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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Case of the Missing Notebook

So recently on my facebook, I was complaining about missing one notebook which I need in order to finish typing up a story I'm in the middle of posting on my blog. I've caught up to what I had typed previously, so I am trying to get it done!

This is not the first time that I have complained about missing a notebook, but for the most part, I HAVE found them. I keep them all in 2 piles in my cube cubby thing that passes for a dresser. (I don't really like dressers and far prefer cube shelves :-) )

Anyway, I thought that since y'all hear from time to time that I am missing a notebook, I should probably give you a reason to be impressed with me, lol! Here's the thing, I am ONLY missing the one notebook! There may or may not be a second missing notebook, but the more I think about it, the more I think that that particular one was written in a dream. Weird huh?

SO - without further ado - here's why you should be impressed that I am only missing one of my notebooks, even though I am frustrated because the missing one is oh SO important right now!

I know that - even though the picture CAN be zoomed in on to read it, should you be so inclined - it's kind of hard to do so. SO, I broke it down into sections for you :-)
Starting from the left and going to the right:

Once upon a time ago, I was lugging, oh..... about 10-15 or so of these, and an ex boyfriend of both my mom and my sister saw me and exclaimed: "Damn!!! You have more notebooks than I've ever seen before!" To which I responded: "And this isn't even all of them!" LMAO!

My kids counted either 64 or 65 notebooks all together, SO rather than beat myself up about missing one all important notebook, I am going to celebrate the fact that I know where the rest of them are :-D

And hunt like hell to find that missing one because it is driving me CRAZY!!!!


  1. Holy Hannah! If you right click on a pic and select view image, and then click the plus sign + to zoom in, those babies look bigger than if you were holding them right in front of you!

    1. I mean once you have already clicked on the pic to bring you to the theater view, and then right click on it, lol!


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