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Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a Raffle!

My birthday is Friday October 7th. To celebrate, I am having a raffle - so to speak. Anybody who would like to win a nothing frilly but SIGNED copy of one of my short stories may enter the raffle by posting a link to their favorite short story on my blog to their facebook, and then let me know they did so by commenting here or on my blog. Each person may enter 1x per day. All entries must be posted by Sept. 30th so that I can draw the winner, and hopefully have it in the mail by 10/7.

For a much more detailed view of the rules, please see this post. And for those that don't have facebook, posting the link to your blog or other social platform is also acceptable, you just have to make sure to tell me.

Thanks, and have a happy day :-)

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