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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"Hi Braedon..."
"Juliana?!" Braedon asked incredulously, staring at the phone in disbelief.
"I know that I'm the last person you expect to hear from, but... Well... I need a favor..." Juliana confessed reluctantly.
"Why should I help you? I was completely in love with you, but when you found out about my secret society and my position as King; you slapped me, called me a perverted freak, and dumped me in front of everyone," Braedon reminded her.
"I know... I'm sorry... I was overwhelmed and handled that badly, but it was 10 years ago..."
Braedon sighed. "What do you want?"
"Well... It's my twin brother... he recently lost everything, and I mean this almost literally. First he lost his job, then he lost his house and most of his belongings, and finally... his daughter died. She was in a car accident with her mother. He didn't have custody of her, but he utterly loved and adored her. He's taking her loss very hard," Juliana explained.
Braedon was quiet a moment. " I don't want to sound heartless, but what do you want me to do about it?"
"I remember that you lived in a building dedicated to letting members of your society come and go as they please, and that people from the other regions could stay there if they needed to. I may have been horrified by your society, but I did pay attention as you explained things..." she admitted.
Taking a deep breath, Juliana continued. "Could you please let my brother stay at your place until he gets back on his feet?"
Braedon shook his head, even though she couldn't see it over the phone. "That's a bad idea. From everything you've just told me, your brother is in a state of emotional shock. Having him stay here is just going to make things worse."
"I think you're wrong..." Juliana stated softly. "I know my brother, and he's a good guy, but he's never found a woman to settle down with. He goes from girlfriend to girlfriend, and I think the idea of committing to just one woman repulses him. I honestly think that he would be suited to your society, and at least there, he would never be alone."
Braedon groaned as he considered her request. There was no rule forbidding it, but generally it was not a good idea to let outsiders stay in the regional headquarters. The place was designed so that members of the society could just show up randomly whenever they wanted, and as a result, there was always someone hanging around.
"Please Braedon?" Juliana begged.
Braedon wanted to make a snide remark such as, "so my society isn't good enough for you, but you'll trust us to help your brother?" But he held his tongue. It had been 10 years since she dumped him, and he no longer hurt because of it.
He sighed, giving into her because she must be truly desperate to even consider asking him. "Fine... He can stay here for a while."
"Thank you!" Juliana gushed, sounding like she was about to cry. "You have no idea what this means to me! ... I live about an hour away, and I have to make dinner for my husband and kids first, but I'll bring him over later tonight."
Braedon was silent for another moment. Of course she's married with kids! This news made him sad even as he was happy for her that she'd apparently found love.
He forced himself to reply cheerfully. "See you later then." He then hung up and stared at the phone for a moment.
Braedon was tempted to mope around, but moping just wasn't his style.
"First Andrew gets married and moves out, and now I get a call from my ex. What? Is the world about to end?" He muttered to himself as he located the housekeeper.
"I think I'm going to eat dinner at my parents," he told her. She nodded at him with an appreciative smile.
She was a college student who had asked to work for them as a way to help pay for her tuition. She had a boyfriend she was trying to stay monogamous with - despite her being a member of the society, he wasn't - so she didn't ask to hop into bed with the King, though she had slept with him in the past.
"Thanks for the warning," she purred. The way she stroked her naked body made Bradon think that she was horny. It was pretty obvious that she really wished her boyfriend was nearby, but - according to her - he worked nearly 60 hours a week.
Braedon was in the mood to be slightly mean. He wasn't sure why he felt the need to take his frustrations out on her, but he did. Maybe it was because she was there. He stepped closer to her, leaving only about of foot of space between them.
He stroked her hip. "Did you get a hair cut? You look really good today." His mouth hovered near her neck as he practically whispered into her ear.
"Actually, yes..." Her breathing increased. "I did, but I'm surprised you noticed."
Braedon gently bit her ear. "Of course I noticed..." His hand moved from her hip to between her legs.
"Oh, my King... I can't..." she reminded him, her legs moving apart as she arched into him despite herself. She was panting from longing.
"If you're certain," Braedon remarked, and then stopped touching her. He licked his fingers clean of the juices from her sopping womanhood. "Mmm..." He turned to leave, chuckling as he heard her groan with need and frustration.
She was gone by the time he returned home from his parents. Braedon assumed that she'd gone to spend the night at her boyfriend's. His assumption was confirmed by an excited note on the counter.
Pardon my inconsideration, my King, but I plan to spend the rest of the week with my boyfriend. Don't worry about cleaning anything up, I'll do it when I get back.
Braedon smiled. "I sincerely hope that her relationship turns out better than mine did." Only time would tell; she'd have to tell him about the society sooner or later.
A little later on, Juliana arrived with her twin brother. It was still early enough that no members had dropped by to hang out. Braedon sat naked on a bench on the balcony overlooking the driveway watching them. Juliana looked nervous, but her brother didn't seem to care about anything at the moment.
"Hi Braedon!" Juliana called out in greeting, trying to sound like she was calm and in control.
"Come on up," Braedon invited, pointing to the stairs that led up to the the balcony. Juliana dragged her brother by the arm, and he meekly followed her, carrying his suitcase behind him.
"Um..." Juliana hesitated as she stood directly in front of Braedon. "I've told my brother about as much of your society as I remember. ... Thank you for letting him stay."
Braedon shrugged. "No problem." He gestured to a sliding glass door farther along the balcony. "That used to be my brother's room. I figure your brother can stay in there for now."
"Jules..." Juliana addressed her twin. "I can help you unpack if you want."
Her brother shrugged. Braedon could tell that he felt numb.
"Come on. I'll show you around the room." Braedon lead them into the room, and then realized that the room was exactly the way Andrew had left it, which was slightly depressing.
"My brother got married recently and moved out. He left a bunch of clothes in the closet," he explained, opening the closet door to show them. "But the closet still has a bunch of room, plus the dressers are empty... I think."
Juliana had done her best to look at Braedon's face, but now her natural sense of humor took over, and she let her eyes sweep over his body with a smirk. "What's a nudist need a huge closet full of clothes for anyway?"
Braedon laughed, waggling his eyebrows at her suggestively. "My room is right next door if you want to get reacquainted."
Juliana made a noise that was half scoff half laugh. "Please! I'm happily married and I'm faithful to my husband."
Braedon shrugged. "In that case, I'll leave you to unpack and get settled in." He left them alone, returning to his balcony to watch for the arrival of any member who felt like visiting tonight.
About a half an hour later, Juliana emerged from the room her brother was staying in. "Thank you again for letting him crash here until he gets back on his feet. I know you had no reason to agree, especially since I haven't even called or emailed you in the last 10 years..."
Braedon shrugged. He didn't know what to say, so decided to change the subject. "Are you sure he won't be more traumatized by my society than he already is?"
Juliana smiled. "I told him as much as I know, and he seemed fine with it, so I can only trust that he will be okay."
A car finished driving up the long private driveway and parked just then. Six women got out of the car, immediately tossing their clothes into the backseat. Most of them waved at Braedon, but one was obviously shy.
"Good evening, my King!" The women called out. "We've come to party!"
"Go on in," Braedon permitted. "I'll be down in a few minutes."
Rather then climb the stairs up to the balcony, they entered through the front door. The shy one was nearly dragged in by one of her friends.
"Party? On a Wednesday night?" Juliana questioned in disbelief.
"Why not?" Braedon wondered.
Party? Drinking? Getting drunk? Don't they have to work tomorrow?”
"I'm sure they do, but sometimes, a person just wants to party," Braedon informed her with a grin.
"And you do this every night?" Juliana asked, frowning with concern.
"Well, to varying degrees. I only drink on weekends and special occasions," he replied honestly.
Juliana nodded in relief, and then decided to leave. She hugged Braedon as she said goodbye, and then fled as quickly as she could.
"I think she still has feelings for you," her twin mused, sounding like he hadn't spoken in quite a while. He was leaning on the frame of the open sliding glass door.
"Yeah? Too bad. I had to get over her a long time ago," Braedon stated. He purposely sounded cold, because in all honesty, it had taken him a long time to get over the way she had rejected him so completely. "Let me give you a tour of the place."
Braedon gestured for Jules to go down the stairs in front of him. "This house was acquired by this region of our society about a hundred years ago. It's the headquarters for our region, and provides a place for members to get together whenever they want. I may live here, but it's not really my house. It belongs to every member of the society."
By this time, they had walked through the front door and into the kitchen. Only one of the women was in the kitchen, the rest had made themselves at home in a large room full of comfortable furniture. The maid had her hands full just keeping this room clean, but she did a thorough job each day.
The woman in the kitchen ambushed Braedon. "A moment, if you please, my King."
"Yes?" He asked.
"I've brought my friend today. She's the reluctant and shy one. She's not a member of our society, but she's... um... anyway, can you do me a favor? If she gathers up the courage to actually ask you for sex, will you show her a really good time?"
Braedon smiled at her knowingly. Occasionally, a member of the society brought a friend that desperately needed to get laid, but was too shy or not confident enough to find a partner at a bar.
"I watched her come in..." Braedon remarked warmly. "I had a feeling she needed some good sex."
The woman hugged Braedon. "Thank you!" Then she turned to Jules. "Hi there. I see you're not part of the society either." She purred as she stroked his clothed chest with one hand and got close enough to kiss him.
Jules cleared his throat somewhat nervously.
The woman laughed. "Oh don't worry; I don't bite!"
Braedon chuckled as he walked to the room with the rest of the women. He knew that Jules would follow unless he really was interested in getting to know her better.
The shy woman was too nervous to even drink the long island iced teas the others were trying to loosen her up with. Braedon decided that he should probably take matters into his own hands. He walked straight up to her, held out his hand with a warm smile, and silently waited for her to make her decision.
She looked him up and down several times. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as her breathing increased. Braedon was almost certain that she was about to run away in panic when she suddenly held her breath and placed a shaky hand in his.
Her friends all cheered and encouraged her to have some fantastic sex, but decided to give her some privacy. She followed as Braedon led her to his room. Braedon sensed that she wasn't ready for him to simply throw her on his bed and ride her as hard as he could, but since he couldn't give her extra time to adjust to the suddenness of the situation by removing her clothes, he decided to start with the very basics.
Braedon loved to kiss. It was ironically the one skill he didn't get to practice all that often because the members of his society who asked to have sex with him usually wanted something rougher or darker. It was a rare person who wanted simple and gentle sex.
She welcomed his kisses tentatively at first, then her shyness and hesitation seemed to melt and she leaned into him for ever more demanding kisses. She took a step backwards toward his bed – enticing him to follow her – and then repeated her step until they were standing right beside the massive bed.
Braedon scooped her up rather suddenly and settled her on his bed so that he could bury his face between her legs and please her with his tongue. She gasped and squeaked in surprise, tensing up for a moment before taking a deep breath and relaxing. She was quiet at first, but then her breath escaped her in tiny pants and gasps, growing louder and louder until she was pressing both hands over her mouth in an attempt to muffle the screaming.
Braedon chuckled, amused by her shyness. All the members of society were taught during their training to accept and be comfortable with the noises they made during sex. They were taught that sex was sacred and nothing to be ashamed of.
The way she was blushing right now as he shifted to lie on top of her was so aborably cute that Braedon couldn't help but kiss her some more.
Thank you,” she whispered.
For what?” Braedon asked. He had been sliding his shaft through her juices for lubrication, but paused to look at her curiously.
My... ex-boyfriend never once took the time to... to... give me an orgasm.” She blushed redder than ever. “And I was never quite sure how to do it myself. So... thank you.”
Braedon smiled and kissed her again. He probed her slightly with his shaft, silently asking her permission. She wrapped her arms around him and then shifted her legs open a bit wider and thrust her hips up to encourage him. Braedon took this as his cue to enter her and do his best to show her that an orgasm was possible during penetration too.
It took a bit of experimenting to find the right angle and speed, but lucky for her, Braedon had had a lot of practice finding what worked for each new woman who came to him. Several minutes passed before she was squealing again. Braedon smiled and stopped thrusting completely so that he could kiss her some more until the urge to cum passed.
She blushed when soft clapping informed her that they weren't alone. A man stood just inside the doorway to Braedon's room.
Well done, my King! Would your lover mind if I joined you?”
The man was one that came to join Braedon in bed relatively frequently. He especially loved multiple partners, and was visibly intrigued by the prospect of having sex with someone not part of their society.
She blushed again, but her friend had warned her that this might happen and had advised that she go with it and have as much fun as possible until she was thoroughly exhausted. With a deep breath, she nodded.
With Braedon's help, the man positioned her so that she was on her side facing Braedon and her back was to him. She watched him nervously over her shoulder, but rather than plunge into her like she feared, he took the time to massage and work her up.
Braedon was still inside her, and thrust slowly as he watched their new lover prepare her for his entry. The man worked his way into her slowly, pausing every time she gasped and stiffened slightly. She'd take a few breaths and relax again and he'd continue. Finally, he was buried as deeply as he could go considering the angle he was at.
With a sigh of pleasure, she surrendered herself to their lusty thrusts. She didn't even care when a third man joined them. By the time she was too exhausted to go on, another two men had joined them – which had explained why Braedon's bed was so massive!
She drifted awake slowly when a bright ray of light hit her eyes. Memories of her incredible night replayed in her mind causing her to giggle softly. Her friend had been right! All she'd needed was some fantastic sex so that she could get over her asshole of an ex-boyfriend and move on.
She opened her eyes slowly and wiggled experimentally as she wondered how she was going to get out from under all these men without waking them. Her squirming woke them all up anyway, and two of them promptly helped her hands discover the evidence of their pleasant dreams. She giggled some more and shifted to allow them access to her.
Braedon decided to slip out of bed while his lovers were all occupied with each other. He felt bad for basically abandoning his guest in the middle of the tour, and wanted to check up on him. He hoped that Jules had relaxed and enjoyed the party.
In Andrew's room – which Jules was staying in – Braedon found his guest under a second pile of bodies. It was the five women that had dragged their shy friend here and one other man. Braedon smiled at them, knowing without asking that they'd all had a ton of fun last night. One of the women was awake and smiled at him.
Good morning, my King. Did my friend enjoy herself?”
Braedon grinned and nodded. “In fact, she's enjoying herself again as we speak.”
Is she?” A couple other women asked, impressed.
They all lifted their heads to see Braedon nod in confirmation. As one, they untangled themselves from the pile and rushed to witness the event for themselves. This left the two men alone in the bed. Braedon tilted his head to the side as he wondered how Jules felt about suddenly being all alone in bed with a man.
Jules looked around, noticed that there was plenty of room in the massive bed, and stretched out happily as he basically ignored the other man. Braedon smiled.
I'm glad to see that you enjoyed your first night here. I'll let you get some sleep.”
Jules murmured sleepily and snuggled up to some pillows. A chuckle escaped him as Braedon turned to leave. “Is it always so interesting around here?”
More or less!” Braedon confirmed with a wry chuckle of his own.
He left the room and headed to the kitchen so that he could cook up some breakfast. This was one of his favorite parts about being King. Everyone came to him, so he had the freedom to cook as much as he wanted each morning.
The different regions of the society were supported by something akin to the tithing system. Each member contributed what they could afford to give, and the money was used to maintain the regional headquarters, pay the small salaries of everyone who held a title in the region, and offset the cost of any rituals that were held. It also paid for the entertainment expenses... including food. So long as Braedon shared everything he made, he basically ate for free.
Having been raised by parents that were more or less simple farmers, he valued good food highly, and always made certain to buy directly from farmers he knew and trusted. Part of him always thought that this was one of the reasons so many people just dropped by headquarters whenever they could. They always raved about his cooking.
The smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes cooking prompted most everyone to come investigate. Their stomachs growled as they entered the large kitchen, which had a couple of long picnic tables off to one side so that there was plenty of room for everyone. Most of the time...
Someone made coffee – which Braedon never did because he hated coffee, but some always seemed to find its way into the house. Jules moaned in appreciation as he poured himself a cup of the coffee – which was freshly ground from fair trade, slow roasted, organic beans – and then sparsely added a few things to a plate. Braedon could tell that he was not used to eating breakfast, but was hungry enough to give it a try.
The women all ate as quickly as they could and rushed out the door. They were apparently running late even though they'd previously obtained permission to go into work 2-3 hours later than usual. The shy woman smiled at Braedon for a moment before giving him a tight hug.
Thank you again.”
My pleasure,” Braedon assured her with a grin.
As they left, Jules stared after them, wondering if they planned to go to work naked. He saw them hastily dress before getting into their car and nodded, remembering that they had stripped after arriving last night.
Three of the five men left after they finished their breakfast. Jules watched the remaining two curiously. One of them was the man that had helped him satisfy all those women last night. They both eyed Braedon lustily.
I didn't get a chance to see you at all last night, my King.”
And I didn't get my fair share of your attention,” the other man added.
Braedon chuckled. “I was pretty occupied.” The phone rang just then, so he answered it, interrupting whatever was going to be said next.
How's my brother doing?” Juliana asked.
He's fine. No need to worry,” Braedon assured her.
Did he hide away like a hermit? I hoped that he would at least interact with others a bit.”
Braedon laughed heartily. “I'd say he interacted plenty!”
Jules blushed lightly. “Is that my sister? Tell her that it's none of her business what I did last night!”
Did you hear that?” Braedon asked, his voice rich with amusement.
Juliana sighed in relief. “Good. Please take good care of him.”
I will. Like I said, there's no need to worry about him. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have guests to entertain.”
Juliana snorted a laugh. “I bet!”
Braedon hung up, but before he could even take a breath, it rang again. “Hello?”
Hello my King,” Elena greeted him. “I have a favor to ask.”
Anything for you, Princess,” Braedon stated with an affectionate smile.
I'm in charge of this session of training – as is Eric – and we both need volunteers for later today,” Elena explained.
Hold on a moment,” Braedon commanded. “Any of you want to volunteer to help the girls with their training today?”
His two would-be lovers both shook their heads.
Can't. I work later.”
Me too.”
Braedon looked at Jules, who was tiliting his head to the side curiously. Braedon grinned. “Elena, I have a non-member staying with me for a while, and I am certain that he would love to have the opportunity to let the girls practice their skills on him. You can count me in too. We'll be at your house later, but I'm afraid that there aren't any women here to ask at the moment, so I can't be of any help to Eric.”
Elena laughed. “That's okay. I'm sure he'll find plenty of volunteers!”
Later!” Braedon stated cheerfully and then hung up. Without a word, he followed his eager lovers to his room, calling out to Jules as he left the kitchen.
If the phone rings, just let it go to voicemail.”
Jules watched him leave the room, muttering to himself. “When she said that he had to let anyone have sex with him, I didn't think she meant that literally!”
It was very strange to him that there was a society of people governed by members who vowed to have sex with everyone who asked them to. What if a King happened to be utterly straight? What if a Queen was firmly a lesbian? What if they just weren't in the mood?
Could I honor such a vow? Jules wondered. It was true that he had never found the right woman to settle down with and tended to have a new girlfriend every week or so, but – as the loud noises coming from Braedon's room proved – the vow referred to anyone at any time; simply because they asked.
At 35, Jules was both intrigued and confused by the prospect. He had experimented plenty in college. This included the not-so-rare threesome with another man, but he had never had actual intercourse with any of them.
I wonder if Braedon has more gay sex or more straight sex? It didn't seem likely that women came over anywhere near as often as men would. Most men wanted sex as often as possible, and would certainly take advatage of a willing partner whenever they could.
His thoughts ran round and round in circles for quite some time until the door opened abruptly, startling him. 

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