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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mirror of Dreams - Extras: Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, There are a LOT of things that I feel need a visual aid, lol!
To start, there's her coronation dress. It's made entirely out of red lace, but of course, there's nothing online that exactly matches what's in my head. So, I am going to post a whole ton of pics to give y'all ideas on what I'm talking about.
Here's what the lace itself might look like: (All images taken from somewhere on the web.)

Then there's the dress itself. IT has a long train that looks like this:
It might even be longer, lol!

The entire dress is made in lace though, so it's meant to be sheer, like the top front of this dress:

The shape of the dress, aside from the long train is meant to be one of these: More than likely the first :-)

So - all in all - the dress is hard to describe, lololol! 
The closest that the dresses on the internet could come to matching what I described was these:

The only real problem I have with the bottom dress is that she doesn't really look queenly in it even though it does a good job of being lacy with a long train. I know I ask the impossible, but I am telling you that one day, I will see a dress, and it will be EXACTLY what I had in mind, lol!

To go with the coronation dress is a tiara, and I have to be honest, there was practically NOTHING online that matched the image in my head, but some came close. I describe it as a delicate little gold thing with diamonds, so here are a few examples of tiaras that come close. Feel free to imagine her in any of these :-)

AND THEN: Kaitlynn gets herself a ring...
So, that doesn't have an easy to find match online either, lol! I grabbed a couple pics that came close, and I figure that y'all can either try to visualize what I describe, or you can just pick one of these, lol!

Lastly, there's a routine mentioned in the chapter, but I am going to save that for either its own post or the extras on another chapter :-D Hopefully, I've given y'all enough eye candy for today.
Have a happy day!

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