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Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Boop Background

I admit it, somewhere over the years, I have become a fan of Betty Boop. I think it's because they dress the icon up in just about everything - much like they do Barbie - only I'm not sure why I love Betty and not Barbie, lol!

Anyway, a while back, I ran across this pic, and now it's my background :-)

Mind you, I do not own this pic. I did not create it, but I also don't know who did. I like the artwork, but I do have one bone to pick about it... It looks like Betty has no chest!!! She's a curvy girl, not a washboard, lol!

Here's another sexy vampire to brighten your day :-)

This one I DO know where it came from, so let me share that link with you: DeviantArt

Have a happy day :-)

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