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Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Brist's Time - Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The David shall carry Brist, Sarah, Angeline, and the twins to our port in England while the rest of our ships search for the Pirate's Rose,” Nicholas announced. “So, let’s get these sailors back onto their proper ships!” He referred to the fact that each Evans son belong to, or captained, a different ship in the fleet.
A few days later, in her cabin, which had been reserved for David and Regina on the rare occasions that they traveled with this ship, and which she now shared with Angeline, Brist contemplated Nicholas. He still didn’t know about the baby, and she was sure he’d never have let her on board for the voyage to England if he had known.
She’d known he’d planned to hunt down the pirates, but she had a strong feeling that it was she that was destined to find them. That’s why she’d brought her gun, and all the ammo she possessed, which was a few hundred bullets.
Might I know your thoughts?” Angeline inquired, looking very uncomfortable due to pregnancy and mild seasickness.
Brist sighed. “I haven't found a way to tell Nicholas that I’m pregnant.”
You are?” The twins asked.
How far?” Angeline added.
About three months,” Brist shrugged.
Oh dear,” Angeline didn’t know whether to be happy or sad for Brist. Brist nodded in understanding, a bit unsure herself.
The twins and Sarah all asked Brist to tell them about babies? Raven was dying to know how they got inside a woman in the first place. Brist took the time to explain everything in great detail, and thoroughly shocked Angeline with her candor. Secretly, Angeline was glad someone with Brist’s knowledge was around to answer her questions.
Where did you learn all of this?” Angeline asked.
It’s mandatory to learn it in health class. I paid close attention, and did additional online research so that my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have any accidents. It fascinated me, so I learned a lot,” Brist explained and then shrugged.
I have never heard of any school teaching such things,” Angeline commented.
Regan was eager to tell Angeline all that Brist had told her about school.
Sounds wonderful,” Angeline remarked.
Wonderful? Hell! It’s school!”
Brist doesn’t like school,” Raven volunteered.
Well… now that I’m here, I have at least learned to appreciate it.”
The talk returned to sex. “Does it hurt?” Raven asked.
Only the first time.”
Of course, a lady should be married first,” Angeline added.
Why?” Brist asked. “I wasn’t, you weren’t… I don’t see why two people who want to have sex shouldn’t.”
It’s not proper,” Angeline replied evasively.
Ha! Girls, I think of it this way. It’s a HUGE decision, but if a girl thinks she is ready, then I don’t think marriage is necessarily an issue.” Brist realized afterwards that she had made it sound as if they should just go out and do it, which wasn't her intent.
Angeline sighed. “I would be the worst sort of hypocrite if I told you to wait for marriage, but you have to be careful. You should not do that with just anyone.”
I agree,” Brist surprised Angeline. “I wasn’t trying to imply that they should become sluts.”
I just think that it is important that they know they should wait for marriage,” Angelina told Brist. “Otherwise they risk getting with child... and marrying a man who does not love them.”
Brist wrinkled her brow at the way Angeline said that. “You do know that Lucas loves you, right? He told me how much he loved you before he left to marry you. Actually… he’s rather afraid that you don’t love him.”
He is?” Angeline felt tears sting her eyes.
At that moment, there was a distant BOOM!
Oh!” Angelina exclaimed.
Brist was extremely glad she had secretly taught the twins to use a couple of small dueling pistols Nicholas owned. She asked the girls to go get them and come back. She readied her own gun.
Mummy Brist, was that from pirates?” Sarah asked sleepily.
I believe so. I very much want you and Angeline to hide quietly until I come to get you,” Brist said as she opened the hidden compartment. Nicholas had told her to hide them all in there if pirates attacked, but it simply wasn’t large enough. She exchanged a significant glance with Angelina, who knew to stay hidden as long as possible, and hope that the ship did not sink.
There was actually a trapdoor in the compartment that led to a hidden rowboat. If worse came to worse, the two could use it to escape, but that was really only a temporary solution as there was still a high chance that the pirates would find them or that they would die before they were rescued.
Our captain is a coward!” Regan announced. “He’s surrendering!”
That may actually be for the best,” Brist mused as they made their way on deck. She whispered, “Do not shoot unless you have to.”
You ladies should return to your cabins,” the first mate said. “This is no place for women.”
I’m not gonna hide!” Brist replied fervently. “That is the same ship that sunk The Regina!”
We know, and the captain has a plan. We would all feel better if the pirate didn’t know about you ladies.”
Too late,” Brist gestured over her shoulder. She assumed the handsome devil pointing her out was the pirate captain, since he was the one negotiating with their captain. Soon, the pirate captain was barking orders to his crew, and the Captain of The David joined them.
Fear not, my ladies. The pirate has promised not to hurt anyone since we surrendered without a fight… but only if Brist will dine with him as his men unload our cargo.”
Of course,” Brist agreed as the pirate captain joined them.
Captain,” he said. “I wish to thank you for showing proper fear and making our job easier.” The handsome pirate laughed wickedly. He took Brist’s hand and placed it on his arm. “Are you ready to dine with me?”
Brist decided to try to sound fearful, sensing that it was what he wanted. “Yes… of course.”
She must have reached the desired effect, for the pirate assured her, “You have nothing to fear, so long as you cooperate.”
Now, she tried to sound relieved, and sighed. “I understand.” He escorted her to the Captain’s cabin.
As soon as the pair was out of earshot, the Captain softly assured the twins. “Don’t worry, if he tries anything, she’ll surely scream, and we’ll rescue her.”
The twins exchanged a look. Brist? Scream?
In the cabin, the pirate’s ego was near to bursting. “I always knew there would come a day when my reputation would precede me.”
Aha! He wants flattery! “Well, if all the ships were run by women, your looks alone would make them surrender!”
Yes… I do have a way with women. Even my ship is named after a certain lady. She is almost as beautiful as you, miss…?”
Brist,” she smiled as she found her role easier to play now that they were alone.
You’re not eating much,” the pirate noted.
I’m not very hungry,” Brist feigned nervousness.
Then why don’t you come here and feed me?”
Brist complied, and he patted his lap to indicate where she should sit. She picked up his plate, and sat facing him, the plate between them. She fed him like a baby until he set the plate aside. He pulled her closer, and kissed her full on the lips.
Brist was surprised to find that it was actually a pleasant and enjoyable kiss. She allowed him to continue as she evaluated her feelings. Enjoyable? Yes. Nicholas? No. He may be able to make her body respond, but he didn’t have the power to truly awaken her passion as Nicholas did.
The realization was like a lightning bolt. It struck her hard enough wake her up. Until now, Brist had been operating under the delusion that this was all just one big dream. She felt that she would wake up one day, and find herself back at home. At this moment, she knew for certain that she was not dreaming, and that she was in love with her own ancestor. Hell! She was pregnant with his child!
By this time, the pirate had opened the front of her dress, and was suckling on her breast. She could feel him trying to poke her, and wondered when he’d freed his shaft.
Would you stop if I asked you to?” She asked calmly.
He scoffed. “No!” He laughed evilly, and she saw an insane gleam in his eye.
I didn’t think so,” Brist sighed. She managed to grab hold of her gun with out him noticing, and shot him just as he impaled her. He looked confused for a moment, but looked her in the eye as he realized what had happened. He knew he was dead.
Bitch,” he uttered, almost impressed. He slumped backwards, and she prevented him from falling by placing a hand on either side of the back of the chair. It was not a pleasant idea that there was a dead man inside her. It was even less pleasant that she had killed him… She needed a moment to deal with the shock.
The door burst open, and the Captain and first mate rushed inside. They held their swords at the ready, and looked confused to find her unharmed. “What happened?”
I shot him!” Brist was close to tears, and couldn’t figure out why she was so affected by this. She started to cry, and rested her forehead against his.
The cabin door was quickly shut, and the captain approached her cautiously. He could see the gun in her lap, and that her breasts were exposed. He figured that the pirate must have succeeded in hurting her before she shot him, and in a way, he had.
I don’t think his crew heard the shot. They stripped our ship bare a while ago, and are loudly celebrating on their ship. I think we can try to return him, and slip away before anyone realizes that he’s dead,” the Captain informed her.
Brist stared at the blood that had splattered on her; both during the shot, and then after when it had spurted out. Her breasts were speckled red, and her dress was not much better. Some blood oozed out of his heart, but thankfully most of it drained out his back.
Good idea…” Brist mused, still in shock. “We’ll need to wrap him up to hide the bleeding, and give him a new shirt.” Her skirt had covered his pants, so they were still clean. “We can carry him between us, like someone who is passed out drunk. I’ll even kiss him goodnight as we lay him to bed… Hopefully, they won’t discover that he’s dead until morning.”
The first mate cleared his throat, and held out his hand to help her stand. Brist took it, stood, and was horrified to discover that the pirate had cum inside her, probably as he died. She stripped off her blood-covered dress, and used part of it to wipe the mess from between her legs, not to mention the blood from her breasts.
The Captain offered her his knee length coat, and cleared his throat respectfully. “I think it would be best if you cleaned up a bit first, in your cabin.”
Brist nodded, and noticed that the pirate had a dagger poking out of his boot. She took it, and gave a short humorless laugh. “I think I’ll keep this to show Nicholas.”


  1. Angeline or Angelina?

    1. Angelina, and man, I had noticed that when I was reading through and thought I fixed it, sometimes I swear that imps go through and unfix or mess up stuff after I've saved it, lol!

    2. Wait, now I am second guessing myself. I have to go back to the original handwritten copy and see what I have there...

    3. It was Angeline in the previous chapter.


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