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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My computer effed up!

My computer did something horrible to me recently. I unplugged it - I had a full battery - so that I could bring it into the bathroom with me so that I could listen to music while I took a shower. For some reason, it decided to go haywire and make crazy noises. This was just as I walked into the bathroom, so it wasn't due to excess moisture, but may have been due to overheating.

I have a problem with my computer overheating, and have to have an external fan blowing on it quite often. At this point, it did not feel hot, and I can tell when it feels hot... I have lots of practice.

ANYWAY, after it did that, the only way I could get it to stop was to hold down the power button. Then, when it turned back on, it did a check disk. I think this was a BIG mistake! I watched it say it found about a thousand errors, and then delete them.

When my computer finally booted up, half my programs wouldn't work. Now... had the programs been things like internet explorer and adobe flash player, I probably would have just ignored the problem forever. I'm good at ignoring my problems like that, lol!

INSTEAD, my Firefox didn't work. I purposely installed it a while back because internet explorer just does not work for me. It doesn't load all the thumbnails, the links don't work, and it just frickin' sucks! After trying to uninstall and reinstall - without results - I may have just decided to suffer forever with crappy IE, BUT THEN I discovered that my Microsoft Word program wasn't working either!

GASP! CRY IN HORROR! This is a tragedy of the worst degree! How can I write if my program doesn't work! This called for drastic measures.

I had to research why my programs stopped working, and I learned something very important. Windows OS uses a program called Side by Side. It's a runtime library of sorts that stores the .dll files that are the shared base for a LOT of programs. If the programs can't find a specific .dll, the program can't run, and because there is NOTHING wrong with the program, reinstalling it won't help.

It it also a part of the C++ coding, so MOST of the time, reinstalling the missing C++ codes work to fix the problem. Using the event viewer, I was able to determine that A: It affected a LOT more programs than I had realized! There was about 10 programs all dependent on the same missing code! and B: No matter how many times I downloaded and reinstalled the missing C++ code, it wasn't effin' fixing the problem!!!

FRUSTRATION TO THE EXTREME!!! Visiting all the different sites that came up when I did a search for a solution pretty much led me in circles. They all said the same thing, and the solution just didn't work, so even though I REALLY didn't want to do it, there was just one solution available to me... reinstalling my OS.

I HATED this idea because my computer originally came with Vista, but had a free upgrade to Windows 7 included, so I figured that I would have to wipe the hard drive, install vista, and then upgrade to Windows 7, and upgrading took about 7 hours the first time around. I just couldn't imagin how long it would take to do all of the above.

Cringe in horror... In desperation, I inserted the upgrade disk in the hopes that it could just repair the problems to my OS. No such luck, but it DID tell me that I could just reinstall Windows 7. Therefore, I didn't need to start from scratch, phew!

Now that I've done all that, my programs work again, but I have a LOT of stuff I have to reinstall, and probably redownload. I lost all my bookmarks!!! This really effin' sucks! BUT I can use my Firefox, so I guess it's more good than bad, sigh...

Another thing I lost was the background I'd been using. I posted it to my blog, and find it odd that I didn't have a pic of it in my pictures folder, but when looking through my folder, I found another great pic. :-) Check it out!

And so that's the story of my frustrating couple of days, but at least it's all better now...

EXCEPT that I don't have ANY word programs installed. Therefore, it will probably be some time before I get a chance to write anything new, sigh...


  1. How about downloading Open Office. It's similar and compatible with Microsoft Office and its free.



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