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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dandelion Wine Taste Test - 4 months

Back in May, I made Dandelion Wine. It says straight out to let it age for at least 6 months before drinking, but I like to taste things as they ferment and age so that I know how it changes over time. I may like it better "young," lol! Plus... I'm impatient and in the mood for wine :-)

I made two "types" of wine, one more or less exactly according to the recipe, and the other I deviated from the recipe by leaving the greens on. I labeled the jars so that I would know which was which, but I have to say that it is easy to tell the difference. The one made with the greens is a darker color, though not by much. They both smell almost the same, the green one smelling just a tiny bit stronger.

I am sampling about 2 ounces of each, starting with the green one in case it is not so good, lol! Ok wow! It definitely tastes like wine! I can taste the hints of orange and lemon, and it is sweet, but definitely alcoholic at the same time. For anyone who thinks that all alcohol tastes like medicine - like my hubby does - I can somewhat understand why in this instance as it does remind me of cherry cough syrup, the kind made with alcohol. That said, I like it, and would definitely drink it again :-D

I'm taking my time drinking all of the first sample to fully evaluate it, and it's been about five minutes. I feel pleasant, like I am just shy of being buzzed. There's no sign of a headache - which I tend to get if I drink sweet wines.

As a random side thought, I am thinking of making Apple wine next - especially if I find a good price on local apples. Otherwise, I might just buy a gallon jug of organic apple juice, which is glass and I could use to ferment it in. Talk about easy!

Ok, I just tasted the real wine, made according to the recipe, and there is a definite difference in the taste. It's smoother, less "mediciny," and tastes a bit like a fruity white wine. It's also not quite as sweet. I'm not sure I can say which one I like better as they both honestly taste good in their own way.

I am DEFINITELY making more next year - a LOT more, lol! :-)

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