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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rohana - Part 5

Part 5

Rohana picked at her salad, feeling her stomach rebel like a precocious child. She didn't know what was wrong, and wondered if perhaps the eggs she'd had for breakfast were tainted. Her hand pressed against her mouth as she wondered if she was going to need to rush to the privy.
Is something wrong, my dear?” Felix asked in concern.
Rohana shrugged, not knowing what to say to him.
Pongo stepped forward and looked to the floor with a smile. “It has been nearly two months since your wedding, and my gracious Queen has not bled...”
Oh...” Felix murmured quietly, needing a moment to process this information.
Oh!” Rohana exclaimed, her stomach reacting to the news by nearly rising into her throat. She was infinitely glad that this news had been announced during a private lunch rather than in public. The Uridian courtiers were always kind to her, but she needed time to adjust to this news before it was announced for the world to hear.
Send for the Head Priestess,” Felix ordered. Pongo bowed to him before rushing off to do just that.
Rohana blushed a rosy shade of pink. “I'm not sure I need another lesson so soon...”
Felix laughed. “I like the way you think, but no. This is to confirm your pregnancy.”
Oh...” Rohana murmured, blushing even harder when she realized that her mind must be quite naughty that the only reason she could come up with for meeting with the Head Priestess was to learn more about pleasing her husband.
Deciding not to tease his wife any further at the moment, Felix handed her a letter from a pile in front of him. “This was delivered to me by mistake.”
Rohana saw the Royal seal from the Valley Kingdom and smiled. “It seems I finally have a reply to my letter.” She'd written asking for advice on the current state of affairs in Uridian.
The letter was from the Queen and was full of compassion and sympathy. It also contained some good advice and common sense. Plenty of common sense! Rohana was filled with hope just reading it.
She finished just as the Head Priestess arrived. It was the same one from her wedding night, which made Rohana smile in relief. She was afraid that the real Head Priestess was going to be some little old woman who was far too impatient to be gentle or kind with a shy young Queen.
Would you prefer me to undress you, or your body servant?” The Head Priestess asked.
I don't mind either way,” Rohana replied with a shrug. She was used to Pongo dressing and undressing her by now, but she was also getting used to being naked in front of others – such as in the palace bath – and so did not mind if a woman who had already seen her naked (on her wedding night, no less) helped her take her clothes off. In fact, this Priestess had helped her undress before.
The Head Priestess and Pongo worked together to remove her clothes as quickly as possible. After that, they lay her on the bed and Pongo held her hand as the Priestess examined her breasts and abdomen. Felix smiled at her reassuringly as the Priestess carefully inserted a few fingers and pushed down on her womb with the other hand.
It's confirmed,” the Priestess stated with a smile. “Everything feels the way it should if you conceived on your wedding night. However, I would recommend waiting a month or two to see if the Gods change their minds before announcing this news to everyone but a trusted few.”
I understand,” Felix acknowledged with a smile, taking Rohana's free hand in his and pressing kisses to it. “This is wonderful news!”
Yes...” Rohana murmured vaguely, not sure how she felt about becoming a mother so soon.
The Head Priestess smiled at her knowingly. “The last time I was here, I taught you how to massage your husband's back. Are you ready for the next lesson?”
Rohana blushed once again. She had originally called for a Priestess to teach her more than just massage, but she was far too embarrassed to learn more. She repeated the same insecurity she'd stated then.
What if I'm bad at it?”
The Priestess giggled and kissed her on the cheek. “There's no such thing!”
But he has a body servant who practices on him every day!” Rohana protested, looking away from both the Priestess and her husband. This meant that she was looking at Pongo. “I can't possibly be as good as she is!”
Making such a comparison does no one any good,” the Priestess assured her kindly. “Divine pleasure is a Gods given right and therefore it'll come to you as naturally as breathing. If you don't give it a try, you're only going to feel worse and worse about it when there is no need to worry.”
Rohana gave this a few moments of thought. “That's actually true... The more time that passes, the more nervous I get.”
You see?” The Priestess asked with a smile. “And besides, if you are not confident in your ability to please your husband, you can always practice until you are certain that you know what you're doing.”
That's true...” Rohana murmured in thought, turning to look at Felix since he was being so quiet.
I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything you don't want to,” he said, standing next to her on the bed.
But I do want to! I just don't want you to be disappointed in me...” Rohana murmured.
I won't,” he promised with a smile.
The Head Priestess took Rohana's hand in hers and helped her to her knees. She was still on the bed, and this put her at right about the perfect height to kiss her husband, who was standing next to the bed so closely that his knees touched the edge. Felix smiled at his wife softly, clearing hoping that she would gather her courage, but also not wanting to force her to do anything she didn't want to.
Help him take his clothes off,” the Priestess suggested.
Rohana did so, blushing in embarrassment. She'd never actually had to do this before because his body servant always did it. However, she had seen her husband naked plenty of times, and had touched his naked body, so she persevered despite her embarrassment.
After Rohana had removed the light but well made jacket and vest – both in the Uridian Royal color of dark blue with a contrasting pattern embroidered in gold – she reached for his gold with dark blue embroidery necktie. The Priestess placed a hand on Rohana's arm to silently ask her to wait a moment. “As you remove his sleek tie, press kisses to his neck...”
Rohana both blushed and smiled at the suggestion. Complying, she gave into the urge to bite him lightly. Felix responded by moaning softly, finding her action erotic.
Each time you open a button on his shirt, kiss the spot you reveal,” the Priestess suggested.
Rohana thought this was an innocent enough suggestion until she got to the top of his pants. The thought that – if he hadn't been wearing anything – she would actually be kissing his privates made her blush a good 10 shades of red. She nearly gave up at that point, but forced herself to be just a bit cheeky by kissing the outside of his pants.
Felix groaned softly in appreciation and longing. The two of them had a pretty good sex life – thanks to Pongo, who always did his best to put Rohana in a good mood. Even so, she had tended to shy away from some of the more interesting aspects of sex, such as this...
Feeling that she might lose her nerve at any moment, Felix decided to reward Rohana for her efforts so far. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her quite tenderly. As he did so, she slid his shirt off his shoulders, and then clutched his back.
Thank you for trying to learn this even though I know you feel embarrassed,” Felix murmured in her ear.
Rohana smiled at him a bit shyly. Her heart burst with happiness to hear him say that. She had been certain that he would call her clumsy and inept.
The Head Priestess smiled at them fondly. A glance at Pongo assured her that he also found this sight encouraging. The Royal Couple didn't technically have to love each other, but it sure meant a brighter future for the Kingdom if they did.
Another time, I would suggest that you remove his pants with such kisses,” the Priestess informed them. “But I think that if you did so now, you'd end up skipping the entire lesson that I want to show you. Therefore, my King, would you be so kind as to remove your own clothing, and then get onto the bed?”
Felix chuckled because it was rare that he had to do this himself. He could, but it was usually more fun to let his body servant do it. She could be heard in the background softly groaning in disappointment as he finished stripping naked.
As Felix climbed into bed and laid down, the Priestess handed Rohana a small bottle of scented oil. It was not a floral scent, nor was it heavy. It was a light smell that Rohana couldn't quite put her finger on. Sort of a delicate spice...
You remember how I showed you to massage his back?” The Priestess asked.
Yes,” Rohana murmured, also remembering her wedding night and how her front had been massaged as well.
Good, now do the same thing to his chest and shoulders.”
Rohana nodded, rubbing a dollop of the oil between her hands before rubbing it on his beautiful bronze skin. The sparsely populated little curly black hairs on his chest made it so that she needed just a little bit more oil, but then she was able to massage him quite well. She bit her lip lightly as she concentrated on what she was doing.
Felix chuckled again. “You look adorable like that.”
Rohana blushed lightly at the compliment. “Thanks...”
With the Priestess' encouragement, she worked her way from his shoulders on down his chest, past his abdomen, and down his legs. Then she looked to the Priestess for encouragement. The Priestess nodded to let her know that it was a good thing to focus her massage on his half hard shaft next.
Rohana touched it very lightly at first. She was utterly afraid that she would hurt her husband if she was rough. Slowly, her curiosity took over and she stroked and massaged his shaft with slightly trembling hands.
Felix loved how she looked with her brows furrowed in concentration. He grinned at her and chuckled softly. “You won't hurt me,” he reassured her. “I like a fairly firm touch, so please don't be afraid to put a bit more pressure into the massage.”
Rohana nodded in understanding, squeezing him with just an ounce more pressure. The Priestess laughed. She took Rohana's hands in hers and grasped them a bit firmly.
Have you ever milked a cow?” The Priestess asked.
Yes,” Rohana murmured, slightly confused.
It's the same thing, in a way. Just pretend to milk him for a couple of minutes until you feel more confident in how to touch him,” the Priestess suggested.
Hmm...” Rohana hummed in thought as she set her hands to the task. She had her right hand grasp his shaft at its base, and then slowly but firmly travel up until there was room for her left hand to grasp the base and repeat the action. In this way, she really did try to milk him for several minutes.
Felix moaned and groaned in pleasure, absolutely loving every moment of attention. His hips unconsciously tightened, which naturally elevated his shaft just a bit for her. Knowing that his wife had been engaged to and in love with another man prior to their wedding, he had tried to keep his feelings for her to himself so that he didn't make her feel bad, but in this moment, he knew without a doubt that he loved her.
The Priestess murmured encouragement, and then seemed to change the subject abruptly. “This oil is lightly seasoned to enhance flavor. Why don't you lick him to see if you like the taste...”
Rohana had seen his body servant do that every morning – and occasionally during the day – but she still wasn't sure that she could ever or would ever like to do such a thing. However, the look on Felix's beautiful bronze face tugged at her heart. He looked like she was making him very happy. Taking a deep breath, she decided to try it.
To her surprise, the oil did taste very good. This made her task that much easier. She licked him all over for quite some time, mentally grinning every time he made a sound of enjoyment.
After a while, the Priestess praised her. “Very good! As you can see, His Majesty likes what you are doing very much. He is growing ever closer to climax. Our Gods feel that a man's seed should never be wasted if possible, so you should try sucking on him.”
The Priestess used a hand to illustrate her point. She gestured as if stroking a shaft into her mouth. “Also move your mouth down his shaft as much as possible and back up again.”
Rohana nodded in understanding, having seen it done before. She took another deep breath since the very idea of what she was about to do was repulsive to her. Even so, she wanted to please her husband. She put her mouth over his shaft and wondered how much of him would fit inside her.
Felix knew that if he did anything, he might scare her or make the experience a bad one for her. He really didn't want to put her off doing this in the future, but despite his concern, this felt so good that he just couldn't stop himself. He reflexively grabbed the back of her head and held her still as he filled her mouth. A moan of sheer bliss escaped him.
Rohana groaned very softly in distaste, but then giggled at the sound he was making. She really didn't have a choice; if she didn't want to choke, she had to swallow. When he was done, he practically melted into the bed and she released his shaft from her mouth slowly.
Perdita – knowing exactly how Rohana felt since it was her job to do this to her master whenever he wanted – was on hand with a glass of juice. She smiled at the Queen, looking down with a light blush. Rohana returned her smile, grateful that this woman liked her job.
Thank you,” Rohana murmured as she took the juice. Drinking it helped to clear the mildly unpleasant taste from her mouth.
You did well,” the Priestess assured her with a smile.
Yes!” Felix exclaimed in agreement.
However,” the Priestess continued. “You should practice this as often as you can so that you can grow even more confident in your ability to please your husband.”
I understand,” Rohana said with a soft smile. “I'm just not sure when we'll have time.”
Felix chuckled, knowing that she was right. They were actually fairly busy most of the time trying to rule the Kingdom wisely. He took her hand in his and kissed it a few times.
Don't worry about that. We'll find time, I'm sure,” he stated with a smile. “And also, now that you are assuredly pregnant, you may practice anything you like with your body servant.”
What?!” Rohana blurted out in astonishment.
The Priestess nodded in agreement with Felix. “That is one of a body servant's jobs, after all. Think of it this way, it does not really matter if you please your body servant, therefore you can practice your skills on him until you are confident that you know what you are doing. Then you can practice on your husband when you have time and not have to worry that you've forgotten anything.”
Hmm...” Rohana hummed in thought. When stated like that, it did make a sort of sense. “I suppose...”
I look forward to being of service, my Queen,” Pongo assured her with a respectful bow.
I'm sure!” Felix stated with a genuinely amused laugh.
Rohana frowned in thought. She was wondering if a good girl from the Valley Kingdom could just casually practice sexual acts with a man who wasn't her husband. With a sigh, she realized that she already did, every morning when he woke her up and gave her what they called a divine blessing. It would be sort of hypocritical of her to accept the pleasure he gave her, but then refuse to even consider doing the same in return.
The Priestess misunderstood her frown and placed a hand on her shoulder. “As a body servant, he naturally knows that he cannot do anything you do not want him to. If he should happen to force himself on you – or do anything you do not want – he would not like the consequences. Just keep in mind that you are in complete control and let a guard know it right away if he does anything you don't like.”
I would never,” Pongo stated calmly, not sounding offended, though Rohana thought that he probably was.
I know,” the Priestess said with a smile at him. “A body servant who abuses his position is rare indeed.”
I trust Pongo,” Rohana stated softly. “If he was going to do bad things to me, I am sure he would have tried to do them by now.”
Pongo looked down in an attempt to cover a pleased smile. He had always done his best to be a good body servant. He loved his job and was more than happy that he had been assigned to the Queen.
What he had never actually mentioned to her before – although the King knew it – was that he was a titled Lord with lands and wealth, however, he'd been deeply unhappy with his life. After going to the Head Priest for advice, he had been instructed to meditate for many days. After about a month of little to no progress, one of the Priestesses had suggested that he become a body servant for a while. It was felt that if he learned to give joy to others, he might learn how to invite it into his own life.
This was many months before Rohana had come to Uridian. At first, Pongo had served in the palace as a sort of general body servant, but he had earned such an excellent reputation that he was the natural choice for the Queen when she got married. Even from that first day, he knew that he would gladly serve her for the rest of his life if she so desired.
It meant the world to him that she trusted him!
Felix sighed a bit morosely. “I should probably get dressed again...”
Rohana smirked at him since she knew he mildly dreaded meeting with his advisers in the afternoons. “We'll both get dressed and meet with them together,” she stated. “But may I have some time to write to my parents first?”
Of course!” Felix exclaim with a grin. “Take all the time you want.”
Rohana shifted to get out of bed, but Felix took her by the hand. “You took the time to make me happy, let me do the same for you.”
Oh, um...” Rohana murmured with a shy blush. “I already had that this morning...” The memory made her grin and look away from him.
Come,” the Head Priestess commanded, gesturing to the two body servants. “Let's leave the Royal Couple alone for a while.” With a nod of agreement, the three of them left the room.
There,” Felix stated with a grin. “There's no reason to be embarrassed.”
Rohana nodded, leaning over to kiss him. Her fingers stroked his short and curly black hair. She loved feeling his hair because it fascinated her.
He felt the same about her hair. Her long and silky copper locks were one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He loved to simply stroke her hair when they were tangled up together after making love.
He rolled her onto her back and held her tight as he seized her lips in a possessive kiss. Rohana wondered why his kisses always had the power to make her toes curl. Far too soon, in her opinion, he shifted until his head was between her legs.
She inhaled a gasp of pleasure when he proved that he was every bit as good as Pongo at pleasing her. She moaned and tried to tangle her fingers in his hair, only it was too short for that. He had her squealing in practically no time.
Oh wow!” She exhaled in awe after she had melted into the bed and caught her breath. “I've quite lost count of how many times that has happened since we got married!”
Felix chuckled, one brow arched. “You were counting?”
Rohana covered the side of her face with one hand in embarrassment. “At first,” she admitted. “I had never even heard of such a thing before, so I thought it would probably be a rare occurrence, but I think I must have two or three of them a day!”
Good,” Felix stated with a grin. He shifted to lie on top of her, kissing her on the cheek. “Every woman deserves to have two or three of them a day.”
Rohana gave him a rather cheeky grin. “I must admit that I do find them... exceptionally wonderful...”
Felix nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear. “It looks like I'm able to rise to the occasion again. Would you mind if I slipped inside you?”
Rohana nearly purred in happiness at his suggestion. She wanted to seem casual about it though, and so shrugged. “I wouldn't mind,” she murmured with a smile, pressing kisses to his neck and shoulder.
The two of them took their time, enjoying the deviation from their normal routine. At this time each day, they were normally in conference with their advisers going over anything and everything that concerned the Kingdom. In fact, it was surprising that none of them had come to get them!
When they were done, Rohana snuggled into her husband, feeling very sleepy and wishing that she could take a nap. Felix stroked her arm lightly, thinking that he far preferred to be in her arms than anywhere else. Eventually, Rohana felt bad for keeping the advisers waiting.
I should write my letter while you call for our servants,” she said, a bit reluctantly.
Yes,” Felix agreed with a sigh. He got out of bed, and then helped her up. She pretended that he wasn't watching her as she cleaned up the mess between her legs, and then sat to write her letter. He chuckled as he went to the door and discovered that their servants had forbidden anyone from disturbing them. I should consider giving them both raises!
As for Rohana, she was overcome with a wave of homesickness.
Dear mother and father,
I miss you so much! I have good news... I'm with child! The Priestess thinks I likely conceived on my wedding night and so am about two months along. I must confess that I am as heavily burdened by this prospect as I am excited to be a mother soon. I always assumed that I would be married for quite some time before deciding to have children. I'm just so confused...

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