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Sunday, November 18, 2012

2- Color Tri Ring, Triquetra, or Triple Knot Chart

As promised in a previous post, I was working on a new Crochet chart for this:

It's called a Triquetra or a Celtic Triple Knot, and is an image most people have probably seen somewhere before. Most famously, on the cover of the book in Charmed.

Here's the chart I made so that I could crochet this Triquetra. If you know how to crochet, but have never done filet or color charts, the basic concept is that any square that is blank is crocheted using one color, and any square that is colored in is crocheted in a different color. (With Filet, the blank squares are open, and the colored squares are filled.)
 The chart is made to that each piece overlaps so that you could print them all out and then tape them together. That's why this picture - top - is "off center."

 This is the bottom left of the chart.

This is the bottom right AND the missing bit from the right side of the top. Despite the fact that I posted them from the top of the chart down, I find it easiest to crochet the pattern from the bottom right on up :-D

Here is what it looks like when crocheted in a basic 2 colors:

I also have plans to crochet this someday in 3 colors. It'll have a background color, a 2nd color for the outline of the rings - basically everything that's light green, AND a color for the inside of the rings, which will get tricky, lol!

Have a happy day :-)

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