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Monday, September 30, 2013

An Old Story Idea - Mistress Apples

Once upon a time ago - back in december of 2003 to be exact, I read a book that I thought was pretty cool. I can't remember the name of the book or who wrote it, because the story itself - while interesting - is not why I thought it was cool. It - as a book - was written between 2 authors as a series of letters. They explained that it started as a writing exercise in which they came up with their characters and how they were friends. They also came up with a reason why the characters were separated and needed to write to each other. Other than that, they did not collaborate on the story line AT ALL! One would write a letter to the other and the second character would respond to the first and so on, back and forth until they neared the end. Then the two authors determined how many letters they needed to wrap up their sides of the story so that both stories concluded at the same time.

I LOVED that! I really really REALLY wished I had a friend who would write such a book with me - but obviously completely different than the one I had read, lol! So I asked a friend, and she said she would do it only if she could come up with her character first, and then my character wrote the first letter to her character setting up the storyline. I agreed, and once I had her info, I wrote the first letter. She never had a chance to devote any time to the story - her babies were little back then - and so the story got forgotten.

HOWEVER, since I was digging through my old notebooks and came across it, I decided to post it here as a treat to myself since I couldn't find the notebook I was looking for :-) Warning, there is one non essential part of the story that is missing, but it's probably better that way, lol!

December 22, 2003
Dear Mistress Apples,
Wow! I can't believe that I actually got up the courage to write you! I'm a huge fan. I mean it; you have no idea how much your music means to me. I wish your tour would include a stop here in Tinytown (population 21), but of course, even if you did, where would your Superstarness play? Our biggest place is a bar about 3 feet wide. (Actually, it's 12X12, but still!)
I wrote a song, but you'll probably think it's stupid. You see, with Christmas so near, those X-massy songs are everywhere, damn near driving me mad! So anyway, I found the song “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” stuck in my head and decided to improve on the lyrics a bit. Here it goes!
(NOTE: I apparently wrote the song on a different piece of paper and haven't found it yet. Pretend I have written a funny and probably a bit lame song here, lol!)
It made me laugh, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you can do. In any case, that's not why I am writing. I'm writing to tell you about a reading I did. It was meant to be for me, but it turned out to be for you.
Oops! Let me explain first. I read tarot cards, among other things, and I scare people around here a lot because they think I'm a witch. To tell the truth, sometimes I scare myself!
Anyhow, I did this reading and in it, I clearly saw you – represented by the Star crossed by the Queen of Wands – and you were enjoying wealth and fame right now, not to mention traveling all over the world. All of this I was able to confirm by reading about you in Rolling Stone Magazine, but in my reading, you had one, perhaps two shadows following you – represented by the Deceiver and the High Priestess.
I took these two cards together to mean (the Deceiver is a right imp and the High Priestess holds a secret) that you have a stalker or a secret admirer who does not have your best interests at heart. I hope it's not nearly as bad as it was with Selena. Wasn't that just scandalous!
Anyway, I suggest you watch your stylish back and keep an eye out for your shadow. Meanwhile, here in Tinytown, I'll keep reading my cards, and hopefully, I'll get another message for you, but I am not sure if I'll receive anything soon, on account of that poor little girl found three towns over. She was apparently torn up by a wild animal!
I've actually heard from her (well her spirit), and she said it was a big white wolf. She – the poor thing – is still so frightened by what happened that she haunts me nearly 24 hours a day! Unfortunately, this has the effect of blocking most of my intuition skills – although I have no idea why!
In any case, please take care and have a rockin' time on tour!

Love, your most loyal fan,
Amaryllis Moongarden

So you can see how this could have been one kick ass book, and probably my ONLY attempt ever at writing a mystery novel. So here's the funny thing, my friend has kept her character Mistress Apples for some of her own writing. In fact, she had created the character before I asked her to do this with me. She has a story on Literotica somewhere in which she is Mistress Apples on tour :-) Anyway, keeping her character in mind all this time, not too long ago, I needed to name a rock star character.
 Do you remember my story called Hero's Son? Well yep, Mistress Apples is in there. Now here's a tidbit - a spoiler if you will! I haven't yet written it, BUT I had plans to write a part where Rip gets a call from his good friend Mistress Apples because she needs a bodyguard she can trust while she has to deal with a super scary stalker!
When I reread this, I just about died laughing! I guess I wanted to write this story more than I'd ever known, lol! So now I am thinking that this letter from a fan will make a partial or maybe full appearance in the Hero's son when I get around to writing that part :-D
You know what? I LOVE being a writer!


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