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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh Squeal!

I keep seeing a picture reposted on facebook that makes me squeal every time I see it, so I decided to copy the pic and post it here.

The reason this makes me squeal is that is so perfectly represents half of what I write, lol! Imagine: A secret love. He's considered to be from the "wrong" side of town, and she's from well to do parents who have done everything "right." The two of them met by accident and fell in love. They met in secret whenever they could, and then one day, she has something important to tell him...

Or this could represent impossible love such as back when a black man couldn't be with a white woman (and vice versa). The possibilities are simply endless! How did a dog get a cat pregnant? Did they seek out a specialist to help them? lol!

Maybe now you can see why this picture always makes me squeal :-D

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