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Saturday, November 17, 2012

In Brist's Time - Chapter 2

Chapter Two

They arrived in Georgia late the next morning and drove directly to their mansion. It was an old plantation handed down from father to son until it was given to Ellen Evans, Brist’s mother, who was an only child. It was built by – Brist supposed he was her many times great grandfather – David Evans, and has lovingly been kept in as perfect a condition as possible over the years.
Immediately, Brist set her bag in her room and ran to the stables. “I’m going into town, be back soon!” She called over her shoulder as she ran.
In the stables, she greeted Cream, the horse that she herself had trained from a foal. The creamy white mare pranced in glee at the sight of her mistress.
I’m glad to see you too!” Brist smiled, running her hand over the amazing Arabian thoroughbred.
And I am glad to see you Brist. That horse is the most stubborn, obnoxious-“
No, she is the smartest horse in the whole world, and she doesn’t take kindly to insults,” Brist said with a haughty air, then she hugged Renee – the head of the stables – warmly. She filled Renee in on the events of the past few days as the two of them quickly prepared Cream for a ride. Once Cream was ready, Brist waved goodbye to Renee and rode Cream out to the edge of the approximately 10 square miles of property.
Stay here cream, I’ll be back shortly.” Brist crossed the property line by walking between two trees. There was just enough space between the two giant oak trees for a person on horseback to ride through, but even so, one had to know exactly where the space was in order to find it. She would have ridden Cream into town, but she didn’t want to look odd or silly, and so decided against it.
Thinking more about Treepass, she curled her lips in to an appreciative smile for the planning the whole project must have taken. It was odd enough that there was a thick line of trees surrounding the property, but the really odd thing was the fact that there was not one other single spot large enough for a person to squeeze through, well at least there hadn’t been, until one of her great grandfathers had decided that his new fangled car needed a driveway.
Brist’s many times great grandma – the one she had been named after – had named the narrow space between the trees “Treepass” on her 20th birthday, and cheekily declared the day a national holiday.
Sounds like something I’d do,” she thought aloud and laughed softly as she tried to picture the spirited, long-dead ancestor that she had so much in common with naming something a silly as a passageway between two trees. She continued to chuckle softly to herself as she walked to the town.
What’s so funny?” A girl about her age fairly barked.
Brist whirled around to face her. She was standing with a girl and a guy, both also about her age. They had apparently followed her down the street.
None of your business.”
Who are you?”
Where do you come from?”
We don’t like strangers walking through our town.”
Brist looked from person to person as they each spoke. “Where’s a store?” She asked, needing a reminder.
Answer us!”
None of your business!” Brist said snobbily.
We don’t like strangers, leave!”
Fine, don’t be courteous. I am none of your damn business, and since your town’s only about three streets big, I’m sure I’ll run into it on my own.” She stormed off.
She had been in this town before, but it had been 9 years since the last time and she didn’t remember much about it... Except that she once had a friend in town named Amy, who had up and decided to hate her one day because her daddy was rich and Amy’s wasn’t.
All of a sudden, she was slammed against a wall.
What the hell!” Brist exclaimed, suppressing her natural instinct to roundhouse the snotty girl holding her up against the wall.
I asked you who you are and you are going to answer me!”
Why does it matter?”
There are twice as many girls in this town as boys, and we don’t need another moving in on our territory.”
Territory? What are you? Dogs? Look my name is Brist and I don’t want any trouble. I just want to get to a store, buy what I came for, and be on my merry way! Now, let me go.”
Amy, let her go; she’s not really a stranger,” the other girl said, placing a hand on Amy’s arm.
No Belana, she’s worse!” Amy said, shaking Belana’s hand off her arm, then storming off.
So, you’re Brist. Amy sometimes refers to you as the bitch,” the guy informed her.
Still hates me huh?” Brist more stated than asked, staring after her one time friend. A wonder she hadn’t recognized Amy from her glossy black hair and cold blue eyes.
Randy, hush!” Belana admonished, lightly tapping Randy on the shoulder. “Come on Brist, we’ll take you to the town store. So… what brings you into this town? I wouldn’t think that our old general store would have anything to interest you.”
Well, actually, part of the reason I came here rather than go into the city is because I wanted to ride my horse, and I figured I could figuratively kill two birds with one stone. The only thing I need is to see if your store carries some rewriteable DVDs. See, I was given a mini digital video recorder that records directly onto DVDs yesterday for my birthday, and I only have a couple to record onto, and I wanted more, in case I need them,” Brist rambled an explaination.
Oh! Well, we don’t have any of those here. Hmm… I didn’t know you were born on October 2nd,” Belana remarked conversationally.
Actually, my birthday’s on the 7th, why?”
It’s just that my little sister Sarah’s birthday was yesterday, or rather would have been if she were still alive,” Belana replied.
Oh no! What happened?” Brist asked with genuine sadness.
Exactly three years ago, she was swimming and she drowned.” Belana stated succinctly, unable to go into more detail because it still hurt to think about.
To the day?”
Mmm-hmm, she had just turned five.”
Oh how sad, I’m so sorry,” Brist murmured sympathetically.
Here’s the old general store,” Randy changed the subject. Brist checked her wallet.
Well, since you’re sure that the store doesn’t have what I’m looking for – and since the smallest bill I have is a $50 – I suppose I should just go back home,” Brist said as her tummy growled at the smell of home made brownies coming from the store.
Are you hungry?” Randy asked.
A little, I guess,” Brist answered. Amazed at the casual way Brist discussed having a lot of money on hand, Randy faltered a bit before continuing with his suggestion..
Well, the General store sells three brownie’s for 99 cents, but all I have is 50 cents. Belana, do you have any money?”
Yeah, I have about 50 cents too.”
Great! We can get some brownies!” Randy exclaimed. Taking Belana’s quarters from her, he ran into the store and returned a few moments later with the brownies.
The two of you are so generous, spending the last bit of money you have on brownies, just so my tummy would stop rumbling!” Brist said, her mouth full of the brownie Randy had handed to her. “So, to show my appreciation, I’m going to repay each of you.” She said as she handed each of them a $50 out of her wallet. They were too flustered to protest or even express their thanks. Her face lit up as a brilliant idea hit her. “Can either of you ride?”
When I lived with my mom, I had a horse, so yes I can ride, but she can’t,” Randy explained.
I would, but our family hasn’t been able to afford a horse since the last one died, and that was before I was born,” Belana added.
Hmm… wait here, I’ll be back in about 20 minutes,” Brist stated before running out of town, her feet fairly flying due to all the running she did in strength training class. Soon, she was back through Treepass and Cream was carrying her home.
Cream was more than happy to race the wind. She somehow knew she was the fastest horse in the state, possibly all of history, and she loved having any chance to prove it.
Saddle another horse, a gentle mare, um… Cream’s mother,” Brist called to Renee.
Sure thing, she’ll be ready in a jiffy,” Renee answered.
Good thing, because Cream, her mother, and I will be leaving again as soon as she’s ready,” Brist informed her as she ran to the house. Inside the kitchen, she begged the cook to pack her a picnic for three.
Thanking the cook as she accepted the full basket, Brist ran back to the stables, hopped on Cream’s mother, directed Cream to follow her, and was back at Treepass in no time.
Exactly 20 minutes after she had left, Brist was back at the old General Store.
Come with me you two. I’ll take you swimming.”
Swimming? Around here? In what?” Belana asked.
Well, we can swim fully clothed.”
Come, I’ll show you,” Brist replied mischievously. They followed her as she led them through the woods, through Treepass, and to the horses. Both were too excited to really notice where they were going.
Oh! But I don’t know how to ride!” Belana exclaimed.
That’s why there are only two horses, Randy will ride one, and you will ride behind me,” Brist explained.
Which one do I get?” Randy asked.
This is my horse, Cream. You will ride her mother, Honey. Honey is the world’s second smartest horse,” Brist remarked as Randy mounted Honey and she helped Belana onto Cream.
Oh really?” He asked, his tone indicating that he didn’t take her seriously.
Yep! She obeys every command to perfection, she’s very gentle, and she can sense a person's moods. She even tries to comfort her rider when they're sad,” Brist informed him as she mounted her horse.
Then why don’t you ride her?” He questioned as they began to ride at a leisurely pace.
Because she mated with the world’s wildest stallion – who won’t let anyone but me touch him – and had the world’s smartest, not to mention fastest horse. Cream here has her mothers brains, and her father’s spirit.”
She doesn’t seem too spirited to me,” Randy said to mock the way Brist was bragging about her horse. Cream looked at him and snorted. “Why, I’ll bet that she doesn’t have a brain in her head!” Cream whinnied loudly at his remark and stopped short.
Hey! She is listening you know!” Brist protested. Randy turned his horse around and stopped.
Can she really understand what we’re saying?”
Well, she has always appeared to know exactly what people are saying, she even talks back to me. Right baby?” Cream nodded her head. “Randy was just joking and he’s very sorry. Right Randy?”
Yes,” he replied. Cream looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out if he was telling the truth. Then, satisfied that he was, she nodded her head at him like a queen pardoning a criminal, and began to walk again.
Wow,” Randy breathed.
Yeah,” Belana agreed. The three chatted amicably for a while until Brist took a look around and smiled.
Our destination will come into view shortly,” she said proudly.
Just then, it was as if the trees decided to pull up their roots and make way for them. All of a sudden they were in a clearing with the most spectacular view of a slim waterfall with crystal blue water gently spilling over an elegant edge, into a darling little pool with a perfectly huge tanning rock in the middle.
Wow!” Belana praised.
Yeah,” Randy agreed.
Let’s dive in!” Brist suggested, dismounting. She playfully kicked off her shoes, and then held out her hand to help Belana down.
Um Brist?” Belana stammered. “It looks very inviting. Do we have to swim fully clothed?”
Well, usually I skinny dip, but since you–”
Sounds fun!” Belana grinned mischievously, cutting Brist off.
Uh-huh,” Randy agreed, looking at Brist. He smiled and mentally rubbed his hands together.
What about Randy?” Brist asked shyly.
He’s my cousin, he’s seen me naked before,” Belana answered.
I guess I don’t mind if you don’t.” Brist smiled, only slightly nervous. Her mind wandered to the last time she was naked in front of a guy. She and Jesse had been in the back of her limo and she was very glad that the driver couldn’t see into the backseat. Coming back to reality, she gave an involuntary sigh as she slid her shorts down her leg.
Is something wrong?” Belana asked as she removed her shirt.
Not really, I was just remembering the last time I had sex with my Ex-boyfriend,” Brist answered, proud that she didn’t start to cry.
Huh?” Randy nearly choked, glad that his shirt muffled the sound as he pulled it over his head.
Was your ex cute?” Belana asked.
Extremely. Look at the ring he gave me when we broke up yesterday.”
Broke up? Randy was paying rapt attention now.
Ooooo! Was he rich too?” Belana asked.
What’s it like?” Belana asked, unconcerned that she was completely naked, the first of the trio.
What?” Brist asked, puzzled.
Sex. How does it feel?” Belana asked, very curious. Randy dropped his boxers, joining in Belana’s nakedness.
Well… I thought it was extremely pleasant,” Brist answered honestly, removing the last bit of her clothing.
This isn’t what I want to be hearing when I am standing here naked with two naked girls!” Randy frowned.
Well then, let’s jump in!” Brist exclaimed, then proceeded to do just that. Belana and Randy wasted no time in joining her, and in no time the three were splashing each other and having a grand old time. Finally, Randy’s curiosity got the best of him.
Brist, can I ask you a personal question?” He asked.
I didn’t let you finish answering Belana’s question, and now I’m curious as well. What is sex like?” Randy asked shyly.
What, is everyone in this town a virgin?” Brist wondered aloud.
You see, there’s really not too many of us in town to be having sex,” Belana answered.
Which was true. There were more girls than boys which meant that there was fierce competition amongst the girls. Plus, most of the girls who managed to snag and keep a guy made it a point to make him wait...
I can’t describe it exactly,” Brist shrugged. “The last time I had it was in the back of my limo as we were on our way to his house. Once we arrived, I was still naked from the waist down and it was because I couldn’t find my undies. So, he got out to give me more room to look, and I saw them hanging out of his pocket. Giggling, I grabbed them, and quickly finished getting dressed. Then, I got out, and helped him get some stuff out of the trunk, and we nearly did it again. Apparently, the vision of me sitting on the edge of the open trunk was more than he could handle. Suddenly, his best friend, who lives across the street, shouted ‘way to go Jesse!’ which was followed by a round of wolf whistles from our friends. We busted up laughing. It was definitely a memory I’ll never forget.”
Belana was quiet for a moment as she tried to imagine herself in Brist’s place. She suddenly got a spurt of energy, jumped atop the rock in the middle of the pond, and began to dance. She motioned for Brist to join her, which she did, and then the two of them danced somewhat provocatively, just for Randy.
He blushed and slightly turned his head, but made no real attempt to stop looking.
Belana! Randy’s your cousin, you shouldn’t be dancing naked in front of him,” Brist jokingly scolded her.
Well, actually… we’re not that closely related, our great-grandmothers were sisters,” she retorted.
Well ok then!” Brist laughed. The two girls danced wildly, passionately, and seductively – like gypsies – until they had exhausted themselves and collapsed onto the rock in a fit of uninhibited laughter.
I am so glad that my brother Drew doesn’t know where this place is. He would be upset if he saw the way we were dancing,” Brist snorted with laughter.
What about somebody else? Does anyone else ever come here?” Belana asked.
My Mother used to, but she ‘outgrew’ such ‘childish frivolity’ a long time ago, and none of the servants are allowed to come here. At least not when were home,” Brist answered. She lazily stretched out onto her back, enjoying the sunshine on her nude body. She smiled over at Belana, who was lying on her stomach, completely relaxed, and looking absolutely contented almost as if she were sleeping. There was the perfect amount of room between the two of them for Randy. “Randy, why don’t you join us on this surprisingly comfortable tanning rock?” Brist asked.
I will, in a minute.” Randy replied, mentally urging himself to go soft. It was embarrassing for him to be so turned on by the sight of two naked girls, and he prayed that neither of them noticed. Once he was as relaxed as he felt he was going to get, he crawled up onto the rock, and settled himself between the two young women sprawled out on the rock.
Brist silently appreciated Randy’s good looks. He had short black hair, brown eyes, his body was about 5’10”, and was pleasant to look at. The only thing that could make it better would be if he worked out a bit to add a toned look. She compared his looks to those of his cousin. Belana looked nothing like him, having blonde hair, brown eyes, and a slightly hexagonal face that was strikingly beautiful. Brist considered Belana much more beautiful than herself, even though Belana’s breasts were nearly flat, maybe an A cup.
Chuckling slightly to herself, Brist indulged in a moment of vanity. She herself may only be a mere 5’ tall, and she may have an ungodly shade of red hair and purple eyes, but she did have a large chest going for her. It was really only a C cup, but it seemed bigger due to her shortness. Also, her body was in better shape than Belana’s due to the fact that she took all those hours of kickboxing, and strength training classes. Not that Belana wasn’t as small and firm in her waist as she was, it’s just that she wasn’t as toned, or as, well, buff as she was.
Her attention re-centered on Randy. He was giving her a look of innocent – uncertain – curiosity. He leaned over and kissed her. It was a hesitant kiss at first, but when he discovered that Brist wasn’t going to stop him, it deepened into an open-mouth exploration of her sweet tongue.
Brist let the kiss continue past the initial wonderment on Randy’s part, because she was curious herself as to whether or not this would help her get over Jesse. Like a rebound relationship.

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