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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Visual Proof!

My Hubby almost refuses to admit that I do dishes. I do them everyday. I have to. For example, if I want to make dinner, I have to wash the pot or pan I need to use, then when it's time to dish up, I have to wash plates or bowls and silverware... even for my hubby. Ask him, I serve his dinner to him unless he made it himself.

By now, it's obvious that if I'm washing dishes at dinnertime, they didn't get washed after their last use. When it comes to plates, bowls, and silverware, we literally have one for everyone. So, there are 4 bowls, 4 plates, 4 forks, etc... This was a decision Hubby and I made when we moved into this house so that we literally could NOT let the dishes build up, but surprisingly, after you add in all the food storage containers, mixing bowls, and glass jars, it still adds up pretty quick, lol!

Anyway, I really do HAVE to do at least some dishes everyday. Also true, Hubby almost never sees this, even if he is home. All he sees is all of the dishes that aren't done. Very often, he does dishes (It's true, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!), but he usually only does 3/4ths of what needs to be washed. I am NOT complaining! He did 3/4ths of the dishes after all!

So, he claims that he always does the dishes and I never do them. Today, I found a recipe that I want to try, and so I needed to wash 2 mixing bowls, the mixers, and well, I looked at the full sink and realized that I'd have to clear it out just to get to them. So I decided to just do the dishes.

Let me set the record straight: one of the reasons that I HATE doing dishes is that when I actually fill the sink, I do them ALL. Okay... occasionally I leave the silverware for hubby because for some reason I hate doing them the most. Shrugs.

Then, I also scrub/wipe down all the counters, and wash the mirror above the sink. Today I skipped the mirror. ANYWAY, since Hubby is not home, and won't be back until Friday night, I knew that he would NEVER believe me or admit that I did the dishes. To be honest, by then, it will probably look like it did before I did them, and no one would be able to tell the difference.

THAT is the NUMBER 1 reason I HATE doing the dishes! It's like eating Chinese food... an hour later and you'd never know it happened!

SO... I took pictures! Here is VISUAL PROOF that I actually did the dishes! All of them. ALL OF THEM!!! Even the silverware...

So HA! Take that Hubby! Love you :-)

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