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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Little Jewel - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I returned home to find that my house had fallen into disrepair during my absence. So much so that it took me nearly a week to make it habitable again.
I was glad for the work – it kept me occupied. I had no idea what to do! If I really was alone in the world, perhaps I should just kill myself now... What good is a life if you don't have someone to share it with?
Suicide is a huge decision and not one to be made lightly, so I decided to forage for food and gather some sticks to make a fire. Might as well take care of myself until I actually make the lethal decision.
I stretched my wings and jumped from the tree that was my home. Flying felt sooo good! I loved looking at all of the buds I passed. Soon, the buds would grow into leaves as big or bigger than me! It was simply magical to watch...
Suddenly, I spotted a nest of bird eggs. Each egg was easily half my size, but if I could manage to steal one I could easily carry it home. I closed in on the nest, my mouth watering in anticipation.
“♫ I'm such a lonely little girl.♫”
Singing? It didn't sound like one of the huge hulking human I sometimes played tricks on.
“♫ Oh how I wish there was someone for me.♫”
I was curious to see who was singing such a sad song with such a beautiful voice. I flew closer, but I couldn't find the singer.
“♫ Oh how wonderful life would be, if I just had someone, somewhere, just for me!♫”
There she is! Even though she didn't sound like a human, I had been looking for someone human sized. I really don't know why, but I was delighted to discover that she was just my size!
I snuck up on her. It wasn't my intention to startle her. I didn't want to scare her away...
“♫ Lonely lonely me, such a lonely little girl...♫”
I'm lonely too,” I informed her.
Ah!” She screamed and jumped to her feet.
Don't be frightened!” I tried to reassure her by flying to where she could see me better.
She stared at me, speechless. I decided that I had better say something before she flew away.
I was so sure I was the only fairy left in the whole world! I looked and looked, and yet here you are, practically right in my own backyard!”
A fairy...” she stated in awe.
Of course I am! Oh I know; you hadn't expected to ever see another one either.”
I have only heard about fairies in the stories my mother reads to me. I hadn't expected you to be real!”
You're mother? You mean that there are more of us?” I asked breathlessly.
More?” She asked with a puzzled frown.
You know, people like us,” I clarified, wondering why she was confused about this concept.
No... my mother's a normal human, and so am I, except that I was once cursed to be only two-inches tall... I think...”
Human?” I was the one utterly confused now. “You can't be!”
She was staring at me in awe again, but I was still upset.
You can't be human! Tell me you're joking! Tell me – say something!” I insisted in frustration.
You're so beautiful,” she stated softly, reverently. I was flustered! “Your hair is red like leaves in autumn, and your eyes sparkle like stars...”
I blushed. “Th-th-thank you,” I stammered. “I think you're pretty too.”
She laughed, her voice like music to my ears. “I feel like I used to hear that a lot... I feel like it used to irritate me.”
She still hadn't answered my question. I opened my mouth to ask her again, but she prevented me from saying anything by blurting out: “Will you come meet my mother?”
Uh... sure?” I replied uncertainly. Then, I realized that meeting her mother would answer my question of whether or not she was actually human.
Great! Follow me!” She invited me eagerly, running as fast as she could in the direction almost opposite from my tree.
Why don't you simply fly?” I asked her curiously. “It's a lot faster, you know?”
Silly! I can't fly. I don't have wings!”
You don't?!” I was so boggled by this concept that I forgot to be angry that she'd called me silly.
Nope. I told you! I'm human!” She giggled as she ran, then stopped as suddenly as if she had been frozen. “I haven't even told you my name! I'm Jewel.”
She smiled so beautifully that my heart stopped beating completely. I knew right then and there that I was in love. I blushed again, thankful that the shade from a tree hid my face at that moment.
Hi Jewel... I'm Z.”

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