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Monday, May 13, 2013

Crashed and Confused - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Cheela and Hannah had left the couple alone when they reached Alyda's house, and now she was nervously wondering how to communicate to her new husband that it was time to consummate their marriage. She still held his hand, and took a moment to shyly study his hand in hers before glancing up at him curiously.
Randy noticed her light blush deepen as she opened a door to a bedroom and he nearly blushed himself! She leaned in to kiss him, her eyes fluttering closed. Without meaning to, Randy reacted by jumping back, but not so far that he let go of her hand.
Um look, Ma'am,” Randy drawled in his native language. “This isn't right. I don't know you, and I'm not planning on staying on this planet. I realize you think we are married, but I never agreed to it. I –”
Alyda placed a finger to his lips to stop him, and uttered soothing noises. She stepped towards him, which made him nervously step back. She continued to take small steps – prompting him to try to maintain distance between them – until he discovered the bed against the back of his legs. Alyda finally managed to get close enough to kiss him.
Randy protested again. “This isn't right! We should get to know each other a bit more before we –”
Alyda silenced him with a kiss and kept on kissing him until he stopped protesting. She unexpectedly ran a hand up inside his shirt, startling him so much that he gasped and lost his balance. Without intending to, he sat on the bed, thankful that he managed to stop himself from landing flat on his back.
Alyda promptly straddled his lap, kissing him hungrily. She raked her nails up and down his back, and then pulled his shirt off completely.
Clearly this isn't the first time she has done this, Randy thought. It wasn't his first time either, but he had been alone in space for a long time. Mostly because he liked to explore, but also because he wanted to avoid his overzealous mother and the marriage she eagerly wanted to arrange for him. Oh the irony!
Alyda shifted so that she she could unfasten his pants, her hands trembling slightly as it occurred to her just how badly she wanted him. Randy decided to take a bit more control of the situation by rolling her under him. He reassured her by kissing away her protests, and then leaned away from her. Pointing at himself, he said his name as clearly as he could. “Randy.” Then, he pointed to her and waited expectantly.
Alyda,” she stated with a smile.
Uh-lie-da,” Randy parroted, returning her smile. “There, you see? Now we know each other just a little bit better.”
Alyda shrugged. She had no idea what he was saying, but his language sounded so sexy to her ears. She pulled his head close for another kiss, and then kissed her way along his jaw.
Help me have the baby girl I long for,” she whispered sensually in his ear. Then she kissed and nipped his neck, pulling his hips into hers.
Randy was now certain that she wouldn't take no for an answer. He really felt like a bastard for taking advantage of her like this when he had no intention of staying with her beyond tonight. However, she was willing, and it had been such a long time since he'd last had sex.
Randy kissed her as he undressed her; exploring each part of her body with his hands and mouth. Alyda wondered if she was feeling each sensation more intensely because he wasn't from the Manhouse trying to impregnate more than one woman a day, or was it because she was married to this man? He seemed to be genuinely interested in her body, and that made her realize that she had never taken the time to truly touch... to feel a man's body before.
Suddenly, Alyda wanted to explore every part of his body! She ran her hands down his back, gently squeezing his still covered buttocks. She licked his neck and bit his shoulder. She lightly raked her nails up his back.
Her actions drove Randy crazy! Had he not already decided to have sex with her, he would have done so right then and there. He almost lost control of his determination to take his time. He wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep and thrust like a rutting beast, but if he did that, the experience would be over entirely too soon!
Alyda pushed him off her so that she could roll slightly atop him and bite his nipples. She trailed her tongue down his chest, and then circled his belly button. Her hands pulled his pants down just enough to expose his manhood, and she contemplated tasting him. She had never done so before because it was the job of the men in the Manhouse to arouse their visitors, not the other way around.
Randy gasped as she unexpectedly took him into her mouth. He wasn't particularly long, but even so, he couldn't quite fit in her mouth. She fondled his balls as she sucked on him, and he had to think of a few unpleasant things to stop himself from filling her mouth on the spot!
When her wonderful enthusiasm became too much – and he knew he would shoot his load if he didn't stop her that second – he pushed her away and happily returned the favor.
At first, Alyda didn't feel anything particularly special about having his tongue between her netherlips, but then he found a spot that made her body melt! If a human body could turn into lava, she was sure this must be what it would feel like.
So this is clitoral stimulation, huh? Alyda thought. Reading about it in an anatomy book definitely did not prepare one for the intensity of the real thing! If she had known it would feel like this, she would have taken to masturbating every chance she got! Which wouldn't be all that often considering how busy she usually was.
Those men in the Manhouse could certainly use a class in expanding their skills...
Randy knew he must be doing something right because her whole body started to quake. However, she seemed to have stopped breathing and almost looked like she was afraid of something. The next moment, she gasped for breath, and then nearly screamed. Her cries gradually turned to panting, and she began to squirm out of his grasp.
Randy decided that it was time to relocate his mouth and sucked on one of her nipples. He had also convinced himself to do the gentlemanly thing and stop himself from going any farther... but then she shifted her body so that they were hip to hip and he was pressing into her. Her eyes were clearly begging him to enter her, and his resolve vaporated.
So much for doing the gentlemanly thing! Randy mentally sighed. He paused a moment to kick off his pants, and then pulled her legs up over his hips. He made his first thrust slow and smooth, burying himself as deep as he could go.
Alyda met his next thrust with one of her own, and marveled again at how much better this felt than copulating with the men in the Manhouse. She inhaled in astonishment when Randy pulled almost all the way out and then firmly reburied himself as deeply as possible. He repeated his action over and over, causing her body to rock almost violently.
Alyda grunted with each thrust, loving how confident – almost bordering on forceful – he was. She ground her hips into his, moaning and sighing at how unbelievably good this felt. Gradually, his pace changed and he grew less forceful as he thrust faster and faster. His thrusts were punctuated with a motion that stimulated her clitoris, causing her to reach climax once again.
She dug her nails into his back and loudly announced her orgasm for all to hear. Her rippling inner muscles did their best to give him an orgasm as well, but he held still and resisted. He was nowhere near ready to finish yet. Hell! It had only been a half an hour at best!
He abruptly withdrew and stroked her body as if he were petting a cat. She moaned and arched her body into his hand. Once his need to fill her with his hot juices had passed, he rolled her onto her stomach, lifted her hips a bit, and then reentered her with a possessive thrust.
This was already officially the longest session of sex Alyda had ever had, and she had a feeling that he would make it last all night if he could! She sighed happily and mentally thanked her friends for dragging her to the Marriage Market before she could change her mind. If not for them, she probably would never have gathered up the courage to actually go to the Market, and then he would have died...
Randy did his best to fulfill her premonition by changing positions whenever he came too close to finishing. Eventually though, he grew exhausted and decided that it was time. He intended to withdraw completely rather than fill her, but at the last moment, she locked her legs around him. With a sigh of longing, he surrendered to the need to be as deeply inside her as he could, pumping her full.
She wrapped her arms around him, inviting him to lay on top of her. Randy didn't really have a choice – unless he wanted to be rude and push her arms away – so he carefully lowered himself onto her and got comfortable.
She's surprisingly soft and cuddly, he thought as he drifted off to sleep, still firmly planted inside her for the moment.

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