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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Triangle - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

So... Do you think it might be true?” Cole asked me.
We had met on a Friday night, and it was now exactly one week later. We'd had lunch together a couple of times, but his work schedule and mine conflicted enough that I was just now getting to spend a bit more time with him. I worked four 12 hour overnight shifts a week – Sunday night through Thursday morning – and then I worked at a small cafe Thursday, Friday, and even some Saturday afternoons. Well, morning until just after the lunch rush.
He – on the other hand – worked a pretty regular shift at a clinic. He started at 8 in the morning, and then ended at 5 in the evening, but apparently, he was supposed to have enough time for at least an hour long lunch each day – plus two half hour breaks. The reality was that he often got overbooked and had to work through most of his breaks, but he insisted on having lunch with me whenever he could. He was also on call at the hospital at least 48 hours every two weeks; sometimes more.
I shook the thoughts from my head. “Sorry... What? Do I think what is true?”
Cole blushed lightly, grinning at me. “What my mother said... Do you think you might be pregnant?”
I gaped at him in astonishment. I'd actually managed to push that thought out of my mind for the most part so that I didn't dwell on it. The hopeful look he gave me made me suddenly reconsider my readiness after all.
Uh... I... don't know... It's hasn't been long enough...”
Cole brushed a stray hair out of my face, and then moved his face until it hovered just inches from mine. He kissed me softly, and then murmured: “I wouldn't mind if you were...”
I pushed him back just a bit as he tried to kiss me again. “Whoa whoa wait! We don't even really know each other! I'm happy to spend any time that I can with you, and I want to get to know you, but I don't think we're ready to be having kids yet!”
He looked disappointed, but nodded. “You're right. I'm sorry, I was just thinking that I'm 30 now, and it's about time that I settled down and had a family. I guess I jumped the gun a little.”
I understand...” I murmured hesitantly. Leaning out of his reach, I pulled open the drawer of the table right next to my bed. “Anyway, I don't want to risk getting pregnant anymore than I already have, so I bought some condoms.” I handed him the box and then shut my drawer again.
That's a good idea,” Cole agreed in a low and husky voice. He pulled me closer to him again, and this time I let him kiss me. This time, we had all night together and didn't have to rush.
Cole started by giving me a massage, which I then returned. Just rubbing each other's bodies felt incredible! I sighed repeatedly, pretty sure I was in heaven.
With an impish smile, I grabbed hold of his shaft, slowly lowering my head. Cole groaned in anticipation; his hand stroking my hair. His shaft twitched as if it knew what was going to happen and wanted to encourage me. Opening my mouth, I licked him ever so softly.
And then I nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone rang. The jingle indicated that it was my dad. I growled in frustration.
I'd better answer or he'll just call back until I do,” I stated and then flopped onto my stomach and leaned over the side of the bed to locate and dig through my pants.
Once I found the phone, I flipped it open and then held it to my ear. “Daddy, you have really bad timing!”
He snorted. “Good! I was just calling to let you know that I want to come over and work on your car for a bit.”
No!” I gasped, devastated. “You can't come over now!” I felt almost panicked just thinking about it. “You can't come over tomorrow morning either!”
Uh-huh...” He stated with a tone that indicated he was pretty sure why I was so adamant. “Well, how about I just come pick your car up and bring it back here? I promise that I won't even bother you.”
I sighed in relief. “Okay daddy. You do that.”
Love you.”
Love you too,” I stated and then hung up the phone. I dropped it back onto my pants, and then looked over my shoulder at Cole. “Now... Where were we?”
Cole stroked my ass appreciatively. “I think we were right about here...” He said as he bit my “cheek.” I gasped at how good it felt, and squirmed as I immediately wanted more.
Gripping my hips with his surprisingly delicate hands, Cole pulled me onto my hands and knees, and then pushed my legs apart with one of his. I moaned as I felt him pushing into me. He felt so good that I quivered and buried my face into a pillow so that I could moan and gasp without sounding like a bad porno.
He thrust almost leisurely for some time, and then suggested we change positions just slightly. I rotated on the bed until I could grab onto the bars of the headboard, gripping them with both hands. Cole reentered me with a powerful thrust that shook the whole bed.
Ah... better!” He murmured sensually. Then he proceeded to bang into me so vigorously that the bed banged into the wall. One of his hands gripped my hip, but his other wound itself around my long brown hair and pulled it taut so that I had no choice but to look up at the ceiling.
For some reason, this made me start squealing! He kept pounding into me until my squeals changed to gasps: “Ah! Ah! Ah!” The bed started sounding like a machine: bang bang bang bang bang; and I started chanting: “Oh God oh God oh God!”
In the background, I heard my car start up. Just knowing that my dad could suddenly decide to walk in on me made my blood run cold from panic, which seemed to send me over the edge into a glorious orgasm. My whole body shook uncontrollably, and I squealed like a badly off key opera singer.
Thank God! It sounded like my car was driving away. I melted a bit in relief that I wouldn't be walked in on, and then realized that Cole was still pounding into me. I looked over my shoulder at him the best I could with him pulling on my hair.
As if reading my mind, Cole abruptly withdrew from me, and then rolled me onto my back and pushed my legs until I was practically folded in half; my knees pretty close to my ears. Still on his knees, he reentered me and resumed his wonderful banging.
Dear God! Did I win the lottery? This man is incredible in bed!
I let my legs rest on his shoulders and I once again gripped the bars of the head board. I didn't feel another orgasm coming, but that was just fine by me. The way my heart was thundering in my chest right now, I'm sure another one would probably kill me anyway.
I had no idea – when I thought that we had the time to take all night – that we would actually take all night! Every time that Cole would get close to finishing, he'd take a small break to reposition. Eventually, I ran completely out of energy, and he responded by pumping me full and then collapsing on top of me. I held him close and panted as I felt lethargy overtake me.
Fuck!” Cole swore so unexpectedly that I snapped back awake.
What?” I wondered.
I'm sorry! We never put that condom on! I swear I didn't do that on purpose...” he vowed, looking me in the eyes, even though it was too dark to truly see him.
I sighed in defeat. “Well, I guess it's too late to do anything about that now...”
He snuggled into me, and we both drifted off to sleep.
In the morning, Cole kissed me awake, and we had a wonderfully slow and gentle quickie. Okay, I'd admit it, I am totally addicted to having him in my bed! Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to let him start a family with me.
After snuggling for a good half an hour, my stomach started growling. I giggled in embarrassment, and pulled out of his arms. I had to go to the bathroom anyway.
Let me make you some breakfast,” I offered with a grin. “I have bacon today.”
Mmm,” he moaned appreciatively. “Sounds good!”
I took a step, but then my phone jingled. Bending over, I grabbed my phone and checked the text I'd just received. I rose slowly, tucking a strand of hair behind me ear; a grin across my face.
Miss you! It was from Tanner; the first contact of any kind we'd had since our date. I sat on the bed with a dreamy expression – unconsciously purring – and returned his text.
Miss you too!
Is that from him?” Cole asked, biting my shoulder as he snooped at my phone.
Yeah,” I admitted softly. “How did you know?”
You started acting like a schoolgirl again,” Cole informed me.
I'm sorry, I can't help it,” I whispered, not daring to look at him.
It's... fine...” Cole said a bit stiffly. “We're not officially together or anything.”
I felt so relieved that I actually exhaled a gasp. At the same time, I felt inexplicably upset. I liked that he wasn't trying to force me to never see Tanner again, but I also wanted him to get mad at me and insist that I was his girlfriend!
Rather than try to figure out what I really wanted, I stood up to go make breakfast. Cole pulled me back into his arms, twisting my head so that he could kiss me. By the time I managed to get out of bed and make breakfast, I felt a whole lot better about life in general.


The next week, Cole invited me and my dad over for dinner with his mom. His sisters were home with their kids, which was probably good because the conversation was awkward enough without them. Mom was awesome though. She found neutral and interesting topics to discuss, and then kept us entertained with anecdotes.
After dinner, my dad pulled me aside as he left. “I admit that I like this Cole fellow after all. He's nice and decent... A doctor! You've certainly done worse...”
I rolled my eyes and growled softly as my dad kissed my cheek. “Love you.
I hugged him tight. “Love you too.”
Cole's mom left then too, and soon Cole and I were all alone. His bed is like a cloud compared to mine! We had a glorious night of sex, and then I slept so soundly that dogs could have jumped on me and I wouldn't even have noticed! I have got to steal his bed!
The weekend ended far too soon, and we held each other tight before I left for work on Sunday.
I have to work all next weekend, so we won't be able to see each other, but I want to have lunch with you every day, if possible,” Cole stated firmly.
I'd like that,” I said with a smile. We kissed goodbye, and then I left.
On my way to work, I got a text. Curious, but not curious enough to risk getting into an accident, I waited to check it until I got to work.
I'm settled in at the Fire Station and I can't wait to see you again! I won't have any time to do so until Friday night, but then I'm all yours...
My heart started pounding and I felt like I couldn't breathe! Oh God! Tanner was back! Just knowing he was in town made me want to skip work and go surprise him at the Fire Station, but I knew that he was on call and could not be distracted by me.
With a sigh, I brushed away a tear of longing, and then forced myself to get inside the building before I was late for work. I don't think I actually remember a second of what happened that night, but apparently I managed to do my job without any problems. I think my boss even praised me for some of the recordings of the calls that came in.
The whole week passed agonizingly slowly. On Thursday, I was utterly distracted all through lunch with Cole. I wondered what I should wear when Tanner came over. Was he planning on taking me on another date? Would he want to spend the night?
What's wrong?” Cole asked me in concern, but I didn't really hear him because my phone jingled just then. I checked my text, trying to hide the smile I felt burst forth.
This time tomorrow, we'll be together. Anything in particular you want to do? Go for a drive maybe?
Oh...” Cole muttered. “I though he had finally stopped contacting you.”
I flushed guiltily. Even when I try to hide it, he knows! “No... he actually works in the city one week a month. He's planning on seeing me tomorrow...”
Cole was silent for a second. “While I'm at work... I guess that's good timing. I won't be around at all this weekend anyway.”
I tilted my head to the side in confusion. Cole gestured for the check, and then handed the waitress his credit card. He gathered his things silently for a few moments, and then stood and helped me to my feet.
Have fun,” he wished, kissing me on the cheek. “I have to get back to work now.”
I bit my lip, worried. The waitress handed him his card back and he signed the receipt before rushing out of the restaurant. He didn't even take his leftovers!
You okay honey?” The waitress asked me.
I'm... not sure if I was just dumped or not,” I mumbled.
She murmured in sympathy for a moment, and then walked away. I gathered up the leftover food and brought it home. I was lost in thought the whole way there.
Time passed even slower than ever as I agonized over Cole and waited for Tanner to call me, but finally, it was Friday night and he was driving up to my door. I had really dolled myself up, and was now waiting in the doorway for him to get out of the car. He stood a few feet away from me for a moment, simply grinning.
Suddenly, he rushed forward and scooped me up, carrying me straight to my bedroom. I didn't notice or care that he'd accidentally left my door wide open. All I wanted to do was devour every inch of him with my mouth!
There was no time to get undressed. We were both in too much of a hurry for that! Instead, Tanner pushed the skirt of my dress up and shifted my panties out of the way with one hand. With his other hand, he unfastened his pants and freed his shaft.
He leaned against the wall with me straddling him. His hands held me and helped me ride him. Never before have I done this standing up!
We got into a wonderful rhythm, but eventually, it was time to migrate to the bed. Sort of. I ended up bracing myself with my hands on the bed while Tanner stood behind me, banging into me. Oh God! This felt pretty close to heaven!
I think we changed position at least 3 more times before either of us took a moment to take off our clothes. And then he was sucking on my breasts and I swear I almost blacked out from the pleasure! I kept squealing so much that my throat was scratchy and raw.
I started giggling when I felt him fill me up – it tickled! – and then sighed happily and held him close. Dear God, thank you for bringing this man into my life! Tanner chuckled, making me wonder if he could read my thoughts, and then kissed me tenderly.
We rested for a while, and then started over by taking our time and making love. I just loved the way he looked at me! It was like I was some precious treasure. Or maybe he thought I was beautiful...
As we held each other again, both our cell phones jingled, which made us giggle at the irony. I pulled out of his arms and grabbed my phone from the small table next to my bed. He also decided to get up and grab his.
It's from my girlfriend,” Tanner stated, not realizing that I was staring at my phone in... shock... “She wonders if I have finished fucking my floozie yet. I told her about you, because I felt so terrible and guilty, but rather than dump me – like I expected – she simply said that she didn't mind. She said I can have my floozie so long as I always came home to her...” He finally noticed the expression on my face. “What's wrong?”
I was still staring at the text I'd received. When you have a minute, please call me. I NEED you!
Cole...” I whispered, feeling like my stomach was tying itself into knots. I gathered up the courage to push the send button. It rang only once before Cole answered it.
I'm having a bad night!” He announced without even saying hello.
What's wrong?” I asked softly.
Well I've already been on duty for over 24 hours, and I've been really busy. I haven't had much chance to take a break or rest, and now...” Cole actually sobbed for a second before choking it back. “I'm sitting in the Doctor's rest lounge trying not to fall apart! I just lost a patient! A little girl...”
Oh no!” I gasped softly. “What happened?”
It was a car accident. A terrible... I thought I could save her. I worked for 6 hours trying to save her! … …” I could hear him crying softly now.
Oh Cole... You did everything you could,” I assured him. “It's not your fault that she was in an accident. You're a doctor, not God...”
Cole sobbed again. “I know that! I know I'm not God, but that's not good enough! I should have been able to save her!”
I felt my heart twist painfully. Cole sounded so hurt and angry, and I didn't know what to do to help him. I felt tears dripping from my eyes; I wanted to help him so badly!
I had nothing. I couldn't even hug him. Over the phone like this, all I could use was my voice.
“♫ Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it's breaking. When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by. If you smile through your fear and sorrow; Smile and maybe tomorrow, you'll see the sun come shining through, for you...
“♫ Light up your face with gladness. Hide every trace of sadness. Although a tear may be ever so near; That's the time you must keep on trying. Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile, If you just smile...♫”
The only thing about me that I liked – having plain brown hair and eyes – is that my voice was pretty decent. Even half crying for him, I think I sounded pretty good. I prayed that it was enough to cheer him up, even just a little.
Cole had listened to me silently – as had Tanner – as I sang. Cole gradually stopped crying, and now seemed much calmer. He took a few deep breaths.
Thank you. I really needed someone to just listen to me, but you helped me even more,” Cole informed me, and – as far as I could tell – he was being honest. “Listen, I'm going to try to sleep a little before the next disaster happens.”
I understand,” I murmured. “I pray that nothing else happens before the end of your shift.”
Thank you,” Cole mumbled and then hung up. I think he was already half asleep. My arms literally ached with the need to hold him tight and protect him from nightmares.
I know how he feels,” Tanner murmured. “I lost a couple people I was trying to rescue, and I felt like it was my fault that they died.” He pulled me into a hug. “How are you feeling?”
Really sad,” I mumbled through teary eyes. “I wish I could hold him tight and make the whole world a better place for him!” At the moment, I also wanted to give him anything he wanted, including that family he longed for. I realized that had strong feelings for him. I might even love him...
Let me simply hold you for a bit,” Tanner suggested. I felt incredibly blessed to have him here with me, and smiled just a tiny bit as we crawled back into bed and snuggled up together.
In the morning, I reheated the dinner I had made for Tanner before he came over, and we ate it as if we hadn't eaten in years! Tanner gave me a kiss as I dished him up, cuddling up to my back. I playfully pushed him away and then handed him his plate.
I love leftover spaghetti!” Tanner drawled in his super sexy accent. I damn near squealed and wet myself. I had to subtly pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming!
Considering that neither of us had eaten since lunch yesterday, we were both ravenous. We devoured the spaghetti as if it planned to crawl away at any moment. I completely forgot to care about how I looked, until I realized that the sauce from the noodles I slurped kept getting all over my face. Then I gasped and fought to control my stomach as embarrassment made me want to dive for cover.
It felt like I had a snake or something in my stomach. It rolled around and around until I thought I was going to vomit. I wanted to run and hide, but I didn't dare move lest I provoke my stomach! I turned my face as far away from Tanner as I could in an attempt to hide what was going on.
Something wrong?” Tanner asked.
BUUUUUUURRRRRRRP!” OH MY GOD! Please strike me down and end my misery!
Tanner laughed. “Good one!”
I buried my face in my hands and nearly cried. “I don't know where that came from! I never burp like that!”
Nah, it's okay. Nothing to be ashamed of,” Tanner assured me with a goofy grin.
Even if he says that, I still have sauce spattered all over my face. “I'll be right back!” I called out as I abruptly dashed from the table to my tiny bathroom.
Thankfully, I was still naked, so it was no problem for me to hop in the shower quickly. My entire trailer was only about 15 feet long by 7 feet wide, which meant that my bathroom didn't have enough space for a tub, and I had to make due with a single person shower. One that had a curtain across the open side otherwise the door would have never been able to open with the toilet so close.
Aww, too bad!” Tanner purred. “I'd love to be able to fit in that shower with you.”
I hastily scrubbed my face and then peaked at him around the curtain. He was still so gorgeous that I had to press my legs together to stop from drooling! Not that he would notice since I was behind a shower curtain.
Hmm...” I hummed happily now that my face was clean and no more burps threatened to embarrass me. I turned off the water. “I do happen to have a private area to shower in in my yard.”
That was awesome and one of the main reasons I loved living here. I owned a good half acre lot with a tall privacy fence around my yard. With my trailer being so tiny, I had plenty of space to have a garden and tan naked.
Come one,” I invited, grabbing his hand and dragging him into my backyard. As promised, I had a large open area with hot and cold pipes so that I could shower out here on a hot and sweaty day. Or on a warm and lusty morning!
I didn't really feel dirty, so I wasn't concerned with getting clean. However, I scrubbed every inch of his body as thoroughly as possible. Dear God, seriously, what did I do to deserve this breathtakingly beautiful man?! I'll do it again, I promise!
When Tanner got frustrated by my teasing of his hard and lovely shaft, he lifted me up and had me wrap my legs around him as we had sex standing up. Again, hee hee. He is so strong that I actually trusted him not to drop me!
I fused my lips to his so that I didn't attract attention from the neighbors. His mouth perfectly covered my cries and gasps of pleasure. I still had this feeling like I was dreaming and that he was too good to be true.
We both roared into each other's mouth as we found release, and then I kinda wanted to go take a nap. I rested my head on his shoulder, and enjoyed him holding me tight for a few minutes. A thought occurred to me that made me gasp.
Oh God!” Beat me with the stupid stick! I forgot to use a condom! Again!!!
Is there a problem?” Tanner asked in amusement.
I held my breath for a moment, and then sighed. “No... I think it's too late anyway...” And it was too. My period was due a couple of days ago...
After we got dressed, I wondered what we should do. Suddenly, my phone rang. I rushed to grab it.
Hey babydoll,” my dad greeted me. “How do you feel about coming over with your car. I got a few new parts for it.”
I smiled, relieved to have something to do other than sit and stare at Tanner and wonder when we could hop back in bed together. “Sure daddy, I'll be over in a couple of minutes.”
I took Tanner by the hand and pulled him after me. “Come on.”
My dad gave me a sour look as my car roared up his driveway and he saw my passenger. He pursed his lips in disapproval, but didn't say anything. At least not about my friend.
I've finally got a few things that should help make your car a bit quieter,” dad informed me.
Really?” I asked, breathless from hope. “Sweet!”
Tanner pulled a stool over to me, holding my hand as I sat on it. Then he turned to my dad and grinned.
Let's get started! I sure would like to help you work on this gorgeous car!”
Uh...” my dad said hesitantly. “Sure. Pop open the hood.”
Don't you dare!” I screeched as if scandalized. “Daddy! You know your going to need to put the car up on ramps before you do anything!”
My dad flushed just a little bit, a sparkle in his eyes telling me that he was once again hoping to make Tanner embarrass himself by opening the hood, and then telling him to shut it again so that they could drive it up onto a pair of ramps that would lift it about a foot off the ground. I have no doubt that they could do some work on it by just lifting the hood, but the majority was likely to take place under the car.
Oops, my mistake,” my dad muttered.
My stool was out of the way, so I didn't bother to move as my dad got in the car and briefly drove it onto the ramps in his garage. I knew they'd be waiting in the right spots because my dad was so eager to work on my car. I watched Tanner stand off to the side with an expression on his face like he realized that my dad didn't really like him.
I wanted to hug him and reassure him that my dad would grow to like him, but the sun was shining on his hair in a way that made me want to tackle him to the ground and lick every inch of his body. My head tilted to the side as I stared at him. I'm not really sure what my expression was, but when my dad got back out of my car, Tanner looked over at me, and then smirked mysteriously.
I blushed and looked away, which made me see that my dad was looking at me with an expression like he wished I'd act like the tomboy I used to be before I started noticing boys. I looked away from him too, which meant that I was now looking at the sky. I tried to cover my embarrassment.
Wow, look at that cloud! It's shaped like a –” I cut myself off abruptly when I realized that I was going to say dick. This made me blush even harder and look at the ground.
Tanner chuckled, but then returned his attention to my dad. “I'll help you with that hood now if you like, sir.”
I sat on the stool simply mooning over Tanner as he and my dad changed out a couple of the parts my dad had ready to go. I loved watching him. His sweat made his body glisten, and the grease from the car that inadvertently got smudged on his face made him look all the sexier to me.
I think I sighed happily a couple of times. My expression got far away and dreamy as I pictured Tanner lifting me up onto the side of the hood and then banging into me for all he was worth. I'm not sure the shocks could handle it, but it would so be worth wearing them out!
Ahem,” my dad cleared his throat loudly, bringing me back to earth.
I couldn't help but be startled, as if I hadn't realized that he was still there. “Uh, yes?”
Sarah, could you please go answer the phone?”
Uh, sure,” I mumbled and then automatically pulled out my cell phone and flipped it open to answer it, only there was no one calling me.
My dad rolled his eyes. “The phone in the house! Wait... Nevermind; it stopped ringing now anyway.”
I looked down at the phone in my hand in embarrassment, and then realized that I had an unread text. It had come in during the middle of the night, and was from Cole.
Thank you for being there when I needed you.
I tilted my head to the side as I smiled, feeling both happy and sad. Happy that he had needed me, but sad about why. I thought carefully about what to text him back.
No problem. I will always be there for you!
To my giddy relief, my dad and Tanner were getting along pretty well by this point. My dad had totally relaxed when he realized that Tanner made a pretty good assistant. Tanner obviously wasn't anywhere near as well versed as my dad about cars, but he had a good grasp of the basics and was able to follow along easily. He also had no problem putting actual work into the car.
I started mooning over him again, and then realized that I had a painful pressure building up in my gut. I leaned over and clutched my stomach, wondering if I had to rush to the bathroom or if I was actually going to die. Without any warning or control over what was happening, I felt my stomach lurch as gas rumbled out of my ass and reverberated off the stool I was sitting on. It went on forever and sounded like someone had just started my car!
I was so embarrassed that I jumped what felt like 10 feet in the air, and then fell off the stool. The stool and I tumbled to the ground and I lay flat on my back staring up at the sky. Just kill me now! Dear God please have mercy on me and strike me dead here on the spot.
Are you okay?!” Tanner asked me insistently as he yanked the stool off me and set it aside.
I'm beginning to think that God hates me,” I muttered, one arm covering my face.
Tanner laughed and then pulled me to my feet. “That can't be true,” he murmured and then kissed me. A quick smooch on the lips that made my knees go weak. I wobbled and almost fell again, but he held onto me until I felt steady again.
Can you point me in the direction of the little boys room?” Tanner asked.
I did more than point, I gave him detailed directions, and then watched him walk away. My dreamy expression returned as I realized that his butt looked fantastic in those jeans! My dad cleared his throat again.
Just what are you doing?!” He chided me. “I thought you were with Cole now!”
Well... Kind of,” I admitted.
Then what are you doing playing around with this one?!”
I gaped at my father, feeling that he was being totally unfair.
How do you think Cole will feel when he finds out that you're messing around behind his back?!”
Now wait a minute!” I shouted, finally defending myself. “Cole knows I'm spending the weekend with Tanner! He said that the timing was good because he had to work anyway and told me to have fun!”
I'm sure he didn't intend for you to screw him into your bed!” Dad yelled at me.
Daddy!” I protested, not really comfortable discussing my sex life with him.
Your trailer isn't that stable, so don't try to deny it!”
I briefly wondered when he had come over last night, and then realized that that was probably why my door was shut this morning when we got out of bed. Even so, he had no right to lecture me!“I wasn't going to! I was going to say that it's none of your business!”
To my surprise, he stopped yelling at me completely and sighed. “You're right. It's not. I just think you have a really good thing going with Cole, and I don't want you to mess it up.”
I sighed because I didn't know what to say to that. I decided to change the subject completely. “I think I'm going to go make lunch.”
Dad nodded at me in agreement, watching me with a frown as I trudged into the house. Once I got to the kitchen, I busied myself searching through the fridge. My thoughts were a jumble even though I looked calm enough.
A couple minutes later, Tanner surprised me, making me jump and almost fall. Again! He caught me as if he was expecting it, and then kissed me until my toes curled so tightly that I feared they would never uncurl again!
I couldn't hear actual words,” Tanner began. “But it sounded like you and your dad were fighting.”
I nodded and sort of twisted my lips side to side as I considered what to say. With a sigh, I settled for the truth. “Yeah... He's upset because he likes Cole and he doesn't want me to... hurt him.”
I can understand that,” Tanner murmured. “I'm sure he doesn't exactly like the idea of any man between his daughter's legs, let alone two at the same time... in a manner of speaking!”
I blushed and looked away. An image formed in my head, and I felt my eyes go wide and dreamy again. Tanner chuckled huskily in my ear.
Such a dirty mind you have,” he whispered into my neck, and then kissed me in a way that set me completely on fire. I felt woozy and almost drunk when he was done!
He held onto me until he was certain that I wasn't going to fall, and then took a step back. “I should probably get back out there.”
Mmm-hmm,” was all I could manage to say. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it might explode! I watched him leave, and wondered how much longer it would be before I could drag him back home and to bed again.
I really do think I love him! Just thinking about him was enough to turn me into a clumsy and and awkward teenager! I sighed and purred as I pictured us walking down the aisle one day. My dress would be pink, and the whole church would be swimming in flower petals! Our kids would be just adorable!
Then my phone rang, and I answered it without thinking. “Hello?” I asked in a breathy and faraway voice.
Sarah? Are you busy?” Cole asked, sounding suspicious, like he thought that maybe I might be in the middle of something... naughty...
I gasped and nearly fell over as I stood up as straight as possible. I braced myself by placing a hand on the counter. “No! Not at all! I'm just... uh... just... uh... Making lunch! Yeah, that's right!”
Cole actually laughed. “You don't have to lie. I can call back later.”
No really,” I insisted. “I'm at my dad's house and I'm in his kitchen making lunch.”
O...kay... then where is he? What's his name again? Tanner?” Cole asked, sounding more curious than anything.
Yeah. Tanner's out helping my dad work on my car,” I explained. “Anyway... did you need something?”
Just to talk to you,” Cole stated smoothly. “I'm on a break, and thankfully the rest of my shift has been going pretty well.”
That's good,” I said happily.
I loved your voice. When you were singing I mean. It was soothing and beautiful,” Cole informed me.
Aww, thanks,” I purred.
Listen, I know you work tonight, but why don't I come over to your place when you get off of work tomorrow morning and have breakfast waiting for you? You can eat, and then we can cuddle up and simply sleep. Even if I sleep like a log tonight, I'll definitely need more tomorrow!”
That sounds like a wonderful idea!” I agreed without the slightest hesitation.
Great! See you tomorrow!” Cole exclaimed, sounding a bit like he was geeking out. I laughed. “Uh... Gotta go!”
Bye!” I said just as he hung up. Based on the suddenly loud sounds on his end of the phone, I'm pretty sure an emergency had just arrived at the hospital, so I wasn't upset at all that he'd hung up on me.
I finished making the tuna and bacon sandwiches I was working on, thinking about how wonderful Cole was. He was such a good man, and his patients were lucky to have him. If he had wings, he would be an Angel! My heart swelled with pride that I was sort of his girlfriend. I really think I love him!
Wait... How can that be? How can I love them both...? Oh I'm so confused right now!

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