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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In Brist's Time - Chapter 16

A while ago, I updated my word program and it had a bug that made it NOT save my formatting when I copy and pasted it to anything, such as my blog. I waited patiently for them to fix the bug, and apparently they did, only I as a non computer programmer have no idea how to apply the patch, lol! I'm sure it's as simple as copy and paste it into the program somewhere, BUT I think it's probably way easier to simply uninstall the update and reinstall the old program, so guess what I did tonight? Lol! Hopefully, this will solve my problem :-) (Yes! We have a working program again!!!)

Chapter 16
“Nicholas! Let him go,” Brist commanded with a deadly softness. She squeezed his wrist to convey her point. Slowly, Nicholas forced his fingers to release the slave’s arms.
“You are lying,” he accused.
“You know me, I’m no liar,” the slave stated, infinitely relieved to have Brist there to defend him. “The sailor also said that they know which pirate did it, for while they were occupied trying to save survivors, the “Pirate’s Rose” nearly caught them too.”
Nicholas’ features mirrored the black rage that was rolling over him, causing him to ball both of his hands into fists.
Brist thanked the slave for telling them the news, then grabbed Nicholas’ arm, and forcefully dragged him out of the room, and into the master suite.
“You have every right to be angry,” she stated. “However, you aren’t going to be able to do anything productive until you get it out of your system. So, go ahead, rage at me.”
Nicholas turned away from her, and Brist handed him an oil lamp. Nicholas stood still as a statue, and simply looked at the lamp for several long moments, then without warning, he lost his battle to control himself, and hurled the lamp at the wall with as much force as he could.
“Good.” Brist handed him another fragile item, this time it was a pitcher, she held onto its matching basin so that it could be sacrificed next. They continued in this vein for some time until they ran out of things for him to throw, and Brist could tell his rage had not yet burned itself out, so she braced herself, and slapped him full across the face. Not hard, but enough to direct his attention at her.
He lashed out in retaliation, and soon Brist was acting like a coach sparring with an overly enthusiastic, and not very skilled student. She remained on the defensive side for most of the bout, easily deflecting even his most viscous blows easily, and only going on the offensive when it looked like he would try to end the match before he had expunged his rage.
Finally, Brist could tell his rage was spent, and she backed off in order to allow him to cool down. Nicholas collapsed onto his bed, refusing to show weakness by shedding tears. Brist sat down beside him, and began to rub his back. She had no compunction about shedding tears for the members of her family who had been murdered by pirates.
Her tears fell silently for some time, and Nicholas became aware of them only when he felt moisture land on his face. For a moment he thought that they were his own tears, and that he had failed to keep them back, but then he realized that the hands on his back, the hands that were trying very hard to offer him comfort, were trembling slightly, and that her breathing was heavy. He sat up, and gathered her in his arms, and for some reason, now that he held her, and tried to comfort her, his own tears refused to remain unshed.



“Come out!”
“It’s past noon!”
“The two of you,”
“Do nothing but mate these days!”
The twins shouted, each completing the other’s sentence as they pounded on the door.
“The door’s not locked!” Nicholas called, indicating that they should enter.
The twins found their older brother locked in an embrace with their relative from the distant future. “Oh really!” They gasped. “If you aren’t being decent, you shouldn’t invite us in!”
Brist let out a new round of muffled cries at their obliviousness. Her head was buried in Nicholas’ shoulder, and Nicholas laid his head against hers. The twins noticed that his eyes were red and puffy, and that his face was shiny from still wet tears.
“What happened?”
“What’s wrong?”
“The Regina has…gone down.” Nicholas sniffled, fresh tears welling in his eyes. Each adult took a very distraught twin into their arms, and let them cry until they had no more tears left to shed, for the day anyway.
The next few weeks were sad. Nicholas, who benefited from Brist’s sweet charms, recovered fairly quickly, and resumed life while patiently waiting for the dreaded days when his brothers returned. The twins recovered shortly thereafter. They knew their parents wouldn’t want them to grieve forever, and besides, Brist was teaching them new things to occupy their minds.
On December 11th, Brist discovered that she was pregnant, but decided to wait for a special moment to tell Nicholas. On the 13th, Thomas arrived.
“Can’t stay more than two or three days, Nicky,” he blurted the moment he say his brother.
"I’ve given orders in port to postpone all departures indefinitely,” Nicholas replied.
“No… no! I am an adult now, and you can’t -”
“Listen, Thomas… Mum and dad were… killed by pirates before they got two days out of port. As soon as all of us are here, we’ll hold a memorial in their honor. Thomas was too stunned to reply for several long moments, and then he experienced all the stages of grief that his siblings had.

The same scene replayed itself over and over during the next two weeks as Richard, Jonathan, and Gregory returned. By about a week before Lucas was due to return, Morgan and Curtis had arrived.
On January 10th, exactly 3 months from the day he’d left, Lucas returned with his bride and Sarah in tow. The whole family was waiting for them by the time Lucas actually reached the stables, and they stared at the tall, plain, brunette. Brist was the first to break the silence.
“You must be the wonderful new Mrs. Evans, welcome!”
Lucas’ brothers all frowned in disbelief.
The woman smiled warmly, “Yes, I’m Angeline, and you must be Brist. I’ve heard so much about you.” Just then, Sarah jumped from Angeline’s arms to Brist’s.
“Mummy Brist! You’re so beautiful! Guess what… I can see again. The doctor we visited said that it was just a matter of getting over my shock and fear,” Sarah babbled. “I had so much fun, I was the bouquet holder in Lucas and Angeline’s wedding, and-” She was cut off by a loud chorus of, “Wedding?!”
After that, Brist couldn’t make head or tails of the ruckus that happened when everyone tried to talk all at once. She smiled at Angeline, and helped the lady off her horse. Placing an arm around her, she bade, “Welcome to the family! Don’t worry, they’re not always this bad, just when they’re arguing.”
“Well! I didn’t think Lucas had an argumentative bone in his body, and just look at him shouting the loudest,” the new wife chuckled.
In the midst of the argument, where no one could really hear anyone else, they all managed to hear Angeline’s soft question. “Where’re David and Regina? I can’t wait to meet them.” Everyone fell silent, even Lucas, once he realized that he was the only one still shouting.
“Did I say something wrong?” Angeline asked.
“I have bad news,” Nicholas announced. “They’re dead.”
Brist would never know exactly why, but even after most everyone had worked through their grief, one by one, they all started to cry, even herself, Sarah, and Angeline. Of them all, only Nicholas did not cry. He stood strong as the new head of the family, bowing his head in honor. This made Lucas cry all the harder as he wondered how Nicholas had managed to cope with the grief.


Three days later, the entire family stood aboard the David - Regina’s ship - which had sailed to the site of the pirate attack, to the best of their knowledge. The David stood proudly in the middle of the entire Evans fleet of 15 ships. Everyone who knew David and Regina personally had misty eyes, except those who’d had time to work through their grief.
“I only knew David and Regina a few short days, but I loved them as my own parents. It was a grave day when the pirates stole such wonderful people from their loved ones. I just know that they are watching over us, touched by how many people cared about them. I truly believe that they would not want us to be sad for long, and would take an opportunity to remind us that due to a last minute decision, their beloved daughters did not die with them.” Brist took a moment to kiss a white rose she carried, and then tossed it overboard. “Good bye, you will be missed.”
“Very eloquent,” Nicholas murmured, and gave her a small but grateful smile. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to maintain his composure if he said anything else, so he simply kissed his own white rose, and threw it overboard.
The twins followed suit, saying, “We shall always remember the good times and be grateful. Thank you for all you have done for us. We love you.”
The rest of the family added their roses to the ocean, including Sarah and Angeline. Angeline added, “I feel as if I am losing my own parents, and even though I have never met you, I’ll miss you. Rest in peace.” 

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