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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crashed and Confused - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Alyda woke up about two hours later, smiling as she remembered that the weight atop her was her new husband. She kissed him and kneaded his buttocks as she tightened and relaxed her inner muscles. He had grown soft and was no longer inside her, but he must have felt her actions anyway because he started to firm up.
He moaned in his sleep, shifting to relieve the pressure on his growing shaft. Alyda shifted her body as well, trying to give him the best possible access. She wrapped her legs around him, kneading him some more in an attempt to guide him inside her.
Randy instinctively thrust his hips despite still being mostly asleep. His body was more than willing to play along with her desires. Alyda concentrated on massaging his shaft with her inner muscles, as if beckoning him to go deeper. Her hands occasionally pinched his buttocks to startle him into thrusting.
Randy moaned in his sleep, the enjoyable actions becoming part of his dream. Part of him was certain that he was still aboard his ship and that the dream was nothing more than fantasy, and so he was reluctant to wake up.
Alyda soon grew frustrated that her clitoris wasn't receiving any attention, so she rolled them both over until she was on top of him. She pushed herself upright, and then sought out her love bud with her fingers so that she could rub it greedily.
Randy had gained consciousness when she'd moved his body so unexpectedly, and was happy to discover that his dream was reality. He watched her ride him as she fiddled with herself, and loved every sensation as she approached climax. He was surprised to find himself so close to filling her for the second time. Her climax set off his, and he wasn't truly conscious enough to remember to pull out. The last thing he wanted was to leave her alone and pregnant.
Alyda melted into a pile atop him and promptly fell back asleep. Randy smiled and held her tight for a few moments as he drifted back to sleep himself.
Morning came and Randy woke up slowly. At first, he was a bit concerned by the weight on him, but then he remembered everything that had happened. His memories created a situation between them that tempted him to take advantage of her again, but he also hadn't gone to the bathroom since before they met, and his bladder felt full to bursting!
He contemplated how to gently roll her off of him, but then she giggled in her sleep. They were pressed together enough that this created a small ripple effect on his shaft. He groaned as his urge to possess her again got stronger.
Randy, control yourself man! He told himself firmly.
She moaned and ground her hips against his, clearly dreaming of having sex. Still asleep, she sighed dreamily and softly whispered: “Randy.”
The sound of his name made his heart constrict almost painfully, and his desire to have her again made him lose all control. He grabbed hold of her hips and moved her body in concert with his. However, his shaft was trapped between them, and her weight was pressing on him enough to make shifting to enter her difficult.
Her eyes opened ever so slightly to gaze at him. She wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to wake up just yet. Alyda made it as easy for him as possible to roll her off him and then squeaked just a bit as he pulled her to him. Her back was now against his chest, and she purred, thinking this was the perfect position to snuggle up and go back to sleep.
Using one arm under her chest to hold her close, Randy lifted her leg with his other arm and pulled her hips into his so that he could enter her as deeply as possible. He shifted his hand from her thigh to the soft hair covering her womanhood. His fingers searched until they found her clitoris as he slowly slid in and out of her.
Alyda was soon wide awake and screaming: “Oh Gods!” She writhed and thrashed as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.
Randy moaned and then grunted as he filled her up once more. Both panted heavily for several moments, not daring to move. Once their breathing had calmed, Alyda shifted to face him. She gave him a lingering kiss.
Thank you,” she said sincerely. “I have never before had such incredible sex.” She kissed him again a couple more times. “I think I love you already and I'm happy I married you.”
Of course, the computerized voice in his head only knew the word married, but he got the gist of it anyway. He was glad he wasn't expected to reply, because he had no idea what to say. Instead, he pulled her into a hug so that she couldn't see the guilty look on his face.
I never intended for any of this to happen. I just want to get back to my ship...
Alyda's bladder suddenly demanded relief now, and she realized that he must need to go as well. She crawled out of bed, helping his hand caress her body as she did so. Then she held his hand as she beckoned for him to follow her, which he promptly did. She led him into a huge bathroom containing a toilet, shower, and a separate big oval bathtub.
Alyda shyly ignored him so that she could use the toilet first, and then turned on the shower as he took his turn. At the sound of the toilet flushing, Alyda turned to take his hand again. She gently pulled him into the shower with her, grinning as her eyes thoroughly appreciated his nudity.
At first, Alyda merely helped him wash his body, but she loved the way he felt and couldn't keep her hands off of him. Randy's lips twisted into a wry smile. He was happy that she liked what she saw; he certainly liked the way her body looked.
A few minutes later, Randy couldn't believe that he was hard again so soon! Three times in less than 12 hours was his personal record, and if she kept this up, he was sure to break it.
Alyda scrubbed and fondled his rigid shaft and balls in fascination. His skin felt so soft and velvety smooth, and yet his shaft was hard in contrast. She wondered what it would be like to suck on him again.
Randy groaned in pleasure and leaned against the wall, wondering if all newly wedded couples had this much sex during their first two days of marriage. He forced his mind to wander a bit to delay the inevitable, and found himself wondering what it would be like to bring her with him when he left. There wasn't much to do most of the time, and sex would be a wonderful way to pass the time.
Alyda took the time to learn what pleased him, practicing every technique she could think of using her mouth, tongue, and hands. Randy silently agreed with himself that no woman had ever done a better job. She had him hovering near the edge of climax, and his need to possess her grew so intense that he was dangerously close to devolving into a mindless beast.
He stepped back, gesturing for her to give him a moment to calm down, and then he helped her to her feet. He turned her around, pulled her body close, and held her hips steady with one arm as he pushed her torso closer to the wall with the other.
Alyda placed her hands on the wall to brace herself, eagerly complying when she felt him spread her legs apart with his knee. His hands shifted to her hips, pulling her into him as he entered her.
Shifting to rest her cheek on the wall, Alyda moved one of her hands to nestle between her legs. Her fingers quickly located what she sought. Her breathing increased dramatically, escaping from her in gasps.
The bathroom walls made each one of their grunts, moans, and cries of pleasure much louder than normal. Rather than attempt to be quiet, the couple gave into the heady pleasure of vocalizing as loudly as they wanted. Even so, Alyda was glad that there was no one else in her house to hear her!
Randy found that he had stamina to spare! He felt so incredible as time passed, and even though he had no idea how long he had been thrusting, he was certain that it couldn't have been less than a half an hour. He'd felt that Alyda's fingers had already teased an orgasm from her, and she was about to experience a second one.
Alyda smiled as she recognized the nearly familiar sensation of his impending climax. She had no idea how to describe it, but it almost felt like he got wider for a moment. Whatever it was, it pushed her over the edge, and the two of them cried out their pleasure in unison.
They finished their shower, each trying and failing to keep their hands to themselves. Alyda randomly kissed him about a hundred times by the time that they finished toweling dry.
Each playfully dried the other, alternating between be wacky and rough or soft and gentle with the towels. They giggled almost constantly at the silliness of their actions. Eventually, they were dry, and Alyda was tempted to stand there kissing him all day.
Her stomach – on the other hand – had other ideas. It growled at her impatiently, causing her to blush. She laced her fingers through his and led him towards the kitchen. She was so hungry that she'd swear she could smell bacon and eggs!

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