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Monday, April 8, 2013

Reflections on Tarot Reading

I love to read Tarot cards. I've done so ever since I got my first deck for christmas in 98. I've done some simply amazing readings! I've done readings where I've said things like: You find out this in the next two weeks or so, and immediately after the reading, the person got a call and - sure enough - found out the news that I said they would. That's really validating to me!

I've also had readings where the person was completely closed to me. They WANTED me to be wrong about everything, so no matter what I said, they told me I wasn't making sense. I've also had days where I had a headache or the cards simply wern't speaking to me.

Even so, I trust my cards and my ability to read them. I've toyed with the idea of reading cards professionally since I was about 21 - back in 2001. However, even when I advertised, I never did get much business.

Recently, I asked my Angels and the universe to help me earn an income using my (writing) skills, and their answer was to immediately send me an invitation to read my cards at a party. It took me a while, but it finally occurred to me that I should listen to my Angels. So, as of today, I am putting it out there:

Dear Angels, I asked for help and you indicated that I should try making an income by reading my cards. I will do my best to follow your advice, and now, all I ask, is that you send me plenty of opportunity in the form of people who want a reading. Thank you for all the help you have given me so far. I pray that I am in the position to pay it forward someday :-)

Love Roxanne

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