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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sunday Night Photoshoot

We had a friend of ours named Ali come over earlier tonight so that my husband could have her try on and model his newest chainmail pieces. We were all having so much fun, that I decided to get in on the action too, lol!

NOTE: These pictures are all UNedited, except for a little cropping and resizing on most of them. I have thrown in a couple that are completely uncropped just so you can see how messy our living room got during the shoot with props and whatnot just lying all around. Enjoy :-D

WARNING! Nudity alert, all prudes should leave now!!!

Oh and apologies in advance that all the pictures ended up different sizes. It was hard to crop them all in a uniform way, so I simply cropped and then tried to adjust the size so that they were all as close in size as I could get :-)

First, a headshot, and then the teaser I posted to my facebook earlier:

One last warning, nudity alert!!! Here I'm just going to post the photos in the order that they were taken :-)

My hubby made this top for me a LONG time ago, and it's one of my favorites :-) This pic is just basically to show it off, lol!

My hubby just LOVES how this one turned out :-) Also, he's really proud of that robe, he made it a couple of years ago, and hasn't had much reason to use it, lol!

See, I told you I left one or two completely uncropped, lol!

Don't make me punish you...

Someone deserves a spanking...

See? I can use my mouth...

Turn about is fair play, lol!

You wanna fight? Let's fight bitch!

Close up of the same pic

Good little slave girl...

Very naughty mistress!

This last one is possibly my favorite pic of the whole photoshoot. I don't know how I got that expression, but I LOVE it!

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