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Monday, April 8, 2013

Morning Wood

As much as I am one to post things on facebook that others probably consider inappropriate, this is one anecdote that I thought probably should NOT be posted there, lol!

Last night, I REALLY wanted to write, but nothing would come to me, so I decided to do some research. The kind of research generally guaranteed to get just about anyone horny. I use a site called youporn, which once upon a time ago, was pretty interesting because it was supposed to be like youtube but for porn. Now it's mostly a collection of short but professionally made pornos designed to entice the watcher to go to the professional's site and pay to see more.

I noticed something understandable but disappointing... none of the pornos offered some of the hardcore alternative stuff that I was in the mood for, for some reason. I really don't know why, but I wanted to see some reluctance and non consent. I also wanted to see guys notice their girlfriends were asleep and decide that the time was right to have sex - without bothering to wake them first. Lastly, I was hoping to see some guys lying about wearing a condom or maybe put it on and then take it back off when she wasn't looking. I like to see when the guy cums in the girl, but I don't like seeing it gush back out, so the majority of the creampie videos gross me out.

Yep, I wanted to see the nasty stuff, lol! But since they didn't have that, I am going to assume that 1: It's not allowed on the site for legal reasons, 2: It's probably content for paid sites only, and 3: People are probably too smart to post such incriminating evidence on the internet where it is freely available to all to see.

Anyway, even though I did my research for hours, I still couldn't write. So, I went to bed. I'm sure that the gutter minded of my readers would like to think that I used my research for different purposes once I got to bed, so I'll just let you think whatever you want, lol!

In any case, all of that was just the back story so that y'all might understand the anecdote.

This morning - close to noon, whatever - as I slowly drifted awake, I realized something strange. Something that had never quite happened to me before. I was seriously horny! I told my hubby - later after getting out of bed - that if I was a guy, I would have surely woken up with morning wood, lol! Also, had hubby still been in bed, he would have had to accommodate my amorousness.

Instead, I lay in bed wondering WTF??? I mean, I've done porn research before, and while I felt horny from it, I've never woken up with the sensation that a piece of anatomy that I don't actually have was awake and ready to play. Is this another one of those strange phenomenons that happen because I am getting older, because if so, no wonder they say sex gets better as you age! Too bad people tend to have less sex drive as they get older.

It's really not fair! lol!

Anyway, I have decided to continue doing research until I finally get the creative spark that'll allow me to write a hot story for y'all to enjoy :-D

Have a happy day!


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