries in the back seat of his car. He caught me looking at him, but aside from a small smirk, he maintained a friendly expression on his face. Now that I think about it, he's probably noticed all the lust filled looks I've given him. I have got to get a hold of myself!!!
So... where's your car?”
My embarrassed expression got so red that I felt like I was going to faint. I forced myself to point, and then kinda flinched as I braced myself for him to laugh at me or make condescending remarks. To my surprise, he exclaimed in awe.
Seriously?! That's your car?”
I nodded with a grimace. “It's my rustbucket. My dad's a mechanic, and he forces me to drive the cars he fixes up. Usually, the cars he works on are better than this, but for some reason, he really likes this old, beat up piece of... um... junk...”
He grinned at me, his eyes practically shining from an inner light I jealously wished I possessed. “You mean you don't know?”
Know what?” I wondered curiously.
This is a 1970 Oldsmobile 442!”
Four Four Two?” I parroted a bit stupidly.
This car is the stuff of legends!”
Oh...” I murmured, not really caring. “I guess that's why my dad is so excited to be working on it.”
I'll bet!” He grinned at me like a little boy in a candy store. “This car is why I parked here! Can I drive it? Just a little?”
I stood there in indecision for a few moments. My dad would kill me if he wrecked the car, but somehow, I really don't think this man would ever do anything to so much as scratch this car, if possible. Which was kind of ironic considering that it really was a rustbucket!
Um... sure, I guess...” I muttered.
He whooped in joy as he set the groceries on the floor of my backseat. I would have protested his casual familiarity with my car, but I had already given him permission to drive it. Besides, the windows were rolled down and the doors were unlocked. Let's just say that I was kinda hoping someone would steal it!
He rushed around to the other side of the car and then held open the passenger door for me. “Ma'am.”
My toes curled over the way he purred when he said Ma'am! For sanity's sake, I needed to tell him my name. There's no way he could make it sound sexy...
Uh... my name is Sarah,” I informed him as I walked over to the door he held out for me.
Sarah huh?”
Oh God! I was wrong!!! He can make even my name sound sexy with that accent of his! Calm down calm down calm down!
He placed a hand on my back to guide me into the car – like a gentleman would – and I suddenly realized that this was a real, honest to God, good old southern boy! A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Wow.....
Soon, he was in the driver's seat. He turned to smile at me again, and then held out his hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Sarah. I'm Tanner.”
I was hesitant to put my hand in his since my back still tingled from where he had touched me a moment ago, but I couldn't bring myself to be so terribly rude to him. Steeling my nerves, I tried to act casual as I placed my hand in his. “Hi Tanner, it's nice to meet you as well.”
To my astonishment, Tanner did not shake my hand; he raised it to his lips and kissed the back of it! I was ready to explode! I really wanted to use a newspaper or something to fan myself with, but I also wanted to bury a hand between my legs and get rid of this horny heat that he created!
Solely to divert his attention from my near schoolgirl reaction, I handed him my keys. He grinned at me again, and promptly tried to start the car. I saw him try to turn the key, and when that didn't work, he tried pushing both the break and the clutch.
Hmm...” he drawled in puzzlement.
Um... you have to...” I thought about how to explain the weird quirk to him. “You have to hold down the clutch – yes – but you also have to hold the steering wheel about a quarter inch to the left...”
He did so and made a sound of delight when the key turned... a bit.
And then you have to return the wheel to normal and turn it a quarter inch to the right...”
He chuckled, trying my advice. The key turned all the way, and the engine revved as it tried to start.
Now you have to pump the gas twice, but not too hard!” I informed him.
He complied and a moment later, the engine was roaring like an angry tiger defending his territory. I buried my head in my hands in embarrassment. This was why I parked all the way at the ass end of the parking lot!
Oh yeah... listen to this baby purr!” He exclaimed approvingly. He shifted into reverse, backed out of the spot, shifted into first gear, and then slowly paraded the car around the block. It actually took him a few minutes to work up the courage to shift it into second gear and go a whopping 30 mph. I had to fight to hide laughter and an amused smirk.
Hmm... so much for being a fearless firefighter!
It took him about 10 minutes to finally get the car back in the parking spot we started in. I must admit that I liked watching him drive. His excitement was almost palpable, and it infected me just a tiny bit. Of course, that was probably because I still wanted to drag him home and to bed with me!
What's your number?” He asked me expectantly as he pulled out his cell phone. I inhaled with hope. “I'd love to drive your car again sometime, and maybe we could grab a cup of joe...”
Damn! I should have known better than to think he was going to ask me out. I slowly released my breath, and then gave him my number.
Cell phone, right?”
I nodded. He immediately typed up a text message on his fairly large touchscreen, and then hit send. I heard my phone jingle a moment later, and pulled out my old flip-style phone. After I opened it, I pushed the button to view my new message.
Hey Sarah, this is Tanner, so don't lose my number! I plan to call you real soon so that we can get together and go for a nice leisurely drive.
I couldn't help but smile as I texted him back: Can't wait!
He said goodbye and then got out of my car. I leaned across the seat to watch him get into his own car, tip his hat to me, and then drive away. I moaned in longing and disappointment. Why oh why couldn't he have asked to drive back to my place for about an hour or two?
Hell! Even right here in the car would have been fine with me!
I sighed, depressed. Even though he said he was going to call, ten bucks says that this time tomorrow, he'll have forgotten all about me.


As it turns out, I was right! With a self-derisive groan, I decided to go out to a bar and get drunk. On the way to the bar, I had to slam on my breaks to avoid running a red light. It had changed with plenty of warning, but I had been lost in thought and almost missed it. To be honest, most people would have probably gone through, but not me. I hated the thought of dying in an accident... like my mom...
That had happened when I was in college. She had been driving her well maintained car – one that she'd had for many years – but on that day, the brakes failed to stop, and she'd gotten T-boned in the intersection, dying instantly. I would rather be a dork who actually stops at a light than put my dad through that again.
I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel impatiently, and then almost hit my head on the dashboard when someone rear-ended me! I got out of the car angrily – already in a bad mood from being forgotten by Tanner.
Are you deaf or something?!” I shouted. “Only everyone in the whole frickin' state can hear my car! How could you rear end something this damn loud?!”
The man who'd hit me held up his hands in surrender as he got out of his car. “I'm sorry. Are you alright?”
I sort of wiggled my body a second as I evaluated how fit I was. “Yeah... I guess...”
That's good!” He stated in relief. “You're right, it's completely my fault. I just got off a 48 hour shift at the hospital, and I was probably half asleep when I hit you.”
48 hour shift?!?!?!” I asked incredulously. “Where in the hell do you work that anyone could expect you to work so long?!”
I'm a doctor and I was on call in the emergency room,” he explained.
I ran a hand through my hair in frustration. “Idiot! What kind of doctor endangers himself and others by driving half asleep?!”
One who's had too much coffee and thought himself invincible.”
I felt my anger deflate. “Are you hurt?”
Nope. Though my car does seem to have a dent now,” he remarked. He suddenly yawned so hard that my eyes started watering.
I sighed impatiently. “Get in my car!”
He simply nodded and trudged to comply. I turned his car off, and then opened my trunk and pulled out a mini tow winch. My dad is a mechanic after all. He often puts stuff like this in the back of my cars – which he almost always uses for a bit before he gives them to me – just so that he can have them on hand if he needs them.
I attached two thick and sturdy steel hooks to the correct part of the undercarriage, and then pressed a button on the winch to lift the front of his car about a foot off the ground. With a wry shake of my head, I realized that my car was as fine as ever. I couldn't even see a scratch, but I bet my father would find all kinds of damage.
My passenger was asleep by the time I got back into the car, which seriously amazed me! I mean think about it! My car was louder than a diesel truck! How can anyone sleep through that???
I now had two choices. I could rummaged through his pants pockets until I found his wallet, and then search through his wallet until I figured out where he lived. Then I could drop him and his car off and finally go drinking at the bar. OR I could simply bring him back to my place and let him sleep as my dad checks out his car.
I exhaled a long sigh of aggravation, then pulled out my phone and called my dad. “Hi daddy. I was just rear-ended, but I'm fine! I'm towing the car back to my place. Can you come over for a bit and look at it?”
My dad laughed heartily. “Is the damage that bad? Did one of these modern cars seriously think it could win in a battle with a solid and sturdy muscle car?”
I giggled a little, appreciating that my dad had let me drive this car because he was so sure that it was safe should I happen to get into an accident. “No daddy. The car looks mostly fine to me. But I want you to check it out, just in case.”
Okay babydoll, I'll be over in about 10 minutes,” he stated, humor still in his voice.
See you then.”
It only took me about 8 minutes to get back home, and sure enough, my dad arrived shortly after me. He took a good look at my car first, and then frowned when he noticed my passenger. He pointed in concern.
He okay?”
I nodded, and then offered an explanation. “Apparently he just got off a 48 hour shift at the hospital and is absolutely knackered.”
Another one of those fancy college words,” my dad murmured. “Why don't you just say that he's dog tired?”
I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Alright fine, he's dog tired. I'm going to let him crash in my bed since I plan to go out tonight anyway.”
My dad narrowed his eyes at me suspiciously. He knew that I'd had boyfriends in the past, but as far as he was concerned, 26 was still too young to have men in my bed. Especially not strangers!
Daddy...” I growled defensively. “I'm serious! I'm going out to the bar tonight! And anyway, I'm a big girl now; If I want to have strange men in my bed, you can't really do anything about it!”
He growled a sigh of frustration. “Fine... but that doesn't mean that I have to like it!”
I chuckled and then kissed him on the cheek. “I know.”
Between the two of us, we managed to get the unconscious doctor into my bed. I was seriously surprised that he didn't wake up! He was utterly out cold though. Not even pulling his shoes off interrupted his soft snoring, which made me giggle a bit. I covered him with my blanket, and then left him alone to sleep.
I helped my dad unhook the really nice and shiny new car from my mini winch. I hadn't really noticed it before, but this car was a Chrysler 300 – a nice slightly-upper middle class car that ran almost silently and looked so very normal. It was pretty much everything I wanted in a car!
He must not have been going very fast,” dad muttered. “There's only a dent. Sure it's the size of a softball, but I can fix that...” He got out his tools and popped the dent out in practically no time. He even buffed the area, making it just as shiny as the rest of the car was.
I chuckled and then hugged him in thanks. “I love you daddy.”
He hummed gruffly, but squeezed me tight. “Love you too, babydoll.”
There was a time when he would never have said those words out loud, but then mom died and he vowed that he would not let me go a day without knowing how he felt. It almost killed him that he'd told her like three times in the entire 20 years they'd been married.
Anyway,” I pulled out of his embrace. “I'm going to the bar for a while.”
He nodded in acceptance. “Your car looks fine, but I'll come check on it tomorrow when it's light out.”
I nodded and smiled. “I'd like that.” With one last squeeze of his hand, I walked back to my car and got in. Too bad I couldn't “borrow” my guest's car!
At the bar – which I managed to get to without incident this time – I only drank a few drinks before I suddenly remembered that I had a pretty good looking man in my bed. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't drunk – not even legally drunk – but I was definitely in a better mood!
I drove home, downed a tall glass of wine, and then sat contemplating the man in my bed. Even with the light on, he was sound asleep. I felt a bit bad about making him sleep in his pants, especially since I could see the indent in the bed from where his wallet was.
Deciding to remedy the situation, I pulled his pant off him to find that he wore boxers. Under his shirt was a plain white sleeveless undershirt. Even knowing that he was seriously passed out, I was still amazed that he didn't wake up while I jostled him and took his shirt off.
Damn! This meant that he was way too out cold to do anything fun with! As much as I wanted to, I was not going to molest or violate him while he was asleep. Besides, I doubt he could rise to the occasion anyway.
With a sigh of pent-up sexual frustration, I stripped down to my underwear, stopping just as I was about to remove them. I normally slept naked, but I didn't know this man! What if he woke up while I was still asleep and decided that my naked body was perfect for playing with.
I snorted and then damn near choked as I laughed so hard! Oh no! Not that! I laughed so hard that my sides ached, but left my underwear on anyway.
I went to fold up his clothes so that he didn't think I was a slob. His phone fell out of his pocket, so I set it on his pants, and then folded his shirt. It smelled so good! And not in a perfumy or cologney kind of way. It was more like it held a hint of soap and something uniquely... him...
I pulled his shirt on and then modeled it for myself as I looked in my full-length mirror. While it was hanging wide open like this, my breasts actually looked pretty sexy! I wiggled my hips like a stripper for a few moments, rubbing my hands on my body.
DAMNIT! I'm frickin' horny again! Worse, I have someone in my bed so I can't masturbate! It would be just my luck that neither my loud ass car nor jostling him would wake him up, but me playing with my vibrator would... That would be so hard to explain!
With a sigh, I slipped into bed and snuggled under my blanket. I stroked his shirt with my cheek, and inhaled his wonderful scent. My hand wandered down between my legs, and I decided that even if he woke up, he wouldn't know for certain what I was doing. I rubbed myself so slowly that there was pretty much no movement to give away the fact that I was building the fires on a hot orgasm.
Some time later, I inhaled a nearly silent gasp and quietly cried out in pleasure. His snores assured me that he was as sound asleep as ever, and a big part of me was disappointed. I'll admit that I was kind of hoping that he would wake up and want to join me in my quest for heaven.
Sadly, it was not to be. I sighed forlornly and then drifted off to sleep.


Um... hello...”
I opened my eyes to find a stranger staring at me. What the hell? Had I gotten lucky last night? Slowly, memories returned to me, making me blush.
Hi...” I returned the greeting hesitantly.
Could you, um... Could you explain how we came to be sharing a bed?” The handsome doctor asked.
Do you remember rear-ending me?” I asked, and then blushed harder than ever. “I mean my car!”
He chuckled, obviously amused by my unintended implication. “Actually yes, I do vaguely remember that. I'm so sorry! Did I damage your car?”
I shook my head. “No, it's fine. Anyway, you were in no condition to drive with how tired you were, so I brought you home and tucked you in.”
Ah...” he murmured in understanding, and I could see a hand traveling down his body under the blanket. “And how did I get half undressed?”
I blushed again, but not so hard this time. “Sorry, I didn't think you'd want to sleep fully dressed.”
Good call,” he muttered as he looked around my bedroom. “Nice place.”
Thanks,” I said, fairly sure that he was just being polite. My place was small and pretty bare since it seemed like every time I put up any kind of decoration, something would happen – such as a move – and I'd have to pack again. My brain kicked in just a bit, and I yawned as I wondered how much sleep I'd gotten.
I'm sorry, do you want some coffee? I could make breakfast...” I offered, stretching just a little. The blanket uncovered one of my shoulders and just a hint of my cleavage.
Is that my shirt?” He asked with an impish grin.
Hmm?” I hummed, and then looked at what I was wearing. “Oh! Oops! I didn't mean to wear this to bed; I just – uh... I uh... I was a little drunk and I put it on because it smelled so good...”
My cheeks were utterly red again as I admitted this. Oh God! Why had I fallen asleep wearing it?! What was I thinking?!
He chuckled. “I don't mind... I may not wash it ever again! Speaking of smelling good...” He trailed off as he smelled my neck.
I moaned in longing before I could stop myself. Trying to cover my blunder, I sat up and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Breakfast!”
He gave me a lusty grin, and then held onto his shirt. “Sorry, but you look way too tempting to let out of bed just yet!”
I squeaked as I realized that his shirt was wide open and exposing my breasts. Unexpectedly, I started to laugh. I leaned over him until my face was about an inch from his.
I really hadn't planned to...” I murmured, kissing him softly. “But I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it and hope...”
He put a hand on the back of my neck and kissed me deeply. I opened my mouth eagerly and savored the taste of his tongue. He really knew how to kiss!
You deserve a man who can take all the time in the world and send you up to the very heights, but unfortunately, I just don't think I have the time or energy...” He informed me with a sad sigh.
I shook my head. “A quickie is fine by me.” Any sex would be vastly better than no sex!
He chuckled again. “Well, I think I can manage more than that.”
To my delight, he was right! He kissed me as he shifted my panties out of the way and slid inside me. I was so wet that he had no trouble with lubrication, which was good because he was able to really pound into me. He did so rather slowly at first, making my whole body shake with each thrust.
I sighed happily, sending up a prayer of thanks to God for helping me get laid after all. It had been way too long! I wonder if God is watching his handiwork right now? I suppose it's only fair if he is...
His thrusting got faster and faster until we were both chanting: “Uh!” repeatedly. I loved every moment, and dug my nails into his back as I felt an orgasm coming to get me.
Oh, oh, oh wow!” I shouted, and then I was squealing like a stuck pig.
My squealing eventually returned to breathy grunts, and I prayed that God would send me one more before my lover finished with me. He sort of growled as he shifted positions ever so slightly, and then resumed banging into me with surprising vigor. I felt heaven growing closer to me once more, but then my doorbell rang.
He grunted, his movements a bit jerky now. I sighed happily. Even though the doorbell had scared my impending orgasm away, he was obviously finished now, and I was glad to start his day off right.
My doorbell rang again, and then I heard pounding. “Sarah!”
I groaned.
Jealous lover?”
I shook my head. “No, it's my dad.”
I'm coming!” I shouted as loud as I could and then cringed and clutched my head. I think I might have drank a bit more than I thought!
I slipped out of bed and hastily buttoned up enough buttons as I walked to keep the shirt from exposing my breasts. I tugged my panties back into place, and wiped the little bit of dribble from my leg and onto the back of the shirt I wore. I knew that my dad was just worried about me, but I hated that was basically treating me like a child. My anger grew...
What?!” I snapped as I opened the door. “My head aches from a hangover, and your pounding didn't help it any!”
Sarah...?” He asked in confusion. I had never snapped at him like that before.
I groaned in shame. “Oh I'm sorry daddy, but seriously, your timing sucks!” I hugged him in apology.
I'm sorry, I should have called first. I just came to check on your car like I said I would.”
Hmph!” I snorted. “Sure you did.” I kissed him on the cheek, and then pointed towards my car. “Go on. I need to make breakfast and wake up a bit.”
My dad looked around suspiciously. “And your guest?”
I looked to the floor to hide the inexplicable guilt I felt. “Still sleeping,” I muttered the lie quickly, and then practically shoved him out the door.
Sarah...” he murmured in concern, but I firmly insisted that he give me a few minutes of privacy. With a sigh, he went to check on my car.
Should I be worried?” My lover asked as he poked his head out of my bedroom.
I shook my head. “No... My dad is just worried. He won't be rude to you in the slightest.
That's good!” He exclaimed in relief. Then his eyes roamed up and down my body. A grin indicated that he liked what he saw. “I really hate to say this, but I'm going to need my shirt back.”
I smiled and nodded, then unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it at him. I started a pot of coffee and busied myself frying up some eggs for breakfast. It was all I had, but I was pretty good at cooking eggs – if I do say so myself.
My lover snuggled up to my back and lightly bit my neck. “You have no idea how much I could drag you back to bed right now!” He whispered in my ear.
Well, I was only wearing my panties! It would be an insult if he didn't want to have sex with me at the moment. I grinned and turned my head so that I could kiss him. I think I could have kissed him all day!
There was another light pounding on my door. “Sarah!”
I groaned again, feeling like a teenager trying to hide my boyfriend from my parents! “Give me a minute!”
I stormed back to my bedroom, and tossed on the first tee shirt I could find. Then I stormed back to my door and flung it open. This reminded me that I was hungover, and I gasped as I clutched my head.
Sorry to bug you again, babydoll, but I finished checking on your car. It's fine. I'm going to go back to the garage, but I could really use your help.”
Daddy... It's like my only day off!” I complained like a petulant child.
I know, but I really –”
I cut him off with a sigh. I knew that he wouldn't ask if he didn't have something that needed to be finished as soon as possible. “Okay. I'll be there as soon as I finish eating.” I hugged him again.
In that case, could you stop by the parts store and pick up my order on your way? I'm headed on over to the junkyard to see if they have something I need.”
Yep, no problem.”
Thanks babydoll!”
Love you daddy,” I stated with a smile because no matter how I felt, this much was definitely true.
Love you too.” He turned and left, pretending that he didn't see my guest standing at the stove. He had thankfully turned off the stove and dished up our eggs. Even so, I knew that my dad had noticed how my guest now wore the shirt I had first answered the door in. Without so much as a word or a dirty look, my dad had managed to make me feel like a naughty brat.
I sighed in frustration. “I wish I could stay and chat, but I should eat and get ready to go.”
Well... Sarah...” he said with a chuckle as he realized that I hadn't actually told him my name, but he assumed that my dad would call me by the right name. “I don't really have time to stay either. My family is coming to town for a visit and may already be at my house wondering where I am. However, I'd like to take you to dinner sometime. How's Monday night?”
Um...” I replied hesitantly. “I... I would love to go to dinner with you, but...”
But?” He asked.
I work,” I stated flatly, utterly disappointed that it was true.
Oh... Well, how about lunch on Monday?”
I smiled, and then chuckled as a thought occurred to me. “I don't even know your name!”
He blushed. For once it wasn't me! With a chuckle and a nod, he gave a half shrug.
Sorry! I'm Cole...”
Hi Cole, nice to meet you.”
Nice to meet you too, Sarah,” Cole murmured and leaned in to kiss me again.
I purred happily, and then frowned as a phone rang, but it didn't sound like mine.
Damn! My phone!” Cole cursed as he pulled the offending object from his pants pocket – which he had put on while my father was talking to me the first time.
Just as he said hello, I heard my phone ring, and raced to get it from my pants – which were in a heap under my bed because I kind of was a slob. I answered it without even looking to see who had called.
Hello, Sarah speaking, how may I help you?” I asked, automatically answering like I did when at work, then I banged on my head at the stupidity of it.
In the other room, I heard Cole promise his caller: “Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can!”
On my phone, a damn sexy voice laughed. “Hi Sarah. Are you busy today? I'd really like to go for that drive...”
I couldn't help it, I made a sound like a young girl mooning over her first crush. “Busy...? Um... uh...” My brain thankfully kicked in before I could make a total idiot out of myself. I shook my head to force my mouth to work properly. “Actually yes, I have to help my dad out for a while.”
Aww,” he purred. “That's too bad! Maybe after you finish?”
I hummed in contemplation as I thought this suggestion over. Then I mentally slapped myself; get a grip! “Uh, I don't know how long it'll take, sorry.”
No worries, I'll call back later!” Tanner promised and then drawled: “Bye,” before hanging up.
Uh! Tanner!” I sighed in frustration as I realized that it was already too late.
Tanner? Is that your boyfriend?” Cole asked, watching me with a guarded expression on his face.
I laughed. “I wish! No, he's just someone who really likes my car and wants to drive it some more. He seems to really want to drive my car, so I bet he'll probably keep calling until I have time.”
Hmph,” Cole huffed softly, and then kissed me. “What was your answer?”
Answer?” I parroted stupidly.
About lunch on Monday?”
Oh! Right! I would love to go out to lunch with you,” I told him honestly, following as he walked toward the exit to my home.
Great! But now I really have to go. My mother and sisters are waiting for me, and I'm not even sure where my car is!” Cole exclaimed suddenly as he reached into his pocket for his keys and realized that they weren't there.
I giggled softly and pointed to the small wooden key next to my door. It was literally the only thing on any of my walls, so I'm surprised that he hadn't seen it on his own. He looked around my tiny trailer, and then forced a smile to his face.
Thank you so much for helping me out and letting me sleep here. Without you, I probably would have gotten into a really bad accident and died. I think I owe you my life!”
I rolled my eyes and grabbed my keys of the wooden key on the wall. “Don't worry about it.” I opened my door and pointed out to his car. “My dad fixed your dent, so your car should be good as new.”
Oh... great! Have him send me the bill...”
I shrugged. The truth is that even if my dad did decide to bill him – which I don't think he would due to the circumstances – I wouldn't know where to send the bill. I changed the subject.
I have to go,” I whispered, leaning in to kiss him again. He seemed relieved and kissed me back in a way that made my toes curl.
Wow...” I exhaled in awe when our lips parted.
I'll see you Monday!” Cole promised and then walked to his car. I leaned on the frame of my open door and watched him walk away. I think I might have just found a boyfriend! An incredibly handsome boyfriend...
Cole got into his car and then waved goodbye to me. I grinned as I returned the wave, and then forced myself to concentrate on closing my door and walking to my car. Hopefully, Cole wouldn't get lost on the way home!

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