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Sunday, April 14, 2013

3 Card Spread

I was asked to do a quick reading to find out why a boy is holding back his affections. I decided to do a 3 Card Reading because I knew it would answer the question. Here's what came up:

The first and third card are reversed, and the extra card at the end kept popping out in all different positions, so I added it to the end since it wanted to be part of the reading so badly, lol!

The first card refers to his kids. He's afraid of them getting hurt.

Why, you might ask? Well the 2nd card tells me that he's still not entirely certain that this relationship is fated to work out. He's afraid that it's not going to be happily ever after.

The third card tells me that he's also afraid that his girlfriend will just up and leave him when he no longer interests her. He thinks she may just be using him...

The last card, the one that kept popping up, both right side up and reversed, tells me that he just doesn't know how the relationship will work out, BUT - if it does, he's pretty sure it'll be happy and loving :-)

So, to answer the question, he's holding back because he's afraid, and the only way to calm his fears is to just keep being your sweet and loving self and wait until he accepts that you are not playing with him, and that you are not planning to leave him the moment he and his kids fall utterly in love with you. :-D

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