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Friday, September 5, 2014

Prepare to be OFFENDED!

And if you are offended, maybe you should go masturbate for an hour or so, because you obviously need to loosen up and relax. A LOT!

About a week or two ago, I shared an article on facebook that talked about a father who took and posted "nude" pictures of his daughter while they were on vacation. The thing is that these WERE NOT sexual pics. They were NORMAL pics that any person in any family might take... except that the child was naked.

GASP! EGADS!! OH THE HORROR!!! Naked? Say it isn't so! (Rolls my eyes...)

I just now spent an hour going through everything on my facebook in an attempt to find the article so I could post it here and share what I'd thought about it at the time... as it turns out, facebook quietly removed the article from my feed - along with the entire conversation I'd had about it - without bothering to tell me! So I had to look for it on the web, and just so you know, it wasn't easy to find!

This article: Artistic or Pornographic?

When I posted it, one of my sisters immediately commented that while she understood that the photos were not intended to be pornographic, there were too many perverts in the world to let it be acceptable to post such pics online. I responded that the world should not be dictated to by the small amount of perverts. MEANING that while it is not okay to actively be part of child pornography, it is also NOT OKAY to be afraid of posting innocent photos because there are perverts out there who will use said innocently taken photos as pornography.

I am of the opinion that nudity is not wrong and should not be illegal. Nudity is also NOT pornography since pornography is defined as pictures taken with sexual content for sexual gratification. Nudity should be allowed and it should be NORMAL!!!

That said, I am a nudist - as is my family - and I do not post nudity to my facebook because I don't want to risk some asshole or troll out there trying to make my life a living hell by reporting my pictures as pornography when they aren't.

THAT SAID, I have posted a couple of baby butt pics a few years back. Today, I had a troll go through what must have been ALL my posted pictures and report 3 of them as offensive because of nudity... I decided to post those 3 here so that y'all can see them and decide for yourselves if they really are offensive - or if that troll was just trying to cause trouble :-)

In defense of the troll, my original caption for this photo was: It looks like Phoenix is thinking I'm too sexy for this! Lol! However, you can't even see a butt cheek, so there's no nudity in this!

In this one you actually can see part of a butt cheek, but these are sleeping toddlers. There is certainly NOTHING sexual or obscene about this picture! If you think there is... then you are part of the problem...

I posted this pic way back when because it was the only one in which the nipple could not be seen. Nudity - as defined by law - is the unobstructed view of the nipple or genitals. Clearly, there's nothing wrong with this picture, and yet a troll has determined that there is.
Okay, so my real point is this: I have done nothing wrong, and I should NOT be at the mercy of a random internet troll! If facebook does have a REAL person look at these photos and determine them to be in violation of their policy - which I have read their policy and they are not! - then it becomes a matter and an example of yet more people who would rather be dictated to by the "But it might be seen and used by perverts!" theory than the actual American right to freedom of the press, among others. As in I took this photo and I published this photo, that makes me a citizen using my rights, and any censorship of this photo (any one of them) is a violation of my rights!

And warning to all perverts who want to use these pictures for purposes that I did not intend them: There is a special place in hell for you, good luck!

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