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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warning: Unpopular Opinion Alert

So I read this article: http://nypost.com/2014/10/21/ex-gym-teacher-busted-for-having-sex-romps-with-student/

I resisted reading it at first because I just knew it was going to piss me off, and I was right. It did...

I know, you're thinking: "How dare that teacher take advantage of her student like that! She should be severely punished! She deserves what she gets!"

Yeah... that's NOT why I'm pissed. Let's take the whole teacher student thing out of the picture and think of it like this:

A woman meets and spends a lot of time with a man. Over time, their relationship develops into something more and they fall in love. Let's say she's purple and he's chartreuse, so people think that they don't belong together. People try to pull them apart and shame them for being together. People get mad that they are in love and happy.

Oh go eff yourselves people! It's nobody's business but theirs. They are in LOVE!!!

But he's 16 and she's 24! She should have known better!

Yeah and so? When was the last time your heart didn't fall in love with someone because you should have known better? May as well say that he's an alcoholic and she should have known better than to fall in love with him. It doesn't work like that.

At 16, he's old enough to consent to sex. He's old enough to want it, and he's old enough to brag about it to all his friends. He was in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM RAPED!! Poll all the 16 year old boys and ask them if they want to have sex with their prettiest teacher. What do you think the answer will be?

So basically, you are saying that it is illegal for Purple female to love Chartreuse male because it makes you uncomfortable. I say grow up! The only person that should have the right in this case to even consider pressing charges is the 16 year old boy. I am willing to bet that all he really wants is for the government to drop their charges and let his girlfriend go.

But there's 8 years difference in their age! The relationship could never last!

Well, you may be right about that but so what? Most relationships don't last until death do they part. At least give them a chance to try it. Maybe they'd be one of the lucky couples that lasts forever. I think it is really stupid and selfish on the part of the government to make them go through years of hell for being a horny couple experiencing the first rush of new love. Effin' prudes...

And then there's this: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/10/10/teacher-may-be-pregnant-with-teen-baby/17030889/

Finally, let's not forget that in this famous case: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Kay_Letourneau

The couple got married when she got out of jail. SOOOOO, instead of letting them be together and raise their children, the state had to be an asshole about it, tear them apart, and put them through hell for years before they could no longer interfere. It makes me so mad! Let me repeat, they were in LOVE!!! There's absolutely no rhyme or reason to love, and there should be no laws about it either.

Don't get me wrong. In cases where an adult really does sexually assault a child, they should be forcibly neutered (spayed) and tossed in jail to rot, but these were not cases of abuse, these were cases of love. By all accounts, Mary Kay and Villi are still married, and so do prove the point that sometimes people fall in love very young and stay in love despite all odds.

Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest. NO, I am NOT advocating regular sex between adults and young teens, but I do however have the open mind necessary to be enraged that the law would rather ruin these people's lives than allow for the possibility that no crime has occurred.

Lastly, has anyone else noticed something strange that all these female teachers who sleep with their students have in common? They're all... Catholic... Just an observation.

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