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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Braedon - II


In walked two gorgeous women who looked exactly alike. Jules gaped at them in awe. Something about them seemed almost... otherworldly.
Hello,” they purred, grinning at him. “So you're the man staying with our brother.”
Jules swallowed and cleared his throat a couple of times before he remembered how to speak. “Uh... hi...”
His eyes roamed their naked bodies – does no one wear clothes around here? – and then tried to look them in the eyes as they wrapped themselves around him. He felt like he had just won the lottery and they were his heart-stopping prize!
Their eyes started to glow so subtly that he wasn't entirely certain he wasn't just imagining it. They stoked his chest – he was wearing a robe – and then cupped his buttocks, which made him realize that he must have stood up when they walked in. They smirked mysteriously.
We think you'll make an excellent King...” they murmured softly, each nibbling on one of his ears.
K-K-K-King?” Jules questioned nervously. They were making it extrodinarily hard for him to think, much less speak!
Yes...” they confirmed before taking turns kissing him.
Jules felt his heart start thundering in his chest. They led him to a sofa, stroking his body with their hands. The little fires they created completely distracted him. For all he knew, he could be literally floating on a cloud of pleasure rather than the plush sofa with the soft and easy to wash cover.
They took turns rocking his world. He felt like his heart actually stopped for a few moments when they finally allowed him to climax – which made him seriously wish he knew how all the women here seemed to know how to stop him from cumming too soon. When his heart finally started beating again, he gasped and started to pant heavily.
Now you know why the french call it Le Petit Mort... the little death,” they purred in his ears.
Are you done yet?!” Braedon called out from the kitchen. “You two know you're not supposed to do that here!”
Says you! We have every right to be here!” They argued with a laugh.
In the society, it was generally accepted that family members would respect certain boundaries. This meant that if a person walked into a room to find one of their siblings or parents or children participating in an orgy, they would graciously find a different room to play in. Therefore, Braedon was right in that they shouldn't really be have sex openly in “his” house, and they were right in that as members of society, they had every right to make use of the HQ too.
What are you doing here?” Braedon asked, leaning against the frame of the door between the kitchen and livingroom.
They smirked at him. “We talked with Elena – she needed volunteers for Eric's class – and she mentioned that your guest here was a volunteer for her class. We figured that we'd come prepare him.”
Braedon nodded. “Feel free to use the bath. I'll just take a shower in my room.”
Yes my King,” they replied cheekily, causing him to roll his eyes. He knew better than to expect respect or obedience out of them! He waved dismissively and walked to his room.
Jules followed as they tugged on his arms and dragged him to the bathroom. He looked around in astonishment. Most of the house looked like a small mansion. It was actually not really big enough to be called a mansion, but it was just a bit too big to be called a regualr house. This room – however – was almost opulent in its richness and beauty.
The tub itself was absolutely massive! It could almost be called a pool, except that it wasn't more than three feet deep. Actually, Jules discovered that it had a shallower side for shorter people, and a deeper side for taller people. He looked down into the tub and wondered if he should simply hop in.
One of the twins turned on a shower – there were several that lined one wall – and the other carefully selected some soaps and oils from a cabinet. They washed him with the soaps – which all looked handmade – shaved and trimmed his pubic hair, then dried him off with a couple of soft and fluffy towels. To his disappointment, they didn't let him get into the tub.
You'll have time for that later,” they assured him. He wondered how they always seemed to know what he was thinking and how they always managed to say the same thing at the same time. With a last mournful look at the tub, he allowed them to push him onto a massage table in a nice warm room that was nestled off to the side of the bathroom.
They rubbed him from head to foot in an oil that smelled like oranges and cinnamon. One of them smiled as he thought this, and smeared her finger across his lips. He opened them in response which allowed her to stick her finger in his mouth.
It tastes like cinnamon and oranges too,” the other twin informed him.
He sucked the delicious oil off the finger, wondering why they were covering him in it.
Because... the trainees have never orally pleased a man before and we wish to make sure that they find the experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible,” the twin with her finger in his mouth informed him.
Orally pleased??? Jules was intrigued by the prospect. He'd had no idea what volunteering to help train in new members entailed, but he rather assumed that it would be some mild kissing and maybe some petting. This sounded like it was going to be even more fun that he'd first thought.
It is!” Both twins confirmed with a grin.
How do you read my mind like that?” Jules asked, and then groaned when they thoroughly rubbed the oil onto his shaft. It had responded to their massage by standing up in rigid attention.
They shrugged. “We just do.”
One handed him a pair of boxers. “These are specially made to prevent fuzz, lint, and other... debris from clothing from sticking to you.”
The other gave her sister a quick kiss on the cheek. “I'm going to go help Braedon finish oiling up.”
Jules watched her leave. A frown puckered his face as he stepped into the boxers and pulled them up. “What about you two? Don't you need to be oiled up?”
We've already prepared ourselves.”
Jules nodded and then moaned happily as she took the time to towel him off once again. This helped remove the excess oil that hadn't absorbed into his skin, but also helped him feel awake and energetic.
In Braedon's room, he eyed his sister suspiciously as he toweled off after his shower. “Why are you really interested in Jules?”
She turned him so that she could oil up his back. He knew that she would either answer him honestly or ignore him completely. He decided to oil up his legs and groin while she worked on his back.
She sighed lightly. “He needs the society. We can give him something he's never had but always wanted.”
Like what?” Braedon asked curiously.
She finished rubbing his back and shoulders and stepped back to grab a towel while he oiled the rest of his body.
Complete acceptance. Belonging. He's never been able to settle for just one woman because he needs a variety of lovers to satisfy him. In this society, we understand. We don't judge him and call him a womanizer or a hound dog. He needs that.”
Braedon held out his arms while she brushed his back with the towel. Then he took the towel from her and used it to get rid of the rest of the excess oil. He took the boxers she held out for him.
I can see that,” Braedon admitted with a nod. “He seems so lost right now, and maybe we can provide him with a safe harbor to find his way.”
Exactly!” She kissed him on the cheek. “We're going to leave now for Eric's. Tell Elena we said hi.”
Will do!” Braedon promised, kissing her cheek.
He grabbed a tee shirt to wear, throwing it over his head as he followed her to the kitchen. He kissed his other sister goodbye, and then smiled at Jules.
You can wear that robe or a tee shirt like me, but don't worry, no one will see us as we drive. I have an SUV with lightly tinted windows,” Braedon informed him.
Jules nodded, and decided to just wear his robe – that he already had on. He watched the twins out the window as they threw on dresses and got into their Jeep Wrangler.
They're really something,” Jules murmured appreciatively.
That they are,” Braedon agreed. “But don't get too attached to them... They're both in semi-committed relationships with the fathers of their children.”
Figures,” Jules muttered.
Come on,” Braedon urged. On the way to Elena's house, he tried to explain as much about the training as he could. It was really simple, trainees were taught all the skills they would need to know to become excellent lovers.
So...” Jules murmured speculatively. “There's no actual sex involved in this training?”
Not directly with the trainees, no. If they choose to become members of society after their training is over, then they give their virginity to the society during initiation.”
Jules tilted his head to the side in confusion. “What if they aren't virgins?”
Braedon laughed. “The majority of them have been raised by parents who belong to the society. They are raised to save their virginity as a gift to the Gods. However, if they are tempted to give it away before deciding to join our society, that is their right. The initiation refers to them as virgins to the society, not as actual virgins.”
Oh... so, then... Other people can join too... even if they aren't young virgins...”
Exactly!” Braedon assured him. “Why? Are you interested in joining?”
Jules shrugged. “I don't know. Maybe. It seems worth considering.”
A half an hour later, the two of them were lounging around a room with 5 other men. They were all naked and chatted amicably. Only Jules felt uncomfortable by the prospect of participating in oral sex in front of an audience.
Elena walked in exuding confidence and grace. She led the group of giggling girls, gesturing for them to be quiet. They all grinned as they looked around the room at the volunteers.
Remember, ladies; you've practiced pleasing each other for a week and a half. This is really no different. You'll do just fine, but if you should doubt yourself, simply ask what you could be doing to make him feel better,” Elena advised.
The girls nodded and then walked to the partners Elena told them to start with. Jules once again felt like he'd won the lottery – only this time, his prize was a girl of about 17. A look around showed him that they were all between the ages of 16 and 18. Now that he thought about it, this made sense because it was highly doubtful that anyone raised in this society could wait until their 20s to lose their virginity.
The girl who knelt in front of Braedon gasped. “My King! I did not realize that you would be a volunteer today!”
Braedon grinned at her. “Princess Elena asked me to. Of course I could not refuse!”
Yes, my King,” the girl replied obediently and then bent to concentrate on her task.
Elena decided to distract Jules. He hadn't been trained and so likely did not have the skills to resist ejaculating in less than two minutes. She pulled a chair over to him and straddled it as she talked to him.
So... how do you like our society so far?”
Jules looked at her incredulously. He found it strange that she would want to have a conversation with him now when he was supposed to be giving tips to the girl who was rapidly making his knees shake. He tried to calm his breathing.
Uh... I like it. There was a party last night that turned out extremely interesting,” Jules admitted.
I'll bet!” Elena laughed. “Have you considered the type of member you'd like to be? I wouldn't mind another slave around the house.”
Jules cast her a startled look. He noticed that she was hugely pregnant and rubbed her belly proudly. She grinned at him mysteriously and his heart started racing in something close to panic.
She chuckled throatily and then pointedly looked at one of the men across the room. He returned her smoky look, and then smiled at Jules.
As a slave, you would naturally do exactly what I told you to do at all times. I would only punish when you deserved it...”
Ha!” Braedon snorted. “Elena thinks everything is a punishable offense!”
Slave!” Jules exclaimed, looking at Braedon in alarm.
Braedon laughed. “As with everything in this society, that is a choice. You don't have to do anything you don't want to.”
Elena groaned and pouted. “Aww... You didn't have to tell him that. I could have had so much fun with him tonight if he thought he had no choice but to obey me.”
She then tapped the girl sucking on Jules. “It's time to switch practice partners now.”
Jules sighed in relief. Despite his distraction, he had been very close to filling the girl's mouth. The girls all rotated in a circle, which meant that the one who had been practicing on Braedon was now practicing on Jules. She also had his knees shaking in practically no time.
Elena chuckled. “You're doing well.” She referred to both of them. Jules took a few steadying breaths.
A pair of twins helped prepare me this morning. I'm honestly surprised that I'm so ready to cum again already!”
By the way his balls visibly tightened, Elena knew he meant this literally. She placed a hand on the trainee's shoulder. “Give him a moment, and if that doesn't work, gently squeeze and pull down on his balls like I showed you.”
Yes Princess,” the trainee agreed, lightly practicing the trick in the air. It looked a bit like she was milking a cow.
Elena returned her attention to Jules. “The twins came to prepare you?”
Yes,” Jules confirmed. “Is that bad?”
No!” Elena hastily assured him. “Simply unusual. They, um... They generally don't concern themselves with anyone without a reason.
Jules gasped as the trainee decided it was time to resume her lesson. Elena and Braedon speculated on his sisters' possible motives for a few moments, which gave Jules an opportunity to think about what they had said to him.
Thinking about the possibility of being a King of this society also helped him delay the need to cum from overtaking him yet again. A couple of the other men groaned as they shot their loads despite the girls' attempts to prevent them.
Elena stood to go talk to them. “Don't worry, the trick takes practice to get just right. Also, as you can see, it doesn't always work. Everyone, it's time to switch partners.”
The girls all rotated again. Elena carefully squatted next to one of the men that had ejaculated. She used her hand to show the girl what to do.
Pressing your fingers around his shaft firmly – like so – can act like a cock ring and prevent a man from going limp after ejaculation,” she advised. She then pointed at the volunteer. “You are lucky. This one is from the last training class a few months ago. He may not have the stamina yet to go for hours, but he definitely has a quick recovery time.”
I can't decide if I've been insulted or complimented!” The volunteer said with a laugh.
Both!” Elena stated with a sassy grin.
By the time that all the trainees had taken a turn practicing on all the volunteers, Jules was ready to cry. The need to cum was so intense! He simply couldn't understand why he hadn't bust a nut a long time ago.
Elena laughed. “It looks like the twins must have worked some of their voodoo on you!”
What?!” He asked, horrified by the thought.
Nah,” Braedon denied. “I'm almost certain they would have told you if they had.”
Jules was a tiny bit jealous that Braedon looked calm and relaxed, as if he had his dick sucked on like this every day. Jules looked to the ceiling as he thought this over. Maybe he really does!
Uh,” he said, trying to figure out how to warn the trainee that he was about to fill her mouth, but it was already too late. She gulped a couple of times, swallowing his cum without so much as a whimper of protest.
Unusual... he thought. In his experience, women threatened him with bodily harm if he rudely came in their mouths without warning.
The trainee smiled up at Jules, then stood and kissed him on the cheek before walking out of the room; her training finished for the day.
Jules was quiet as he wondered what it would be like to be part of a society that considered it normal to train new members how to be good lovers. It seemed like a really good way to prevent teenaged pregnancy and rampant STDs. Hmm... I wonder how good I would be as a teacher?
It was an appealing idea. A way to make an impact on the next generation and leave a legacy... of a sort... Even better, it would give him something meaningful to do with his life.
For the first time in a long time, he felt hope.
On the ride back to HQ, Jules asked as many questions as he could think of about the society and its rules. The more he learned, the more he longed to belong.
What about me? If I decided to join your society, what sort of training would I have?” Jules finally thought to wonder.
If you prove you can satisfy a lover, then the only training you would need would be the sensual art of massage. Keep in mind that the average member's goal is to please their lover. When two members are together, they naturally please each other before they consider themselves satisfied,” Braedon explained. “Once you are initiated into our society, you will be invited to learn other things... such as bondage...”
Jules thought this over in silence for several minutes before he remembered how incredulous he was over Braedon's vow. “So... are you gay that you like having sex with men, or do you have to sort of tune out and let them do what they want in order to fulfill your vow?”
Braedon laughed softly, shaking his head. “No. Someone who tunes out during sex simply doesn't have what it takes to pass the test of Kingship. And no. I would not consider myself gay so much as bisexual. I enjoy having sex with both genders equally.”
Bi...” Jules murmured, rolling the word around on his tongue until it stopped sounding so foreign. When he was in college, he had participated in threesomes with his girlfriend at the time and other men. He was fine with that. He even allowed the other man to touch him or suck on him, but never once had he had sex directly with a man. He had never really even considered it.
It's not that the thought repulsed him, it's just that he had always had plenty of women in his bed and he liked having sex with them. It never once occurred to him that he might like to try having sex with men too. Even now, the idea seemed... indifferent... neither appealing nor revolting.
It was hard to describe, even to himself in his head. If he could take a step back and look at himself as an outsider, he would have realized that all of his emotions were still a bit numb at the moment, so trying to figure out how he felt about anything would be difficult.
They arrived back at HQ to find the maid busy cleaning.
How was your stay with your boyfriend?”Braedon asked. “You're back rather earlier than you said you'd be.”
I had to give him some space,” she admitted with a sigh. “He kept pushing me and pushing me until I had no choice but to confess that I actually do have a literal secret. ... And then he pushed me until I told him a little bit about our society. He didn't get upset, that I could tell, but he did ask to be left alone so that he could think. I pray he doesn't dump me!”
Braedon pulled her close, settled her head on his shoulder, and simply hugged her. “I pray it works out too. You deserve happiness.”
I don't know what to do! I fell utterly in love with him the first time we met and I've been faithful to him! I can't help that who I am is something he doesn't understand,” she sighed in depression.
Jules tilted his head to the side curiously. “Then why don't you leave the society?”
She looked up at him, staring in something close to shock for a moment before speaking. “Leave? You don't understand...”
She fumbled for a moment to find the right words to explain, but unable to find anything profound, she shrugged helplessly. “The society isn't something that you're a part of and then just leave when it is no longer convenient. The society is a way of life. A set of beliefs. It's a part of who I am. I cannot just leave it, even if I wanted to!”
Not even for true love?” Jules wondered curiously.
She looked down and then sighed. “If our love is true... If he truly loves me, then he loves me for who I am, not who I am willing to change into for him.”
Jules nodded, realizing that she was right. It was one of the reasons he could never settle down with any one woman. They all wanted him to be someone he wasn't. Namely someone who could commit to a relationship.
Is this what you went through with my sister?” Jules asked Braedon, who was still trying to comfort his housekeeper. Braedon half nodded, half shrugged.
Yeah, sort of. I didn't really have time to think about whether or not I would be willing to step down as King of the society before she dumped me. I brought her here and explained to her all the little things that I'd kept secret, and it was all too much for her. She shouted at me that she never wanted to see me again and ran off... and I really didn't hear from her again until now,” Braedon explained.
I'm sorry,” Jules apologized, even though it wasn't his fault in the slightest.
Braedon shrugged again. “It was a long time ago.” He neglected to mention that he had been an utter mess for a very long time, but Jules sensed it anyway. He wished he had known about all of this back then. Maybe he could have reasoned with his sister so that she didn't end things so badly.
And who knows? Maybe being part of this society back then would have helped him avoid making some of the bigger mistakes he had made in his life. He sighed as he thought about them.
Feeling mildly depressed, he decided to go to his room and take a nap or something. Anything to get his mind off of his problems!

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