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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crocheted 2 Color Star Pattern and Chart

I've been working on charting patterns, mostly for practice because I want to be able to crochet swirls on this skirt I've been dreaming about making. One picture seriously intrigued me and I wondered how well I could make a chart and crochet it. Here's the original picture:

I found it online, so I did NOT create this picture, but I also don't know who did :-)

To get the level of detail in the original picture, I'd have to make the finished piece MASSIVE. After all, doing it in crochet pixelates the end product, and to smooth it out as much as possible, you have to add a ton of pixels, lol! So, here's the basic image in a basic and easy to crochet chart... Broken into two because I only have regular-sized graphing paper.

One would work this pattern from the bottom of the bottom chart up. NOTE: The first chart(bottom) - or rather the graph paper - was not big enough to show the entire pattern, but the missing part IS on the second chart (top) which is therefore missing a piece that is shown on the 1st chart (bottom).

Here's what it looks like crocheted in a basic two color format:

Keep in mind that this has not been blocked, and will stretch so that it is square rather than rectangular if I blocked it. (Incidentally, I unraveled it since it was only a test sample.)

I have also charted - but not crocheted yet - this picture, so y'all have something to look forward to :-D

Have a happy day!

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