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Friday, November 6, 2015

Wish - Chapter 10


Ianto drank some water and used the action to cover the fact that he slipped some medicine into his mouth. The tablet dissolved under his tongue, and slowly, he felt better. When he was ready, he smiled at Thomas and pushed him away.
Thomas returned his smile. “I thought you were going to pass out from the shock for a minute there.”
So did I,” Ianto murmured with a tiny laugh.
Ken – not knowing that there was so much more going on under that conversation – turned his attention back to his daughter. “Okay... now that you know that we know that you have magic, do you think you can talk about it?”
Sarita sighed. “What can I say? You won't believe me.”
How can I not?” Ken asked with a laugh.
Okay, fine...” Sarita murmured, quickly forming a plan. “Dad, please wish that you'd get a call from someone who probably wouldn't call you right now.”
Ken thought this over for a moment. “Okay... I wish I'd get a call from an old friend that I haven't talked to in a while.”
Sarita smiled at him. “I hope you get a pleasant call from an old friend and spend hours reminiscing about the good times.”
Thomas watched a stream of glowing light flow from Sarita to their dad. He frowned, wondering if it was really that simple. Suddenly, Ken's phone rang.
Hello?” He answered it cautiously. A look of astonishment settled onto his face. “Wow! I haven't heard from you in forever! Hold on...” He looked over to Sarita. “That has to be a coincidence! In any case, I'm going to take this call into my room. It'll probably be a while...”
As Ken walked away, he really couldn't decide if this was a display of Sarita's power. On the one hand, it actually was an old friend of his that he hadn't talked to in forever. On the other hand, it was Talya's mom calling to discuss the details of the girls' summer plans.
Still in the kitchen, Sarita brought her now empty plate to the dishwasher. Thomas grabbed his and Ianto's empty plates and followed her. He was lost in thought, really hoping that he could see her use her power again.
So... how does that work?” He inquired.
Thomas, wish for something small,” Sarita suggested.
I wish I had a new cellphone, mine's dying,” Thomas murmured, watching Sarita's magic flow softly from her into him.
I'm sure you'll get one soon,” Sarita said, not fully paying attention to him since she was putting other dishes into the washer as well.
Their dad popped his head out of his room. “Oh hey! You were going to open my presents during dinner! Go ahead and do that if you want.”
Thomas looked over at the wrapped packages on the table, feeling compelled to open his. Inside was a pretty nice smart phone – the exact model he had wanted. He looked over to Sarita in astonishment.
Whoa! I saw you use your magic, but dad had already bought this! How does that work?”
Sarita shrugged. “It just does. And it goes to show you that not every wish needs to be made. You would have gotten the new cellphone anyway.”
Can I make a wish?” Ianto asked softly, standing behind them. Thomas looked over at him sharply, wondering if Ianto was going to tell Sarita his secret.
Sure,” Sarita permitted with a shrug.
I wish that Thomas and I will have a lot of fun this summer,” Ianto murmured.
Sarita smiled at him softly. “I don't need my magic to grant that one,” she informed him, kissing him on the cheek. “I am certain that you will.”
Ianto grabbed her hands. “Yeah, but this is important to me.”
Sarita sighed softly and gathered her magic up. “Fine, I hope that you and my brother have as much fun as possible this summer.”
Ianto would swear he could feel a warmth flooding him. A glance at Thomas proved that Thomas was tracking something invisible flowing from Sarita into him. Feeling a lot better than he had in a while, he grinned at her.
Thanks! I owe you one!” Ianto vowed.
Sarita flapped a hand at him dismissively. “No you don't, it's pretty much my job to grant wishes. And besides... you'll see that you didn't need me to grant that wish.”
Thomas took Ianto by the hand and pulled him down the hall. When they were alone in Thomas' room, Thomas frowned. He brushed a hand along Ianto's cheek.
I don't like the wish you made. It makes me worry that something is going to happen to you,” Thomas murmured.
That's why I made the wish. I want to do something, and I don't want to die in the process,” Ianto confessed.
Thomas felt his heart melt. “Aww!” He kissed Ianto's hand and pressed it to his heart. “But remember, I told you that I would never pressure you or make you feel bad. I don't need to have – ”
Ianto cut him short. “But I do!”
Thomas held him tight. “Okay. If we find the time is right this summer, I promise that I won't treat you like you're too fragile to make love.”
Ianto clung to him. “That's all I ask.”


Sarita stared at the plane in awe. It was a small private jet owned by Talya's mother. Looking around nervously, Sarita couldn't help but wonder how much money a person had to have in order to own part of a private airport.
Talya's mother was always away on business, so it was only natural that she owned a jet and part of a small airport. Even so, Sarita couldn't imagine it. It was a luxury that was practically unimaginable!
And you're sure my dad is okay with this?!” Sarita asked for the dozenth time.
Talya laughed. She dug Sarita's cellphone out of her bag and held it up for Sarita to look at. There was a text message from Sarita to her dad asking if he had really given his permission, and a reply assuring her that he had.
Yeah... but Ireland!!!” Sarita exclaimed in awe. “That's practically half a world away!”
Talya simply kissed her on the cheek, and then dragged her onto the private jet. Talya had asked for permission from her mother, Sarita's father, and Liam's mother before fully planning out this trip. After having received all necessary permission, the hardest part had been keeping it a secret from Sarita so that she could surprise her.
Sarita had been staying with Talya for two weeks when Talya suddenly announced that they were going on a little trip. It was only after they had arrived at the airport that Sarita had realized that Talya wasn't talking about a quick trip up north to stay in a cabin and go fishing or something.
Wow...” Sarita breathed out, still dazed by this surprise.
Talya laughed. “You think you're surprised? Just wait to see how floored Liam is going to be when we arrive at his house!”
His mom really said it's okay?” Sarita asked nervously.
Yep!” Talya confirmed with a smirk. “She said she wants to meet you because in the dream she had while you and Liam were dancing, she could see you glowing with power. She wants an opportunity to read you, whatever that means.”
Wow...” was all Sarita could think to say.
Talya had timed the flight so that they would naturally want to sleep during it. It would land in Ireland mid-morning local time, which would make them rested and ready to go. After the initial take off – in which they were required to be safely seated, Talya tugged Sarita into a bed in a small bedroom in the back of the plane.
This is like an RV,” Sarita murmured.
Yep, except it flies,” Talya agreed with a laugh. The two girls snuggled up and let the motion of the plane lull them to sleep.


Liam had wondered where his uncle had disappeared to during breakfast, but shrugged it off. Now he was sitting down to lunch with his large and rowdy family when his uncle returned. There was so much noise that Liam didn't notice him at first.
Shut it!” Liam's uncle roared, echoed by Liam's mother. Silence fell, which felt a bit ominous for a moment.
We have guests,” Liam's mother announced pleasantly. She stood up to embrace the girls and make them feel welcome.
What are you doing here?!?!” Liam blurted out in astonishment.
Talya giggled and whispered to Sarita. “See, I told you!”
Liam's mother hugged Talya first, adding a kiss on her cheek. “We've chatted so much that I feel like I know you! It's such a pleasure to finally meet you!”
Talya grinned. “I feel the same, Soirse. Thank you so much for inviting us!”
Sarita blushed but returned the friendly hug Liam's mom gave her. With a kiss on the cheek and an adorably lilting brogue, Soirse asked: “So you're the girl who shines like the sun! How's m'lad been treating ya? I hope he's done me proud!”
Yes,” Sarita assured her. “We're great friends.”
Ma!” Liam protested, blushing as his entire family scrutinized him.
Ach!” Soirse tsked. “Don't be so embarrassed! This is a fine lass and her magic is plenty welcome here!”
After Liam's mother walked back to the table and sat down, his four older sisters all leapt up and crowded around Sarita and Talya. The two were wearing matching outfits in different colors that naturally made them look cute. Liam's sisters smothered them in hugs.
Ah! You two are so adorable!” They squealed. Talya and Indigo were obviously enjoying their attention while Sarita squirmed uncomfortably. “And this cat is so soft! Come, I'm sure you must be starving!”
Liam looked mildly miserable and was tempted to bury his head in his hands. His sisters were forever trying to embarrass him as much as they possibly could! He just knew that they would make twice as big a fuss if he protested. Some of his male cousins whispered to each other, showing an inordinate amount of interest in the visiting girls.
Liam wasn't the only one to notice this. His mother cleared her throat and glared at every one of them. “Let me be abundantly clear... there will be absolutely no reason for our guests to feel uncomfortable. Am I understood?!”
A soft grumbling around the table assured her that she was. They all promise to behave like proper gentlemen. Sarita blushed when she realized that this meant they were interested in her.
Talya burst out laughing. “I should probably warn you all... I have bodyguards who continually teach me how to defend myself. And I'm not interested in boys, so don't think you can win me over!”
And I have a boyfriend,” Sarita lied with a blush, burying her face in Talya's shoulder.
Liam was tempted to ask her who her boyfriend was, but then realized that it would pretty much announce to everyone that he liked her. He really wanted to avoid the endless teasing. Besides, if everyone thought that she was with someone, they might leave him alone rather than pester him about when he was going to ask her out – and things like that.
Now that that's settled,” his mother stated with a purr. “I think we should all finish eating.”


That night, Talya and Sarita were sitting on the bed they would share during their stay – in a room shared by two of Liam's sisters. They had opted to stay with their other sisters so that the guests would have a cozy place to stay. Each was busying texting their parents to let them know how their day had been so far.
A soft knock on the door announced Liam's mother, who opened the door a crack and poked her head in. “May I come in for a few minutes?”
Sure,” Sarita permitted with a shrug.
Soirse glared down the hall in each direction for a moment before entering the room and shutting the door. She was certain that her large brood were tempted to eavesdrop, but her glare had been a warning of dire consequences. She was more than confident that no one would dare disobey her.
Taking Sarita by the hand, she pulled her over to a small table and gestured for the girl to sit in one of the two chairs. Sarita did so curiously. The whole room felt heavy with expectation, as if even the air wanted to know what was going to happen next.
Soirse got comfortable in the other chair and held out her hands, palms up. “May I hold your hands?”
Sure...” Sarita murmured, placing her hands in Soirse's. Soirse made sure that both were palm up on top of hers, but then didn't even glance at them as she stared deeply in Sarita's eyes. Her eyes glowed ever so slightly, making Sarita shiver nervously.
Ah... I see...” Soirse murmured. “You've inherited your power from a long line. Your mother and her mother and so on as far back as I can see. Possibly to the very beginning of the human race. You're meant to be a force of good... To balance out chaos and destruction. However, your power can be used for mischief and ill intent. Fortunately, it seems that you have been bound by someone – your mother I think. Until you have a full grasp of your power and the consequences it can have, you cannot truly use it for big things – and perhaps that is the way it should be.”
Soirse's eyes stopped glowing and she smiled at Sarita. “Don't be afraid. There's nothing ominous about what I've said.”
But I have granted big wishes!” Sarita protested.
As I see it, you have granted true wishes – which can be big – but the results are usually small and mundane. If a person literally wished for the world to be theirs on a silver platter and you granted it, they would be gifted with a small globe on a plate painted silver. If a person wished for a dead relative to not die, they might receive a secret last communication,” Soirse explained gently.
Then she cleared her throat and tilted her head side to side. “Not that you could ever bring someone back from the dead, not even at your fullest power. But my point is that when you have grown up, you will be unbound, and your power will work less subtly. If someone wished for a car at that point, you may well have the power to create one out of thin air. That is what I mean by big wishes.”
Sarita sighed. “That seems a bit pointless. I mean the way my power works now is just perfect. When a friend actually did wish for a car so that she could get a part time job, her grandparents let her borrow their extra car more or less permanently. I really don't see the need to create one out of thin air.”
That's good!” Soirse praised her. “That's a very wise and mature attitude to have. But I sense there will come a time when you want to make big things happen, and then you will be frustrated that you can't.”
Shaking her head to prevent Sarita from saying anything, Soirse's eyes started to subtly glow again. “As for your future... You will find love and happiness. There will eventually be a daughter to inherit your power.”
Will I... die... like my mother?” Sarita whispered hesitantly.
We all die eventually,” Soirse reminded her. “But no. I do not foresee an untimely death.”
Sarita sighed in relief, even as the smirk on Soirse's face gave her shivers again. Curiosity quickly took over. “And... who do you see me marrying?”
Oi! You're assuming a lot! I never said you would get married, just that you would find love!” Soirse replied with a slightly evil cackle. Then she relented. “That said, you are right. You will be married one day to a man that you'll love more than life itself.”
Wh-wh-who?” Sarita stammered, blushing as she looked away.
I'm not sure I should tell you that. You're only 13 after all. Wouldn't it be a bit disappointing to already know who you're going to marry?” Soirse wondered.
Sarita persisted. “Is... Is it Liam?”
Soirse laughed with genuine pleasure. “Do you want it to be?”
Maybe...” Sarita admitted softly, still blushing and looking away.
Ah, you're so adorable!” Soirse squealed. Her eyes stopped glowing abruptly and she let go of Sarita's hands. “I have decided that it's better for you not to know. But I will say this, you will marry the man you want to marry. It will very much be your decision. Not that he will object, mind you. And you two will be very happy together.”
When?” Sarita wondered, and then added before Soirse could decline to answer. “Because my mom and dad got married right after she turned 18, and they were very happy up until she died. I think I might want to follow in her footsteps.”
Soirse contemplated not answering this question either, but settled for a compromise. “It'll be a couple years after that. There's no rush, so please don't feel like there is.”
Sarita shook her head. “I don't feel rushed. I feel... like... whenever it happens is so far in the future that it may as well be next century! I have thousands of things to do – wishes to grant – before then.”
Soirse smiled and took hold of her hand again. “I just can't help but love you! You and I will be good friends for the rest of our lives, so please feel free to come to me if you ever need anything. Even if all you need is chitchat about the weather. You'll find that I'm an expert on the weather!” She laughed.
Talya let out a loud sigh full of melancholy. “Why couldn't you have said that she was going to marry the woman that she loved more than life itself?”
Soirse laughed. “I know you the know the answer to that already!”
Yeah, I know...” Talya sighed again. “I just had hope...”
Soirse waved her hand at Sarita impatiently so she would vacate the chair, and then beckoned Talya to come over. “Your turn.”
Talya was tempted to jump and squeal in excitement, but she settled for running and plopping in the chair exuberantly. She held out her hands without even asking. Soirse took them and let her power flow.
Wow...” Soirse exhaled in awe. “You don't have magic power, but you may as well have! You have the power to do literally whatever you want! I see big plans in your future. I see you running your own company or two or three.”
I know that!” Talya huffed impatiently. “What about love? Will I ever meet the girl of my dreams?”
I see that you will never truly get over your first love, but that said, you will find a person that you love and loves you in return. Or two. You have an aunt with multiple loved ones, and it looks like you might be a bit like her. There's even one man here along with all the rest of them, which is probably a good thing since you want children someday,” Soirse informed her.
Really?” Talya asked with a tone of slight disbelief. “I always assumed that I would use a sperm donor like my mom did.”
Is your mom gay too?” Sarita asked, never having really thought about it before.
Nope, she just never found a man she wanted to settle down with,” Talya answered with a shrug.
Soirse let her power fade with a chuckle. “My family has money too, so I can understand you a bit, but your family seems to attract money like a magnet. You could literally throw away as much money as our family owns and it would be like a drop in the bucket to you. With that much money, you have a level of power I will never know. I'll admit, sometimes I wish I had such a power, but... I also know that the responsibility of it is a very heavy burden to bear. I'm just glad that you have a level head on your shoulders and plans to use your power for good.”
Talya snorted at that. “My own good, maybe.”
Soirse smirked. “Even that is much better than using your money out of greed and corruption.”
Talya abruptly hugged Soirse. “You're so cool! I can't believe that Liam acts like you are the big bad wolf or something!”
Ach! Well, I have to keep a firm rein on me brood or else they'd run amok!” Soirse informed her.
I can't imagine living with so many people!” Talya blurted out, returning to her seat.
Well I wouldn't have it any other way!” Soirse exclaimed with a laugh. “All me brothers and sisters are here. Their children are here. Some of me cousins are here with their wee babes. Everywhere I look, there's family. Me family is me heart... The bigger the better!”
Hmm...” Talya hummed in thought. “I think you might be right...”

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