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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear Reader

PLEASE understand that I LOVE comments and wish that I had hundreds more of them. Even so, I really don't like spam any more than the next person. At first, I was kinda flattered. The spam all follows the same format:

I love your post. It's astounding! It's better than anything I've ever read before! I can't wait until your next post! Oh, and by the way, here's my website: somepornorotherspamsite, check it out!

Sigh... I do a disservice to myself by letting these spammy comments onto my site, because people think I endorse the spam site. Also, by letting them flatter my ego, I probably discourage real people from commenting. SOOOOOOO

Even though I hate it...

Even though I'd almost rather pull my teeth out...

I'm going to enable the dreaded required captcha. If it does it's job of filtering out the spam comments, then I will keep it and all will be well once again. BUT if it doesn't, then I promise to turn the annoying effer back off!

Dear Universe and Angels:
When I said I wanted more readers to my site, I meant that I want REAL people who want to read my stuff, NOT spammers and bots! Thank you :-D

Have a happy day!

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I welcome and encourage everyone to comment... except spammers and bots. So, I am sorry that I have to require the captcha, but I've now officially got 10 times more comments from spammers than real people. Thank you for your comment and have a happy day :-)

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