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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Triangle - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I wiped the sweat from my brow and handed my dad a wrench. He motioned vaguely toward his toolbox.
Grab a three quarter and see if you can't get that bolt loose,” he instructed.
I nodded and complied. It was a stubborn bolt, but I got it undone a minute later.
My dad sighed wistfully. “I still don't see why you struggle to make ends meet at that shit job of yours when you could be working for me for a decent wage!”
I groaned. “Daddy, we've been through this, I don't like working on cars! I don't like getting all dirty and greasy, and I don't care enough about cars to know that you have me driving a pretty sought after classic muscle car.”
Well if you don't care enough to know, then how do you know?” He asked with a wry chuckle.
A friend told me,” I muttered. “He's in total lust with my car, which tells me that it must be pretty drool worthy.”
It is!” My dad agreed. “After I finally get it all restored, I can sell it for a pretty penny.”
I ignored him as I automatically grabbed the right part and bolted it in place.
I plan that money to go to buying you a decent house to live in rather than that shithole trailer,” dad stated with a growl.
Daddy! You can't keep babying me!”
And I don't see why you can't just move back home! This house is going to be yours one day, so why not live here? Buying a house of your own will just make it harder when the time comes...”
I was curious despite myself. “Harder for what?”
Harder to sell it and move back home,” he stated as if there could never be any other option.
Oh daddy...” I sighed.
This house I had grown up in meant a lot to me, and yes I did plan to live in it after he died, but I couldn't do so while he was still alive. I didn't want to be his little girl forever. God! I'm 27 and just today, he had already made me feel like a naughty little girl who couldn't make any of her own decisions! Twice!
And you say you don't like working on cars, but you definitely know what you are doing!” He informed me.
I do not!” I denied emphatically as I grabbed a different sized wrench and started to remove the next part he wanted to change out.
He harrumphed, but dropped the subject. “Could you go to the junkyard and find a working alternator for this car for me?”
No problem!” I exclaimed, glad to jump on any excuse to get away for a few minutes.
But wait...” My dad muttered. “How will you know what to look for?'
Dad!” I scoffed in outrage. “You've only had me getting parts for you since I could walk!”
I pointed at the alternator. “I would know one of these if I was half asleep!” Then I narrowed my eyes and growled. “And this one is just fine, so why the hell do you need me to go get another?”
I don't,” he grunted. “I simply asked if you could.”
I gaped at him for a minute. “How devious, you evil bastard!”
He laughed from the bottom of his tummy. “You see?”
You're lucky I love you so damn much or else I'd frickin' kill you right here and now!”
Um, Sarah?” I heard someone ask and then clear his throat. “Is that you?”
I hit my head – dropping my wrench – and unsuccessfully tried to stifle a gasp of pain as I rolled out from under the car. I leapt to my feet, almost tripping in the attempt. I hopped a bit as my ankle stung.
Tanner!” I exclaimed incredulously. “What are you doing here?!”
Sorry, I was just driving by and I recognized your car parked out front.”
I wanted to cry so badly right now! I would never willingly let Tanner see me all grungy and grimy like this! My heart started pounding so loudly that I thought for sure that even he could hear it.
I uh I uh I... I'm helping m-m-my um, my um dad at the moment...” I stammered nervously.
Your dad?” Tanner questioned in disbelief. I think he might even be a tad jealous for some reason.
Yep, uh-huh, yes my dad, yep...” Stop talking idiot!!!
Right...” his disbelief seemed to have gotten stronger.
I tried to play it cool by leaning on the side of the car, but I somehow misjudged the angle and fell. Tanner caught me with a grin. He laughed even as I wanted to crawl into a hole and die! Why does he always see me at my worse!
Are you okay, babydoll?” My dad asked in concern, peaking at me from under the car.
Yep daddy, just fine,” I tried to assure him, but I sounded strange, even to me. My face was stuck in this huge fake grin that I could stop no matter how hard I tried.
Uh-huh,” my dad murmured, obviously not believing me either. He rolled out from under the car and narrowed his eyes at the way Tanner still sort of held onto me. I kept wobbling like I was going to fall.
Tanner laughed. “I think I should probably follow you around from now on to make sure to catch you when you fall. This is twice now...”
At least I'm not carrying groceries this time,” I muttered, thankful for small miracles.
Then I remembered that I looked horrible! I started stuttering again. “I uh I-I-I um I need to g-g-go to the um, the... the... the...”
Bathroom?” Tanner supplied helpfully.
Yep. Yep. Yep.” Oh GOD! Just shut up now!
I pushed out of his arms, despite wanting nothing more than to snuggle up closer to him, and then forced myself to walk towards the bathroom. The one in the house rather than the tiny little washroom here in the garage. I tried to be smooth and natural, but I felt like I was walking like a robot!
I heard my dad mutter as I walked away: “What in the world is wrong with her?”
I almost sobbed as I wondered the same thing!
Tanner chuckled again. “Nothing – as far as I can tell. Women always act like that.”
Always huh?” My dad asked dryly. I hid around a corner and took a peak. Sure enough, my dad was looking Tanner up and down. “Oh... I see...”
I think he did too, which made me feel like a naughty little girl, again! I just know he was able to easily figure out what happened this morning, so he's probably ready to kill me for having someone else he didn't know coming to see me this afternoon. I pulled on my hair in frustration and then belatedly realized that I just got a bunch of grease all over my head.
I ran the rest of the way to the bathroom and then banged my head against the wall. There's no help for it now! I'm just going to have to take a quick shower!
I hopped in and scrubbed up in record time. Then I raced to my room – which still had a bunch of my stuff in it despite the fact that I hadn't lived here since I left to go to college. Thankfully, it all still fit and looked good on me too. I think...
I really suck at trying to look pretty!
With a depressed sigh, I threw my hair up into a pony tail, gave up on trying to look better, and simply smeared some lip gloss across my mouth. Better than nothing, and it looked kind of good with this plain blue cotton dress I was now wearing.
I did slightly better walking back out to the garage. I still felt like I could pass as a robot, but at least this time it was an android rather than stiff wind up toy robot. My whole body started shaking nervously.
Oh God! Please let him have just gone home! I can call and apologize for being such a goob later, but please don't make me suffer any more right now!
To my disappointment and utter thrill, Tanner was still chatting with my dad. They had migrated to my car and were discussing the finer points of vehicle restoration. I hesitated, seriously dreading making a bigger fool out of myself. My dad must have sensed me standing there, because he turned to look at me, his expression surprised. He covered that quickly though.
I guess this must be your friend that is in lust with your car.”
I nodded. “Yep, this is Tanner.”
He nodded. “Yep, he told me. He also told me that you two plan to go for a drive.”
I looked to the ground, feeling like a total teenager going on her first date. “Yeah...”
My dad sighed. “Fine, I think I can handle the rest of this without your help. Just drive carefully!”
I nodded, but then Tanner embarrassed himself – for once! “I will sir!”
My dad frowned at him. Then he shifted his eyes to give me a questioning look. I shrugged.
I promised he could drive,” I stated.
My dad looked like he was thinking that he would dearly love to lock me up right about now, but he simply grunted. “Uh-huh...”
I walked towards Tanner, who promptly held the passenger door open for me. One of my high heels fell off as I got in my car, but Tanner quickly picked it up and slid it back on my foot. A moment later, he shut the door and jogged to the driver's side.
How did this go again? To the left and then to the right?” Tanner asked.
I nodded, smiling at him encouragingly. I heard my dad harrumph, and realized that he was actually hoping that Tanner would embarrass himself while trying to start the car. With a little triumphant laugh, Tanner started the car and petted the dash as if praising a cat.
Good girl!”
Tanner shifted gears and drove out of the driveway so slowly that I cringed – rightly assuming that my dad was now wondering if the man even knew how to drive a stick shift. He continued to be extra careful until we got a bit down the street, and then he shifted into second gear and moseyed along at a nice 30 mph. I decided to not to be picky and simply enjoy the time alone with the most gorgeous man I had ever seen!
He chose a road leading out of the city, finally finding the courage to shift into the higher gears. I giggled, wondering if he was always so careful and hesitant. He gave me a questioning look.
I pictured a firefighter driving like there was an emergency to get to around every corner,” I confessed with another giggle.
He blushed and then grinned. “Yeah well... this is a 442! The last thing I want is to shift wrong and strip the transmission!”
We drove for about a half an hour, which was long enough to get completely out of the city and come across a nice, secluded park. I swallowed nervously as Tanner parked the car. He turned the car off and then chuckled.
I must admit that I felt like a teenager taking his first girlfriend out on a date with your dad chaperoning us like that,” Tanner said.
I giggled. “Me too!”
Thank you so much for letting me drive your car! I'll put fuel in the tank...”
I wanted to refuse him, but the truth was that I simply couldn't afford gas – even without him taking me on joyrides! “Th-thanks!”
He put an arm around my shoulders and then pulled me closer to him. “It's not true, you know.”
What not true?” I wondered, puzzled.
I'm not simply in lust with your car. I think you're pretty special too.”
I inhaled and then forgot how to exhale. I sat there staring at him with my mouth open until I started to see stars, and then I finally remembered how to breathe.
Um, th-th-thank y-y-you... I-I-I r-r-r-really like you too!” Oh God! What am I? 13?
He leaned his head toward mine, using one hand to steady my face. He kissed my lips like he was savoring a fine wine. I felt my heart race for a second as he closed in on me, then it stopped completely when his lips first met mine. After that, it started trying to break free from my chest!
I moaned in longing and wrapped my arms around his neck. A moment later, I was trying to devour him. I wanted nothing more than to crawl inside him and make him mine forever! We tore at each other's clothes frantically, almost like we were afraid someone might stop us at any moment.
Once naked, we decided that the front seat just wasn't suitable and migrated to the back seat. Tanner sat on the seat and pulled me onto his lap. I didn't care in the slightest if someone walked by or even stopped to watch us. All I cared about was riding him like I was a cowgirl and he a bucking bronco!
We thrust together the best we could for what seemed like hours. I certainly orgasmed enough times that I lost count! Eventually, Tanner grew frustrated with the position and shifted me until I was laying across the entire back seat. For once, I am glad my car is a big old rustbucket! Newer cars simply do not have this kind of room in the back seat!
I sighed happily and he pounded into me. My whole car shook from the intensity of our lust! I braced my hands against the side door and pushed myself into him each time he thrust into me. I was definitely crying by this point.
Ah! Ah! Ah!” My cries almost sounded like I was getting ready to sing! I started squealing just as I felt him grind his fingers into my hips and pump me full. He roared his release, which made me really happy to hear.
Suddenly, something pounded on the window. “Ma'am, sir, I need you to...”
We looked up to see a cop staring at us sternly. He looked around the park but didn't see anyone. I gasped, feeling my heart stop for an entirely different reason now.
Aw hell! There's no indication that there was any public here to be disturbed today, so why don't you get your clothes on and leave while I'm still being generous?”
Tanner gasped in relief. “Thank you officer!”
I nodded in fervent agreement. “I'm sorry to have troubled you!”
The cop chuckled. “No trouble at all... Just don't do it again!”
No sir!” We both promised, and then watched the cop walk away.
Tanner kissed me tenderly, and then grabbed what I hope was a clean rag from the floor to wipe himself as he slid out of me. I felt inexplicably bereft without him in me, and almost sobbed in protest. He pressed the rag between my legs so that I could clean up too.
I grinned as I watched his glorious body slip over the seat and get dressed. Wow oh wow! I just had sex with Tanner! Really really good sex too! With Tanner! With...
Oh my God! I am a total slut!!! I think I just cheated on my new boyfriend! What the hell am I going to do?!
Tanner cleared his throat as he handed me my clothes. “I feel like a bastard now...” he said.
Wait, what?” I asked in confusion.
I'm heading back south tomorrow. I hadn't planned to do this... I normally would never even consider having sex with a girl unless we could be together and try to make a relationship work, but there's just something about you...”
He looked back down at his lap. “I just wanted a kiss...”
I felt like I was dying inside. “H... How long will you be gone?”
Well, I'm doing a sort of split job thing. I spend most of the month down home, and then one week a month up here,” Tanner explained.
So.... So you will be back?”
He nodded, and then looked at me. “But I uh... I think I should tell you... I have a girlfriend... I've never cheated on her before...”
Oh...” I murmured in disappointment. “I see...”
I started putting my clothes on slowly. Morosely. “I uh... I'm sorry that I mistook your kiss for an invitation to have sex.”
Don't be sorry!” Tanner cried out, upset. “It was my fault for kissing you in the first place! I... I... couldn't help myself... I just wanted you so badly!”
I sighed. “So what now?”
Tanner shrugged, looking helpless.
My phone rang, and I answered it solely to give me time to think.
Hi Sarah.”
Cole?” I asked incredulously.
Sorry if I'm bothering you, but my mother wanted to thank you. Is there anyway that you could come over for dinner tonight?”
I was honestly speechless! My mouth hung open in shock until I forced myself to say something. “Uh... Not tonight. I'm dealing with a personal problem...”
Oh... I see,” Cole said, sounding so disappointed that it nearly broke my heart.
Um, I have to go. I'll call you later,” I promised.
Okay. Talk to you later,” Cole stated before hanging up.
Boyfriend?” Tanner asked, sounding a bit jealous.
Honestly, I don't know,” I admitted. “I only met him yesterday and he didn't exactly ask me to be his girlfriend, but I think he might be headed in that direction.”
Oh...” Tanner murmured, sounding a bit hopeful, like he was happy that he still had a chance. A slow smile spread across his lips. “You know, we're already on this pretty awesome date. We may as well finish it right and go out to dinner or a movie... or something...”
I grinned. “I have an idea, but I'm driving!”
Deal!” Tanner accepted with a matching grin.
I climbed into the driver's seat, started the car without even having to think about how, and then drove us to a place where cars practiced for derbys and just general reckless driving. I raced onto the track – which wasn't smooth nor perfectly oval – shifting gears like a paid professional.
Tanner whooped, thoroughly enjoying this noncompetitive race. After a while, I drove over to the area for whippin' shitties and making crazy 8s. My dad had taught me how to drive on this track in a beat up old piece of junk. When he was satisfied that I could handle any situation, he finally let me drive on a real road.
When I turned 15 and was able to apply for my permit, my instructor was surprised at how easily and confidently I drove. I carefully did not tell him that I had been doing so half my life by that point! Even my mom probably would have killed my dad had she known – or at least allowed herself to admit that she knew.
At some point, I let Tanner try driving again. He took it all very slowly, but I was okay with that. I'd really rather not get into a crash out here in the middle of nowhere! No one would be able to find us in time to help if we needed it, and then the cops would have to inform his girlfriend that he had died while on a date with another woman.
Yeah... I'm going to hell, aren't I?
I seriously had to wonder why I didn't seem to care that he had a girlfriend. I mean aside from the initial disappointment, I really didn't care! I wanted to have sex with him again, and his girlfriend didn't deter me in the slightest...
I showed him where to park that no one would disturb us, and then started kissing him. I kissed him softly, not forcing him to kiss me back. I wanted to give him that choice.
Happily, for me, he decided to kiss me back! I could feel his hesitation because this time we were free from that demanding and half afraid passion that had consumed us earlier. Now we both had a clear mind and we both knew that we were cheating. Cheating on his girlfriend, and probably cheating on Cole...
With a sigh, all his reservations fell away, and we made love. Real love. The kind that takes it's time, explores every part of each other's body, and builds to a climax of unfathomable heights.
I purred happily as we held each other after we were done. When the sun had gone down completely, I let him drive me home – well, to my dad's since he needed to pick up his car. He held me close for a few minutes before leaving.
I'll be back in 3 weeks!” He called out to me.
I'll be here!” I promised.
I watched him leave, staring after him long after he was out of sight.
Sarah...” my dad chided me.
I know daddy,” I murmured. “I did a bad thing...” I pulled his arms around me and snuggled into his chest. “But I can't help it. I think I love him.”
Dad sighed and squeezed me tight for a moment. “Well if it's love then...”
I pulled free of the hug. “I have go. I have work tomorrow.”
Dad nodded and kissed me on my right temple.
I drove home, got undressed and in bed, and then called Cole. “I'm sorry to call so late.”
Not at all!” Cole assured me. “I'm used to being up at all hours!”
I sighed. “Cole... I don't think it's a good idea to have dinner... or lunch.”
Why?” Cole asked, his voice sounding hurt.
I... think I might have gotten a boyfriend today,” I explained.
That man... Tanner? The one you sounded so dreamy while talking to him on the phone?”
Yes,” I admitted in a low voice.
Cole was silent for a minute. “Well, did he actually ask you out?”
No...” I replied hesitantly.
Did he ask you to go out with him anytime in the next three days?”
I hesitated again, and then whispered: “No.”
Then he's not planning on having you as his girlfriend,” Cole stated a bit harshly.
I felt tears sting my eyes as I realized that he was probably right. I did my best not to make a sound though. Cole let me digest this in silence patiently, and then sounded apologetic.
I think we should still have lunch on Monday. Also, I think you should come over and meet my mother tomorrow. She's positively beside herself with the idea that she thank you in person... For saving me...”
I sighed, feeling a bit relieved that he still wanted to see me. “She doesn't have to thank me.”
But she really wants to!” Cole insisted.
I chuckled softly. “Okay, I'll come over tomorrow.”
Great! I look forward to seeing you!” Cole stated excitedly, and then hung up the phone before I could change my mind.
I stared at my phone in astonishment as I realized that I now had something I'd never had before! I had not one but two men interested in me! Wow...


Holy mother of God! This is where Cole lives? It wasn't exactly a mansion, but it was certainly bigger than my dad's house.
My dad's house was an old 4 bedroom farmhouse that had been modernized a bit around 50 years ago, partitioned into a smallish city lot, and then left to crumble. Well, that's not entirely true, my dad maintained it as well as he did his cars. Even so, he didn't keep it up to date and it was a cluttered mess.
Cole's house – on the other hand – looked like it was at least a 6 bedroom mini mansion with a large yard and beautiful garden. Or was it a duplex? Maybe it was even one of those small, 4-apartment buildings. Nah... it looked way too pretty to be one of those.
My car looked so out of place here! I stood next to it in shame, wondering if I could manage to crawl back in it and sneak away before he noticed I'd arrived. The door opened a second later, squashing my hopes.
Sarah! I'm glad you came,” Cole called out to me, beckoning for me to come closer.
I felt like I was a dog slinking with its tail between its legs as I walked closer to Cole. No wonder he had practically sneered at my place! I bet he's never lived somewhere so shitty in his life...
There she is!” A woman exclaimed as she pushed past Cole and threw her arms around me. “There's the woman who saved my baby's life!”
I blushed, happy to return her hug. “I wouldn't say that...”
Nonsense!” She insisted. “Cole told me everything! If not for you, he would have continued trying to drive home and would have gotten in a fatal car accident for sure!” She kissed my cheek. “I don't know about your family, but in my family, that's a debt that cannot be repaid! You are one of us now!”
She squeezed me extra tightly for a moment and then kissed me on the cheek again. I was not only blushing now, but I was also grinned and hugging her right back.
No problem Ma'am,” I demurred.
She huffed as if scandalized. “Ma'am?! You must call me mom!”
I purred and squeezed her tight for a moment. “Aww... Thank you... mom...”
Two younger women squealed and pounced on us. “Group hug!”
I felt both stifled and ecstatic. I'd never had any siblings, and now I was apparently part of a fairly big family.
Hi, I'm Shanna.”
And I'm Cindy,” they introduced themselves.
Cole is my natural born son,” mom informed me. “But after him, I couldn't have any more, so Shanna and Cindy are both adopted.”
OH! No wonder she was so willing to just make me part of her family. We were all still hugging, and I was beginning to feel a bit squished.
I'm glad to meet you,” I stated honestly.
Cole laughed. “I think it might be time to let Sarah go now.” He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me free. “Come on; we made dinner.”
I followed Cole obediently, staring at my hand in his the entire time. It felt so right there. Our hands felt like they belonged together.
Cole pulled out a chair for me, smiling as I sat in it. To my relief, he didn't try pushing the chair back in. I could do that myself...
Looking at all the food made my stomach growl. Wow! This looks like a real feast! There was a gorgeous salad, shrimp linguine alfredo, prime rib, steamed broccoli, and a cherry cheesecake for dessert! I think I've just died and gone to heaven!
I listened to them chitchat for a while as I ate, frequently sipping from an excellent wine. They finished the conversation they had apparently started before I got here, and then everyone fell silent for a moment as they all looked at me.
What about you, dear?” Mom asked. “What do you do?”
I'm... a telemarketer, but it's also an answering service. You know, outsourcing to small companies from big companies.”
What do you mean?” Mom asked in confusion.
Um... Well, take tonight, for example. I have to work from 7 to 7 answering the phones for anyone who wants to place an order, or make a payment on a bill,” I tried to clarify.
On a Sunday night?!” Mom demanded in shock.
Well yeah... I get an extra dollar an hour working the shift no one else wants,” I murmured defensively.
So... do you make a lot then?”
Uh... no,” I stated, embarrassed.
Both Shanna and Cindy giggled. “Don't worry! You can always marry a good man and be a housewife! Sure the hours are long and the job sucks, but the perks are to die for!”
I stared at them in horror for a moment. “House...wife???”
This was a bit of a foreign concept. My dad had made enough money to support us, but even so, my mom worked as a secretary. I couldn't quite imagine staying at home all day doing nothing.
Yeah sure, why not?” Shanna asked with a grin. “My job is to cook and clean and take care of the kids. I'm on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sometimes I wish I knew what it's like to sleep, but... When I look into my children's faces and see their love for me shining brightly in their eyes... Or when I look across the room and see my husband smiling secretly at me... I know what heaven is like!”
Oh definitely!” Cindy agreed.
Kids huh?” I asked as I took a bite of my linguine, a bit terrified of the thought. I seriously did not know the first thing about raising a child, and I'm pretty sure I'd somehow kill it before I figured out how to keep it alive.
Another thought occurred to me, making me gasp and start choking on the shrimp in my mouth. My face was red for so many reasons by the time I managed to get under control and take a sip of wine. I stared at my plate in mild horror as it occurred to me that I had completely forgotten to use any form of birth control.
What's wrong?” Mom asked, an arm around me in concern.
I... um... I just realized that I did something stupid...” I murmured, fighting the urge to look over at Cole.
Oh darling, we all make that same mistake at some point or other,” Mom assured me kindly.
What?” I asked, utterly confused. How could she know what I was talking about?
Oh come now, you think about the possibility of kids and then start choking on your food and talking about being stupid,” she stated with a gentle and loving smile. “That almost certainly means that you didn't protect yourself and are now a bundle of anxiety who's going to count the seconds until your next period very carefully. It'll of course be at least a day late, making you pull your hair out in frustration as you wonder how you'll ever make a good mom, and then it'll come and you'll finally be able to breathe again.”
I gaped at her incredulously. Seriously, how did she know exactly what I was thinking?
Cindy nodded in agreement. “Yep, that happened at least 3 times for me. But then I realized that I wanted a baby. That I was ready...”
Well I'm not...” I whispered.
Don't worry!” Shanna and Cindy chorused, both leaning over to squeeze my hands.
You're our sister now, and we'll be there for you if it happens,” Shanna promised.
I couldn't help but melt at that. I smiled at Shanna gratefully, and then at Cindy. Finally, with tears in my eyes, I looked up at Mom. “Thanks... that makes me feel a lot better!”
I gathered the courage to look at Cole, and he was smiling at me as if he had just found his future...

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